Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Namjagbarwa Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Namjagbarwa" in Tibetan means "the war spear into the blue sky."?????peak 7782 meters high, with the tip of the father's reputation. The foot of the many Office?????Hot Springs, unusually heavy plant, is an ideal health resort and mountain climbing expedition. Namjagbarwa its potential force of the majestic blue sky, different processes peak, The risk-hung mountain and the vagaries of climate, it was not until 1992 was a joint Sino-Japanese climbers to conquer, and so far it is still climbing the world long for the organization. Medog County, Nyingchi Prefecture is located in the territory of the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon, the world's largest so far found in the canyon. A high mountain Article constitute Namjagbarwa Canyon Scenic Area, with a value of the multiple tourist resources, the development of tourism, mountaineering, expeditions, the ideal drift to engage in regional and geo-, bio-disciplinary study of the best places.?????an elevation of 7782 meters, the world's highest peak at the high ranks of the 15th, but the former The 14 mountains all peaks above 8,000 meters above sea level, it is Namjagbarwa 7,000 meters peaks of the peak level. Since the peak is located south of the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon region's geological structure is complicated strong plate tectonic movement, resulting in the south peak area Shanbi stands, earthquakes, avalanches constant, difficult climb Great, but so for a long time since Namjagbarwa not be human top of the board of a "virgin peak" until October 30, 1992 by side on the joint success of the top climbers. Namjagbarwa in the Tibetan language in a variety of explanations for a "burning fiery lightning," a "spear into the sky" After a name derived from "Life of King Gesar," the "door of a range war", during this peak will be Nanjia Ba Zhuangruo portrayed as "spear into the sky." From these very masculine name, we will probably try to figure out a?????Ganglie and not the conquest.?????full of fantastic legends Because of its towering peak, the local legend of the gods in the sky from time to time come on the gathering and simmer Sang, high-altitude winds that caused Qiyun is God who ignited the San smoke, there is said to the top of the hill shrine on the road and sky And therefore living in the canyon areas on the steep mountain in a critical situation has tremendous admiration and awe. This soul-stirring and the legend of the same, rigorous scientists showed us the peak of the Southern region and the causes of the geological structure and changes in the earth science in an important position in no way inferior to the "soul-stirring" the words:?????located in multiple Geological structure of composite parts, also on the Namjagbarwa A widely known to the outside world legend. Legend has it that a long time ago, God sent Namjagbarwa Latin America and the Caribbean and white barrier guarding the southeast. White barrier gala studious brother martial arts high-strength, is also the longer the tall, Gege Nan Jia Bawa very jealous. As a result Heifeng month high at a time when his younger brother will be killed, his skull lost Millington County , Has become a de-la-shan. Namjagbarwa heaven for the punishment of sin, so always punishment at his side of the Brahmaputra, always accompanied by his brother's killing. This fairy tale vividly to explain to us how these two characteristics of the Hill: We now see the white base gala summit is always the round shape, which is due to It is without a head of a Mountain: Namjagbarwa probably knew that he was sinful, so perennial cloud cover not allow outsiders to learn about the fog cover.

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