Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ghost Lake Laon wrong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ghost Lake Laon measures Sheng Hu is a close neighbor, the same beautiful scenery, blue water is the same too thrilled, but can be labeled as being "Ghost Lake" evil fate, into the other register. Ghost Lake (Lhanag-tso, also known as Rakshas, an elevation of 4574 meters) and Sheng Hu and fresh water all the way apart for the micro-saltwater lake. So Both people and livestock can not drink the water, which is probably "Ghost Lake" in the name come from.

Ghost Lake is said to have no wind and waves three feet. In fact, here's a very beautiful scenery, the lake's dark red hill, blurred color. Trip to the lake, the sound waves off ears. Bai Liangliang Pebble Beach as a silver band, set The lake. There are a small island in the lake is dark red.

Laon standing on the wrong lake, a strange feeling in the chest to rise: Lakes did not see a huge one person, one animal, which open like standing on the edge of the universe.

In fact, Sheng Hu Ghost Lake was originally a lake, due to climate change , Lake retreat, the water drop by only a strip of a small hill to separate from Talia. There is a channel connecting Hunan and Hubei, local people also said that since the two are interlinked lake, if one day along the river, said Sheng Hu's ghost into the slot lake, and at the same time into the gold fish and blue fish, the ghost of the lake water will become like Water for general Sheng Hu Qing A.

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