Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nu River originates in Tanggula Nagqu in the territory of Kyrgyzstan pulse peak heat Gepa south, is the second river in Tibet. It claims in the areas Burkina Wing County hot song into the mouth of the following 2km Department Qamdo area, flows through the dam side, Luo Long, Basu Zuogong and counties in the territories of the West Zuogong Pitt County, 13km (latitude 28 � 52 ') into the Chayu County, but To go into the south, across national borders to Myanmar, said the Salween. Nu River in the Qamdo area long 660km, Jiang's plane 3652m above sea level from this point, the gap between 1572m, River Valley area of 48,000 km2, the average annual flow of 758.2m3 /s, in runoff 23,910,000,000 m3 (Jiayu Bridge Station) Nu River valley features of the landscape can Luo Long County, about 5km east of the Western Russia is divided into upper and lower in the vicinity of two, for upper valleys to narrow gorges and white-dominated valley, the next paragraph to paragraph deep canyon. Russia and the West over its river, the river long 216km, Jiang surface elevation of 3652 ~ 3305m. In order to reach the canyon , The river valleys of a single paragraph, in order not to development. Width is generally 50 ~ 70m, into the river bedrock, cutting more than 1000m in depth. Valley Valley slope is generally 25 ~ 30 �. Shaokuan local river valley, on both sides of the platform has developed, the longest for the Rural Rd - Russia and Western narrow valley (Jiang surface elevation 340 ~ 3305m), around 34km long river. The relative ease a wide valley, up to 1km around widest point, but the river bed is still single. Russian and Western sections of the following for deep canyon, the outflow of up to the Qamdo area. River above the long 44km, altitude 3305 ~ 2080m The river above the depth of cut as many as 1500 ~ 2500m, or even more. Mill Valley, great ups and downs, steep slopes Kuk Valley, about 30 � in general, some of the valley river valley is clear that a more moderate for the upper valley of the "V"-shaped valley, was the lower part of the steep gorge shape. Valley slope instability and collapse, landslide and mud Frequent flow. Deep river rock, river bed in many rapids, dangerous shoals, the vast majority of the lot is the bottom of the riverbed. In some smaller into Zhigou Department occasionally landslide debris flow fan development platform, such as Zuogongdongba Luolong Jia Yu-qiao and in the vicinity of the gorge is a relatively wide section of the valley, Jiayu bridge in the development of three-to-order base, which is A high degree of 15 ~ 25m, 50m and 80m, its about 500 ~ 700m Valley has developed shoulder. During the canyon section, across the valley is not only difficult but also along the valley because of anterograde cliffs along the river through the difficult and stands for "three rivers" Grand Canyon of the most dangerous one, many of the lot so far no one Footprint.

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