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Hot Springs and the only tribute Dezong Ossetia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

This is a West that this is a piece of pure land on the snowy plateau from the sun into the jade is to your left - led by the Spirit of Tibet around the dream of the United States, always with a bit mysterious because it has too many Kamiyama, Sheng Hu confusing and moving legend, wrapped around a cloud of fog around the emotion, so that you long for more of this enchanting scene in Land. For example, it springs, according to reliable geological data confirmed: the Himalayas to the tropical activity strong, Tibet has geothermal Stephen explosion, Geyser, Fei Quan, hot springs, hot springs, boiling mud-chuen, lake water, such as ground-run gas Geothermal activity showed a number of 660 points, spread all over the 1,200,000 square kilometers Land, the amount and type of as many as the scene of the magnificent, all ranking first in the land of China. Numerous hot springs, there are wonderful health care functions, such as: Maizhokunggar County of Mr de Spa, Spa Yangbajing of Damxung County, Deqing County, Long heap of Deqing Hot Springs, Hot Springs cambron of Yadong county, Lazi County seat of the Qin Wen , The fabric of the Mira River County Hot Spring Hill, Qusong County Woka such as hot springs. I work in Tibet for nearly 40 years of life, cambron been to Hot Springs, Hot Springs Yangbajing, Mira Shan Hot Springs, Hot Springs Deqing, and so on. You have to ask me what the best hot springs, I can not say, is its own unique features. But I go up or Mr Spa, as it is the only tribute Temple embankment. Gong Temple embankment is only my husband Nuba Gong sleep alone by the Living Buddha temple. Ancient Chinese legend is that Mr De description precisely, it should be called the "Zhong Mu Germany," Mr Muslims and two-letter syllable to be made together, "de" is the meaning of mine, "Chung Mu The following is the meaning of possession, total up the meaning of the following is a lot of mineral deposits, which put the mine who does? Padmasambhava is. This is where there is no name displayed. According to legend, master Padmasambhava in the dissemination of Tibetan Buddhism, and Bon very fierce struggle, finally won by King Chisongdezan respect. To this end, Akamatsu Chan Aifei their benefits to the West-measures of Padmasambhava, Padmasambhava benefits with the West-measures in Germany over-cultivation. Also according to legend, only feel Barenqinbei create Gong Si Hou embankment, there Lama by the local school; and nuns do? Germany is in sad repair the mountain from the temple nuns. There is a devil would like to exterminate Temple nuns, it has drawn a , Poisonous fill the water in an attempt to poison the water with submerged temples, it was only law enforcement goddess abu tribute song to know Jane, she did not succeed to stop. As a result, her mountain north quan want to cut in half, resulting in a ditch, so water flows away down the ditch, she began to work hard, Hill has not cut open, and so if she cut it End Hill, poisoning the water flooded over the temple. Padmasambhava Buddhist master is in the cave, he saw all of this, decided to help abu Zhen Qu. As a result, the hole in the grasp of a multi King Kong throwing a pestle in the past, Hill made a hole in the drug-chuen, water holes along the stream is gone, but it will poison the water against people, how do ? He also practices, Tibetan for "nurturing Rimini," in the devolution of a lot of mine, so that the poisonous water into a syrup. As a result, this water can cure a bath. Germany is the only hot spring Zhong Gong temple nuns and monks embankment of the beach, of course, only Gong Temple embankment. As a result, said Mr de Spa, we know only too Gong Temple embankment. Gong Temple embankment only recall the brilliant tribute only to the construction of the embankment Temple in 1179, the first Temple is the main Barenqinbei sleep. Brgyud sectarian lines, named only give Kunga. Brgyud mean oral transmission, not text heavy, and the emphasis on self-cultivation, everything is the highest in the United inner wisdom, the highest level of , Also called the "seal." "Seal" is also out of the laity from the heart of the illusion of space, out of self-deceiving of heart, the heart was Sim. Owing to the monks of the sect wear white clothes Pulu, the layman to be known as the White Sect. 800 Over the years, to cite only Kunga created the brilliant achievements in Tibetan Buddhism has significant implications for today only Brgyud religious believers all over the world, there are more than 500 temples Block, his mother is the only temple Gong Temple embankment. Gong is just a very magical place, very beautiful landscape, a cave bear one of the ancient practice of most people when they reach more than 180,000. A cliff, large trees are self-cultivation, but also with each other flying Channeling the door "on the hillside ... ... full of wild flowers, small rabbits, hens Tony ... ... Huantiao on the grass, eating some mushroom, and some find Fritillaria ... ... goshawk fly in the blue sky. Embankment just Gong Temple The monks will be "broken tile," This is a quick death to guide the soul of the Pure Land, Tan arrived in the city so that the soul Samsara to stop the religious ceremony I have seen at first hand. Only Tianzang Tai Gong is a well-known. Tianzang Tai said to the world, India is Sri Lanka's white Tianzang Tai; is only the second Tianzang Tai Gong; Tianzang Tai Monastery is the third. I have been to several times only Tianzang Tai Gong, I saw only a tribute of the embankment chamber Buddhist monk and is next to Tianzang Tai, seen that In the distance sent the body, the deft moves Tianzang Shi, standing on the hillside Yingjiu, then it's hula Jingfan, that piled up as a sheep's head and the Ngau Tau the wall, inscribed with verses of the stone, as well as the hillside On the burning hair of the deceased and the bone over the fire ... ... ah, I do not think everyone is to look at the burial, we will realize true life . Of course, not necessarily with adventure and excitement of mind. Kunga only give glory but also in politics: 130,000 Yuan for a long time, and only once Kun set up a long tribute 10,000. Ming Chengzu Wing-lok closure will force 11-year-end bamboo tile work supervisor for the possession of Guandinghuici Jingjie great power division, just closed Tribute embankment Temple Temple main Palestinian children get really Kyrgyzstan Tibetan explain to teach Wang, and thanks to Indian-ho. Kunga only cite religious heritage of those who have been the first to the Year of the Horse Gangdise Mountains, to Monkey bar on Kamiyama, the Year of the Goat Lake to a grand wooden satisfied religious activities, and only tribute embankment of the Tantric Temple URL, broken tile Mandala spirits and burial are very unique. De Zhong Wen Zhong virtues really hot Gong only in the embankment of the South West Temple, about seven kilometers of road, only embankment Gong Lama Temple is home, and the nuns lived here. Mr De Tibetan Buddhists were said to be looking the Department of the South Island of the Holy Land one of the seven, and his master Padmasambhava Fei-Ming Chu Kang Yi-West measures in this practice, the benefits Chu Kang still-incarnation of the West measures appear. Such as the World's Zhu Ming Jiaodan song by Jane, is Munv, was identified as Chu Kang, Chung Tak Temple in the back of the highest self-cultivation on hillsides. Every time I go, almost see her. I have many times to Mr de Spa, to remember the first time Mr de Spa, was in March 1994, Chu Kang female Living Buddha to worship with her letter To speak. When someone told her that I feel is the single Nuba Gong Living Buddha by his wife, she looked at me affectionately, tongue out, to pay tribute. Chu Kang to take good care of our people, then someone will help us to backpack, and I left, helping hand, mix the mix, along dirt roads to the mountain next to the hot springs. Hot Springs Zhou overlapping peaks, thousands of vertical and horizontal sink, clear spring water bottom, or even see a bubble, which is where one out of the eyes of Stephen, a hot spring is divided into two and a half from top to bottom, the M-chuen, Stephen M in the next, in the middle is a Piled stone walls, stone wall in the middle of the F-chuen, has grown a small peach tree, a Waizhe neck, as In the girls were crying ... .... Peach Hanbaoyufang, we wear trousers be a fork into the water, during which I immediately thought of the animal world CCTV photographer Qiyun, Mr. Qi has told me: Living and the Nuba to take a bath with him, packed with women-ri nun . Nuns say my husband is a Living Buddha, Living Buddha washed with water to bathe, There is luck. At that time, I jokingly say: I told him so many years of marriage, but also luck to you! I think: If he is also above the M-chuen, a bath, here I do not know how many nuns would jump into it. Suitable water temperature, water slide and some with his girlfriend of Zhang Jie was so happy forgot to take a bath, only to take photographs. Not , An off-white snake, I quietly climbed up onto the head of the peach tree branches, although I fear, but did not move pleasure, but with Stephen's girls are screaming, either on the male compatriots Stephen wall around ... ... More girls scream at this Quanxia ... ... Stephen, ah! The excitement of a good hot spring Chung Tak, as a pot-like opening, Qualcomm appears to be human nature, the rise of the lift, Zhiqu to go. I give it a long list: Om Mani Padme Hum ... ... Yu not, but time is running short, experts homes Austria Lang, Cerina love, and so also the sheep back to Lake Power Station, we had no choice but to go ashore. That's almost the sky deep cliff on the fly Bai Yumi long Jingfan It also seems to be hula, hula you: Good-bye, bye, then ... ... Mr de Spa only true God from the embankment Gong Temple turn around 2 km from Fork Road on the north side door at about 2 km along the German spa Zhong down the water The formation of the river in the West Bank, site of about 20 meters high and 6 meters wide, Wang Bing Bao Out front looked like a huge, "Yu wall", according to Maizhokunggar County Business Secretary Kim said that Pakistan, the people here say the mountain like an elephant, this is the elephant's nose out of this in the past ... ... "Yu-wall" are not year-round, in recent years due to climate change, shrinking ice. Everywhere along the Cang The mountain, about 5 kilometers before, to Mr de Spa. Mr de Hot Springs about 4300 meters above sea level, and in fact the source of hot springs in two, called a "card is your song," Stephen is the eagle, we usually bathed here, the water temperature around 40 ?, Stephen up and down the two and a half hours. For men and Stephen, for Stephen. "Your card" is the eagle, "Qu was" hot. Legend has it that, once an eagle is flying the skies, I do not know where the shot came from a rocket that hit the wings of an eagle, eagle, unfortunately fall into this hot, and pretty soon, the Hawks surface, the Youth Pre-employment into the blue sky. As a result, this hot spring called "card is your song" Chinese "Stephen eagle." "Card is your song" next to some 4 meters, and a Stephen called "the summer song is", "Summer" is a deer, "Qu was" still a hot spring, the Chinese word for "Luquan." Legend has it that a broken leg of a deer, jump to soak hot springs for a while, be it out of the water, walking is , Has been connected to the catagmatic. But here's the water temperature about 48 ? or so, afraid to go on, some people occasionally to Quanbian, only to the water body wash, I remember once in the Quanbian bath, hot water, Tangde I really can not stand, like as soon as possible To leave here, was found clinging to wear shirts, only to hurriedly in a drop-shirt Spring water flows along the lower reaches. It is said that this will flow to the Indian Ocean Springs. By that time, the shirt will look into what it? I have no idea. Legend is a legend, myth to the myth, it really is kind of weird hot springs, water temperature all year round at about 40 ?, the water containing sulfur, Hanshui Shi, Shi asphalt, Kuan Donghua, coal and other The human body useful minerals, often in the shower, such as the treatment of gastric ulcer disease internal organs, bones, such as rheumatoid arthritis patients, sores, skin diseases such as scabies, in a word, there is blood transfer, Tong Jin Luo, leptin, and other health Effectiveness of spring and autumn to people who come here to bathe. In addition to domestic and foreign tourists taking a bath, more Tour here that the beauty of nature: river stones in a couple of drinking water, Kuang Wu lions, turtles look after, the rise of Hippo, and other wonders, Zhixie streams and waterfalls, cliffs of the valley, there are Yixian Tian, Xun phosphate rocks, and so on Scenes, dizzying. Mr De Temple has more than 100 nuns, they treat One visitor, inside a sound of chanting Lang Lang, Siwai have to wind and water by tube, the fluttering of the ravine Jingfan will decorate a solemn and beautiful. Mr de Hot Springs has a long history, with the embankment Gong temple together to form a tribute only cultural scenic spots, "Gong only" means producing yak. The scenic and cultural In Maizhokunggar County, Mozhugongka is "edge of the ranch" was conveyed. I would like to: Mozhugongka will be very beautiful and richly endowed. I nun Temple De Zhong Gong embankment and Monastery just a lot of the nuns, monks are very familiar with. Once I had with the Russians Lu Sinai embankment tribute to the only temple to worship closed monk Nyima Tsering The 85-year-old monk, alone has received about his more than 40 minutes, after I had asked him to do what he said: can not disclose the secret, a very interesting ... ...! After that, I also take him to Germany Trong Hot Springs, he must be a group photo with a group of nuns, and I would not be allowed to participate, but the nuns were determined and they wanted me to join Otherwise, they do not take pictures, Lu Sinai Zhideng I am so angry ... .... According to Wan-Sang, he jumped into the M-chuen, all of a sudden see a gray Hydrus, he was arrested and thrown into the F-chuen, said that since the White Snake will have to see the greatest blessing, then let us enjoy the good fortune it! Mr de Spa is a friendship Community, is a supernatural being, the laity and thousands of birds and beasts enjoy the Zen-day dance, people call the most holy in Wonderland, we sincerely wish the people here happier. Wish this land more beautiful! Also sincerely wish the people here have the best of luck!

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