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Jiayuguan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province, located in the north-west, central Hexi Corridor, west to the east city of Jiuquan City, 776 kilometers from Lanzhou, the capital; even the oil city of Yumen City West, 650 kilometers from Xinjiang Hami; South snow upon the Qilian Mountains and Nationality Sunan Autonomous County, which borders, and more than 300 kilometers away from the Qinghai; pillow color, such as North Copper Montenegro, with the urn Jiuquan Prefecture, the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base in Inner Mongolia and connected to Ejin flag, as in the central western border of Jiuquan oasis. Center for east longitude 98 � 17 ', latitude 39 � 47'. 1412-2722 meters above sea level in the city, located in an oasis above sea level 1450-170 M, 1462 m above sea level city. The territory of flat terrain, land types. In the central and western cities for more than Gobi, is the location of urban and industrial enterprises; south-east, north-east for the Oasis, agricultural areas, desert oasis with the landscape was divided into points, block, strip of the total land area of 1.9 .

  Jiayuguan City, is the starting point for the western end of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall - named after the Jiayuguan city, a thousand miles south of the Qilian Mountains have Miangen Xuefeng, the north is the first Dragon Hill and Ma Zongshan, due to its special geographical location, since the Qin and Han dynasties Dynasty troops are stationed here. "The world Xiongguan a "clearance Jiayuguan City, towering castles, majestic spectacle, with miles of remote," Kwan best in the world, "echoed Shanhaiguan, who move the world. Jiayuguan is the ancient Silk Road on the important points, leaving many precious monuments and Heritage: Guzhuo rough stone portrait of Montenegro, reflecting the Wei, Jin, when working people Production activities of the Wei, Jin, Metro mural painting brick tomb, as well as China's first comprehensive, systematic display of the Great Wall of thematic museums - the Museum of the Great Wall and so on.

  The ancient Silk Road culture, glaciers and snow together form the vast Gobi local rich tourism resources. Jiayuguan City in the Ming-hong Five years (Year 1372), 600 years ago. The construction of Jiayuguan, spent a great deal of manpower and material resources, then perform a set Chengzhuan, Ice Road stone, brick pack goats, Shi Yan-Ming hit a touching story, and so on.

  Jiayuguan is the ancient "Silk Road" traffic hub, is also out The starting point for the western end of the Great Wall. Here, more than 2000 years ago to open up the economic and cultural exchanges between China and the West's "Silk Road" and the history of military conquests, "the ancient battlefield," Feng Sui faintly visible. This is the Silk Road Chinese culture and the cultural crossroads of the Great Wall, known as "city of Ha Tay," Suoyue border. " Jiayuguan is the world-famous "Xiongguan best in the world" - named after the Jiayuguan City tourism industry. He is due to the Northwest's largest iron and steel enterprise - Jiuquan Iron and Steel (Group) Company is located, it is also known as the "steel city Gobi", and therefore is known Chinese and foreign. After more than four decades of construction , Especially since the reform and opening up, economic construction of Jiayuguan City has made the development has been basically formed in the lead for the metallurgical industry, tourism and trade as a pillar of suburban agriculture featuring the pattern of economic development.

  Xiongguan light sculpture of the total 39 meters high, the Department of stainless steel materials Cheng, the moral of Jiayuguan City will rely on Jiuquan Steel Company, in the reform and opening up new forms, prosperity and rapid development, and based on the Hexi Corridor, to show the beauty of Xiongguan become the western city of Pearl. The lower part of the symbolic sculpture gem Jiayuguan City, rich in natural resources and urban development of the power lies; part of the column Xiong Guan Gate, the sun and backed by the snow-capped mountains, colorful glory, and indicates a bright future of the city; base of the sculpture "ten" Great Wall font support, in the middle of things battlements by the Wei and Jin tomb of the "agricultural map" and "inspection tours Map "relief, a symbol of civilization Road Hexi Corridor on the city's tourism industry a new bright tomorrow More a symbol of the new historical period, Xiongguan sons and daughters work together to create a steel city Xiongguan glory.

  Jiayuguan is located in the ancient "Silk Road" of the transport hub of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall is the starting point at the western end. Here in the Great Silk Road culture and cultural integration, add radiance to each other, known as "Ha Tay Town, "" Suoyao frontier "of rich tourist resources.

  There are magnificent in the Han Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty Great Wall, Jiayuguan City, Kwan, the first pier of the Great Wall, Xuanbi heart of the Great Wall, as well as to show the social life of ancient nomadic rock Montenegro, the state's key protection unit Jin cemetery under the gallery, and so on human monuments; Asia have recently from the city of Qilian snow and glaciers on July 1, Han Hai mirage floor, and other unique scenery of the western region, there is extensive and profound Chinese first "Great Wall Museum" and hailed as the world's three major Glider base, one of the glider base Jiayuguan international and national-level customs AAAA City Of tourism; Northwest has discussed tourism and customs, r. Grand Canyon adventure, desert exploration, adventure Mo Guicheng flowers such as the western style adventure tourist destination; there is a round stem Hill, Caohu Metro, and other leisure good place; In addition There are stone Gorge, Lake and so on is developing a number of tourism resources, the formation of a Jiayuguan City for the clearance of the four leading resources (wind resources in the air, mountain glaciers resources, land resources and resources on the ground floor), the eight spots (Kwan Jiayuguan City, Jiayuguan international gliding base, the first pier of the Great Wall, Great Wall Xuanbi, shallow stone rock Montenegro , The Great Wall Museum, the cemetery under the Wei, Jin Gallery, 71 glaciers) For the development of tourism resources and has laid a foundation for.

  Local production of tourism products are: Remanbar, birds with wind and rain, camel hair painting, carving Qilian Yu, Jia Yu Inkstone, artifacts and replicas to reflect the times in the Wei and Jin Muzhuan the human landscape painting, and so on.

  New century, Valley City party committee and government related to the people of the city issued a call to firmly establish the idea of development is the absolute principle, to establish big industries, tourism, the largest market in the sense of developing the western region to grasp the historical opportunity to make full use of various favorable conditions and , To "strengthen the tourism infrastructure construction and development of scenic spots, Yang-quality tourism products and attractions line, the implementation of all the people run the whole tourism, "the three major tourism development strategy, strive to Jiayuguan City Star as an international tourist city.

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