Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tibet Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Museum of Tibet Autonomous Region is the first modern large-scale integrated functions of museums, a rich collection of artifacts, there are only 2000 in the Ming and Qing porcelain pieces, species-wide, high-quality, domestic home at the same level of the museum. According to historical records, from the Tang and the central government on Tibet since the very close relations Songtsan Gambo and Princess Wencheng, and Chan Chi Dezu Princess Jincheng of marriage has become a much-told tale generation, has been in the snow-covered plateau. Since the yuan since the official Tibet into the motherland's territory, the Yuan Ming Dynasty inherited the management system in Tibet, the Qing Dynasty set up in Tibet, Tibet, and other ministers have indicated that the central government and Tibet Relationship. Porcelain as an important carrier of culture, one of the nation in the Sino-Tibetan relations plays an important role in history is the best witness. Tibet Museum's collection of porcelain everything, all across the tens of millions of years, from the Central Plains came to the land of snow-covered plateau, are ancient imperial court grant to the upper class in Tibet . History has evidence that they are now in the possession of the Monastery Xuande of Ming blue-and-white pattern Yuanyang colorful bowls, only two of the world for rare treasures, the bowl rim of the Tibetan auspicious by the book "History of Tibet set" The court records give Mahayana king of the Ming dynasty blue-and-white bowl of the same text.

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