Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hot Springs Dezong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

140 km from Lhasa there is a beautiful place called Hot Springs Dezong, you can go to Lhasa chartered at a cost of about 250 or so per person, travel time is longer, about 6 hours, as poor road conditions, all the way a rock. But along the way, we can see black-necked cranes, hot spring is coming, we can see a lot of The small flowers were beautiful, very valuable hear, see other places. 7 km away from the hot spring area at the junction is known to only Tianzang Tai and Gong Ti Temple, located on the hillside, very imposing, I learned that good luck can see burial. Dezong to the hot springs, you will find beautiful, he is a beautiful Small Tibetan village, located in a valley, is the kind of mountain slopes on both sides of the ranch, green grass and summer full of a lot of unknown flowers, a small mountain village is a typical white building, Cuoluoyouzhi, arm in the middle of a temple nuns, golden The roof all day echoed the sound of conch of Lamaism, the atmosphere is. A valley Stream, has been extended to the distant top of the snow-capped mountains. Dezong Hot Springs is a wonderful hot springs, gas is Pao Yu, the rule can be heard a lot of skin, and also the bottom snake, but will not bite. Pool is divided into male and female Chi Chi, who interval in a fortress stone wall, there is a hole in the middle, peeping, but no one has to See, here's a very simple person, and observing the pond nun and a nice, very shy, the Chinese will not only smile and gesture. Hot Springs is home side's possession of characteristics, as the sun in the body, the lazy people. In addition to the pool of male and female pool, a pond, is a nun who used the shampoo. What is more interesting is Dezong Stephen's dog, where the lazy sun, lying on the hot springs and watching those who bathe naked, waiting for you to climb from the pool house is also looking at the eyes you can see your heart Famao, for fear that it accidentally , Your lifeblood to the Duyao. Where to live on one or two days, then it is a god-like Live

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