Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jiedexiuzhen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qushui from the bridge walk 36 kilometers to the east, or the eastbound Gongga Airport less than 10 km, to Gonggar county seat of the Guichon. Gonggar Airport is located in the rural county a bamboo forest in the territory. Gonggar County area of 2288 square kilometers with a total population of nearly 44,000. Gong, above the upper part of the meaning; Ga, which means white. This County has two of the most famous place, one of Tibetan Buddhism Nyingma Ming Si - Duo Jizha Temple, Tibet and the other is the most famous "Code of the State of the Township" - German sister show. Duo Jizha Temple in the former Tibetan Nyingma Temple and the main road games, has a long history in 1717 by the Mongolian Ministry of Junggar destroyed, reconstruction in 1718 Hong Chuan Monastery monks to "possession of the North," the main transmission and the "three-Seoul" books. Main incarnation of Temple inherited. Monastery is located in Jiangbei, Chang-Yong Guo rural territory in the mountains and inaccessible. De sister show in the town of Gonggar county, 16 km to the east, to Zetang at the side of the road. In the Tibetan language, the "Jade" is intended to articulate Ling "Show" that is below the lower part of the position of the word. Convenient traffic, beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, national handicraft products of the state Code of the main origin, "the state Code of town" reputation. Code states that Tibet Tibetan women of color waist Wai Wei Yao, very beautiful, very popular Tibetan women, but also tour Fans of the hot item. In Tibet, weaving Code states have been more than 500-year history, the middle sister and Germany Show Code states brilliant, enduring, washing wear, long enjoyed a good reputation, the majority of the people of this city craft. De sister show to be approved by the General scouring aprons, hair drying, carding, twisting (as for the small twist, twist rough Wei), weaving looms on the plans, coloring, dye paste, rubbing, faded wash, drying processes, and so on from. Color pattern and diverse types of products for girls, older women and in normal times, different holiday needs. Also diverse. Not only in the Tibetan areas for the popular, but also exported to Nepal, India, Bhutan, as well as Western Europe . De sister show in the town built a state Code of plants, can produce more than 20 varieties.

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