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Jiali - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiali County, located in the south-east of the northern plateau, a vast territory and rich resources, unique terrain, the magnificent, and thousands of images, many big mountains born Heng Kong, Tam countless anxious meandering river flow at great speed, spread all over the plateau lakes, grasslands magnificent wealth, Fei Yang U.S. cattle. Here in the summer flow Choi Jin Yi, beautiful natural scenery of a Hou-alone, unique folk customs, goes back to ancient times; winter ice-covered thousands of miles, miles Xuepiao, particularly the charming scenery. Canton is a flag in the western grassland, live cattle and sheep is a paradise, that piece of the south-east of the green and luxuriant forests, towering old trees, there are a variety of plants, animals, magical scenery here, the climate , Renjiediling, is the 11th Panchen Lama and Reting VII of the birthplace of the Living Buddha, known as "Kamiyama" reputation. There has long been known as the development of products rich in a series of better and more attractive, a broader, more special preferential policies to attract more investors to venture Woxian, Woxian to promote economic development. In recent years, I Is committed to creating a favorable environment for investment, the development of a variety of preferential policies to attract more people with lofty ideals Woxian to invest in industrial projects, a total of ambitious show. Jiali open to welcome you, here is rich in natural resources and preferential policies, good investment environment. We are convinced that your accession, as this will be a hot spot Into the fresh vitality, and at the same time, you will get good returns. Jiali County, the natural environment and climate characteristics of the Jiali counties and cities located in the eastern part of Tibet, the latitude and longitude 31 degrees to 32 degrees 7 minutes east longitude 91 degrees 94 degrees 9 minutes As for 1 minute. And in the Tanggula Range between Hill. East even Qamdo District and county side dam Bomi County, Nyingchi Prefecture, south Damxung County, Linzhou County, Maizhokunggar County, according to the North County, for example, this area of 13,244 square kilometers. County population of 24,945 people, 4,500 meters above sea level on average throughout the county, the county seat of 4488.6 meters above sea level. The main rivers for the possession of Medina River cloth, Lhasa upper reaches of the river, there are Tibetan cashmere Su Qu, songs such as Ha-jen. The main southern lakes have Yuhu, l. measures, such as Lake Point measures. Jiali County highland continental climate obvious big difference between summer and winter. A year into the dry season, the rainy season, the typhoon season, the four seasons the snow season. The average annual temperature of -0.9 degrees, the average January temperature of -11 9, the average July temperature of 8 degrees, the annual precipitation for the 695 meters, vice, the average annual evaporation capacity of 664.5 mm. The average annual wind speed 0.8 meters per second, with an average annual sunshine time-based 2505.2 hours, the temperature as the Rizhao 1228 degrees. Cold weather in the northwest, snowy winter and spring wind, for an awesome spectacle Strong snowfall in the district centers, as a whole is relatively frosty period of 78 days, absolutely free frosty period. Loyalty and south-east mild climate Township, four seasons, abundant rainfall, "southern, northern Tibet."

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Wen cloth Township - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nagqu from more than 500 kilometers, after Bangor, the wrong color Lin, Wen came to the Xainza County Rural cloth, known as de Jalan Yong wrong. Ministry of the village over the United States and made the evening. Bai Yun wind around the fruit Darfur snow-capped mountains, emerald-like blue when the heat Yong measures leaned in close to total fruit, Sheng Hu Kamiyama exclusive care of the Ministry of the village at this time of smoke curl upwards The rich flavor of the ancient stone villages in the Garden of Eden was on the roof of a modern legislation on industrial products shell thermos bottle, but it is not a decoration, but be a cause of religious artifacts - turning a barrel. By the turn of those barrels in the next lap and wind have been around from right to left turn

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Shuanghu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shuanghu no man's land at the northern plateau in the northwest, east Baingoin County, south Culture, Sports, Xainza, Ali area of the West and then to the border counties with a total area of 120,000 square kilometers. As a result of the early 1970s, Xainza County Party Committee and the Organization of the Working Group on the no man's land to inspect, based in the former zone Rong Ma, the area south of Galindo, in its Conlin 5 km to the east and 10 kilometers to the north have a lake that is wood, such as Kang and Jalan Kok Lake Lake, "two-Lake" got its name. Shuanghu the north-west of Nagqu "Hoh Xil no man's land", here inaccessible, many wild animals, Tibetan wild yak, Tibetan wild ass, Tibetan antelope, and so on.

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Ma-down spa - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma-down area of the mountain, there are many ancient rock paintings of the left, particularly in the Galindo shan of the most well-known rock paintings, Zhizhuo simple style, with the season and time changes, many of the stones will be shown a different picture. Here are a few hundred square meters of hot springs, year-round heat evaporation chain and the hot springs near the base stone barriers Huangruo maya, hot springs here for skin diseases such as arthritis and has a significant effect.

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When hung - Chinese tourism scenic spots

When hung, Qiangtang most of the ranch when the plump-hung, the northern gate of the city of Lhasa, Tibet is located in the south of the border with northern Tibet, 160 kilometers away from Lhasa City. When hung, the Tibetan word for "elected a good place," US-grass prairie is the Qiangtang fat sheep ranch, Lhasa City, the only pure county animal husbandry. When hung inside the average height above sea level 300 meters, the cross-county nyainqentanglha Hill, with a total area of 12,000 square kilometers. Damxung County in Lhasa City is the focus of the county animal husbandry, rural six-county jurisdiction of the two towns: Uma Township, Yong-in rural, public and Tang Xiang, Ning in the township and rural Geda, Hu Xiang-satisfied, and the town of Yangbajing When the song cards in the town. 29 village committees 1 2 villagers group, the total number of county 7442, the total population of 40,168, of which animal husbandry 37,616 of the total population 6312, the county's population accounts for the vast majority of Tibetans, there are other ethnic Mongolian, Hui and Han. Each year in May to October, when all grass-hung The most beautiful season. Is the distance of a thousand miles along the nyainqentanglha Hill - clad in silver armor, wearing a crown of ice, snow-wrapped, to the foot of large swathes of green grass, white sheep, black cattle during the Sala. Qinghai-Tibet Highway as a black streamer from the southern slope of Hill at the foot of the winding through. Sunny days, when travel-hung Bright and sunny, layer upon layer of clouds Xu Yun Guiqi volatile, Jingying holy mountains in the transpiration Danyan in heavy fog into the mountains like overseas, and large swathes of the foot of the mountain slope of the green sheep, as a wrap Li Li A bright pearl, surprising moments of intense emotion, not a people do not hold your breath to feel the magic. When hung in the main livestock to goats, sheep, yak, Pianniu, cattle, horse as the main breed, there are animal products butter, meat, milk, wool, cashmere, hides and so on. To slaughter every winter season, hung in when all the best to buy beef and mutton, butter Lhasa on the market and many of the beef and mutton from the Qiangtang they are sent to the grassland. When hung in the vast grassland, but also the growth of valuable medicinal plants, such as Chinese caterpillar fungus, Fritillaria, the list of ephedra, Rhodiola, the snow lotus, gentian, Gansui, HUANG Mao, and many others. Damxung County is rich in wildlife resources, Tibetan antelope, wild donkey, argali, Marmota, hare, and so on; a large number of Health of large predators, such as the vulture, leopard, wolf, and so on; there is a huge number of small omnivorous animals, such as frozen chickens, ducks, swans, black-necked cranes, pheasants, foxes, weasels. These precious animal resources in the maintenance of grassland ecological balance plays a very important role.

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Umeki cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiang cloth at the junction with the Palestinian Qingxian, halfway up the mountain cave in the hole, the hole with a CD-unfathomable deep, 1.5 km away from the hole, is well-known to pilgrims, said here can be a symbol of more than 500 kinds of magic. In addition, this area there is a "Shenquan" Legend of the Dragon King for medicine, can cure all diseases. The main cave Of three caves, the smaller of the two is not too much of the rock composition of the hole. One of the bow and arrow similar relics, the legendary King used to bow, after this storage. Umeki main hole for hole, from the foot of a mountain climb on foot to be 20 minutes. Wide hole, each about 10 meters high. A hole about 2 meters, diameter of about 2 meters below the giant ice , Dong Ding whereabouts of the water there, expansion of the ice in winter, and sometimes plug the hole as a whole. On the right side inside the cave, one of about five meters deep pit, Hang Hau, about 10 meters in diameter. Inside a small hole, about one meter high five, 2 meters wide. Cave stalagmites can be seen, the pillars. Heavy damage, can barely inside the hole, which has become sufficiently large to accommodate a few 100 people, more stalagmite pillars. Is in front and two deep, unpredictable, cast a stone, to hear echoes of about 10 meters deep on the right side and about half a meter high, five one-meter wide hole into which suddenly, the gradual change , Who can walk upright. Chu Dong, and then through the right side, A hole about one meter high, to be leaned through. After entering, and gradually increase, the stones may form different kinds of animals and plants, and some like "Master Padmasambhava" Zuoxiang ... ... It has been said to be inside the cave and not at the end of a three-day visit.

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East Gela Dan Bing Talin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gela Dan Snow Mountain is located in eastern Nagqu Amdo County Rural Ma-fly auspicious days. Its height of 6621 meters, is the source of the Yangtze River. At the foot of the mountains to the east of it, there is one area of about 800 square kilometers of ice tower, known as the Gang Qiao plus bar (which means snow shengdeng cent). These Bing Talin, which have different shapes, some like Seiko The carved crystal towers, high-rise buildings at the foot of the mountain on the horizon. The sun flashing through the tower with colorful Guangzhu criss-crossing the entire ice-lam, has become a rainbow in the world. Block, a tall vertical wind tower reported pleasant ringing law, so charming scenery and snow do not really have a heaven and earth. Some like Bing-Feng Agate on the horse-like ears and symmetrical on both sides of that harmony, black and white stripe consisting of two gorgeous as nine eyes travel up from the water, but some, like a pair of huge and deep orbital time of the survey of this vast Of the earth, and some of the Bing-Feng similar to the shape of dinosaurs and hold snow frog, a word grotesque Bibi Yes. However, to say the most interesting is the depths of the ice-lam, seven-color light. Lin in the depths of the ice has broken a body of ice towers, remnants of its roots have a deep crack flashing from the ice cracks in a brilliant seven-color light, the colorful and unpredictable and fascinating. It is exactly what Wufashuiqing no one is the Pearl Mountain , Or Dragon King's palace of the gas-bao, or between heaven and earth so very good. Some ice melted through the bottom of the tower to form a number of clean and comfortable room of ice, hanging in front of many of the long icicle posed curtain, which entered Shaozuo moment there is a feeling as warm as in spring. So are thousands, dazzling ice Lin is in the nature of ice thousands of years to shape plastic, belonging to the creator of the craft, can be regarded as unique in the world.

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Zhoima Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A recent inspection tour of the Working Group on the snowy plateau in northern Tibet's Nagqu County accidentally discovered a fairyland on earth, such as the United States and the green corridor - Zhoima Canyon Scenic Area. 230 km away from Lhasa's old cell Nagqu County Rural National Highway 109 from the territory of 11 km, a working group study unexpectedly found a canyon With, although here about 4700 meters above sea level, but Cang forest green, light floral, Huguangshanse vitality. If the United States because she Ficus erecta, which is why we called her "Zhoima Canyon Scenic Area." Zhoima Canyon scenic north-south were a total distance of about 15 km, is the side of the towering snow-capped mountains, snow-wrapped, like a fairy Prix A pure-white hada; side of the bush is a verdant, Baihuiyixiang vitality. Not all the year round of the snow-capped mountains of ice melt has become clear a valley between the mountain. "There are always four seasons, different days Shiliquan" Summer of Zhoima Canyon charming scenery, magnificent anomaly, the former Canyon wide prairie like a huge carpet of green, Then the guests from afar. Before the line drive that green corridor, as if into a Shangri-la, spotless clean air, you feel good sense. Xuefeng in the top 100 have only eagle fly the Youth Pre-employment, on the eastern side of the hill in groups Ye Yang, Ye Yang feeding play. Marmota Himalayas, the hare, lively Ochotona With you before, as the crowd after another white clouds, wandering in the vast grassland. Into the depths of the canyon, "a plateau in Pinghu," Zhuang King will appear in your eyes, blue sky, clear water, snow-capped mountains painted a peculiar set of snow-covered landscape. Here can also be realized that modern glacier erosion of the special landforms, Xun phosphate rocks, caves Cloth, uncanny workmanship, charming and magical left many moving legend. Karma sect of Buddhist monks and nuns to move to this practice Jiansi, wishful thinking with possession of secret immortal Gong attracted numerous Buddhists come to worship, this famous Shenshui Kamiyama, with two 800-year-old temples so that they Here has added a bright The human scenery. Away from the fireworks here on earth, far from the harassment of the earth, is a natural scenery and ethnic customs of a piece of pure land, is a scientific research expedition with the tourism side of the world. Summer's world Zhoima Canyon Scenic Area is a rare summer resort. With the completion of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Nagqu County will have Joint development of the human, natural scenic spots. Zhoima Canyon scenery will be opened in a few days of her mystery, Xiao Ying Quartet guests.

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Nagqu Jockey Club - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In all of the heritage of Tibetan folk festival, ultimately, almost all of horse racing. And the Jockey Club to contest the manner of selecting leaders in the battle of the frequent occurrence of the ancient era is. Living in high altitude special natural environment of people, horses can not be separated from operations, to engage in a more difficult battle can not be separated from horses, which the Tibetan people in the original The daily life of develop Malaysia's strong feelings, and that the horse is sacred, the gods, that horse could decide the fate of tribal and clan leaders. Ma based on the strong belief on, the Tibetan form of a large number of horse racing festival, in which race Nagqu section of the most grand scale. Nagqu horse racing festival, Tibetan language is "up "Northern Tibet is a copy of the traditional grand-scale festival, an annual calendar to be held on August 1 for a period of 5-10 days, Wang.'s Northern Tibet in August, the weather, the cloudless blue sky thousands of miles, mountains and white flowers. Previous festivals Days around the northern Tibet herdsman dressed in the gorgeous in their holiday best to bring highland barley wine, yogurt, and other sub-types of food and design Li tents, mats or on horseback into the stadium from all directions. During the festival, the son of horse races on the fluttering colorful flags. Beginning of the game, horse riders who entered the game, Raochang a week after being led to a specific location. Arrive at the starting point, the rider who will stand ready to be launched, the sound of a ring so that they draw Yangbian horse, running fast, To the end. The traditional festival was further developed in recent years, with the exception of horse racing, archery and Matthew performing the traditional items, an increase of weight lifting, tug-of-war, rap, and other activities of the Gesar, as well as large-scale exchange of goods and materials.

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Nu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nu River originates in Tanggula Nagqu in the territory of Kyrgyzstan pulse peak heat Gepa south, is the second river in Tibet. It claims in the areas Burkina Wing County hot song into the mouth of the following 2km Department Qamdo area, flows through the dam side, Luo Long, Basu Zuogong and counties in the territories of the West Zuogong Pitt County, 13km (latitude 28 � 52 ') into the Chayu County, but To go into the south, across national borders to Myanmar, said the Salween. Nu River in the Qamdo area long 660km, Jiang's plane 3652m above sea level from this point, the gap between 1572m, River Valley area of 48,000 km2, the average annual flow of 758.2m3 /s, in runoff 23,910,000,000 m3 (Jiayu Bridge Station) Nu River valley features of the landscape can Luo Long County, about 5km east of the Western Russia is divided into upper and lower in the vicinity of two, for upper valleys to narrow gorges and white-dominated valley, the next paragraph to paragraph deep canyon. Russia and the West over its river, the river long 216km, Jiang surface elevation of 3652 ~ 3305m. In order to reach the canyon , The river valleys of a single paragraph, in order not to development. Width is generally 50 ~ 70m, into the river bedrock, cutting more than 1000m in depth. Valley Valley slope is generally 25 ~ 30 �. Shaokuan local river valley, on both sides of the platform has developed, the longest for the Rural Rd - Russia and Western narrow valley (Jiang surface elevation 340 ~ 3305m), around 34km long river. The relative ease a wide valley, up to 1km around widest point, but the river bed is still single. Russian and Western sections of the following for deep canyon, the outflow of up to the Qamdo area. River above the long 44km, altitude 3305 ~ 2080m The river above the depth of cut as many as 1500 ~ 2500m, or even more. Mill Valley, great ups and downs, steep slopes Kuk Valley, about 30 � in general, some of the valley river valley is clear that a more moderate for the upper valley of the "V"-shaped valley, was the lower part of the steep gorge shape. Valley slope instability and collapse, landslide and mud Frequent flow. Deep river rock, river bed in many rapids, dangerous shoals, the vast majority of the lot is the bottom of the riverbed. In some smaller into Zhigou Department occasionally landslide debris flow fan development platform, such as Zuogongdongba Luolong Jia Yu-qiao and in the vicinity of the gorge is a relatively wide section of the valley, Jiayu bridge in the development of three-to-order base, which is A high degree of 15 ~ 25m, 50m and 80m, its about 500 ~ 700m Valley has developed shoulder. During the canyon section, across the valley is not only difficult but also along the valley because of anterograde cliffs along the river through the difficult and stands for "three rivers" Grand Canyon of the most dangerous one, many of the lot so far no one Footprint.

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The Kingdom of sites zhang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang capital of the Bon religion, according to legend was known as the Silver City Qionglong, Qionglong Alizhada in this territory. Zada soil in the forest does have a lot of early human cave ruins and rock paintings. Nagqu in the Ministry of Nyima County, not far from the Office of the rural poor there were large areas of the site, also known as the capital of the zhang lies. When the poor were in the vicinity of Jalan Yong Benzene is the most important Hindu god of the lake, the lake keep this one was built in a cave in the cliff temples - Temple-yu, according to legend Bon for the oldest temple, incense Yousheng.

Zhang from Bon. Bon contained in the history of the founder of the Xin zhang-around is the first generation of Wang. Poor areas were up to the middle of mountains to the west of fruit, regulation The impressive group of the site back up fruit in accordance with snow-capped mountains, west as Jalan Yong wrong, magnificent terrain, rich capital of the Kingdom of momentum. The total site area of 1 square km, it is a brief account of risk and a big squat Shibao cottage. Due to the approach of the Great Lakes, near the site of grassland obvious characteristics of the micro-climate, rainfall, lush pasture and rich quality of Baksh Seoul small goats, can be found here in northern Tibet herdsman off the tube.
Culture, Sports, were poor from the village about 20 kilometers by car to reach Nyima. Whether or not the above-mentioned two places are subject to verification of zhang, but they have one thing in common, that is to have a strong zhang range.

  Nima from the text A township about more than 100 kilometers, about 3 hours by car and more. Wen cloth seat of the township government, it was inconceivable in the lake, such as jade-like green dome when the wrong side. This beautiful highland lake millions of years ago and when Jalan Yong is wrong with a mighty ancient lake, the dry weather, the declining water level, leading to Lake Separated into two. When the dome from wrong when the southbound Jalan Yong wrong, that is, the road was in the lake in the world.
  Were poor from the Office of Rural Culture, Sports, about 20 kilometers, is located in the fruit reached the middle of mountains to the west, about 1 square km area of the site that is the Kingdom of sites zhang lies. Shanbi sites along the Royal Palace is the day Defense, some area with high stone rammed sandwich. At the top of the relatively flat and there is a great trench, a relic of the An Dao. Shanbi things stand at both ends of a huge wall of earth and rock structure of the debris, a few meters high, can be seen on the city defense was solid. An Dao has basically collapsed, but managed to pass a Andao detected Palace, a single Shanbi Wall. This large-scale ruins of the group back up fruit in accordance with snow-capped mountains, Canyuanduanbi such as sculpture still in the air, and words of the ancient low against the vicissitudes of history, so that you could not help but imagine it is striking between former glory. Bon poor were also a Kamiyama, is said to be a circle Raoshan Fukuzawa immeasurable, but bearing in mind that a counter-clockwise around to Zhang, the rise of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the western part of the 1990s, at least in the first six Tibetan alliance for two centuries, according to the same period of the classic Bon describes, this Ali, Ladakh (Kashmir area) and other places is "zhang" Wei heart of the Tibetan (Lhasa, Xigaze, Shannan, Nyingchi) and other places for Zhang-in "; multi-kang (Nagqu, Andover, Qamdo), for" zhang '. Almost the entire sphere of influence to include the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Qinghai cross, in some areas of Sichuan. Zhang is not, strictly speaking, only a large, strong tribal alliance. Since then, the Soviet Union border, emerging one after another in northern Tibet, Tibetan and Hill Gradually weakened the forces of zhang. Each of the three major inter-tribal war, as the three pillars of power. Zhang the last generation of fans show Lee King was Chisongdezan the collusion of their queen, in his Lake Festival when his assassination, has led to zhang demise.
  At that time, zhang already have a high degree of civilization, and has since created The text, and is the birthplace of the Bon religion. The ancient text and Kashmir and the cover next to the old Spectrum (India Kupang) of the associated text, zhang later than the text of the Tibetan language has emerged from.
  Zhang capital of the Bon religion, according to legend was known as the Silver City Qionglong. Qionglong Alizhada in the county, with this really Is a lot of early human activity than the cave site. In the Ministry of Rural this site is also known as the capital of which is zhang, the two local who is zhang capital, a matter of opinion. In any case, they are in the same zhang sphere of influence.

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Tibet's Nyingchi steaming Lulang Linhai Yun Xia Wei - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lulanglinhai from the Nyingchi Prefecture is located in the town on August 1 to 80 km around the Sichuan-Tibet road. This is a typical high altitude mountain meadow strips, on both sides of Castle Peak from low to high by thick bush and spruce, pine Lulanglinhai component. Is uniform in the middle of the meadow. Meadow, meandering streams, tens of thousands of species of wild flowers Opening phase. Wooden fence, wooden houses and villages spread all over the peasants and herdsmen, the mountain when the clouds when Poly San, the snow-capped mountains, Lin, outlined a tranquil countryside, beautiful, "Mountains."

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Nyingchi Bayi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linzhi in Tibet, known as south of the Yangtze River to the world's deepest canyon - the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon, said of the world. Described as a Linzhi in the world for the few remaining humans set foot in one of the Pure Land, has been study tours, adventure of the Holy Land.

Nyingchi is located in the eastern part of Tibet, with an average altitude of 31 0 m, Lin vast, flower of the sea, from the alpine zone of the growth of the snow lotus, the rich sub-tropical banana, palm, products rich in resources and well-preserved natural landscape.

And the scenery here is very different in other parts of Tibet, one sea of clouds and forest scenery. Blue sky and white clouds, glaciers lining forests, snow-capped mountains Ying-Avon Absolutely landscape. The clear lake bottom, which reflected the surrounding snow-capped mountains and sand birds, floating crane lake, the lake can be seen in a transparent fish, such as texture, taste scene. Every spring, flowers bloom around the lake, Lake Xuefeng reflection, extremely pleasant scenery.

Shan Hong Bian million in the fall, do storied into the sky as blue wash The red maple leaf reflects the bright sun, blue reflection in the lake, and beautiful scenery. Nyingchi is a valley area in southeast Tibet, the average winter temperature of zero degree Celsius above the average summer temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, Dongnuanxialiang climate.

Nyingchi Prefecture is located in the town of Bayi, the capital of Niger River, the region is the political economic and cultural center. The main scenic spots are Niyang Valley Economic Area, Palongcangbu River area. To Nyingchi, in the cottage to live bamboo, at a time when Fangge Baiyun Mountain, in the display hot shower, you are into natural, dust and clean up the dream journey, you are also photography, scientific research, exploration The best place to go.

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Nyingchi scene in the mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tibet, in the evolution of the geological history, land and sea through repeated ups and downs, but also to bear the qualities of the Himalayan orogeny, Heng Kong to the sea, the constant uplift, the formation of the modern world's youngest plateau at 4,000 meters above sea level on average more than Is indeed a "roof of the world." Tibet scene in the high mountains due to strong Tectonic movement and more of the rock. Igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks all kinds, including the role of the force outside the camp, which rise amid the proliferation of cave Jian Fei, rock Zi, Zhuang Wei at high altitude posed a peculiar landscape.

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Nigerian Red Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cooper million years - Nigerian Red "old show" Nyingchi is located in the county seat of the Nigerian Red West Village, a show called the ancient Temple of the temple teaching hospital. Show ancient temple was built in 1332, taught by Dan more followers on the construction of colored beads Pakistan, the "Cultural Revolution" were destroyed. In 1984, Aba of Sichuan Province by the followers of this teaching Tang Kejia measures when the red, led by Nigeria Restoration of religious people. The existing area of more than 200 square meters of the three-story building by the Church, such as the permitted construction, for real Banan Ka Temple, by Cai Wang Hui, the 3 Padmasambhava Buddhist teaching, and a large quantity of the teaching of the classics. And the architectural style of the Buddhist temple, frescoes and all other Tibetan Buddhist temples there are a lot of difference, and There are ancient temples and a tall cypress Shannon called the "million years old show" in particular to see (the "old show" intended for Tibetan monks, here specifically cypress tree). According to the teaching of the record books, the tree was the founder of this teaching Dunbar Wo Hing around Master planting indemnity in connection with their Dengshen of cypress. Now a tree height M (1957 Shujian was Guaduan wind), chest tree about 13 meters, the roots were followers of the Department for the release of Mani stone surrounded. Because of this teaching believers to the tree as the founder teaching Dunbar Wo Hing around the indemnity master God Deng Shen Shu, the local people since ancient times has been to protect it, worship it, show the ancient temples also Religious people to conduct religious activities in public places, and Raozhuan those who come to worship, they have to teach the believers, there are other sects of Tibetan Buddhism followers; both the local religious people, and more from Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu, etc. The Tibetan religious believers. No matter what religious believers, to teach the Raozhuan "Sambo" Refers to the Buddha, France, Monk) An Guiju have to turn anti-clockwise. Why is the tree referred to as "Cedar million years" and make believers worship Dingli do this? Historical records, the cloth was the devil Qiaba La region of the Hui Zhu Xi, it is killing people, people buy in dire straits, Mi Wo Hing around to see the master Cijing mercifully heart, the decision to place Jiang Mo, Mission. Guo Dan Geshe wow xhuxha edited by the "Road Yongzhong awareness of the teaching of common sense," this book records: "Second, when the 20-year-old founder (meaning around the Mi Wo Hing) to the Department of the various continents, in the Central Plains area Han Teaching the five elements of yin and yang balance, in India to teach the door ... ... After the magic snow-wah-wah Tang Kwok-hing will be around seven horses stolen, and workers fled to Brazzaville. Xing around no attachment to the animals, but in order to Diaofu Tibetan areas Rasetsu ghosts and demons to become a people, specially from his Weimo Yong-zhang-to large food, food in the spread of the religion, ... ..., Lotus founder on the throne to cross the river to work Rong cloth satisfied. ? Means Qiaba La Ren) display a variety of magic attacks, one by one solution has been Patriarch break, the collapse of the Magic Mountain, where later became the teaching of the Holy Land of the cloth on the Green Hill, that is, today's the day Hill. Devil's fierce military attacks are every major Bei Xin was having to be repelled, the Zhumo Bugaerbo Wang and public recognition of their service law, to comply with its doors. , In the "holy day of the Shan-chi," and in this way: "... the devil ... Qiaba La Hui, the Magic could not deal with all sorts of Dunbar, Dunbar finally converted, the public domain, led by Miriam Dunbar was all-win. "These words taught to understand the founder Dunbar Mi Wo Hing around the master has come to public areas cloth. Also in the "Day of the Holy Land Chi, "it reads:" ... ... Princess respect workers De Wang Ji cypress graceful hands, went to meet Dunbar, Dunbar chanting the message, the statue was of cypress, planted for its existence marks. "These words mean De Zun Wang Ji was Engineering into the tree planting work in the areas Burkina. Went on to say: "Wang Qiaba workers and their families, put up higher than Wang , High Xiongshen throne (in the Tibetan language as "red years"), respectful of Baden Dayton sit, place names' in red 'to this. "This once again proves that respect workers De Jin was a tribute to the graceful tree planting in red, that is today Nigeria's Chek village.

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Bomi Township - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bomi Bomi Township Nature Reserve Township Nature Reserve, located 22 km west of Bomi County Department Palongcangbu-South sorrowful, with a total area of 4600 hectares, the protected area of about 2700 meters above sea level. Here by mountains and rivers, trees all over the slope to this valuable spruce trees, mainly pine. Spruce forest as a whole is growing , Tall trees where they stand, there are bust more than 4-5 meters, 80 meters per hectare standing volume of up to 3,000 cubic meters. Spruce wood soft light, texture-straight section small and easy processing, is a very good buildings, bridges, box board, such as timber. Spruce wood have a good performance resonance, is widely used in On the manufacturer. Bomi Kong nature reserve, not only of spruce, and high yield, spruce forests in northeast China's output of 4-5 times. At the same time, than in North America, Western Europe and other coniferous forest, the world's rare bio-production. Here to go sightseeing, scientific investigation of the best season of a year By the end of March, early April and nine, in October. If, by the end of March, early April, who drove along the drive leading to the Palongcangbu River Nature Reserve of the road, roadside flowers in full bloom in the wild peach, so that you dazzled, very surprised, a little window to open the Hong Peach Air blow against our faces, Naoto nose so that your drunk on , The car had to stop, pick up the camera to shoot a few wonderful scenes photos, and a deep absorption with a few peach aroma of fresh air. 9, 10 months in the fall, this place has been cooked wild peach, down from the floor of Xiantao, can be seen everywhere, cattle, sheep, pigs and eating free Xiantao. The Health and the United States and peach color, very sweet to eat, but found almost no one. In the protected areas of spruce forest, so that you are more surprised. As the spruce grow too high, too rough, too, into the woods of the total center of the body feel a lot smaller than usual. Local people have such a legend: people who can not wear Spruce Lin Fu Xin With, not pay attention to wear Fuxin into the Strip, will be the hidden mountain goddess, life can not come back. Legend legend attributable to the fact that it spruce forest area and density, too, pay no attention will be lost.

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Rural camp - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nyingchi can push - Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon - a long cloth Lama Temple - Nyingchi Prefecture in the town on August 1 by the large Watanabe sent to the rural card castle, here is the entrance to the Grand Canyon, and then as straightforward to Gega, of farmland along the Tibetan village Peach blossom in full bloom in the spring, the slope colored azaleas Zhuiman branches, the backed-Jun-wei of the snow-capped mountains????? At the same time, overlooking the Grand Canyon torrent of imports, the ability to appreciate and take into account the?????, long glacier get the best view, be able to see a magic lake, cut stone peach tree, the devil in the first, scenic spots, such as stone skeleton. In straightforward and can look at the bottom of the canyon on foot to Tai Yajiang rapids, or meadow in the village on horseback to see snow-capped mountains in the afternoon to leave back to the Grand Canyon Chi, back to the passers-by can visit the Lama Temple, and cultural understanding of the reproductive worship

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Kamiyama Sejila - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sejila Hill County is located in Nyingchi to the east, a mountain range nyainqentanglha is Niyang River Basin and Long Pago zangbo River watershed, across the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. 4728 meters above sea level boats in the Department of Yamaguchi, considerable sunrise, sea of clouds, the broad view and Lin Jun?????majestic beauty. Sejila up the western slopes Cunpang of the day, sa, Tibet is the teaching of the Holy Land, one of Tibet's four major Kamiyama, Hill came here to worship, steady stream throughout the year, believers from all sides. Tibetan calendar every August 10, but also to hold a grand scale to the Hill, known as the "Mother crisp Blazy" (to please God meant for Bao). Sejila is the most well-known is that the mountain is covered with azaleas in the hole. Sejila mountain area of azaleas, and more varieties, in full bloom during the great momentum, great scenery spectacular. All over the world there are about 850 kinds of azaleas, there are about 460 kinds of our country, of which 170 kinds of Tibet, the world's species of azaleas one-fifth of the Nyingchi County, the regional Sejila Hill, an elevation of 2900-5300 m over the scope of azaleas in a straight line distance measurement, covering an area of more than 1000 square kilometers, as many as 25 varieties. Sejila mountain azaleas in mid-April that by the end of June, from the foot of a mountain top in order to open. In particular, into the In June, Zheng Zuoshan on all the azaleas in full bloom, yellow, white, purple, red, Qian Hong, pink, and so on, all kinds, thousands of form to spend the mountain, the sea of flowers, the vast spectacle of great momentum.

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Namjagbarwa Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Namjagbarwa" in Tibetan means "the war spear into the blue sky."?????peak 7782 meters high, with the tip of the father's reputation. The foot of the many Office?????Hot Springs, unusually heavy plant, is an ideal health resort and mountain climbing expedition. Namjagbarwa its potential force of the majestic blue sky, different processes peak, The risk-hung mountain and the vagaries of climate, it was not until 1992 was a joint Sino-Japanese climbers to conquer, and so far it is still climbing the world long for the organization. Medog County, Nyingchi Prefecture is located in the territory of the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon, the world's largest so far found in the canyon. A high mountain Article constitute Namjagbarwa Canyon Scenic Area, with a value of the multiple tourist resources, the development of tourism, mountaineering, expeditions, the ideal drift to engage in regional and geo-, bio-disciplinary study of the best places.?????an elevation of 7782 meters, the world's highest peak at the high ranks of the 15th, but the former The 14 mountains all peaks above 8,000 meters above sea level, it is Namjagbarwa 7,000 meters peaks of the peak level. Since the peak is located south of the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon region's geological structure is complicated strong plate tectonic movement, resulting in the south peak area Shanbi stands, earthquakes, avalanches constant, difficult climb Great, but so for a long time since Namjagbarwa not be human top of the board of a "virgin peak" until October 30, 1992 by side on the joint success of the top climbers. Namjagbarwa in the Tibetan language in a variety of explanations for a "burning fiery lightning," a "spear into the sky" After a name derived from "Life of King Gesar," the "door of a range war", during this peak will be Nanjia Ba Zhuangruo portrayed as "spear into the sky." From these very masculine name, we will probably try to figure out a?????Ganglie and not the conquest.?????full of fantastic legends Because of its towering peak, the local legend of the gods in the sky from time to time come on the gathering and simmer Sang, high-altitude winds that caused Qiyun is God who ignited the San smoke, there is said to the top of the hill shrine on the road and sky And therefore living in the canyon areas on the steep mountain in a critical situation has tremendous admiration and awe. This soul-stirring and the legend of the same, rigorous scientists showed us the peak of the Southern region and the causes of the geological structure and changes in the earth science in an important position in no way inferior to the "soul-stirring" the words:?????located in multiple Geological structure of composite parts, also on the Namjagbarwa A widely known to the outside world legend. Legend has it that a long time ago, God sent Namjagbarwa Latin America and the Caribbean and white barrier guarding the southeast. White barrier gala studious brother martial arts high-strength, is also the longer the tall, Gege Nan Jia Bawa very jealous. As a result Heifeng month high at a time when his younger brother will be killed, his skull lost Millington County , Has become a de-la-shan. Namjagbarwa heaven for the punishment of sin, so always punishment at his side of the Brahmaputra, always accompanied by his brother's killing. This fairy tale vividly to explain to us how these two characteristics of the Hill: We now see the white base gala summit is always the round shape, which is due to It is without a head of a Mountain: Namjagbarwa probably knew that he was sinful, so perennial cloud cover not allow outsiders to learn about the fog cover.

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Aoki on the wrong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nyingchi is a pretty beautiful place, there are many beautiful places in the possession of purdah know no one. Not far away from the Nyingchi, have called lakes on the wrong Aoki, really beautiful. The other eight Lake Pine Lake in the United States is wrong in itself, not the United States and scenery along the way. But the Japanese Aoki in the United States is wrong on the way to go. I went to the season is just the rhododendrons bloom Festival mountain is covered with rhododendrons bloom and the azaleas and the mainland are not the same, it is a tall a tree, each tree to open the flower color is different, pink, white, red, to date Aoki is the wrong way from 3,000 meters to 4,500 meters, all the way to climb, the view of the never-ending change, all the way Rough roads, street full of some of the tail like a dog, like the wild flowers, forests of pine and fir Yi Keke straight, straight up the clouds. Looking on the rise, snow-capped mountains in the distance is a continuous, near the azaleas are everywhere and lush forests, snow-capped mountains and forests, wild flowers constitute a static canvas. Kind of quiet beauty, truth The United States must be stifled. This crawling along the quiet for some time to see the day Aoki wrong, that feeling suddenly, came as a bit of Tianchi Lake in Xinjiang. There is a lakeside path, you can walk on the side and enjoy the snow-capped mountains and blue water. Lake wind blowing, but does not feel cold. Aoki wrong on the United States is the main source, Silence, touched by people. Heard more often in the fall of the United States, the mountain is covered with leaves. Tibet's western region of the United States is the kind of desolate, the atmosphere of the United States. Nyingchi is that the United States and Leng Yan, Xiaojiabiyu of the United States, two completely different styles of the United States, that is what I love Tibet.

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County Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tibetan plateau in south-eastern border of the motherland, the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, an inaccessible place, although located near latitude 29 degrees, but it has a unique natural environment of tropical biological type, which is famous County Nature Reserve, covering an area of 62,620 hectares.
County, the Tibetan word for "flowers", beautiful scenery and rich resources so that it does not live up to this reputation.

County back?????elevation of 7756 meters, 7151 meters above sea level is the side of good white la base peak, 750 meters above sea level the lowest in the region, 40 from the level of Yu Gong , Elevation 7,000 meters up to form a typical alpine valley landforms, two more than the formation of the hanging valley between the river and linked to the size of the falls, there have been spectacular gorge strange gap. As the barriers for the northern part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, plus the east-west mountain ranges of cold air to stop, in the 1100 meters below the river valley high temperatures, in Both the temperature reached 20 ? above, in particular rich precipitation each year up to 2500 mm or more, rainfall up to become one of the regions.

Falls, Tengqiao, Liusuo County is the most characteristic landscape. Hill County, and more water, also falls, some thin and delicate, such as falls Jilvqingsha, Shek Pik on relief from falling down, the water was a collision of rock fragments and continuously into the mist, floating in the mountainside; some water falls ......

  County has a unique climate. From the Bay of Bengal in the south of the Gulf Stream, along the Brahmaputra valley and Su Liu, in the northern mountains have been blocked in In the formation of warm air. Therefore frost-free winter here, summer without heat, with an average annual temperature is 20 ?, do not apparent at the Four Seasons, only the wet and dry sub-quarter. Protection of the abundant rainfall in the region, with an average annual rainfall in more than 2500 mm, more rainfall in China is one of the regions. This is the Tibetan plateau with other parts of the climate Be very different.

  County Nature Reserve, an area of 460,000 hectares, is a natural museum of natural history. Unique geography and climate, so here's a natural park of rare animals and plants. In addition to the Nature Reserve 4,000 meters above sea level plateau above the horizon, almost all covered by dense forest. Protected areas are More than 3000 kinds of higher plants, there are rare plants unique to 17. There are many wild animals, listed as state-level rare animals will be 42. One type of animal protection: long-tail monkey, snow leopard, black deer, red cranbrooki, the clouded leopard, hornbill, a tiger and so on. In India, Southeast Asia in order to see the birds, Spotted Dove, Red-billed Leiothrix, chest and the sun, and other birds in the protection of the region can see.

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"Lao Huzui" Falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The air crash falls, as the Galaxy hung upside down, falling to half-empty, suddenly cut in half by Qiao Shi, Chashixuelang splash, like a broken string of pearls never have triumphantly along the thousand-li hanging string of steep cliffs to fall, down into the Bottomless abyss, issued Kuangxiao earth-shattering. The river is as ferocious beast roar in the issue of earthquake For deaf roar, as if the entire canyon in fibrillation. Every setting sun, "Lao Huzui" Rainbow wind around, and a crimson top of the Xuefeng, blurred changes, Clipsal indescribable.

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Peach ditch - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nyingchi County in the southeast about 5 kilometers, there is a natural wild Taolin, people call it peach ditch. Peach Hill ditch on three sides, there is high water, surrounded by verdant trees, green, green all the year round; trench row upon row of wild peach, both elegant and open-ching, after all, a unique nature park and peach fruit base.

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Beibeng Falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Winter hours of water, beautiful charming, gently fall, deep melodious; increase of water in the summer, then move to shake a day of the breadth of Bang Bo, like a giant dragon mountains, it is soul-stirring. Sometimes the snow falls among Mo smoke as much as several hundred meters, floating all over the sky, so that was always around in a drizzling rain Fei Fei has become chic "horse Linked to remote peaks. "

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????? - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?????Tibetan word for "blue sky into the battle of the spear", the main peak 7782 meters high, with the tip of the father's reputation. The foot of the many Office?????Hot Springs, unusually heavy plant, is an ideal health resort and mountain climbing expedition.

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Hill out ancient tomb group - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Out group of ancient tombs located in the Lang Shan County, Qiong Lin Jin dongxiang side of the road, the great momentum, to build a unique, Graves stretches for several kilometers as a whole. It is difficult in Tibet goodbye.

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Added Xing drencher ditch Falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Paga away from the temple there are more than 20 km to the famous curtain falls Jiaxing ditch. Curtain falls 25 meters, is divided into three screens since Dongdingchuila, winding Guteng outside, deep inside the cave twists and turns, the setting sun, the steam cloud-fog time, magnificent.

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Millington - Chinese tourism scenic spots

478 km away from Lhasa, when the car turned Mira Yamaguchi, Niyang Bridge over the town on August 1, they entered the Millington. Niyang Yajiang interchange with the Southern Luo Ba Village is a virgin forest in Tibet and major tourist attractions.

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Long County - Chinese tourism scenic spots

There are bar-Shaba Buddhist holy day, the county and Ren Jie Ling, special scenery, the history of the Dalai Lama Jiushibanchan and 13 are Long County.

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Bomi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

There are a lot of glaciers, which Kaqin, the S & P, such as if the more well-known. Kaqin glacier is the largest marine-shaped glacier, about 19 kilometers, an area of about 90 square kilometers. These glaciers huge iceberg tongue and even extends to the forest are.

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Wood Village bar in the town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is a typical mountain gorge area, where peaks such as polyethylene, meaning thousands of state. Palongcangbu is located near the River Yajiang of turning a few fonts, configuration fantasy forest lakes were beautiful.

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Ran Wuhu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ran Wuhu, along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway to the wooden bar not far from town line, which means "with the body packing of the Lake", the legendary head of buffalo lake, Lake head of cattle there, they struggle against each other, into the mountains after death The two-phase Hill Ran Wuhu is the folder. The lake is a typical orogeny formed by the side of the lake stop, in hi Mara Hill, nyainqentanglha Hill and Hill's cross hit on the Department. Ran Wuhu static and is known of the blue, the lake rarely see litter all sorts of things, Lake view week varies. Ran Wuhu color is very rich in grassland, forests, autumn leaves, and white water birds and shore of Lake shoal of colorful pebbles, fresh as reflected mirror.

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Nyingchi Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linzhi in Tibet, known as south of the Yangtze River to the world's deepest canyon - the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon, said of the world. Described as a Linzhi in the world for the few remaining humans set foot in one of the Pure Land, has been study tours, adventure of the Holy Land, at the same time, which caused inconvenience to the tourist traffic. Chi is located in the lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River in southeast Tibet, with an average of about 3,000 meters above sea level, located in the town of Bayi, the capital of Niyang River, the region is the political and economic and cultural center. The main scenic spots are Niyang Valley Economic Area, Palongcangbu River area. Men Bazu or Nyingchi, Lhoba and other ethnic minorities living in the land-old As well as the culture of Tibetan Buddhism and the Bon popular, so that the Nyingchi have a lot of cultural, and?????, Zangbo Grand Canyon, Basongco Chayu and wrong, such as Bomi, together constitute the Nyingchi magical scenery.

  There are hidden is called the Lotus From the county is still the only areas inaccessible by road, there's Xiongjun Namjagbarwa and white gala base peaks from the summit between the two to break through because of the world's most dangerous up to the canyon - Blair Lu cloth possession of the Grand Canyon. Dangzhou torrential rivers, cliffs Shen Jian snake, you are scientific, and drifting exploration of the Holy Land. Three middle reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River valley, one of the Nyingchi Niyang River Valley, the development of a long, well-developed agricultural, and temple tablets Shenghu many Kamiyama, walking here will plateau tea garden, but also in Millington, the cloth and other places of the Millennium ancient sky high Berlin to roam in, you enjoy the possession of the farm economy of the South great place to go. Luo Ba, bus doors and other ethnic minorities in order to make a living hunting, hospitality bold, original folk customs are simple, cottage in the bamboo shelter at a time when Fangge Baiyun Mountain, in the hot spring bath flowers, you are into natural, and cleaned up the dust and the mountain's dream trip to choose. Nyingchi on the history of the earliest written records found in the work cloth inscribed with the first Mumoyadan. The stone is located in Nyingchi County district on the door wide for a long time by Yongzhong village near the west-southwest, has 1,200 years of history, writing is still clear. Above the record this history. Cameron's first generation of tribal leaders Chan Chi Nie , Bomi came from the public's strong due cloth Kamiyama, from the beginning of his career, Cameron tribal leaders, before and after going through a total of VII, to clear streets for the emperor in full possession of the South Wada Zi Qing Palace. 1 year of the century before and after Cameron as a result of tribal power struggle between Jun, the seventh generation of leaders only PO Gong was killed and his two Red Prince Nie and fled back to the summer red Cloth area. Later, his younger brother from the summer of red cloth workers to return to Cameron, Cameron became the eighth generation of tribal leaders pu-gong, and the brother Nie red cloth workers were kept in the areas Burkina workers who become leaders, workers began cloth soil followed the King. Stone: "Public Works Department royal cloth in a Hajime Wang Xiong," never to work for the family name Wang cloth, the only public life cloth Descendants of the hereditary. "Cliff piece of stone is the king of the 8th century AD Chek Chan Alfredsson (? -815) Banci cloth to the work of Wang vows instruments for Leshi and discipline. Since then, many workers in the region by workers cloth fabric Wang rule .

By the time Sakya and Pazhu period (13-16 century AD) Nyingchi Prefecture of Tibetan Buddhism has become a sphere of influence were Gamagaju. Year of the 17th century Gandan quite Chapter regime established by Nyingchi Prefecture Packet Ngapoi for Jiang, a few local leaders, such as Latin America's territory, soon after the establishment of the division of Latin America is that sleep Mu, ciguatera, and so on up to Jiang's case. Bomi and local, long-term soil for the UAE round Tanganyika Rule in the divided situation. In 1931, the local government of Tibet will Bomi places as sand waves, two Bomi and Medog County were changed to the region.

In May 1951 of Tibet's peaceful liberation, democratic reform in 1959, in January 1960 to set up the agency tower workers, the same year On Nyingchi into the agency. In October 1963 to withdraw the agency Nyingchi, Qamdo area was placed under the Bomi County, Nyingchi, the cloth up to Jiang, Millington, 4 Medog County of Lhasa for under the jurisdiction of the Nyingchi area no longer exists. February 1, 1986, the official resumption of Nyingchi Prefecture Administrative Office, under the jurisdiction of the Nyingchi, Millington, the cloth Jiang , Medog, Bomi, Chayu, Long County, 7 counties, 55 townships and 614 administrative villages.

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Hot Springs Dezong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

140 km from Lhasa there is a beautiful place called Hot Springs Dezong, you can go to Lhasa chartered at a cost of about 250 or so per person, travel time is longer, about 6 hours, as poor road conditions, all the way a rock. But along the way, we can see black-necked cranes, hot spring is coming, we can see a lot of The small flowers were beautiful, very valuable hear, see other places. 7 km away from the hot spring area at the junction is known to only Tianzang Tai and Gong Ti Temple, located on the hillside, very imposing, I learned that good luck can see burial. Dezong to the hot springs, you will find beautiful, he is a beautiful Small Tibetan village, located in a valley, is the kind of mountain slopes on both sides of the ranch, green grass and summer full of a lot of unknown flowers, a small mountain village is a typical white building, Cuoluoyouzhi, arm in the middle of a temple nuns, golden The roof all day echoed the sound of conch of Lamaism, the atmosphere is. A valley Stream, has been extended to the distant top of the snow-capped mountains. Dezong Hot Springs is a wonderful hot springs, gas is Pao Yu, the rule can be heard a lot of skin, and also the bottom snake, but will not bite. Pool is divided into male and female Chi Chi, who interval in a fortress stone wall, there is a hole in the middle, peeping, but no one has to See, here's a very simple person, and observing the pond nun and a nice, very shy, the Chinese will not only smile and gesture. Hot Springs is home side's possession of characteristics, as the sun in the body, the lazy people. In addition to the pool of male and female pool, a pond, is a nun who used the shampoo. What is more interesting is Dezong Stephen's dog, where the lazy sun, lying on the hot springs and watching those who bathe naked, waiting for you to climb from the pool house is also looking at the eyes you can see your heart Famao, for fear that it accidentally , Your lifeblood to the Duyao. Where to live on one or two days, then it is a god-like Live

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Temple only Gongti - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhi Gong Temple has a wide staircase possession of the most famous Tian Zangtai.
The world's two most famous Tian Zangtai India, Sri Lanka is a wow mining Tianzang Tai and the other is the Zhi Gong Tianzang Tai Temple. Ladder Zhi Gong Temple in the mountains of the dorsal Tan Zhi Gong is the city. Legend has it been Guan Ding Zhi Gong Living Buddha Temple, the soul after death can Chuqiao, into the Shanqu three-level, rather than hell. As a result, many people Buyuanqianli sent to the burial of the deceased. Zhi Gong Temple is a staircase at the center of Gaju Pai Zhi Gong Temple, located east of Lhasa Maizhokunggar County snow down to the riverside, the year 1179 Gongbarenqin straight white built, stand between the cliffs and peaks, very spectacular.
Zhi Gong Temple in the vicinity of a ladder attached a lot of Gaju Pai Zhi Gong temple. It is said that history had as many as 30 existing at least 67. De-zhong depths of a mountain temple, famous for the nuns to practice. De-zhong hot water, adequate, moderate heat, to a variety of medical diseases, the history of entitlements Reputation, and travel to the visual impact of the shower stream of people. Snow River down the middle and lower reaches, and yar Kong Temple, the Temple were, bar-Snow Temple, Temple Gaze, and so on.

Gaju Pai is a big religious, but because of the Sakya Monastery and the dynasty period has not and the two sides at the last soldiers Each other, the war lasted a long time. In addition to the monk said to have sent soldiers Gongsha each other, the two monks of the temple is their frequent practice of magic to rely on fear to kill each other, then both sides for the development of the Tantric Buddhist monk battle between the long-range, all kinds of strange tactics One after another, sent in from Bourne on the ground Get together chaos. Both sides of the impairment of a major Buddhist monk, in 1290 finally give Temple Monastery, long-range strike and thousands of miles to Zhigong Temple ladder showdown, this time the two sides of the monks are useless, read between the monks Hand-to-hand. Final staircase Zhigong Temple Monastery to kill a Jiquanbuliu. The two sides in the war China Zhi Gong Temple ladder construction nearly burned away, then gradually restored, the temple of the existing more than 300 monks.

NOTE: Only simple guest house at the time, in addition to instant hot water and other supporting facilities and services are not too wide. De-zhong hot springs in the vicinity of a number of houses, better conditions And more.

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Yangbajing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cold plateau of boiling hot springs is a major phenomenon Yangbajing also famous the world.
Tibet Plateau is located, the number of hot springs in the nation's number one. In addition to the general Yangbajain Hot Springs, also has the highest hot springs country, as well as rare and intermittent explosions Quan Spa, with a total area of more than 7000 square meters
Yangbajing geothermal areas throughout the distribution of a lot of hot water for power generation. Here have the country's largest geothermal power station, built in 1977 and co-operation between China and the United Nations and the construction of power stations, heat the hot water piped through to promote the turbines for the Lhasa area To cheap and environmentally-friendly power supply.

Yangbajing of the most beautiful time of day is early morning, as the air is still relatively cold, Yangbajing geothermal field of the total area filled with white mist, geothermal steam fields generated by huge corporations from the emergence of the lake, such as the worldly paradise.

If you are lucky, run into hot water Eruption, but also to see the boiling hot springs straight from the scene of the clouds, very beautiful and magnificent. The large number of hot spring water with hydrogen sulfide, a variety of chronic diseases have a therapeutic effect. The bath is a place of open-air swimming pool. As the water temperature is too high, need to 2 months after open-air cooling pond, where visitors can Bath. It's far from the surrounding snow-capped mountains can be seen in such an environment, hot springs, is a true enjoyment. Especially in the winter, jumped into the Hot Springs Village to see snow all over the sky, feel the romance could not go.

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Hot Springs and the only tribute Dezong Ossetia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

This is a West that this is a piece of pure land on the snowy plateau from the sun into the jade is to your left - led by the Spirit of Tibet around the dream of the United States, always with a bit mysterious because it has too many Kamiyama, Sheng Hu confusing and moving legend, wrapped around a cloud of fog around the emotion, so that you long for more of this enchanting scene in Land. For example, it springs, according to reliable geological data confirmed: the Himalayas to the tropical activity strong, Tibet has geothermal Stephen explosion, Geyser, Fei Quan, hot springs, hot springs, boiling mud-chuen, lake water, such as ground-run gas Geothermal activity showed a number of 660 points, spread all over the 1,200,000 square kilometers Land, the amount and type of as many as the scene of the magnificent, all ranking first in the land of China. Numerous hot springs, there are wonderful health care functions, such as: Maizhokunggar County of Mr de Spa, Spa Yangbajing of Damxung County, Deqing County, Long heap of Deqing Hot Springs, Hot Springs cambron of Yadong county, Lazi County seat of the Qin Wen , The fabric of the Mira River County Hot Spring Hill, Qusong County Woka such as hot springs. I work in Tibet for nearly 40 years of life, cambron been to Hot Springs, Hot Springs Yangbajing, Mira Shan Hot Springs, Hot Springs Deqing, and so on. You have to ask me what the best hot springs, I can not say, is its own unique features. But I go up or Mr Spa, as it is the only tribute Temple embankment. Gong Temple embankment is only my husband Nuba Gong sleep alone by the Living Buddha temple. Ancient Chinese legend is that Mr De description precisely, it should be called the "Zhong Mu Germany," Mr Muslims and two-letter syllable to be made together, "de" is the meaning of mine, "Chung Mu The following is the meaning of possession, total up the meaning of the following is a lot of mineral deposits, which put the mine who does? Padmasambhava is. This is where there is no name displayed. According to legend, master Padmasambhava in the dissemination of Tibetan Buddhism, and Bon very fierce struggle, finally won by King Chisongdezan respect. To this end, Akamatsu Chan Aifei their benefits to the West-measures of Padmasambhava, Padmasambhava benefits with the West-measures in Germany over-cultivation. Also according to legend, only feel Barenqinbei create Gong Si Hou embankment, there Lama by the local school; and nuns do? Germany is in sad repair the mountain from the temple nuns. There is a devil would like to exterminate Temple nuns, it has drawn a , Poisonous fill the water in an attempt to poison the water with submerged temples, it was only law enforcement goddess abu tribute song to know Jane, she did not succeed to stop. As a result, her mountain north quan want to cut in half, resulting in a ditch, so water flows away down the ditch, she began to work hard, Hill has not cut open, and so if she cut it End Hill, poisoning the water flooded over the temple. Padmasambhava Buddhist master is in the cave, he saw all of this, decided to help abu Zhen Qu. As a result, the hole in the grasp of a multi King Kong throwing a pestle in the past, Hill made a hole in the drug-chuen, water holes along the stream is gone, but it will poison the water against people, how do ? He also practices, Tibetan for "nurturing Rimini," in the devolution of a lot of mine, so that the poisonous water into a syrup. As a result, this water can cure a bath. Germany is the only hot spring Zhong Gong temple nuns and monks embankment of the beach, of course, only Gong Temple embankment. As a result, said Mr de Spa, we know only too Gong Temple embankment. Gong Temple embankment only recall the brilliant tribute only to the construction of the embankment Temple in 1179, the first Temple is the main Barenqinbei sleep. Brgyud sectarian lines, named only give Kunga. Brgyud mean oral transmission, not text heavy, and the emphasis on self-cultivation, everything is the highest in the United inner wisdom, the highest level of , Also called the "seal." "Seal" is also out of the laity from the heart of the illusion of space, out of self-deceiving of heart, the heart was Sim. Owing to the monks of the sect wear white clothes Pulu, the layman to be known as the White Sect. 800 Over the years, to cite only Kunga created the brilliant achievements in Tibetan Buddhism has significant implications for today only Brgyud religious believers all over the world, there are more than 500 temples Block, his mother is the only temple Gong Temple embankment. Gong is just a very magical place, very beautiful landscape, a cave bear one of the ancient practice of most people when they reach more than 180,000. A cliff, large trees are self-cultivation, but also with each other flying Channeling the door "on the hillside ... ... full of wild flowers, small rabbits, hens Tony ... ... Huantiao on the grass, eating some mushroom, and some find Fritillaria ... ... goshawk fly in the blue sky. Embankment just Gong Temple The monks will be "broken tile," This is a quick death to guide the soul of the Pure Land, Tan arrived in the city so that the soul Samsara to stop the religious ceremony I have seen at first hand. Only Tianzang Tai Gong is a well-known. Tianzang Tai said to the world, India is Sri Lanka's white Tianzang Tai; is only the second Tianzang Tai Gong; Tianzang Tai Monastery is the third. I have been to several times only Tianzang Tai Gong, I saw only a tribute of the embankment chamber Buddhist monk and is next to Tianzang Tai, seen that In the distance sent the body, the deft moves Tianzang Shi, standing on the hillside Yingjiu, then it's hula Jingfan, that piled up as a sheep's head and the Ngau Tau the wall, inscribed with verses of the stone, as well as the hillside On the burning hair of the deceased and the bone over the fire ... ... ah, I do not think everyone is to look at the burial, we will realize true life . Of course, not necessarily with adventure and excitement of mind. Kunga only give glory but also in politics: 130,000 Yuan for a long time, and only once Kun set up a long tribute 10,000. Ming Chengzu Wing-lok closure will force 11-year-end bamboo tile work supervisor for the possession of Guandinghuici Jingjie great power division, just closed Tribute embankment Temple Temple main Palestinian children get really Kyrgyzstan Tibetan explain to teach Wang, and thanks to Indian-ho. Kunga only cite religious heritage of those who have been the first to the Year of the Horse Gangdise Mountains, to Monkey bar on Kamiyama, the Year of the Goat Lake to a grand wooden satisfied religious activities, and only tribute embankment of the Tantric Temple URL, broken tile Mandala spirits and burial are very unique. De Zhong Wen Zhong virtues really hot Gong only in the embankment of the South West Temple, about seven kilometers of road, only embankment Gong Lama Temple is home, and the nuns lived here. Mr De Tibetan Buddhists were said to be looking the Department of the South Island of the Holy Land one of the seven, and his master Padmasambhava Fei-Ming Chu Kang Yi-West measures in this practice, the benefits Chu Kang still-incarnation of the West measures appear. Such as the World's Zhu Ming Jiaodan song by Jane, is Munv, was identified as Chu Kang, Chung Tak Temple in the back of the highest self-cultivation on hillsides. Every time I go, almost see her. I have many times to Mr de Spa, to remember the first time Mr de Spa, was in March 1994, Chu Kang female Living Buddha to worship with her letter To speak. When someone told her that I feel is the single Nuba Gong Living Buddha by his wife, she looked at me affectionately, tongue out, to pay tribute. Chu Kang to take good care of our people, then someone will help us to backpack, and I left, helping hand, mix the mix, along dirt roads to the mountain next to the hot springs. Hot Springs Zhou overlapping peaks, thousands of vertical and horizontal sink, clear spring water bottom, or even see a bubble, which is where one out of the eyes of Stephen, a hot spring is divided into two and a half from top to bottom, the M-chuen, Stephen M in the next, in the middle is a Piled stone walls, stone wall in the middle of the F-chuen, has grown a small peach tree, a Waizhe neck, as In the girls were crying ... .... Peach Hanbaoyufang, we wear trousers be a fork into the water, during which I immediately thought of the animal world CCTV photographer Qiyun, Mr. Qi has told me: Living and the Nuba to take a bath with him, packed with women-ri nun . Nuns say my husband is a Living Buddha, Living Buddha washed with water to bathe, There is luck. At that time, I jokingly say: I told him so many years of marriage, but also luck to you! I think: If he is also above the M-chuen, a bath, here I do not know how many nuns would jump into it. Suitable water temperature, water slide and some with his girlfriend of Zhang Jie was so happy forgot to take a bath, only to take photographs. Not , An off-white snake, I quietly climbed up onto the head of the peach tree branches, although I fear, but did not move pleasure, but with Stephen's girls are screaming, either on the male compatriots Stephen wall around ... ... More girls scream at this Quanxia ... ... Stephen, ah! The excitement of a good hot spring Chung Tak, as a pot-like opening, Qualcomm appears to be human nature, the rise of the lift, Zhiqu to go. I give it a long list: Om Mani Padme Hum ... ... Yu not, but time is running short, experts homes Austria Lang, Cerina love, and so also the sheep back to Lake Power Station, we had no choice but to go ashore. That's almost the sky deep cliff on the fly Bai Yumi long Jingfan It also seems to be hula, hula you: Good-bye, bye, then ... ... Mr de Spa only true God from the embankment Gong Temple turn around 2 km from Fork Road on the north side door at about 2 km along the German spa Zhong down the water The formation of the river in the West Bank, site of about 20 meters high and 6 meters wide, Wang Bing Bao Out front looked like a huge, "Yu wall", according to Maizhokunggar County Business Secretary Kim said that Pakistan, the people here say the mountain like an elephant, this is the elephant's nose out of this in the past ... ... "Yu-wall" are not year-round, in recent years due to climate change, shrinking ice. Everywhere along the Cang The mountain, about 5 kilometers before, to Mr de Spa. Mr de Hot Springs about 4300 meters above sea level, and in fact the source of hot springs in two, called a "card is your song," Stephen is the eagle, we usually bathed here, the water temperature around 40 ?, Stephen up and down the two and a half hours. For men and Stephen, for Stephen. "Your card" is the eagle, "Qu was" hot. Legend has it that, once an eagle is flying the skies, I do not know where the shot came from a rocket that hit the wings of an eagle, eagle, unfortunately fall into this hot, and pretty soon, the Hawks surface, the Youth Pre-employment into the blue sky. As a result, this hot spring called "card is your song" Chinese "Stephen eagle." "Card is your song" next to some 4 meters, and a Stephen called "the summer song is", "Summer" is a deer, "Qu was" still a hot spring, the Chinese word for "Luquan." Legend has it that a broken leg of a deer, jump to soak hot springs for a while, be it out of the water, walking is , Has been connected to the catagmatic. But here's the water temperature about 48 ? or so, afraid to go on, some people occasionally to Quanbian, only to the water body wash, I remember once in the Quanbian bath, hot water, Tangde I really can not stand, like as soon as possible To leave here, was found clinging to wear shirts, only to hurriedly in a drop-shirt Spring water flows along the lower reaches. It is said that this will flow to the Indian Ocean Springs. By that time, the shirt will look into what it? I have no idea. Legend is a legend, myth to the myth, it really is kind of weird hot springs, water temperature all year round at about 40 ?, the water containing sulfur, Hanshui Shi, Shi asphalt, Kuan Donghua, coal and other The human body useful minerals, often in the shower, such as the treatment of gastric ulcer disease internal organs, bones, such as rheumatoid arthritis patients, sores, skin diseases such as scabies, in a word, there is blood transfer, Tong Jin Luo, leptin, and other health Effectiveness of spring and autumn to people who come here to bathe. In addition to domestic and foreign tourists taking a bath, more Tour here that the beauty of nature: river stones in a couple of drinking water, Kuang Wu lions, turtles look after, the rise of Hippo, and other wonders, Zhixie streams and waterfalls, cliffs of the valley, there are Yixian Tian, Xun phosphate rocks, and so on Scenes, dizzying. Mr De Temple has more than 100 nuns, they treat One visitor, inside a sound of chanting Lang Lang, Siwai have to wind and water by tube, the fluttering of the ravine Jingfan will decorate a solemn and beautiful. Mr de Hot Springs has a long history, with the embankment Gong temple together to form a tribute only cultural scenic spots, "Gong only" means producing yak. The scenic and cultural In Maizhokunggar County, Mozhugongka is "edge of the ranch" was conveyed. I would like to: Mozhugongka will be very beautiful and richly endowed. I nun Temple De Zhong Gong embankment and Monastery just a lot of the nuns, monks are very familiar with. Once I had with the Russians Lu Sinai embankment tribute to the only temple to worship closed monk Nyima Tsering The 85-year-old monk, alone has received about his more than 40 minutes, after I had asked him to do what he said: can not disclose the secret, a very interesting ... ...! After that, I also take him to Germany Trong Hot Springs, he must be a group photo with a group of nuns, and I would not be allowed to participate, but the nuns were determined and they wanted me to join Otherwise, they do not take pictures, Lu Sinai Zhideng I am so angry ... .... According to Wan-Sang, he jumped into the M-chuen, all of a sudden see a gray Hydrus, he was arrested and thrown into the F-chuen, said that since the White Snake will have to see the greatest blessing, then let us enjoy the good fortune it! Mr de Spa is a friendship Community, is a supernatural being, the laity and thousands of birds and beasts enjoy the Zen-day dance, people call the most holy in Wonderland, we sincerely wish the people here happier. Wish this land more beautiful! Also sincerely wish the people here have the best of luck!

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Nyainqentanglha - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yingwu God nyainqentanglha mountain and its dependencies lover of life and death - Nam Co, the local people have been known as the "Holy Mountain", "Sheng Hu." Nyainqentanglha Damxung County is located in Shan Ning in the middle of rural areas 7117 meters above sea level, is wrapped in a snow-Xiong Feng, Feng Jie Chengbing Peak, the rock halfway up the plot, for the foot of a mountain Singapore, Tibet's main channel - the Qinghai-Tibet Highway from the southern slope at the foot of the adoption of Kamiyama. From different angles to the main peak look into the distance - nyainqentanglha peaks form see different Bingfeng nyainqentanglha Snow Mountain is the best place to watch the Nam Co Lake Tashi Peninsula, such as Temple, the Temple just be read as well as green Tanggula vein Along the edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Highway.

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Monastery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gepei Reting Monastery is located in the north, 240 kilometers away from Lhasa of Linzhou County, Tang Heung fruit in the territory. Legend has it that, here in the past is not a vegetation of a bald mountain, later King Songtsan Gambo here to inspect the shampoo in the sprinkling of water on the hillside, wishes and prayers, so grow the 25,000 green cypress. Monastery from "Kadampa" Zhongdun founder has been founded in 1057, 900 years have elapsed since the history of Tibet, "Kadampa" the first temple. "Reting" yes "to eradicate all the problems, continued to stay above until the three realms of reincarnation" in Italy.

Monastery in the West A well-known "When Pa Bang" respect for the monks and laymen, "Holy." "Pa Bang," which means a huge rock, "when" means the lawn or Bazi. Thermal vibration of the main temple dedicated to the Buddha statue is a "drop Cering White" (Miao-King Kong). Tibetan folklore, the Year of Tibetan calendar every July 15 to visit the mother-air tea Gini, card-chu , West Sangwa benefits, such as women Xiafan 100,000 days, and Zhu Lu goddess altar set up at this meeting spirits all living creatures.

To this end, in the history of the formation of this traditional festival. That day, all over the men and women, gathered thousands of miles away in this beautiful grassland rock, presented a variety of offerings, Song Zhou scriptures, praying peace and prosperity, All business boom, the story rather than.

Reting "When Pabang profile section," is the first pure religious activities by the turn. In addition to later become religious activities of farmers and herdsmen also conduct various types of commodities exchange, cultural and recreational activities to carry out a comprehensive holiday. By then, as if there is a tent in the world, 8 Flower of goods, the bustling crowd, added a festive atmosphere.

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Tibet Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Museum of Tibet Autonomous Region is the first modern large-scale integrated functions of museums, a rich collection of artifacts, there are only 2000 in the Ming and Qing porcelain pieces, species-wide, high-quality, domestic home at the same level of the museum. According to historical records, from the Tang and the central government on Tibet since the very close relations Songtsan Gambo and Princess Wencheng, and Chan Chi Dezu Princess Jincheng of marriage has become a much-told tale generation, has been in the snow-covered plateau. Since the yuan since the official Tibet into the motherland's territory, the Yuan Ming Dynasty inherited the management system in Tibet, the Qing Dynasty set up in Tibet, Tibet, and other ministers have indicated that the central government and Tibet Relationship. Porcelain as an important carrier of culture, one of the nation in the Sino-Tibetan relations plays an important role in history is the best witness. Tibet Museum's collection of porcelain everything, all across the tens of millions of years, from the Central Plains came to the land of snow-covered plateau, are ancient imperial court grant to the upper class in Tibet . History has evidence that they are now in the possession of the Monastery Xuande of Ming blue-and-white pattern Yuanyang colorful bowls, only two of the world for rare treasures, the bowl rim of the Tibetan auspicious by the book "History of Tibet set" The court records give Mahayana king of the Ming dynasty blue-and-white bowl of the same text.

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Sang Kimura - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sang-Kimura at Lhasa, where a stream, farms, farm structures, an integral whole, each other, do not have a small bridge, flowing water, other people's pastoral charm. If you are here in the summer, large areas of farmland, the ancient Tibetan farmhouse of the green and luxuriant Linka, criss-crossing the stream would constitute a peaceful Tibetan farmers Landscape painting. However, you do not envy the summer light, this spring season, here, though you can not see the hole green, but you will feel that the branches are soft yellow bloom of life force, but also smell of spring Fragrant soil, then you not only feel the breath of spring is, there is life I hope good.

  Kimura Sang has a long history, it is said, in the name of the village or the Padmasambhava Buddhist when starting. I believe that by Kimura Sang-tourism will not only indulge in this ancient, beautiful scenery, but also by its long history and profound culture to attract. It is said that this is the birth of the Dalai Lama III , The birthplace of the temple has been well preserved. Historically, San Kimura has been a well-known Tibetan centenarians and Hercules. Kimura Sang is a well-known in the Lhasa area, "town dance", many active in the village of folk artists, some of the artist or the township was the backbone of the art propaganda team. Here is La Sang Kimura City-long pile Deqing County town of Karma jurisdiction of the Fifth Kimura Sang Group, the existing 68 farmers, villagers 303. Sang Kimura still retains the traditional way of life in the Lhasa area, arts and crafts, 1, 2 Kimura Sang Group is the traditional manual processing of wool carpet village.

Kimura Sang is located in Lhasa Areas, away from Lhasa City Bus Terminal is only 12 kilometers adjacent to the Qinghai-Tibet Highway, the traffic is convenient. Urban Lhasa 2 Road, 3 Road, accessible from the bus near the junction Sang Kimura, only 2 yuan fare. If you want to take a taxi, the journey can be far bargaining, in general between 10-25 yuan. In public Can be found on the edge of the village entrance, along the trail in the field 10 minutes ahead of the appearance, in a voice Jiquan, not feel you have to reach their destinations. If it is going to drive himself, in the village of access road, the village was also easy parking. Deliberately do not have to go where there are hotels, restaurants where, when To enter the village, the warm hospitality of the villagers will invite you into their home and a guest a cup of butter tea, a bowl of highland barley wine was carrying the simple complex. There are no tickets, is not binding, but some of the deep homesickness.

In San Kimura, if you do not deliberately seek a quiet moment, then , You probably have no chance Oh Xianxia Lai. This is because this project can play too much. Here, you can enjoy the rural scenery around Tibet can go to the village guest house, the taste of rice farmers, in the forest riding on the grass, too Linka, in the stream fishing can also enjoy folk songs and dances with villagers Huan and so on.
  In the village tour, village tour guides will give visitors the villagers of production, life, as well as education, health care, basic income, and to lead the visitors to find the high ground in the village tourists take panoramic Sang Kimura. However, many city people or to wow the farmhouse wall painted with cow dung leg To leave a cool video. In a guest house in the village, the villagers will be in accordance with Tibetan ritual for guests Sincerely, highland barley wine, butter tea, visitors can also play their own butter tea and Zanba, and so on. This experience in the field of the better people feel comfortable.
  Horse riding, archery is like many of the men's sports in San Kimura, which Campaign not only attracted many men, Miss Xu Duo Yingzisashuang figure favorably. The love angling tourists in the forest or a small stream flood land, can enjoy that and refrain from being the joy of harvest.

Tibetan people sing and dance is the nation's farmland in the day-to-day work in There are different labor, child. In order to allow visitors first-hand experience in the village to the rural areas of Tibet's unique folk culture, in particular to draw a piece of farmland in the village as a farming area show, visitors to the site to show the villagers working the scene, with a corresponding number of child labor. The exhibition hall in the village, the village can see that the basic conditions of the display Tibet's traditional rural farm tools display of traditional costumes and rural areas in Tibet, mainly in rural agricultural show, and so on. Here, the idea of a heavy sense of history began. When you are immersed in constant surprise and joy when the weather may also be dark down, you may wish to taste the villagers to provide you with the Tibetan rice farmers Kaoquan Yang, and so on, you can enjoy a meal in the village of simple song and dance performances, evening campfire and join your get-together. At night can also choose a farm stay. In this way, the real countryside life on a day basically to enjoy.

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Ghost Lake Laon wrong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ghost Lake Laon measures Sheng Hu is a close neighbor, the same beautiful scenery, blue water is the same too thrilled, but can be labeled as being "Ghost Lake" evil fate, into the other register. Ghost Lake (Lhanag-tso, also known as Rakshas, an elevation of 4574 meters) and Sheng Hu and fresh water all the way apart for the micro-saltwater lake. So Both people and livestock can not drink the water, which is probably "Ghost Lake" in the name come from.

Ghost Lake is said to have no wind and waves three feet. In fact, here's a very beautiful scenery, the lake's dark red hill, blurred color. Trip to the lake, the sound waves off ears. Bai Liangliang Pebble Beach as a silver band, set The lake. There are a small island in the lake is dark red.

Laon standing on the wrong lake, a strange feeling in the chest to rise: Lakes did not see a huge one person, one animal, which open like standing on the edge of the universe.

In fact, Sheng Hu Ghost Lake was originally a lake, due to climate change , Lake retreat, the water drop by only a strip of a small hill to separate from Talia. There is a channel connecting Hunan and Hubei, local people also said that since the two are interlinked lake, if one day along the river, said Sheng Hu's ghost into the slot lake, and at the same time into the gold fish and blue fish, the ghost of the lake water will become like Water for general Sheng Hu Qing A.

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Kama more Tallinn - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kama Lei Wuqi County is located in Tallinn, more than 317 national highway on the right side, 25 km from the county seat. Yishanbangshui Tallinn, the beautiful scenery in the pines of Calocedrus is a little unique, as together, are enshrined as a master Padmasambhava. Here is a legend in the past 108 tower has been restored and the construction of dozens, including eight pagoda, a square strange , A few meters high tower large, there are less than 3 meters of the small tower, in the Church after the great Mani Dui, Mani Dui in a few lines on the sixth and Buddha images.

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Gandan quite Chapter - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gan Dan situated quite Chapter Drepung Monastery in Lhasa City, which means "god palace." Ming Jiajing nine years, the Dalai Lama root Duijia II presided over the construction of the measures, and later became the Dalai Lama III, IV, the Dalai Lama, the Dalai Lama V enthroned Zhu Xi. 3-story, flat-topped castle-style architecture, magnificent magnificent. Hall for the founders of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism Master Tsongkhapa statue of Buddha and others.

Legend has it that, 15 years Chong (1642), the leader of Mongolia in support of the Dalai Lama Tibetan V defeated Pakistan Khan, the establishment of the rule of the Gelug Sect of political power, the government agency that is located here. Junji five years until Qing (1648) of the Potala Palace, the White House built up V by the department moved to the Potala Palace, also with the transfer of political power. Later, the rule of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan political power rather Gandan collectively referred to as Chapter regime.

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Qu Gong site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Approaching "Qu Gong site," it will be difficult to you out of your mind it's detention, it is much like a lot of the elderly, in the eyes of vancomycin precipitation changes, changed in.
Qu Gong site, Lhasa in 4000 before the village ancestors lived, their ancestors have been farming here, hard work, live and multiply. Today The ancient village has gone a slash and burn, a bleak Jieshengjishi, walked into the history of the depths of memory.

Current time, the pre-4000 villages and our ancestors through the history of mottled rust fragments, in our immediate re-live together.
The ancient village where? Qu Gong site is located on the northern outskirts of Lhasa, about 5 km away from the urban area, located in the village of Kun Qu and the Military District General Hospital to the north slope of the bottom, the slope is the bare cliff, the slope is under the river valley to Lhasa. The ancient village of about 150 meters east, north-south about 30 meters with a total area of 5,000 square meters, is the 4000 Lhasa before the ancestors Cunju sites, and so far found that the larger, thicker layer piled up, the culture is extremely rich, multicultural coexistence of one of the locations.
Qu Gong day and night along the site of the village of Kun Qu residents know that although "tribute song," but almost no one can precisely in a specific location Lane.
A quiet tribute song for thousands of villages in the site is still under the surface of sleep soundly.

Pastoral scenery of the United States indefinitely
Thinking back the ancient village near the green and luxuriant trees, the Lhasa river quietly Tang Guo, "Agatha" (Tibetan "Big Sister" of the meaning of) Health played a fire at her side The family room are busy, out of the side of her husband to pray for peace. Dark strong man waved the whip away from the lively village not far from a group of grazing sheep and yaks. Sunset, the river villages, the jungle, the man and his sheep were too young, like red fire.
In 4000 before week's village China river, the lush soil, beautiful charming, hard-working people farming, pastoral scenery one. The farmers also is in the pre-4000's "tribute song" moist piece of land, the beginning of the plateau in the harsh manner.

Show-down large old village
Tibetan yaks and sheep is the village of Kun Qu To the source of meat. Authoritative information, said: "The combination of agricultural and pastoral areas in Tibet, the model appeared in a long time ago, it also shows that the world?????the development of animal husbandry have made a great contribution. Yaks and sheep in the highlands during the domestication of success Perhaps even earlier song tribute to the people to survive in the age of the field in the future to explore To let people know that the first trainer yak and Tibetan sheep fertility era. "
In addition to farming and animal husbandry, Kun Qu's another key economic sector is hunting. They are the spearhead of hunting tools and Jiancu, bone and clusters of copper clusters. In addition, fishing was also an auxiliary means for the economy.
In the long Years, Qu Gong who has been the traditional food, rich source of food, simple cooking can be delicious meal, eating there eggshell pottery bowls, cups, such as beans, small fine. Sheng-storage tanks have ears, leading a high-water tank. Pottery made in accordance with different purposes in different shapes, show that eating more of life Real.
In the dress, song tribute to the villagers for bone JI, decorated for the license, issued by the hairpin has been used to.
In the picture information of the Tibet Autonomous Region Museum, 5 in 4000 before the picture of the bones, and their average age of death for the 24-year-old, no one can live to old age. The EC Although there are a lot of limitations, but to a certain extent, it shows that people back tribute song of life of people hard, but also allow people to feel they are in the same nature in the struggle to pay the heavy price.

In this ancient village, with the monogamous, family and private ownership of the means of production within slave The emergence of the New Stone Age have been faced with the collapse of the collapse. To the Bronze Age to the representative of the slave society - the dawn of human civilization, just around the corner.
Plateau surge in the heart of the sons and daughters
In 4000 before the tribute song villagers, have been the main approach to farming, animal husbandry and supplement the traditional economic life At that time, they have to start with a contribution to the development of the plateau.
According to "The Guardian possession of Annals," said the Brahmaputra valley area of farming culture is 2-3 century AD when the emergence of the main cultivation of crops such as barley for. Agricultural areas suitable for the whole of Tibet
Cultivation of the soil smaller, but by the terrain Water, climate Obviously, it is very difficult to develop. According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Archaeological Institute of investigation and excavation confirmed that the high altitude valley area of the origin of agriculture is not too late, the snow-covered farming culture, not later than 4000 years ago before the tribute song at that time residents have mastered Ancestral down production technology The continued development of the plateau's history.
In the face of nature, Qu Gong residents chose to conquer and development.
"Qu Gong," the date of Sample?
Recently, a scholar in the region an interview with reporters, "Qu Gong," the development of the site can simultaneously on the protection of his views: "The song tribute site This is still below the surface, and there are houses on top of the surface, such as arable land. Qu Gong site is located on the edge of urban areas in the future as the urban area of Lhasa expanding, it is bound to give tribute song of the difficulties brought about by the development of mining, development should be a prerequisite for the protection and reproduction Quantitative next appearance, in the past, relics of the kind of passive, the original The Nursing song tribute to the way the site is unrealistic. "
"Song tribute to the development of the site carefully, otherwise it will be destruction. How to develop, have to wait for the approval of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage." The scholar said.

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