Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nagqu Jockey Club - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In all of the heritage of Tibetan folk festival, ultimately, almost all of horse racing. And the Jockey Club to contest the manner of selecting leaders in the battle of the frequent occurrence of the ancient era is. Living in high altitude special natural environment of people, horses can not be separated from operations, to engage in a more difficult battle can not be separated from horses, which the Tibetan people in the original The daily life of develop Malaysia's strong feelings, and that the horse is sacred, the gods, that horse could decide the fate of tribal and clan leaders. Ma based on the strong belief on, the Tibetan form of a large number of horse racing festival, in which race Nagqu section of the most grand scale. Nagqu horse racing festival, Tibetan language is "up "Northern Tibet is a copy of the traditional grand-scale festival, an annual calendar to be held on August 1 for a period of 5-10 days, Wang.'s Northern Tibet in August, the weather, the cloudless blue sky thousands of miles, mountains and white flowers. Previous festivals Days around the northern Tibet herdsman dressed in the gorgeous in their holiday best to bring highland barley wine, yogurt, and other sub-types of food and design Li tents, mats or on horseback into the stadium from all directions. During the festival, the son of horse races on the fluttering colorful flags. Beginning of the game, horse riders who entered the game, Raochang a week after being led to a specific location. Arrive at the starting point, the rider who will stand ready to be launched, the sound of a ring so that they draw Yangbian horse, running fast, To the end. The traditional festival was further developed in recent years, with the exception of horse racing, archery and Matthew performing the traditional items, an increase of weight lifting, tug-of-war, rap, and other activities of the Gesar, as well as large-scale exchange of goods and materials.

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