Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monastery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gepei Reting Monastery is located in the north, 240 kilometers away from Lhasa of Linzhou County, Tang Heung fruit in the territory. Legend has it that, here in the past is not a vegetation of a bald mountain, later King Songtsan Gambo here to inspect the shampoo in the sprinkling of water on the hillside, wishes and prayers, so grow the 25,000 green cypress. Monastery from "Kadampa" Zhongdun founder has been founded in 1057, 900 years have elapsed since the history of Tibet, "Kadampa" the first temple. "Reting" yes "to eradicate all the problems, continued to stay above until the three realms of reincarnation" in Italy.

Monastery in the West A well-known "When Pa Bang" respect for the monks and laymen, "Holy." "Pa Bang," which means a huge rock, "when" means the lawn or Bazi. Thermal vibration of the main temple dedicated to the Buddha statue is a "drop Cering White" (Miao-King Kong). Tibetan folklore, the Year of Tibetan calendar every July 15 to visit the mother-air tea Gini, card-chu , West Sangwa benefits, such as women Xiafan 100,000 days, and Zhu Lu goddess altar set up at this meeting spirits all living creatures.

To this end, in the history of the formation of this traditional festival. That day, all over the men and women, gathered thousands of miles away in this beautiful grassland rock, presented a variety of offerings, Song Zhou scriptures, praying peace and prosperity, All business boom, the story rather than.

Reting "When Pabang profile section," is the first pure religious activities by the turn. In addition to later become religious activities of farmers and herdsmen also conduct various types of commodities exchange, cultural and recreational activities to carry out a comprehensive holiday. By then, as if there is a tent in the world, 8 Flower of goods, the bustling crowd, added a festive atmosphere.

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