Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jiali - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiali County, located in the south-east of the northern plateau, a vast territory and rich resources, unique terrain, the magnificent, and thousands of images, many big mountains born Heng Kong, Tam countless anxious meandering river flow at great speed, spread all over the plateau lakes, grasslands magnificent wealth, Fei Yang U.S. cattle. Here in the summer flow Choi Jin Yi, beautiful natural scenery of a Hou-alone, unique folk customs, goes back to ancient times; winter ice-covered thousands of miles, miles Xuepiao, particularly the charming scenery. Canton is a flag in the western grassland, live cattle and sheep is a paradise, that piece of the south-east of the green and luxuriant forests, towering old trees, there are a variety of plants, animals, magical scenery here, the climate , Renjiediling, is the 11th Panchen Lama and Reting VII of the birthplace of the Living Buddha, known as "Kamiyama" reputation. There has long been known as the development of products rich in a series of better and more attractive, a broader, more special preferential policies to attract more investors to venture Woxian, Woxian to promote economic development. In recent years, I Is committed to creating a favorable environment for investment, the development of a variety of preferential policies to attract more people with lofty ideals Woxian to invest in industrial projects, a total of ambitious show. Jiali open to welcome you, here is rich in natural resources and preferential policies, good investment environment. We are convinced that your accession, as this will be a hot spot Into the fresh vitality, and at the same time, you will get good returns. Jiali County, the natural environment and climate characteristics of the Jiali counties and cities located in the eastern part of Tibet, the latitude and longitude 31 degrees to 32 degrees 7 minutes east longitude 91 degrees 94 degrees 9 minutes As for 1 minute. And in the Tanggula Range between Hill. East even Qamdo District and county side dam Bomi County, Nyingchi Prefecture, south Damxung County, Linzhou County, Maizhokunggar County, according to the North County, for example, this area of 13,244 square kilometers. County population of 24,945 people, 4,500 meters above sea level on average throughout the county, the county seat of 4488.6 meters above sea level. The main rivers for the possession of Medina River cloth, Lhasa upper reaches of the river, there are Tibetan cashmere Su Qu, songs such as Ha-jen. The main southern lakes have Yuhu, l. measures, such as Lake Point measures. Jiali County highland continental climate obvious big difference between summer and winter. A year into the dry season, the rainy season, the typhoon season, the four seasons the snow season. The average annual temperature of -0.9 degrees, the average January temperature of -11 9, the average July temperature of 8 degrees, the annual precipitation for the 695 meters, vice, the average annual evaporation capacity of 664.5 mm. The average annual wind speed 0.8 meters per second, with an average annual sunshine time-based 2505.2 hours, the temperature as the Rizhao 1228 degrees. Cold weather in the northwest, snowy winter and spring wind, for an awesome spectacle Strong snowfall in the district centers, as a whole is relatively frosty period of 78 days, absolutely free frosty period. Loyalty and south-east mild climate Township, four seasons, abundant rainfall, "southern, northern Tibet."

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