Thursday, January 1, 2009

Xiongguan best in the world - Chinese tourism scenic spots

That is, Jiayuguan, the western end of the Great Wall, according to end-hung, Qiaolijiayu foot of hills. Towering grand, natural steep, magnificent, "even lock frontier Yin", the ancient Great Wall is an important line of defense for military fortress, Hexi the first pass, but also the ancient "Silk Road" on the necessary pass. Now the "first Xiongguan Tower and rebuild in 1372 (Wu Ming-hong years), the square was based, the East-West 2, 1.40 for the first city have a "turret", the South and the North have in the middle of a city wall, "Di Lou." Closely guarded, and sturdy magnificent. Montenegro Xuanbi the Great Wall north, the south pier best in the world, the two wings of the Gobi desert across the wall, and North and South Closely linked to the edge peaks, such as the giant standing Shenbi, majestic, the magnificent Yu Xuan. From the inner city, outer city, Cheng Hao line of defense into three overlapping and Shou-trend, the formation of a Wuli Sui, a ten pier, a Fort San Shili, a city of one hundred years of military defense system "in the first Xiongguan" within the main city , To the west side of the brick wall package, with Open two things, for the East, "Gwanghwamun", which means Zi Qi Dong, Guanghua shines; West "Rouyuan door", which means to Huairou and Zhi Yuan, Xichui stability. On the stage door has a three-Xieshan Ding-building. Weng Cheng-door thing each envelope, one outside the western city, and outside the city walls connected to the North and the South, "Pass" to the door , Built on the floor of Jiayuguan.

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