Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Aoki on the wrong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nyingchi is a pretty beautiful place, there are many beautiful places in the possession of purdah know no one. Not far away from the Nyingchi, have called lakes on the wrong Aoki, really beautiful. The other eight Lake Pine Lake in the United States is wrong in itself, not the United States and scenery along the way. But the Japanese Aoki in the United States is wrong on the way to go. I went to the season is just the rhododendrons bloom Festival mountain is covered with rhododendrons bloom and the azaleas and the mainland are not the same, it is a tall a tree, each tree to open the flower color is different, pink, white, red, to date Aoki is the wrong way from 3,000 meters to 4,500 meters, all the way to climb, the view of the never-ending change, all the way Rough roads, street full of some of the tail like a dog, like the wild flowers, forests of pine and fir Yi Keke straight, straight up the clouds. Looking on the rise, snow-capped mountains in the distance is a continuous, near the azaleas are everywhere and lush forests, snow-capped mountains and forests, wild flowers constitute a static canvas. Kind of quiet beauty, truth The United States must be stifled. This crawling along the quiet for some time to see the day Aoki wrong, that feeling suddenly, came as a bit of Tianchi Lake in Xinjiang. There is a lakeside path, you can walk on the side and enjoy the snow-capped mountains and blue water. Lake wind blowing, but does not feel cold. Aoki wrong on the United States is the main source, Silence, touched by people. Heard more often in the fall of the United States, the mountain is covered with leaves. Tibet's western region of the United States is the kind of desolate, the atmosphere of the United States. Nyingchi is that the United States and Leng Yan, Xiaojiabiyu of the United States, two completely different styles of the United States, that is what I love Tibet.

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