Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bay City bridge site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Anxi located 80 km east of the Gansu-Xinjiang highway, 320 meters from east to west and 122 meters wide north-south, residual 5-8 meters high, 1.40 horned pier, the city housing construction sites. Shule said Tianshengqiao on the original bridge, busy here as a natural river bend and called Bay Bridge. Kang Xi had a dream to come to a Oasis could see continuous, clear water, the river there are two giant trees and branches flying the shining crown, jade belt, for the real world in Wonderland. Kangxi life that people try to locate smth, found the Bay Bridge, to raise craftsmen, large-scale construction. Is expected to be a minister in charge of corrupt officials, the deduction of silver. Kangxi was furious, and publicly beheaded, made of Li Shi's Pigu people, there's such a big Tang Wan, only a small rice-like size, color and a little cinnamon fouling. If you lightly tap on the people to hear Pi Bobo, heavy drum, suspended Yongning Temple. Bay Bridge City Museum there, on display in the Gobi Desert has a variety of specimens of wild animals and plants, antiques and Gan Shi, the There are rare treasures ivory replicas of the Buddha and Yulin Cave of cream 1:1 copying murals.

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