Thursday, January 1, 2009

Subei People's Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Subei People's Park was built in 1987, Subei People's Park covers an area 28.8 hectares, the People's Park subei A state-level scenic spots, subei the people of lush tree-lined park, fresh air and pleasant weather, the people of subei Park is a tourist, tourism, summer, entertainment, leisure, sports a good place Into the unique decoration, a national door charm, is surrounded by an elliptical-shaped flowers backed the artificial fountain, Stephen stands in a rockery, gurgling water, the mountains of stone 2 expression of different deer statue, waiting to greet the guests from afar ; To jet around the water, in the sun after the rain like a Hong, has embraced the blue skies and green water.

Bypass the fountain is a promenade level, on both sides of the flowers, go weeping willow, the depths of the gallery colorful flower bed, for fight Qi Yan, an arch dressed in national costume, the small arms of the Mongolian goat girls statue, Jie Hada to welcome visitors from afar.

Promenade on the left side of 8000 square meters of entertainment platform, an array Zuozuo white yurts, catering for tourists, leisure, entertainment, to experience the Mongolian folk customs. There are arid regions in northwest China zoo of rare wild animals and breeding center Keeping the state primary and secondary rare animals ass, red sheep, lynx, snow leopard, and other 21, only 60 long.

Promenade on the south side of a rockery is next to the lake, the clear bottom. By boat across the South Bank, on the way Lama Miao can watch, listen to the chanting followers. On the right side of the promenade is a natural forest, Lin Located at the national level a wildlife museum, displaying a wild camels, wild donkey, wild yak, ibex, argali, and other rare wildlife specimens.

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