Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Temple only Gongti - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhi Gong Temple has a wide staircase possession of the most famous Tian Zangtai.
The world's two most famous Tian Zangtai India, Sri Lanka is a wow mining Tianzang Tai and the other is the Zhi Gong Tianzang Tai Temple. Ladder Zhi Gong Temple in the mountains of the dorsal Tan Zhi Gong is the city. Legend has it been Guan Ding Zhi Gong Living Buddha Temple, the soul after death can Chuqiao, into the Shanqu three-level, rather than hell. As a result, many people Buyuanqianli sent to the burial of the deceased. Zhi Gong Temple is a staircase at the center of Gaju Pai Zhi Gong Temple, located east of Lhasa Maizhokunggar County snow down to the riverside, the year 1179 Gongbarenqin straight white built, stand between the cliffs and peaks, very spectacular.
Zhi Gong Temple in the vicinity of a ladder attached a lot of Gaju Pai Zhi Gong temple. It is said that history had as many as 30 existing at least 67. De-zhong depths of a mountain temple, famous for the nuns to practice. De-zhong hot water, adequate, moderate heat, to a variety of medical diseases, the history of entitlements Reputation, and travel to the visual impact of the shower stream of people. Snow River down the middle and lower reaches, and yar Kong Temple, the Temple were, bar-Snow Temple, Temple Gaze, and so on.

Gaju Pai is a big religious, but because of the Sakya Monastery and the dynasty period has not and the two sides at the last soldiers Each other, the war lasted a long time. In addition to the monk said to have sent soldiers Gongsha each other, the two monks of the temple is their frequent practice of magic to rely on fear to kill each other, then both sides for the development of the Tantric Buddhist monk battle between the long-range, all kinds of strange tactics One after another, sent in from Bourne on the ground Get together chaos. Both sides of the impairment of a major Buddhist monk, in 1290 finally give Temple Monastery, long-range strike and thousands of miles to Zhigong Temple ladder showdown, this time the two sides of the monks are useless, read between the monks Hand-to-hand. Final staircase Zhigong Temple Monastery to kill a Jiquanbuliu. The two sides in the war China Zhi Gong Temple ladder construction nearly burned away, then gradually restored, the temple of the existing more than 300 monks.

NOTE: Only simple guest house at the time, in addition to instant hot water and other supporting facilities and services are not too wide. De-zhong hot springs in the vicinity of a number of houses, better conditions And more.

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