Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nigerian Red Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cooper million years - Nigerian Red "old show" Nyingchi is located in the county seat of the Nigerian Red West Village, a show called the ancient Temple of the temple teaching hospital. Show ancient temple was built in 1332, taught by Dan more followers on the construction of colored beads Pakistan, the "Cultural Revolution" were destroyed. In 1984, Aba of Sichuan Province by the followers of this teaching Tang Kejia measures when the red, led by Nigeria Restoration of religious people. The existing area of more than 200 square meters of the three-story building by the Church, such as the permitted construction, for real Banan Ka Temple, by Cai Wang Hui, the 3 Padmasambhava Buddhist teaching, and a large quantity of the teaching of the classics. And the architectural style of the Buddhist temple, frescoes and all other Tibetan Buddhist temples there are a lot of difference, and There are ancient temples and a tall cypress Shannon called the "million years old show" in particular to see (the "old show" intended for Tibetan monks, here specifically cypress tree). According to the teaching of the record books, the tree was the founder of this teaching Dunbar Wo Hing around Master planting indemnity in connection with their Dengshen of cypress. Now a tree height M (1957 Shujian was Guaduan wind), chest tree about 13 meters, the roots were followers of the Department for the release of Mani stone surrounded. Because of this teaching believers to the tree as the founder teaching Dunbar Wo Hing around the indemnity master God Deng Shen Shu, the local people since ancient times has been to protect it, worship it, show the ancient temples also Religious people to conduct religious activities in public places, and Raozhuan those who come to worship, they have to teach the believers, there are other sects of Tibetan Buddhism followers; both the local religious people, and more from Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu, etc. The Tibetan religious believers. No matter what religious believers, to teach the Raozhuan "Sambo" Refers to the Buddha, France, Monk) An Guiju have to turn anti-clockwise. Why is the tree referred to as "Cedar million years" and make believers worship Dingli do this? Historical records, the cloth was the devil Qiaba La region of the Hui Zhu Xi, it is killing people, people buy in dire straits, Mi Wo Hing around to see the master Cijing mercifully heart, the decision to place Jiang Mo, Mission. Guo Dan Geshe wow xhuxha edited by the "Road Yongzhong awareness of the teaching of common sense," this book records: "Second, when the 20-year-old founder (meaning around the Mi Wo Hing) to the Department of the various continents, in the Central Plains area Han Teaching the five elements of yin and yang balance, in India to teach the door ... ... After the magic snow-wah-wah Tang Kwok-hing will be around seven horses stolen, and workers fled to Brazzaville. Xing around no attachment to the animals, but in order to Diaofu Tibetan areas Rasetsu ghosts and demons to become a people, specially from his Weimo Yong-zhang-to large food, food in the spread of the religion, ... ..., Lotus founder on the throne to cross the river to work Rong cloth satisfied. ? Means Qiaba La Ren) display a variety of magic attacks, one by one solution has been Patriarch break, the collapse of the Magic Mountain, where later became the teaching of the Holy Land of the cloth on the Green Hill, that is, today's the day Hill. Devil's fierce military attacks are every major Bei Xin was having to be repelled, the Zhumo Bugaerbo Wang and public recognition of their service law, to comply with its doors. , In the "holy day of the Shan-chi," and in this way: "... the devil ... Qiaba La Hui, the Magic could not deal with all sorts of Dunbar, Dunbar finally converted, the public domain, led by Miriam Dunbar was all-win. "These words taught to understand the founder Dunbar Mi Wo Hing around the master has come to public areas cloth. Also in the "Day of the Holy Land Chi, "it reads:" ... ... Princess respect workers De Wang Ji cypress graceful hands, went to meet Dunbar, Dunbar chanting the message, the statue was of cypress, planted for its existence marks. "These words mean De Zun Wang Ji was Engineering into the tree planting work in the areas Burkina. Went on to say: "Wang Qiaba workers and their families, put up higher than Wang , High Xiongshen throne (in the Tibetan language as "red years"), respectful of Baden Dayton sit, place names' in red 'to this. "This once again proves that respect workers De Jin was a tribute to the graceful tree planting in red, that is today Nigeria's Chek village.

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