Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nyingchi Bayi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linzhi in Tibet, known as south of the Yangtze River to the world's deepest canyon - the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon, said of the world. Described as a Linzhi in the world for the few remaining humans set foot in one of the Pure Land, has been study tours, adventure of the Holy Land.

Nyingchi is located in the eastern part of Tibet, with an average altitude of 31 0 m, Lin vast, flower of the sea, from the alpine zone of the growth of the snow lotus, the rich sub-tropical banana, palm, products rich in resources and well-preserved natural landscape.

And the scenery here is very different in other parts of Tibet, one sea of clouds and forest scenery. Blue sky and white clouds, glaciers lining forests, snow-capped mountains Ying-Avon Absolutely landscape. The clear lake bottom, which reflected the surrounding snow-capped mountains and sand birds, floating crane lake, the lake can be seen in a transparent fish, such as texture, taste scene. Every spring, flowers bloom around the lake, Lake Xuefeng reflection, extremely pleasant scenery.

Shan Hong Bian million in the fall, do storied into the sky as blue wash The red maple leaf reflects the bright sun, blue reflection in the lake, and beautiful scenery. Nyingchi is a valley area in southeast Tibet, the average winter temperature of zero degree Celsius above the average summer temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, Dongnuanxialiang climate.

Nyingchi Prefecture is located in the town of Bayi, the capital of Niger River, the region is the political economic and cultural center. The main scenic spots are Niyang Valley Economic Area, Palongcangbu River area. To Nyingchi, in the cottage to live bamboo, at a time when Fangge Baiyun Mountain, in the display hot shower, you are into natural, dust and clean up the dream journey, you are also photography, scientific research, exploration The best place to go.

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