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Qu Gong site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Approaching "Qu Gong site," it will be difficult to you out of your mind it's detention, it is much like a lot of the elderly, in the eyes of vancomycin precipitation changes, changed in.
Qu Gong site, Lhasa in 4000 before the village ancestors lived, their ancestors have been farming here, hard work, live and multiply. Today The ancient village has gone a slash and burn, a bleak Jieshengjishi, walked into the history of the depths of memory.

Current time, the pre-4000 villages and our ancestors through the history of mottled rust fragments, in our immediate re-live together.
The ancient village where? Qu Gong site is located on the northern outskirts of Lhasa, about 5 km away from the urban area, located in the village of Kun Qu and the Military District General Hospital to the north slope of the bottom, the slope is the bare cliff, the slope is under the river valley to Lhasa. The ancient village of about 150 meters east, north-south about 30 meters with a total area of 5,000 square meters, is the 4000 Lhasa before the ancestors Cunju sites, and so far found that the larger, thicker layer piled up, the culture is extremely rich, multicultural coexistence of one of the locations.
Qu Gong day and night along the site of the village of Kun Qu residents know that although "tribute song," but almost no one can precisely in a specific location Lane.
A quiet tribute song for thousands of villages in the site is still under the surface of sleep soundly.

Pastoral scenery of the United States indefinitely
Thinking back the ancient village near the green and luxuriant trees, the Lhasa river quietly Tang Guo, "Agatha" (Tibetan "Big Sister" of the meaning of) Health played a fire at her side The family room are busy, out of the side of her husband to pray for peace. Dark strong man waved the whip away from the lively village not far from a group of grazing sheep and yaks. Sunset, the river villages, the jungle, the man and his sheep were too young, like red fire.
In 4000 before week's village China river, the lush soil, beautiful charming, hard-working people farming, pastoral scenery one. The farmers also is in the pre-4000's "tribute song" moist piece of land, the beginning of the plateau in the harsh manner.

Show-down large old village
Tibetan yaks and sheep is the village of Kun Qu To the source of meat. Authoritative information, said: "The combination of agricultural and pastoral areas in Tibet, the model appeared in a long time ago, it also shows that the world?????the development of animal husbandry have made a great contribution. Yaks and sheep in the highlands during the domestication of success Perhaps even earlier song tribute to the people to survive in the age of the field in the future to explore To let people know that the first trainer yak and Tibetan sheep fertility era. "
In addition to farming and animal husbandry, Kun Qu's another key economic sector is hunting. They are the spearhead of hunting tools and Jiancu, bone and clusters of copper clusters. In addition, fishing was also an auxiliary means for the economy.
In the long Years, Qu Gong who has been the traditional food, rich source of food, simple cooking can be delicious meal, eating there eggshell pottery bowls, cups, such as beans, small fine. Sheng-storage tanks have ears, leading a high-water tank. Pottery made in accordance with different purposes in different shapes, show that eating more of life Real.
In the dress, song tribute to the villagers for bone JI, decorated for the license, issued by the hairpin has been used to.
In the picture information of the Tibet Autonomous Region Museum, 5 in 4000 before the picture of the bones, and their average age of death for the 24-year-old, no one can live to old age. The EC Although there are a lot of limitations, but to a certain extent, it shows that people back tribute song of life of people hard, but also allow people to feel they are in the same nature in the struggle to pay the heavy price.

In this ancient village, with the monogamous, family and private ownership of the means of production within slave The emergence of the New Stone Age have been faced with the collapse of the collapse. To the Bronze Age to the representative of the slave society - the dawn of human civilization, just around the corner.
Plateau surge in the heart of the sons and daughters
In 4000 before the tribute song villagers, have been the main approach to farming, animal husbandry and supplement the traditional economic life At that time, they have to start with a contribution to the development of the plateau.
According to "The Guardian possession of Annals," said the Brahmaputra valley area of farming culture is 2-3 century AD when the emergence of the main cultivation of crops such as barley for. Agricultural areas suitable for the whole of Tibet
Cultivation of the soil smaller, but by the terrain Water, climate Obviously, it is very difficult to develop. According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Archaeological Institute of investigation and excavation confirmed that the high altitude valley area of the origin of agriculture is not too late, the snow-covered farming culture, not later than 4000 years ago before the tribute song at that time residents have mastered Ancestral down production technology The continued development of the plateau's history.
In the face of nature, Qu Gong residents chose to conquer and development.
"Qu Gong," the date of Sample?
Recently, a scholar in the region an interview with reporters, "Qu Gong," the development of the site can simultaneously on the protection of his views: "The song tribute site This is still below the surface, and there are houses on top of the surface, such as arable land. Qu Gong site is located on the edge of urban areas in the future as the urban area of Lhasa expanding, it is bound to give tribute song of the difficulties brought about by the development of mining, development should be a prerequisite for the protection and reproduction Quantitative next appearance, in the past, relics of the kind of passive, the original The Nursing song tribute to the way the site is unrealistic. "
"Song tribute to the development of the site carefully, otherwise it will be destruction. How to develop, have to wait for the approval of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage." The scholar said.

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