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City of terror - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In recent years, new terror City. There are 18 layers of hell, under the pan, beheaded, cut back, the specter of the grave, the ghost push a grinder. Python, and other beautiful women around the lens of terror. Power to control, like life, particularly ghastly terrible.

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On the green treasure-house of ? ? - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hunan, located in the northern end of the Ice Mountain, owned water downstream. The county with a total area of 4950 square kilometers with a total population of 920,000. County-based East Town and county jurisdiction in 29 townships in Hunan Province is well-known mountain counties, old revolutionary base areas and Zhexi hydropower reservoir area.
Anhua County is rich in resources. County forest cover up to 57% Live tree volume amounted to 80,000,000 cubic meters; rich tea, brown-on-chip, oranges, herbs, edible fungus, and so on, a wide variety of wildlife; antimony, manganese, granite, and other rich reserves; hydropower resources, has an annual generation capacity 420,000 kilowatts of hydropower Zhexi, located in the territory; Xiangqian railway across the county level mouth, lights In the town. Zhexi area of 258 square kilometers in the reservoir area, the set mountain, water, the island in a library, the natural landscape with a quiet, show-hung, risk characteristics, is a natural tourism, summer resort.

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Jia Tang Shu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jia Tang Shu Huang co-located in Fenghuang County township, located at the junction of Yu Xiangqian. According to research, future generations of the Northern Song Yang Yang Jiaqiang Rokuro the third son of Yang re-think (also known as YANG Huai-yu, Wen-Hui Yang) have taken it for granted Pingnan, see Xianyao terrain, they camped here, so Jia Tang Shu gradually become military areas - the troops Business. With the service to the living overseas, At that time, to become the economic and cultural center. Great Wall expert Professor Luo Zhewen May 2000 visit here, he's from the existing wall-based research, concluded that at least 800 since the Castle-year history. Wanli of the Ming dynasty, the Miao people's uprising in the South, when the military government to suppress the uprising, special silver set aside more than two calendar 4, to build a solid Jia Tang Shu Ying Pun and around the ancient.
  Jia Tang Shu at the foot of the mountain to build barracks, built a series of top-Tuen Mun, to form a castle. Jia Tang Shu ancient castle has two characteristics:
  First, the ancient and wonderful. Around the ancient castle built by the magnificent ancient city walls surrounded by slightly rounded. Ancient city wall 1,500 meters long, 7 meters high, 2 meters wide, divided from top to bottom two floors, for people to walk or horse racing, every 3 m to have a look-mouth. On the walls of the large pieces of bluestone from sticky rice lime mortar into the most heavy stones up to 750 kilograms. Wall-winding turns, the very changes. The city has a total of 3 door, dominating the north, east and south three Among them, and echoed Wang Tuen slope of the East gate of the largest, into a two-door, and there are attic care for the city to guard defender, rock solid and tidy, easily defensible, is an attack can not break the old barracks. Today, thousands of years by the storms, although the ancient castle Canbai black, but still showed a desolate beauty. Ancient castle building and reasonable planning, Cuolayouzhi roadway, mostly shaped, leading to the city, the middle and lower side. All of roadway in town with paved Qing Shiban, walking above the "buzz" echo. Reasonable layout of the house, yard deep, very "Labyrinth" charm. Construction of the housing also shows China's ancient Royal Air With the charm of folk culture, especially in western Hunan unique multi-ethnic atmosphere in the humanities. Doors and windows carving exquisite, lifelike figures. The existing town 13 stone door, the entire article by Shi built own Menbian the inscription, the inscription of these diverse characters, rigorous technique of writing, far-reaching connotations, such as "Chang Li-magnanimous" People feel the charm of the ancient castle. 0.5 kilometers north of the ancient castle of tea Nao two drill ground, south of the town has a magnificent evil tower. Around the ancient castle there are many cultural relics, to be Textual Research Development.
  Second, the ancient and beautiful. Jia Tang Shu ancient castle, east and south of the West on three sides are surrounded by mountain streams, rivers Lee bottomed out, there are a lot of siege pond to form a natural line of defense. According to the old memories here at that time there have been 48 Tong, soft-shelled turtle pond with fish fertilizer yen, algae problems, but unfortunately the pond is now running low. 100 meters to the south of the mountain Ginkgo biloba ginkgo Bay, in the autumn, autumn leaves gold pan, if the rain when Yela if fans, many fruits, For the eye.
  East to the ancient castle there is a 1,000 m high mountain, slope, Wang, the famous "South Great Wall" of the ancient Ying Pun in the Peak. By the magnificent city wall, were spindle-type, 150 meters long from north to south, east 50 meters wide, 4 meters tall wall, 2.5 meters thick, a total of 3 doors north gate only slightly as a result of potential slope - Can be entered, and the remaining two are steep, such as hanging, can be described as "Kazuo when Kwan, Wan Kai-Fu Mo" land. Qi Ying is more, there are two 20-meter-long rock, winding folds, like two giant dragon lying on the Peak-hung, head to the east; Shilong from the 3 m and a stone shaped like Fei, life, For the Youth Pre-employment towards the northeast Fei.
  Wang slope to stand on top look around, see the mountains and downs, the vast gray, beautiful panoramic view of the scene, the magnificent great momentum, the mental state is filled, not reminiscent of the Great Wall in the south barracks, walls, bunkers , Beacon towers and ancient Tuen close as lips and teeth, and none can be. Shu and The old pond, wonderful, beautiful ancient castle, south of the Great Wall of China is an important component.

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Deben - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jishou City Deben state Jishou Autonomous Prefecture in western Hunan from the western suburbs of the city of 20 kilometers, is a provincial-level scenic spots. Here flowing mountain, towering cliffs, peaks overlap to form a number of cliff, Shek Pik, waterfalls and forests. River staggered in the region, like spring all year round pleasant climate, is rich in animal and plant resources, natural wind Charming beautiful.
Since the uplink Yanxi Aizhai town 4 km to Deben Miao Village, along the cylinder cars, water and rolled over, Gudu, boat, accompanied by Miaojia Diaojiao Lou, one pastoral poetry. Kowloon Walled Creek wear off and surrounded by beautiful scenery, such as cliff cut. Stone arch bridge may have been Pan-Feng Deng, the peak height of 400 meters, Mountain Large and small peaks of the two, the top width of more than 5 hectares, for the deep-rooted primeval forest, surrounded by cliffs, standing peak, the panoramic scenery around.
Deben, the Hmong as a "beautiful canyon." As the flowing mountain, towering cliffs, peaks overlap to form a number of cliff, Shek Pik, peaks, waterfalls, Forest before. River staggered in the region, like spring all year round pleasant climate, is rich in animal and plant resources. Beautiful natural scenery very attractive.

Deben Hmong living in a stockade, they speak Hmong, Miao wear clothes to media song for free love. Richuerzuo them, the sunset and interest rates. Sericulture farming, spinning Cloth, fabric hand-south-pointing carriage.
Deben scenic spots, customs very simple age-old, Deben scenic tourism projects carried out by the customs have a guest Miaojia, Duige bar, toast, Miaojia hop song evening, will be singing and dancing, encouraged by the Miao, 30, and so see a visitor out the lights A number of tourism projects. Deben Scenic Area Jan 1, 1987 officially open.

Deben Aizhai the very well-known, it is a typical village in the Miao, Xiang Yu of the most dangerous section of road through here on in the level of 100 meters, a total of around Highway 13 bends, an increase of several hundred meters, You come here, can have the courage A very good exercise. Aizhai 10 km west of the place, there is a well-known yarn flow Falls, the waterfall is said to the gap up to 216 meters, dominating most of the country.

  As the great valley of the wind, making about water wave, "yarn flow," exactly the word to describe its characteristics. Yarn flow near Swallow Falls Falls group, which is located at the end of the River Deben, 10 by the drop in the 200 meter waterfall, when the rainy season falls even as a group, 300 meters wide, very spectacular sight. Deben Northeast also has a hole Thunder, whenever there is heavy rain before the opening up will be continuously white, very magical.

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Seoul Prince Hill Plateau Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Seoul Prince Hill Plateau is located in Fenghuang County in the northwest mesa, is an extension of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau with a total area of 333.23 square kilometers, about 800m in above sea level in general, the flat terrain, the platform said. Mesa edge of the La-mt above sea level 1200m, is Taiwan's highest peak on the ground. County is the platform of regional cold weather Change in the number of days of rain, freezing over a long period, the average annual temperature of 14 degrees Celsius, and frost in the early period of snow over southeastern County as early as 20 days or so.

La-mt high altitude platform is a natural zoo, rabbits, pigs, and Ye Yang, a monkey West Hawk, Eagle Rock, the golden rooster, deer, muntjac, musk deer, fox, and other birds Animals; La-altitude platform, mt is a natural herbal library room, rich Tianma, Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, lanceolata, an arrow, a yellow flower, and continued off, the snow lotus, and other precious herbs.

La mesa mt who is the ancient Hunan and Guizhou, Sichuan (Chongqing) and Miao people living in border areas of core areas in southern China's Great Wall To play here for the main scope of the defense; go down in history "long war in the Qing Dynasty," Qian Miao people's uprising here lit fuse. The Miao people here still retain a stubborn dead-simple and rough, and Jiwuruchou bold, hard-working strong-hung tough more primitive features. In feudal times, they were one-order rule Zheng Chao cruel, time and again as well as opening up to the indomitable struggle, the war has not submerged to their follow-up Qianpu figure; difficulties in the lives of the poor has never been unable to suppress them live in the vast You Yuan-Taiwan high-thick on the ground he raised the V, Miller loud and clear melodious song; wine bar, Song of the highway to the most primitive way forward Are sincere friends of the magnanimous feelings; Miller Flower Drum, most Leaves song of the wild Yiyun full deduction for their romantic vision of a better life.

Now, La-mt high altitude platform grass is greener, more secluded Lin, the sky bluer, the more the United States, has become a national treasure tourism and customs; the unique Miaojia Diaojiao Lou, Qu picturesque stone path, a step King, beautiful, very pleasant side stream; specialty Boletus, bacon, sour fish, tofu dishes, corn, and so on shochu, color, smell and taste English is tourism Those who will never forget the taste.

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Miaojiang Great Wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Miao Jiang Wanli of the Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty (1573 -1620), a total length of 190 kilometers, from North County, western Hunan Guzhang Magpie Camp, south of the territory of Tongren in Guizhou Huang camp, most of the territory in Fenghuang County The cross-over, largely through a new Phoenix camp, Camp Allah, the ancient two-business, business will win the day, the town of Camp Creek Zhenwu business.

  Wall about 3 meters high, 2 meters Dikuan, wall to the top 1 meter wide, cross-Raoshan water, most of the steep ridge in the building, built along the route for more than 800 troops, the defense of Taiwan by the post, Fort, Tibetan stone house Card, to close at that time there in 4000-5000 along the general's army, Had increased to more than 7,000 people.

  Ming Dynasty, the border of Hunan and Guizhou Miao Ren classified as Shumiao and seedlings, seedling Zhao Ting is not subject to the jurisdiction of the Government of minorities, because they are fed up with exorbitant taxes and levies of government and national oppression, often rose. In order to stability in the border areas, to suppress resistance, the Ming Dynasty Set aside 40,000 taels of silver in the Shumiao and seedlings between the construction of the Great Wall from. Later, the rulers of the Qing Dynasty also be added Miaojiang part of the construction of the Great Wall were made. Perhaps as a result of ethnic minorities in the South's military strength as a powerful minority in the north, there will be no construction of the Great Wall Miaojiang as magnificent as the Great Wall in the north grow by stones There the Great Wall north of 1 /10-1 /6 size.
  Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Miao Jiang on the Great Wall of stones constantly removed by local people for housing, the base Hom. Today, we can only see off the wall and a number of well-preserved castle. Miao Jiang also the preservation of the Great Wall in the end how much is currently no one along the Search statistics.

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Shen Congwen House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Phoenix know that the people of the world, understand the Phoenix, from the beginning of Shen-wen. December 28, 1902, from Mr Shen was born in the ancient city of Phoenix Street in the business of a typical ancient courtyard in the South. Quadrangle Shen is from Mr Shen Fu's grandfather (a former admiral in Guizhou of the Qing Dynasty) in the five-year Tongzhi (1866) purchase After the demolition of old houses built, is a closed Huozhuan block construction of the cottage. Before and after two minutes into the courtyard, paved Hongshi box in the courtyard, is on both sides of the room, the size of a total of 11. Department of Housing Chuan Dou-wood construction, fighting a homozygote use of a wall block letters. Ngau Tau wall decoration of the head, Louhua the doors and windows of other small , Old.

  Shen Congwen's life is rough life, is the dedication of a lifetime. His 1917 to 1922 in western Hunan drift Yuanshui River Basin; into the Beijing 1923, from 1923 to 1928 in Beijing to make a living writing; from 1928 to 1930, in the College lecturer in Chinese term, and "Ta Kung Pao", "benefit the world" such as art editor of the supplement; from 1931 to 1933 in Qingdao University lecturer; from 1934 to 1939 in Beijing, editor-in-chief of the National Chinese textbooks in primary and secondary schools; from 1939 to 1947 Kunmingxinan at Union University Professor Ren; 947 in 1949 to Peking University Professor Ren; from 1950 to 1978 in the Beijing Museum of Chinese cultural relics office; research fellow from 1978 to 1988 at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher at the Institute. Mr Shen from the literature of "Border Town" and "Western Hunan" and "Autobiography And so on, both at home and abroad have a significant impact. His works have been translated into Japan, the United States, Britain, the former Soviet Union and so on more than 40 countries, the text of the press, and the United States, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom more than 10 countries elected to the University of textbooks, was nominated twice for the Nobel Literature Prize candidate selection. Mr. Shen Congwen not only Well-known writer, or a well-known historians, archaeologists, the publication of his "Chinese silk patterns", "mirror the Tang and Song," "Dragon and Phoenix Art" and "ware of the Warring States", "Ancient Chinese clothing" and so on academic , In particular the great works "of ancient Chinese costumes" a great impact in our country to fill In the history of a blank.

  The whole building with a text from the Shen Nong's former home in 1991 by the provincial people's government as a key cultural unit, the former residence of Chen Lao are now on display Yi Mo, Yi Gao, relics and portraits, Phoenix has become the most attractive one of the human landscape.
  Came to the city Qing Qing Shiban follow the road in the business Xunzhao Street, the road ten meters, to the former residence of Shen Congwen front, first of all, the eye is Qiujinchenning of his characters: "Shen from the former residence of the text." From the former residence of the door into the text, there is the tour guide was all smiles warmly greeted Miss approached, the more people warm. This is already a 100-year history of the late Qing Dynasty architecture, is divided into before and after the two into a small courtyard in the middle, with about the old wing, giving a delicate sense of beauty. It stands cornices of the roof frame and the wall is a gray prison fused the Jiejieshishi, appears to be coordinated so that the old old board Erosion and loss of the doors and windows, indicating the old houses and old. Reported, Shen was from the text of the resignation grandfather return home in the camp in the middle of the street to buy a piece of land, the construction of a courtyard-style buildings. Shen Congwen from grandfather to Shen Congwen generation has gone through three generations before and after, the wind and rain vicissitudes of life for decades, have He moment. Passage of time, with the glorious past glory, has become Guoyanyanyun. Is now deserted. Simu old friends, sad Leixia can not help it. But the good news is that it originally belonged to the master of the ancient buildings, Shenyang has built a life of the exhibition room. Shen Congwen every day sightseeing tour of the former residence of people flocked to Weaving who, in effect giving a great encouragement and joy.

House showroom, get a clear picture of the precious record of Shen Congwen walked into the earth after the difficult course of direction that smooth deep text, faithfully recorded the growth of their authors. Sandalwood table, * For chairs, an old wooden structure of the bed rack, then Chenlao are used in kind. To see these kind, appears to be in front of Chen Lao friendly voice and smiling face, as if in listening to the teachings of Chen Lao: "As far as I thought, I can understand; what I think, people can understand." If the text of its people, the great The text Great masters, not only with people dedicated to the efforts of more than 900 million words of valuable cultural heritage, and he's pure simple and honest, self-clear, life hard work, tireless pursuit of the noble and moral character will always be people learning model.
Is out of the house, the warm Saman Chunyang the courtyard patio of the Ping . House shopping room, there is always a lot of young people crowded in front for the purchase of books, scrambling to buy Shen Congwen works fine. From their tender young face, filled with a thirst for knowledge and the desire to allow people to see the new generation of hope. Shen from the text of a book shines a brilliant and charismatic knowledge of quality work Attracted a number of hot young heart, groups of them come from afar, came and went, to obtain from the former residence of the culture seed, sow in everyone's heart, bear fruit, to create the framework of the Chinese nation and the glorious twenty-first century Beautiful spring culture.
Shen Congwen the firm's former home is in prison, after Cang Wind and rain of a century old, is a profound implication Juequ not always the Hall of cultural knowledge; it is the effort by Shen Congwen condensation of the cultural monument will never collapse; it is a touch of the ancient city of Phoenix will never fade scenery.

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Phoenix - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fenghuang County, Hunan Province, located in the western edge of the county with a total area of 1751.10 square kilometers, 66 kilometers long from north to south, east 50 km wide, and throughout the town of zoned 9 Township 22, and 344 administrative villages. By the end of 1998 the total county population of 358,000, of which, agricultural population, 322,100 people 237,400 ethnic minority people, accounting for the total population of 66.32 percent, is a multi-ethnic Miao mainly inhabited by mountain districts and counties. The whole county is in sub-tropical moist monsoon climate zone, four seasons, mild climate, the average rainfall for many years 1308.1 mm, the average annual sunshine is 1266.3 hours The average annual temperature is 15.9 � C. Pearl Zhangjiajie scenic south county 200 km north of the city of Huaihua railway transport hub 90 km east of the new Phoenix Chi Liu railway station, 209 national highway, provincial highway wearing throughout 1867 and, as the border of Hunan and Guizhou Economic and Trade meeting point.
  Fenghuang county has a long history, Tang three-Chuigong County that set the beginning of the Qing Emperor Kangxi of the Office for 39 years, named Phoenix Office, the Office of governance pole in the town located in the town (now the town of Tuojiang). Jiaqing 2002 (1797) or scattered to the Office of the Office of Zhili. In 2002 the county changed, Fenghuang County, said Xiang Yan so far. Renjiedeling Fenghuang County, was the first prime minister of internal House Xiong Xiling, On behalf of the well-known writer, Shen from the material and cultural historian, renowned at home and abroad well-known artist Huang Yongyu.
  Zhong Ling Yuk Sau Phoenix, is rich in natural resources. At the end of 1998 there are 349.45 square kilometers of cultivated land, of the total land area of 19.96 percent, per capita arable land of about 1 acre. Lin area , Woodland 998.67 square kilometers, of the total land area of 57.03 percent, Yi Mu 113.8 million mu of grassland, the theory of carrying capacity nearly 100,000 cattle units. County water reserves of 36,400 kilowatts, the size of 156 River, the total length of 709 km, the largest long Tuojiang River 9 .9 Km basin with an area of 732.42 square kilometers, the average flow of 11.89 cubic meters /second, 533 meters of natural difference. County Changtan Kong medium-sized hydropower stations have an installed capacity of 12,000 kilowatts, there are 92 small and medium-sized reservoir. Rich mineral resources. Currently, proven open for There's a natural diamond, mercury, lead and zinc, cement, limestone, anthracite, coal stone, marble, silica, 35 kinds of minerals such as antimony, mercury deposits in the nation's fourth largest lead and zinc reserves in the province's second home. Zhu Jiang county rich in beans, corn, tea, tea tung, raw lacquer and citrus, chestnut, kiwi, Phellodendron, Chung, red sun-cured tobacco, as well as mountain range.
  Historical sites spread all over the territory, there are provincial-level scenic spots around, that was built in the Tang Dynasty Chuigong?????years, the cave as wonder of Qiliang Dong, cornices of the old buildings brackets Chaoyang Palace, former residence of Shen-wen. 2 nature reserve, that is, the state-level South China Forest Park, the provincial-level nature reserve at both ends of sheep. County building flavor, the North Gate, East Gate House, the ancient city, Tuojiang River Diaojiao Lou unique, and cornices that fight Wanshou Palace Kok, Tai Shing Temple, the Temple days, ya Chang Court, Tower million, constitute a beautiful picture , Known as "China's most beautiful town" And "rural painting."

If you would like to have witnessed the true western Hunan style, you have no choice but to the Phoenix (also known as the town of Tuojiang) a trip. Phoenix is the Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of the Fenghuang county, which are built next to Tuojiang, legs hanging filled with Mulou hillside. Here is a literary master of the home of Shen Congwen He was in the "Border Town" had described it in simple and charming style.

Phoenix never Eight: 1. Tuojiang side of the river, as well as farms and destroyed the woman's clothes. 2. Sandy's Diaojiao Lou. 3. North River outside edge of the seat open-air meal. 4. Nurtured from Shen, Huang Yongyu's primary Wenchang Pavilion. 5. Yellow silk The ancient city. 6. Confucian Temple, the Temple III, Temple, Wenchang Pavilion, the city penholder, check the map can be found. 7. Huang Yongyu the inscription barber shop, a master of manipulation skills, Stiff Neck autocratic rule. 8. Ancient stage is to meet local artists.

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????? - Chinese tourism scenic spots

From the county seat 30 kilometers due west, then to?????. This ranked the city of Hunan and Guizhou border hub of a wide terrain, there is Seven Mile East of pharynx and larynx red outlined in the south pavilion are related risk, the West has long firmly on the side of the wall, there are mountains north of the barrier deep. Boarded the port city, a bird's eye view Barry, wild mountains, panoramic view. Well be described as "into the attack may be, may refuse to observe," is hung on the pole in the western town of a major city. This city was founded in 2002 Chuigong the Tang Dynasty (686) for 000 counties Weiyang, Gar Hing Fung Wong Shan in three years, changed its name to Camp Phoenix. 39 Qing Emperor Kangxi (1700) move along the county building in the town pole in the town, this city has been unmanning to suppress Miller Yi disaffection.

?????, five-foot high-Yi Zhang, the city Jiuchi thick, 500-meter perimeter, an area of more than 60 acres. East 150 meters wide, 230 meters long from north to south. Kai Shing three, East said, "and the Fertility door," West said, "is indeed the door," North said, "Sunlight Gate", each of the door are There's ancient city gate tower.

The ancient city of unique architecture, which uses local natives to build skills and estates court Craftsmanship, with solid rustic features. Green limestone material, resistant to cold temperature wave, a solid firm. Stone materials are carefully selected, balanced inch thick, fine stone surface drilling Cutting, uniform. Technology is also very particular about masonry and stone between the glutinous rice mixed with lime, filling adhesive, so that the seam block in just soft, wet and dry years without worry, irresistible. Zhuidiejianduo, magnificent momentum.

Because of disrepair, the East Gate tower collapse. Since 1986, the province set aside County Repair section, cornices Qiaojiao tower, opposite the Iron Horse Fei Jia aqueduct, drainage Flows; vertical and horizontal criss-cross paths, small mountains, the smoke curl upwards, Pianpian white clouds, ancient and modern architecture matched cross-hui, the more beautiful and enchanting.?????, thousands of years, after a number of ups and downs, still stand tall, at the top border of Hunan and Guizhou, flash Of the working people of the wisdom of the light. It is the art of the ancient castle building, research the history of the ancient city of Phoenix is the value of the province has been included in one of the key cultural unit. In recent years, attracted many famous Chinese and foreign-related visit to the city.

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Hunan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiangxi mentioned, first of all think of the place is Phoenix. Phoenix at the Alley of the population "the most beautiful small town in China" reputation, but also in a pair of Shen Shu Zhi-wen, Huang Yongyu the letter and in the famous picture. 400 years of rule Tusi (the local people, that is, Tusi Wang, the rule of the local people) have retained a unique festival , Weddings, Wu Nuo culture. Lucky travelers in Phoenix to see the Nuo opera, for example, the contemporary composer Tan Dun, Shen Congwen interested in the study could be at the annual meeting in Phoenix counterparts. In fact, aside of a more dramatic show, the sheer joy of life filled with Phoenix has the intoxicating enough. After all, the picture of the Phoenix Common Sense has a splash of color, also has a background as water. In addition, the Hunan area Mengdong He was also the scenic spots, the Village, Deben, and so on. In the capital of Hunan - the city was also reflected in Jishou Hmong history and culture of all kinds of museums and attractions. Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture is located in northwestern Hunan Province, Hunan Province, is the "gateway to the Northwest," and Hubei, Guizhou, Chongqing, which borders the three provinces and cities, Su "Hunan, Hubei, Chongqing, Guizhou-throat" to. Statewide total area of 15,486 square kilometers, Jishou dominates, the filtering Creek, Phoenix, Guzhang, Huayuan, Baojing, Yong Yongsan 8 cities and counties, the population of 2,593,000, accounting for 68.7 percent of the population of ethnic minorities. State in Jishou City. People's Republic of China was first established, Phoenix, the dry city, Sui Yong, Xi Lu, and so on and Yongshun County, Yongsan, Baojing, Guzhang, and other sub-county area and is Yuanling Yongshun area. August 1952 Xiangxi Miao Autonomous Region was established jurisdiction Jishou, Guzhang, Xi Lu, Phoenix, Huayuan, 6 Baojing County, hosted Yongshun, Yongsan, Sangzhi, Dayong County 4. At the end of the county is under the direct administration of 4.

  In March 1955, changed its name to Miao Autonomous Prefecture in western Hunan. In September 1957, the Xiangxi Tujia Miao Autonomous Prefecture was established governing jurisdiction of the original 10 counties. In 1982 and 1985, Jishou, Dayong County has changed for the city. In 1988, Dayong city and county under the Sangzhi Dayong city (prefecture-level city, the city of Zhangjiajie Ji Jin), the Western part of Hunan Province for the Yongsan district, Wing Shun, Baojing, Guzhang, Huayuan, Lu Kai, 7, Phoenix County And The first since the city. Victoria state as a result of western Hunan Zhangjiajie City and adjacent to the East, South and Huaihua region, which borders the West and Tongren Prefecture of Guizhou Province and Chongqing Qianjiang City, adjacent areas in the north and the Enshi Tujia Autonomous Prefecture of Hubei Province at the junction, Liu Chi railway runs through the 5 cities and counties throughout the state , The state Jishou City of Hunan, Hubei, Chongqing and Guizhou border area for important goods distribution center. Xiang Tian Bao-hua, is rich in resources, investment and development potential is enormous.

Hunan Ren Jie Ling to the state. Bizarre landscape, the birth of a number of wide-ranging implications of the well-known figures. The first Prime Minister of the Republic of China Xiong Xiling, entrepreneurs, dust Zhu Li, Shen from the writer, artist Huang Yongyu, noted Olympic women's 53 kg class weightlifting champion Yang Xia Song Zuying and the singer are sucking the milk into the vast western Hunan in the world, at the same time they are used to prove the strength of western Hunan profound cultural. In the long process of historical development, Tujia, Miao have formed their own national language, national customs and way of life. West-to a magical and beautiful that she and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, adjacent to the territory over the landscape, colorful. Wanting is a nearly 200 km south of the Great Wall of China; there is beautiful scenery of Lijiang solution, set in the Three Gorges Mengdong He's magnificent; there are 212 holes formed by the hole in the world - the Yongsan base fire caverns; there Has a long history, known as China's two most beautiful town in the South, one of the ancient city of Phoenix, and so on. It's unique scenic spots to attract foreign tourists. Autonomous Prefecture is the old revolutionary base areas, one. Wing Shun was lying tower of the Chinese Soviet Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan and Guizhou Provincial Government and the former site of the Armed Services Committee. Yongshun Sijhou Copper Cylinder by the State Council as a key state Heritage and Conservation, the Secretary for Wing Shun Old City, the Ming Dynasty architecture Secretary ancestral hall and so on can be Xiangxi tourism treasure of feng shui; Wei Xia's steam cloud Wuling peaks, the river of Tang Tang Youshui Yuanjiang, the charming scenery of the canyon forest, the intoxicating rich ethnic customs, constitute The beautiful scenery of western Hunan. "Le best in the world," Mengdong He, like Castle Dai, clear water The poem "Xifeng Lake, Jishou" Deben "Longshan" Fire caverns group "," the ancient city of Phoenix, "is set in the scenic western Hunan Pearl.

  Autonomous Prefecture of the main crop yield rice, wheat, corn, soybean, rapeseed, tobacco and so on. The main industrial raw coal production, electricity, cement, timber, tobacco, and , Yarn, cloth and so on. Tobacco is the state of industrial production, "fist" products. Native products with tung oil, raw lacquer, tea oil, tea, tobacco, citrus, chestnut, honey, herbs and so on of the most well-known. Autonomous Prefecture in western Hunan is the focus of tung oil-producing areas, the oil-producing high quality, golden color, the famous Chinese and foreign. Plan to Tonglin development of the area 000 years to 250 million mu, tung oil production to reach 20,000 tons. Xiangxi is the "raw lacquer town", was listed as the Yongsan base lacquer. The "red shell big tree" lacquer tree was designated as one of the country fine lacquer tree species. "Guzhang Mao Jian", "Baojing Lan-pin" for the national tea. Luxipushi Hunan is the orange of one of the orange. "Tapestry" in the Five Dynasties, as a tribute by the imperial court tribute, tourists are buying into the precious souvenir. "Guzhang Maojian" tea and "Participation sodium," health department of the National Tea tea; "Xiangquan," "drunkard" as the wine of good wine, is a state-level wines,?????; Tujia brocade, Home of the embroidery for its distinctive ethnic characteristics and unique traditional crafts by people of all ages.

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Hidden Hill Hunan cultural eco-tourism zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hidden Hill is located in Xiangtan County, Jing Ping Huang, 40 km away from Xiangtan. Also known as the Longshan, Longwangshan, Xiangtan calendar for one of the four famous mountains, 437 meters above sea level.
As a result of the Northern Song Dynasty great writer, scientist Zhou Dali lived lecture named after, as a result of the Southern Song Dynasty and Ming Ru Juan, Hu and his son here to give lectures and apprentices, the creation of Hunan Faction, was known as the "culture of Hunan source." Tak Ming Emperor Zhu as thick southern tour now, have Yushu personally, "Hill hidden world."
  Hidden mountain and the town of Xiangtan County, Peng Wu Shek Memorial Hall is only 5 km away, at the next floor, flowers, Shaoshan, Wushi and Gold Mountain tourist line in the middle of the lot, location Vietnam is not only hidden Biquan Academy Hill, the three-yin Temple, and his son Juan Hu Ge Zangmu country and were left Church House, the former residence of Zhou Xiaozhou, such as human resources, history and beautiful natural scenery, there's an attractive, "Sze Mei Lake" , Mysterious and hard to the hole Dragon King, as well as natural hot springs for the past Zhouguanfuli, visit seekers can explore the St. "Four pool", "Eight Eight bridge," and so on, visitors can Xunyou visit to Cuba, but also leisure, Picking Shanghe, mountain climbing expedition.
  Hidden Hills, has been hard to verify the origin of the culture of Hunan. Since the early years of the Republic to the Song and Yuan Dynasties since, Hill has become a hidden state officials, literati, to move off man of cultures meet. Northern Song Dynasty Neo-Confucianism Zhou later years lived hidden lectures Hill, who wrote this famous "Ai Lianyue."
  Hill quite a lot of sites Cryptosporidium, a Temple (Ciyun Si), a tomb (the Northern Song Dynasty Neo-Confucianism, a writer Juan Tomb of the country), the two Temple (a temple for Lian Xi, Zhou Lian Xi, and later built this temple to commemorate that ; For another three-yin Temple, Juan country in memory of Wu Man will be three public Hu and his son), the two trees (a former Temple Lianxi Chuisi cypress, ten high-Zhang Xu, the rough Yizhang stem V. gingko away from the San Zhang Department has a high eight Zhang Xu, Yi Zhang rough near dry. Legend has it that these two trees for planting by Zhou himself), four pools (of lotus pool, pool to wash pen, and Yan Chi, deviate It is said to Zhou Lin Zhi, wash pen, ink and place), eight bridges (that is, hidden water bridge, the flow leaves the bridge, bridge-arrow, Ke, bridge, bridge Kuribayashi, Longqiao lion, fairy bridge, five Long Bridge), Well-known far and near. Shan-Yu Teng-hidden, Hunan culture collected at the source.
First, natural conditions
  Hidden Mountain, Hengshan Mountain is located in the north , Was Hibiscus country folk folk literature contains a great wealth of treasure. Recently, many scholars argued that she was a culture of Hunan is the real source, as well as Chinese culture can be a shining pearl.
Hill, also known as hidden Longwangshan, also known as the natives for their Western Hills. When the Southern Song Dynasty here is the cultural destination, Hunan is the school's founder Juan residence before his death one of the country, is scheduled to Wu Man and his son - Outstanding Science Wufeng home by the sacrifice of the jade. Hidden Hill in Xiangtan County in southwest hundred outside the territory of Ping Huang Jing, Li County town for one of the four famous mountains. Hidden rise amid cascading Hill, a steep rock, there are Qiushui Lung, and Longdong You track of their music, profound and unpredictable, just slightly west of the delay smooth trend, with the trail-Xiangxiang.
Second, customs
Lift tea, is to make a new house in a traditional program. The bride and groom with red paint carrying a cup of tea tray of tea cups, ladies and gentlemen, drink, with the exception of respected elders, where people want to drink tea Chan before tea. Chan Song of the tea is Geely, have prepared in advance, but also for the temporary improvisation, is to test your eloquence.
Next spring, the beginning of spring each year to one of the evening, tens of thousands of households Qiming firecrackers. Some "into the grid," Xiang An elderly would also like to swing, fruit, tea from steep to meet and worship to the spring With a view to the new year, often family-you spring, spring Fu Chang, Chun four seasons.

Ai play the Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Festival in Artemsia argyi plug on the doors and windows, hang iris, Pueraria lobata, is the spread of China's folk customs and one of the long-standing. "May 5 afternoon, riding Heavenly Master Yi Hu, Iris hand sword slay evil in the House." Ai is a The Asteraceae-year-old perennial herb, to a time of the Dragon Boat Festival, Al Miller lush growth; summer and fall, while out of the cylindrical-shaped flower head, being released into the atmosphere off a strong aroma of Qinren heart. In fact, Ai district in the medical aspects of it are still many features! For example: blood temperature, by Cold, to stop bleeding as a result ... ... Ai contain volatile , To distribute a rich aroma, and the Dragon Boat Festival when the rainy season, humid air, the bacteria quickly, easily indoor mycophenolate Health, vulnerable to disease, so people use this unique Ai rich floral evil to gas, air Disinfected at the same time, in outdoor activities such as the insect flies smell that smell, Come Away with Me, so that the good fortune Ai play the Dragon Boat Festival is not superstitious, but very scientific justification Oh!
Third, the historical figures
Juan and his son in the country at the beginning of Shaoxing in the Southern Song Dynasty (1131) came to the Xiangtan hidden mountain, to create Biquan Academy, often hidden, the area come and go, engaged in school activities. Shaoxing of the Southern Song Dynasty , And his son Juan States Duobizhanluan Biquan came to live in seclusion, the creation of "Wending Lovers", widely disciples, and the dissemination of research governance, foster a large number of talents, create a new school of Hunan, from famous to Xiangtan Jiangnan.
  Juan country from the sub-Hu, Chung original characters and scholars known as "Mr. Creek home," Zhu Xi is the industry division Zhu Xi from the industry by nearly 10 years in Science also had deep knowledge. Hu and his son and big trees in the Southern Song Festival, Allen & Hamilton study fine, handsome personality, in the back of the Southern Song Dynasty and the history of China enjoy very high praise of the election, the North-Zhang Hu-word Keifu scholars known as the "Nanxuan Mr. ", and Zhu Xi, B Qi Zuqian And said "three-hyun of South East." Shaoxing, in Zhang Nanxuan is Sanshiyinian (1161) in the al Biquan Academy Hu for the division, after going out from here, the history of the well-known figures. Hu Chong and Zhang Nanxuan other disciples Jiu-Jenq Biao, tert-Hui Wu, Hu Ohara, Hu Guang Zhong, Shih-meng Zhao (Zhao Kuangyin the son of Chang Song Taizu Yan Yi Wang Shi Sun's seven), to form a large, strong and stable academic groups, and this is the so-called "school of Hunan."
  Hidden Hill is the ancient Chinese culture a pearl, her Chinese culture in the history of the development of a rather important position, she is the core of the real source of the culture of Hunan. She Yu-generation after generation of sons and daughters of Hunan, the promotion of China's modern historical development has made an indelible contribution to the history.
It is said that the Six Dynasties, when a Buddhist monk, in order to avoid the annoyance of the world, from far away places come here to live self-cultivation. Later, two monks foot line passing through here, looking for more food to eat, attached Zhaobian The village has no shadow. Is disappointing, but see as the leaves are drifting down the stream. Two monks to eat, but the next day, the old monk has burned Cao Lu, a trace of the ... ... From then on, then got on the Hidden Hill arrived.
  Northern Song Dynasty, Jinbing invasion, chaos. Southern Song Dynasty to the early years, South Jinbing areas, Pan Qiang, bandits, bandits and rebels guilty of the farmers and so much utter confusion, I can say is "causing unrest Zhou Tian Han Chul."
  Jinbing brought about by the invasion of the scourge is coming from north to south, beginning in Hebei, Anhui, Hunan, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other places. With the Dynasty, "Luan Meanwhile," Nandu, a large number of refugees into southern. Yan Jian-three years (1192), Sung University with disabilities, Juan Ji Shizhong States to bring their families for the arrival of Yili Duobizhanluan Xiangtan in Hunan, who guided Juan is the country's disciples who Changsha dawn. When Juan came to the country hidden in the vicinity of the Biquan Hill, was attracted by blue spring water Xibuzisheng, so he decided to live here
  When I was a Wang-social only be seen as a child of the same day the blue spring water to drink it, my heart ripple effect is Qinrenxinpi a history of cool. It springs gurgle and gush, trickle into the water and into the Xiangjiang River, sinks into the Dongting, into fuel Wan Li Changjiang of the trend.
  Juan States Kanghou words, Wuyi Mountain in Fujian is under the Sung people. Song Sung to the statehood, now renamed the city of Wuyi Mountain. Hou Ho Quang originally intended to set up Hunan, only to the war by force, fled in panic here. But this accidental incident has brought about far-reaching historical impact. Hou Ho Quang longer than the "Spring and Autumn Period," Studies in the early years of school Zhu Wen and Jin Long of the Conference. Premier Wen Chang is the early Song, "Mr." Mount Tai, one of the disciples of the complex Sun, Sun complex in order to rule "Spring and Autumn," a well-known places in the world when. Chu and Chang Jin-wen and the Conference of Science are well-known home speak of the Friends of Cheng Yi. Juan Chang Wen Zhu from the country where the idea of a nuclear , To be understanding. Therefore, "Hu Chuan Spring and Autumn" is not simply the history books, and should be a class on the history books. Although his "view of the current situation", do not talk - in co-designed by, but "respect Junfu, chaos review thieves, evil spirits that are popular with summer razed change" intended to clear, well Son of the "pen cut," Spring and Autumn, "" original intent, the Song Emperor praised the "Spring and Autumn Hu Chuan", "well surely a saint." Juan country's "Annals of Biography" mainly on the completion of Xiangtan in the hidden together book Biquan Hill and Mountain's "Spring and Autumn House." "Spring and Autumn House," in Hengshan County, Hunan Province, the country is Juan lived in Hunan during the life of another and , Where the writing.
  Shaoxing 2008 (1138) on April 13, Juan broken down from constant overwork in the country to complete the "Spring and Autumn Biography" soon passed away. Unfortunately, he did not take away, but the writing was handed down. "Spring and Autumn Hu Chuan" later became the Yuan and Ming dynasties of imperial examination standard template. And become World Bank Institute governance, "Spring and Autumn school" can not bypass the classic, history, future generations have had a significant and far-reaching consequences. Even the late Ming and early Qing Wang Chuan-shan's brother and his son's "Annals of Science", by both the "Hu-Spring and Autumn".
  Juan Hunan in the country to build two books together, one hidden Xiangtan Hill, "Bi Church book, "First Mountain" Spring and Autumn House, "and later referred to as" Mountain Book Wending together. "This is because behind him, Gao Song, given his posthumous title called" Wending ", which means recognition of his deep-hole Meng, learned knowledge and a firm can conduct does not want things to the temptation. Just as the door-high marble younger brother of Jurists Xie Liangzuo His evaluation: "Hou Ho Quang such as the winter snow Yan, a hundred herbs died Potentilla, and the pine and cypress very own show also-ran." Country life Juan heart of the nation, lost land, often suffering min Juan pain as the country suffered. Juan section of the country very Zhi-wei, who too often called Road. Hou-door disciples never to promote good praising the light Xu, two-way only admire, since Juan understanding of the country, said "I think the world is aimed at, not just as valuable as the floating clouds, two more than Mr. Cheng, a man was also unexpectedly complex." Juan countries have a sharp sense of their impact on future generations, the third son of Yin, Lai, and Hong Hu from the Constitution "and the big tree in the southeast section" has become Song society, a beautiful landscape.

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Xiangtan Confucian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Confucian Temple is located in the city of Xiangtan Xiangtan City Center Street. Southern Song Dynasty, founded in the early years of Shaoxing, East Gate site of the small side. 14 million positive (in 1354) Binghuo destroyed. Wu Ming-hong 2002 (1369) in the reconstruction of the site for the special places of worship of Confucius.

  For the construction of the temple courtyard enclosed by lattice Star Gate Pan Chi, decorated archway, Shing Mun, Tai Shing Temple, the four-yin Temple, the Temple Chong, the visual composition of the kiosks. Dacheng Hall of the main hall. Zhong Yan Xie Shanding for, nine ridges, kiss chi, 16 by the corridors around the ancient columns supporting a round, yellow glazed tile, inside and outside the Square, the caisson, with brackets and so colorful painting facilities. 16 Wu Ming-hong (1383 , 11 Tak (1516), and other years, renovation or expansion of college. The late Ming and destroyed in the flames of war once again. Junji nine-year-ching (1652) rehabilitation. Jiaqing, light, Xianfeng, Guangxu, and Xuantong in 3 years (1914), the Republic of China 36 years (1947) and in 1983, the number of repair, Tai Ling stars outside the door has been dismantled.

  Temple has to Xiangtan County Teachers simple, Hunan College of the building, the Prefectural Party Committee Party School of Xiangtan, Xiangtan Teachers College, Xiangtan Teachers College is located. Dacheng keep this door, Dacheng Hall, Temple Chong, visual booths, is now a unit of Xiangtan City heritage. There are places in front of the temple palace Ping, Yi Ming Xue Ping, Ping has the southern tip of the Daming wall. Huangwa red walls of the temple, the great momentum. Kuixing said the main entrance door, around the front yard planting cypress trees, green all the year round, the distribution of delicate fragrance. Kuixing a door Tsukigata Pan Chi, Chi Zhou Shi Lan to care. Pan Chi near three Shihfang, due south Shihfang degrade reads " It is in the text "words, the two things through Jiequ Square. Shihfang through the door is Great. Cornices Lvwa door is about the visual booths. Dacheng door to the Great Hall, a hall leading to Shi Pu connected platform. Taiwan One meter high, full-line Diecheng stones. Level two minutes or so, there are stone dragon, up to Haibo Tao Yun, life Stone ran on. Da-Zhong Yan Xie Shan Temple for the structure, surrounded by 16 round pillars, both inside and outside Fang, purlin, caisson, brackets, fans are colorful Wu Shih Hui, Huang Wa cornices, magnificent. Bring up the rear there are sub-temple, Shing Mun and, after lining should be in front of Kuixing, shows the magnificent Great Hall of the principal.

1 26 years, the rise of worker-peasant movement, and Xiangtan County in the first session of the General Assembly on behalf of the students held at the Confucian Temple. 1927 Xiangtan county party committee secretary of the CPC and chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Yang Zhao Zhi Ping comrades killed in the school. Therefore, the land has a certain significance to commemorate the revolution.
Confucian Temple is for the Hunan University of Science and Technology (Xiangtan Teachers College) South institutions .

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Xiangxiang Confucian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiangxiang Confucian Temple, Confucian Temple, also known as, Xiangxiang is the oldest one of the magnificent building, built in the Northern Song Dynasty Xiang Fu large and medium-sized 2002 (1009), the site of the original temple in the east of Xian Lin Gang Lianshui (on the east coast this Ping) Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing four North Korea, has to repair, reconstruction, expansion of up to seven times as much. Qing Emperor Yongzheng 11 (1733), Chaxiu the world to have taken it for granted Confucian Temple, Dr Yi Ren, Xiao Yan, and so see the temple as a result of UN-Guo, the collapse of the Provisional shore, then silver-5200, Shen Wong Yee shift was built in a ridge. This is seen today is located in Xiangxiang a campus in the Confucius Temple. The old temple was repaired last three years, Tongzhi Qing (1864), the Department of Hunan and Taiwan Xu Long Road Headed by the organization. Two hundred years later, in 1994, waged a vigorous battle in a Xiangxiang, many fund-raising, fund-raising over 100 million rehabilitation of another, so that this ancient temple architecture masterpiece, resplendent show heavy, solemn silence of the brilliant splendor.

Confucius Temple of the main building of the Great Hall of the Department of typical ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties Building structures, Zhong Yan brackets, green glazed tile walls, like the Tiananmen rostrum. Great hall, houses the memorial tablets of the past "Great first division St Wenxuan Wang Confucius" tablets, the tablets now gone, replaced by an air look very much like the statue of Confucius. Chong is behind the Great Hall of the Temple, its many treasures, such as precious ancient books of Confucian classics It is also known as "zun by the Court." Exercises had been transformed into an elegant luxury of a small conference room. Dianqian the two sides of the four rooms have been full advantage of the school, and built a showroom and History Education results show room. Zouxiataijie by the Dacheng Hall, across the courtyard is the Great Gate. Hong Di hanging in front of a black cross in Phnom Penh , A letter to the "Great Gate" of the three characters. Walk out the door by the Dacheng, Wen-hsiung is the granite of St. Paul - Star lattice door. Lattice door by 6 Star vertical square pillars 15 and Wang Fang from Shilianghe structure, symmetry with each other. Each to the top of the vertical columns are squatting a small stone lions, the Huhu there are angry. Diaogong can not say that its fine, but Careless, the form can not be said Wei, but does not shrink, to follow a middle course. Lattice in front of the stars of the past, and Bridge No. 1. Bridge is a champion on both sides of the enclosure with stone railings of the stone arch bridge across the lotus Ikegami. Lotus pond in front of around by red brick walls, patrol, with an air of semi-circular square. Wall around the door are Closed on weekdays, the only major festival to be held in the open when. Outside left embedded on the left side of the wall engraved with the "civil and military officials, this dropped" the stone. Legend has it that only the top high school are eligible to board the No. 1 Bridge, through the lattice Star Gate, Dacheng Dian Qian square foot under with marble sculpture from the "sea You Long" pattern Head of the lead, went straight to the Great Hall. Today, there is no bridge champion, was also filled lotus pond and built a 400-meter track with the standard stadium. This ancient legend has become well-known historical anecdote.

For thousands of years, Confucius has been regarded as a disseminator of Chinese culture, and civilization is the Confucian Temple Zheng. Feudal imperial dynasties of all pay homage to Confucius, sealed from generation to generation. Xiangxiang Confucian Temple in the main hall of the Great Hall was built, "teacher praise of Confucius" and "Four Chan-hsien," two Yubei also suspended a number of Royal Secret Inspector Biane, including 22 years of Emperor Kangxi (1683) awarded "Jesus Christ Shibiao" important; the first year of Yongzheng (1723) "Our ancestors did not" important; the first year of Qianlong (1736) awarded the "Heaven and Earth and the Senate" sign hung above a door; Jiaqing 2004 (1799) awarded the "St. epitomize the" important; light year (1736) awarded the "Saint of the Association when" important; Xianfeng the first year (1851) awarded the "De Qi curtain contained" important; Tongzhi 2002 (1863) awarded the "days of the Holy Spirit "Plaque. Zhennai" days not to Confucius, such as vancomycin night, "ah. ?? Now, the Confucius Temple Xiangxiang its unique architecture, of delicate carvings and a long history of Hunan Province has been listed as key protection units.

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Wushi scenic tourist area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wushi scenic tourist area, located in Xiangtan City, 40 kilometers southwest of the town of Wushi. Here picturesque mountains and rivers, enchanting scenery, and Ren Jie Ling, the Gathering of Talents for many attractions. Hunan is a great man in the Golden Triangle tourism circles prize of a weight. Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau has been named the "best tourist attractions" ... ...

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Chao Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chao Shan is located in Xiangtan City, 20 km north-east of the Xiang River on the east coast. For Changsha, Xiangtan, Zhuzhou city at the junction of three. Legend has it that Wang Nan Zheng Zhou Zhao At this point, named. Qing Emperor Qianlong, "Chi Changsha House" set: "Xiu Xiang from shore, ran very large Tsui, different rocks water, e-Wei Lu, and the potential flying, had his boat, often see-you-stone windows, climbing to see Mo . "The Peak of the original buildings such as the morning sun temple, the red tile canopy, towering old trees, next to Zhao Tan, unpredictable. Late Ming Wang Fu-zhi," Zhao Shandong Province alone Tsui word "also" sunset days of low-shore Xiang Yao, Ying Serai head onions, independent small-Feng Cang, is to get rid zhao WANG South Road, resentment and air flow Tam delicate wave "of the sentence.

WITNESS WHEREOF, the Hill Not high, 185 meters above sea level, it is old, "Xiaoxiang Eight", since ancient times, Mi Fu, Wang Chuan-shan, and so on, a lot of famous people Tiyong. It is said that Wang Nan Zheng Zhou Zhao pretty state has been hit here, the results fell below drown in pools, so called Chao Shan. This may imply that the area was a clash of civilizations However, the mountains and wander along the ancient emperors always a bad habits, it's boring. Two others will legends much more interesting. One is, "Zhao" and "trick" is a homonym, with Italy's calling, so the mountain is always to stay away from their homes in Hunan were calling home as soon as possible - "there is Zhao Xiang Shan, son of passenger travel is not music for a long time " Hunan people went to other provinces, whether business or tourism, and so on, once done, it will be in the Ming Mingzhong the mountain's calling, day and night to Jiancheng quickly ran back.

  There is also a legend found Mr. Yan Guaiyu "U Cheng Nga Chap Xiangtan to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Story": "By the Chao Shan, Zhou Xiang home Sitting alongside the vessel itself to self-interest: 'women in general Chao Shan! Chao Shan good beautiful! 'Chen said:' The week Mrs. General Chao Shan! Zhao Shan's good fat! 'Zhou Xiang's family said:' I am also Chao Shan fat! 'In fact, as she is not fat, Chao Shan is not as thin ... ... "- is beautiful vegetation and human interaction, Into one, this view might be really good
  Spring and Autumn Period, Zhou Zhao Wang Xiangjiang Shuaibing attack by the resistance Chu, Chu adhesive with the people of their ship crossing the river, river boat to the plastic of the Chuan Chen, zhao WANG drowned in the Xiang River, River from the mountains Chao named after the Hill.

  Chao Shan earthquake fame Benefit from the Northern Song Dynasty famous painting home a pair of Mi Fu's painting "City Seiran map", Mi Fu legend here, is here to admire the scenery, improvisation are ready, "Hill City Seiran" plans, and equipped with Shi Yishou : "The indiscriminate air-Feng Cui Qing still wet, mountain near the city of wrong-lan sleep away. Faso Kan Wei Han was drunk, Jiuqi are not required to move." Zhao wrote to do the Hill City-lan's pretty clear that the painting of the Chao Shan blue misty rain, the skies Long Tsui made vivid descriptions from Hill Chao is listed as "Eight Xiaoxiang". Changsha to the late Ming Wang Fuzhi Yuelu Academy of Health had only outing this point, the Chao Yung-shan was the excellent work: "Since the Bi Zhong Gu Shi, Chunhua For deep red, Cheng Tan condensate win a hand, at the end of a two-yun . "

  Zhao Shan, Jun Shan, Shui Sau, the odd holes, the United States and beach. "Book FANG Dian-level integration," Zhao on the steep hill made a perfect description: Zhao Mountain "and Ben ridges, the show from shore Xiang, Li Pavilion Ran Cui, Bang Bo rocks, different wood floor Yam, Yan Wei Lu and E No dumping off the force, had his boat, faintly see Yong Yan Window, see Mo and climbing. "Chao Feng-shan carry Hill, Tiger Hill in one shape, the mountain pine wide-sik, tea, Parkinson's, bamboo, Kam-Shopping Pinnacle vitality. Zhao Longdong the foot of the mountains, the big hole on the sets of holes, 48 of the door said that so far no one came Over at the end. Chao Lake is one of the Xiang River in pit, "Shui Jing Zhu" set: its not deep , In particular the water to green. Zhao Hill opposite the white sandy beaches, clear-fine sand, called for the North Sea inland Yintan.
  Zhao Shan Shan Zhao top of the temple there are a thousand years of history, to give people a sense of quiet elegant vacant. Yong Monastery was built in the Tang dynasty, the Qing Emperor Qianlong 23 years (1758 AD) rehabilitation of purchase, with Emperor Xuan Palace, King Palace, Kwun Yam Temple, Kwun Tong, customs, such as Temple, the abbot monk, incense-filled throughout the year, Zhong Qing voices, and the rolling Piedmont Xiangshui, mallard duck mountain of smoke into the corresponding interest.
Living legend, the temple is Nanyue Sheng Di's brother Tai Yuen. Emperor Xuan of magic Shengdi not so high, To worship those who did not so much, but the Emperor Xuan do not care, and always treat people with Hee and the spring winds visitors past the physical and psychological make their minds at ease. So come to play Chao Shan visitors, no matter how bad mood, I think they feel the mountains. Min Yan said: "There Zhao Xiang Shan, son of non-passenger Le Travel" It is because of Emperor Xuan here affectionately call constantly wandering.
Yi Liuri in September 1917, the first teacher in Hunan to study Mao Zedong's kai Zhang Xinmin Society Kundi, Peng is thick Social Survey conducted from Changsha to walk Chao Shan, and in the Xiang River in the Piedmont swimming, spend the night at night Chao Shan Monastery.

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Xiangtan agricultural Boyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bo Yuan farmers in Xiangtan city of Xiangtan, located in the western suburbs of the sub-Quan Tang territory. From the 834 acre area surrounding Egret Lake and its 2180 acres of Castle Peak, covers an area of 3,000 mu. Is an agricultural scientific and technological exchanges, the meeting of science and technology training base model, there is a sentiment Tao Zhi, fitness and leisure entertainment establishments, Yu acres. Is an agricultural scientific and technological exchanges, the meeting of science and technology training base model, there is a sentiment Tao Zhi, fitness and leisure entertainment establishments, agriculture and tourism as a tourist destination.

  This is the province of Science and Technology "in the film Gordon Spark Program training base," Science City "in Xiangtan City Science and Technology Training Center ; Is a major tourist resort city of Xiangtan, Xiangtan city and set a good image of a model window. Xiangtan Boyuan farmers from May 1999 to enter substantive development, the first phase of the Egret Lake Resort in December 31, 2000 officially completed and operating. Now, she is by its nature bestowed on us by the beautiful However, the same as the natural scenery and pure, sincere service to meet all the guests.

  Xiangtan Boyuan agricultural development by all levels of party and state leaders Jiang Zemin, Zhu Rongji, Yang Zhengwu, Chu Bo, Bian has to equal Cui Bo Yuan agricultural inspection guide.
  Unique agricultural Branch Resources, unique natural scenery of agriculture, state-level agricultural development of the test site, so that farmers Bo Yuan has become a modern-art exhibition of agricultural, agro-Bo Yuan to not only enjoy the refreshing nature of the endless, but also enjoy the unique scenery of agriculture.

  Bo Yuan Shi Ling Wu farmers to the main peak 180 acres of Castle Peak, respectively, the two sides along the Egret Lake, south to north from the extended to the convergence of murder Pass. Dense vegetation in the mountains, evergreen the four seasons, more than 100 species of trees, flowers, birds, animals reproduce here, live here. Lin vast, flowering seasons, four seasons fruity, play beasts. Light-ming birds ... ... ... Egret Lake was in the north-south Jingwo green mountains, covering an area of 834 mu, with tourism, irrigation dual function. Lake million mu of fertile farmland outside watering, planting a spring green, autumn harvest gold over and over, year after year Wugufengdeng; Lake, the vast expanse of clear water, sparkling, egrets fly, fish jump, making school life; Lake By artificial excavation of the tunnel 1200 meters and 500 MI Ming Drainage and Irrigation Shaoshan the same work area, adequate water year round, if the irrigation area along the main channel and against the current, can be most out of the pastoral hills of Hunan unlimited scenery.

  Xiangtan agricultural Boyuan 8 km away from the urban area, not only to avoid the hubbub of the urban areas, yet cities Romantic convenient for the typical suburban location. Four traffic to the Octopus, convenient and quick. And Nanyue is located, the former residence of Qi Baishi, Wu Shek, Shaoshan and spent Ming House, Changsha in Hunan this famous tourist King of gold in the middle of the line, the location is excellent.

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South Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Park is located in the area south of the ancient city of Shaoyang, the region accounted for 107,600 square meters. Founded in autumn 1955. Park is centrally located, good environmental conditions, 70% of green coverage in the park, the wide-scenes activities, better facilities. The main man-made landscape of the park's recreational facilities, children's theme park, roller skating field, the wind Teahouse floor, such as construction, landscaping plants equipped with the spraying pond flower base, Central Park Road, dotted with pavilions, chairs, and accounted for 50% of the total area has not yet developed the use of natural shrub-Joe Hill, was sentenced to a children's play for Lord, for different age groups and different support open-loving people, places of entertainment.

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Pagoda Ridge Summit tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiangtan Pagoda Tower Ridge peak 42 years before Ming Wanli (1615 AD), were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution and rebuilt in 1994, Red Flag and trade development zone is located in Xiangtan city near State Road 107 in the side after this. In the face of Xiang River in Xiangtan Xiang River Bridge and a third bridge in the middle.

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Peng Memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Peng Memorial Hall at Xiangtan County of Hunan Province town of Wushi Shifeng Wu Shek Wu Village, hillside, and Peng echoed the statue with a total area of 3100 square meters. Rich local color of Ma Tau porch wall, roof tile Qinghui and trimmed with gray walls of the Font window lattice, both ancient Chuxiang charm, and strong On behalf of the flu.

Memorial Hall to adopt the traditional Chinese courtyard-style layout, order around the hall, a letter spacing to set up a total of 4 large exhibition galleries 8. A large order for the Office of the octagon, the walls are made up of three high-relief group composed of red, separately expression is: Luo Xiao bloody battle, the Hundred Regiments, the Korean War. Middle Block Yuandiao half-length, created in the War of Liberation Peng. Is the side of the two murals, the theme of "commitment to the armed forces more revolutionary, regularization", "One Heart One Mind and the people." The whole sequence very appealing to the Office of the works of art and a high degree of concentration of reproduction Peng epic heroic deeds and great personality of magic . Memorial display at 4, a total of 20 chapters, with more than 300 photos and a large number of precious art exhibits, using sound, light, electricity and other means of expression, vivid, art reproduced Peng great, glorious, Fighting life. In 1998 was named the 1998 National Heritage of the 10 systems Chen The first exhibition of products.


  Memorial Park wearing a uniform of the bronze statue of the sky marshal, Peng showed heroism; the museum a large number of precious photos, artifacts and works of art reproduction vivid Peng A Better Tomorrow; Peng ashes placed in majestic silence, cited hundreds of millions of people worship respect Memorial north Shaoshan Mao Zedong's former residence and former residence of Liu Shaoqi took out buildings, even the Southern Qi Baishi's former home and shop Luo Ronghuan's former home, away from the city of Xiangtan, the county seat 40 kilometers into the revolutionary tradition of education, education in patriotism and the Holy Land tourism destination.
  Peng (1898-1974) in Hunan Tam people. 1 into the Army in 1916. Hunan in 1922 admitted to the Military Jiangwu Tang, graduated from the Army Logistics Renying Chang, head of the. Participated in the Northern Expedition.

Joined the Communist Party of China in 1928, the same year to participate in Pingjiang leadership of the uprising. Agrarian Revolutionary War period, the Chinese workers Fifth Red military commander, the commander mission Hong Sanjun Legion and the former secretary of the Committee of the Central Revolutionary Military Commission Vice-President, the military commander of the East, the detachment commander of the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia, Red Army commander, on the one hand, the vanguard of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese Red Army commander of the Army , Field army commander in the West and political commissar. Participated in the Long March. Day War, he served as vice commander of the Eighth Route Army (later renamed the 18th Group Army, deputy commander-in-chief), on behalf of the Northern Bureau of the CPC secretary of the Central Revolutionary Military Commission Vice-President and Chief of General Staff. During the War of Liberation, he served as commander of the Northwest Field Army, the first field army commander and political commissar of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, Vice Commander, the first secretary of the Chinese Council of the Northwest.

After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, the Central People's Revolutionary Military Commission Vice-President, Chairman of the Military and Political Committee of the Northwest, the Northwest Military Region Commander, the first secretary of the Chinese Council of the Northwest, the People's Liberation Army Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Secretary for the Chinese People's Volunteers And Chairman of the political commissar of the People's Republic of China Vice Premier and Minister of the Ministry of National Defense. Yang was in 1955 granted the rank of marshal. Is the first and second vice chairman of the National Defense Commission, the Chinese sixth, seventh, eighth member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau.

Participate in the central base of the various anti-"encirclement and suppression" and 20,000 Long journey of a thousand miles. Anti-Japanese War of the Eighth Route Army office, deputy commander-in-chief, during the liberation war in the first term of office and field army commander, political commissar of the PLA, deputy commander-in-chief, the war in the Chinese commander and political commissar of the People's Volunteers. In the cruel persecution by the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the death of Han Yuan.
  Peng Jin Bihui Memorial The antique arches, towering Weiwei Peng of the statue, refined the exquisite Peng Memorial Hall, dripping with the natural beauty of the show to the United States and human harmony. Peng of the National Heritage Memorial Hall is listed as top ten systems on display in the first exhibition of products, construction area of 3100 square meters, displays more than 700 pieces of precious cultural relics, History of photos and art exhibits. President Jiang Zemin inscribed the name Museum.

  Memorial Park wearing a uniform of the bronze statue of the sky marshal, Peng showed heroism; the museum a large number of precious photos, artifacts and works of art reproduction vivid Peng A Better Tomorrow; Peng ashes placed in majestic silence, cited Million in respect of the people worship. Memorial north Shaoshan Mao Zedong's former residence and former residence of Liu Shaoqi took out buildings, even the Southern Qi Baishi's former home and shop Luo Ronghuan's former home, away from the city of Xiangtan, the county seat 40 kilometers into the revolutionary tradition of education, education in patriotism and the Holy Land tourism destination.
  100 years birthday Peng, Home-round maintenance, rehabilitation, and Peng back to 1961 when the original display. In the same year the official opening to the outside world, come to pay respect to the steady stream of visitors.

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Building a Pine Tree - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Matsuyama is located in a building Shaoshan red, 1 km away from Mao Zedong's former residence. In a Bamboo pines, and along the road, after a small bridge, and from there to Matsuyama. In the show in a round bamboo arch, a letter to Mao Zedong's hand-"hometown", and this is one of Matsuyama.
From the arch into Gusong only Zhetian , For green drops of camphor wood, forest birds singing, the breeze sent off in the face of delicate fragrance. Matsuyama a building here Yishanbangshui old, known as the floor, it looks as blue Qingwa ordinary cottage.
A building was built in 1958, covering an area of more than 500 square meters, bedroom, drawing room, a barbershop, meal , Entertainment room, and so on, all the facilities. June 25, 1959, Mao Zedong took a drive to Jim Gray One Matsuyama, where spent an unforgettable day. In the past two days, he fully enjoy the landscape of home fragrance and in the restaurant hosted a dinner in honor fellow with the home folks Changhuai Syria , Has a deep sense of homesickness.
Late at night when Mao Zedong in the bedroom, lit a cigarette, a few took a deep, sudden poetic inspiration, the pen into a "Qilu. Shaoshan to":

Dreams do not seem to be cursed to die in Sichuan, hometown 32 years ago. Ji serf red flag up, whip hand hanging hegemony. There are more than aspirations for the sacrifice, the courage to teach sun-day replacement. Rice Shu-hi see a thousand waves, over and over, under Xiyan hero.
Mao Zedong on June 27 in the afternoon to leave a building after the Matsuyama, not back here again. Matsuyama a building over time, gradually expand the scale, being built on the second floor, Building III, IV Building Shaoshan now for the development of the hotel has become a major foreign tourist hotel.

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Shaoshan martyrs cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Revolutionary War history, Shaoshan in this land, there are 148 martyrs sacrificed their lives, including 6 of Comrade Mao Zedong loved ones. Shaoshan in memory of these martyrs of the people in the centennial of the birth of Comrade Mao Zedong, the construction of the "martyrs cemetery Shaoshan," the permanent memorial. Cemetery is located in Castle Peak Shaofeng hold the area, covers an area of 160 hectares, more than 800 million investment. The main cemetery in the project have marked the door, the entrance tower, Feiquan tears, the national flag of Taiwan, Lie Shita, the six-bronze statue of Mao, the British six-ting, the three martyrs as the five-ting, ting-a hundred, and so on. Shaoshan of the construction of the martyrs cemetery, not only to Shaoshan has added a new tourist attraction More importantly, the people built a great memory of revolutionary martyrs, revolutionary traditions for future generations of education in the classroom. It is not the coffin of the cemetery.

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South Bank school - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mao Zedong's former residence west 100 meters, a ceremonial arch-brick building, the whole building surrounded by green trees Woyu, extraordinary style. Here is a young man, Mao Zedong to go to school the first place: the south bank of private schools. From 1902 to 1904, Mao Zedong here to receive three years of education of the Enlightenment were familiar with the "young King Lam, "" Three Character "and" The Analects of Confucius ", and so on ... .... Here, Mao left a youth to study the prints and calligraphy is also the origin of Mao Zedong. South Bank into the private schools, from Chairman Mao's books have been studying the table, as if to hear and then the students Yaotouhuangnao Lang Lang's reading voice; to see the juvenile Mao East hard, study hard figure.

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Mao Zedong Library - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shaoshan Mao Zedong Library is located at the center of red, and the former residence of Mao Zedong between a high of about 50 meters of the hill, where the local name is Zhang Chong. GAO terrain here, the tall and straight Ta Song, a quiet up. This is a five-storey high, glass green glazed tile, the grand style of the building collections. National Library to adopt the style of construction Style, with the overall Dendrocalamopsis Chung matched with the environment. The entire building was trapezoidal, such as guests with open arms to welcome the world is commemorating the Shaoshan of the library profession. The main collection of various kinds of cultural version of Mao's works, including: The Complete Works, Selected, Collected Works, thematic compilation, choose, book one-way, pamphlets, If recorded, such as letters and telegrams; various versions of the language biography of Mao Zedong and the life, life, memoirs, commemorative collection, portraits, audio-visual materials, books; various kinds of cultural version of the Works of Mao Zedong, research, learning materials, including reference Information, research, collection, magazines, articles, as well as Mao Zedong Read, evaluation, collection and have the same version of the content of the different versions of the same books; growth of Mao Zedong and Mao Zedong Thought, the development of important and influential publications. Library to read Mao's book, to get the most out of earnings. Beauty tours near and far, can feel physical and mental pleasure.

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Mao Zedong Memorial - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mao Zedong's former residence of Mao Zedong Memorial is located about 500 meters on the west side of the ridge above the layer stack Hill, the first Memorial to be known as the "Garden of Mao Zedong on the road." Garden is clear that the idea has been in many big cities nationwide, "Window of the World," a miniature landscape of the Enlightenment, the whole Garden took only one year, by the end of 1995, covers an area of 200,000 square meters, nearly the size of construction, set to commemorate, education, sightseeing and other functions of the Garden will be displayed to the world.
Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial will feature the largest commemorative copy resides in kind, so that people in the park are feeling the history of the process. There are two Garden entrance, that is, South And the East Gate, South Gate by the former residence of Mao Zedong before the passage of a natural extension of the public and pass the bridge, cross-Shao River, around the mouth Shaoshan, the bridge between the mouth and a block of St. Paul the style of the ancients to guide tourists to the North, which was very much in line with Mao Zedong by the North-South On the journey.
By the south gate into the Garden through a magnificent towering entrance tower, positive First baseman is the ancient Great Wall, a symbol of a great man Mao Zedong's national soul. Along the road, up the steps, but see in front of high rock stands on a magnificent building, that is, the spirit of the garden: Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Hall. Memorial Park for the whole of the main building, former residence and echoed, covers an area of 5000 square meters, construction area of 1300 Meters. Building the traditional-style temples, white Fenqiang, Qingwa Glass, both Gao and majestic, Shaoshan and residential characteristics.
Memorial Hall complex by the front entrance, the main building and the mountain landscape composition. Entrance to pay respects to the former front yard, sitting distribution. Before and after the main construction for the Office and the Office of the side and take Surrounded inside the house-building, the indoor exhibition of Mao Zedong during the brief life, there is room after Mao Zedong and six relatives of white marble sculpture. On the right side of the door along the small road, the Mao may be the way of life in the order to appreciate the various attractions representative of the period.
First of all, is a pair of flowers and trees stand in the first of Hunan Normal Pavilion, followed by a Chinese venue: South Lake. Park with a lake cruise. Followed by the former site of the Qingshui Tang, Wuchang embankment Du Fu, 41, Jinggangshan 1.80 Maoping House, the monument Yangjie, Ruijin sweet wells, the park's second-largest building - the former site of the Zunyi Meeting. Ruijin and Zunyi Meeting wells in the valley, suggesting Mao The leadership of the revolutionary cause will be the climax to a low ebb.
Garden is the highest and the Yan'an Pagoda in Yan'an cave. In addition to the Garden with a copy of Mao's life associated with the most monuments, but also to configure a number of recreational facilities, Yu to "hard predecessors, future generations to enjoy life," the park some of the myths and legends form, but also reflects the gross East both realism and romanticism of personal qualities.

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Mao Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ancestral Hall at Shaoshan Mao Chong Fung cited the foothills, this temple Beiyi Castle, in the lush forest of factory-backed, the construction area of more than 650 square meters, brick, far from looking very grand. Dark red arches, the middle of the book "Mao Hall" words, on both sides of the "Shao-Ling" and "Yuk," the word There are words on both sides of the couplet, "Note by the World Bank, dispatch want to sound at home." This three-Temple, is entering the stage, is a binary Chudo, and the table before this thing is Hong Liang Jiao Zhong, giant drums, for the three-ton after the Office of the Church, located the middle of the Altar, the Cave of the Patriarchs buy tablets. In 1925, Mao Zedong's shrine in the run-off farmers evening. Now, this temple It also opened the exhibition of Mao Zedong's family, were introduced in two galleries Shaoshan Mao Zedong and family records, a family history of heroes.

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Tiger rest Ping - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Di Shuidong from the second floor of the West, there is a very quiet Qingshi Hill Road, which cattle to the mountain-shaped Ping rest of the tiger, unusually steep Hill Road, Road Cuisekeju side of the bamboo forest, and climb along the iron chain, about more than 800 meters after the Tiger arrived on the rest of the square.
It is said that the late Qing, Mao Zedong great-grandfather with a four-terminal "fung shui master," Jin Wood, I came to the hills, resting occasionally found here as a "treasure feng shui", Mao decided to four-terminal to be left to his two sons: De-chen, Chen Yi. Two sons, to discuss the decision, the first death, burial will in this "treasure." In 1904, as the death of Chen Yi's younger brother, the son of Mao Shun Chen Yi-sheng To verify whether or not the place for the "treasure" will only drive the coffin in the cemetery next to the park until 1912, was formally buried buried. Legend buried, the cemetery is full of tiger around the rest of the Pingshang Dan Hu Yan, only put the coffin Department loose soil, digging continues, only just for one coffin and buried a coffin, surrounded by faint bursts coming Sound, the legend gradually spread, on behalf of 20 or 30 years to spread superstition, feng shui of the Chiang Kai-shek's ears. At that time, owner of Mao Zedong's grandson Wing-chen is along the Hunan-Jiangxi Naoge Ming, one after another legend of Mao Zedong is now immortal soul, and the emperor real dragon has come to earth.
June 29, 1932, the KMT sent dig a grave Shaoshan to the red, while the dark mountains to Waduan home of Mao Zedong's "Dragon" in order to eliminate Mao Zedong's "Dragon" and dig a grave when the teams break into the tiger Ping, Hu Ting Shan mountains outside the audible sound waves, Feibing the team to dig a grave terror, is that Mao Zedong deceased grandfather's tomb appeared, the franchise will be days in secret to protect. Fear , At several graves dug, the bones will be stolen, and not dug tomb of Mao Zedong's grandfather.
When Chiang and Mao in the face of repeated defeat, Chiang decided to start again, but the people of Shaoshan has learned the lessons of last time, the ancestral tomb of Mao Zedong night will be filled with soil, will be buried in Tombstone, next to the tomb also took several False . Therefore, when the Kuomintang once again to dig a grave, as a result can not find a position not succeed. After the liberation of the Wamu organizations are severely punished by the People's Government.
December 28, 1986, the Board of Shaoshan Mao Zedong's tomb for finishing grandfather, dig out the buried tombstone, tombstone Wen: the first year of the Republic of China Ren-Zi Xia Ji, degrade, a significant test-chen-wing leader Mao Gong's Tomb, outside the inner Xin Shan Shan E, F Yichang, Sun Zedong, Ming, Li Jing Lin. Chak-ming, that is, in the inscription Zemin, which Ze Ze Lin Tan, is the younger brother of two of Mao Zedong's original name.
Tiger Ping rest of the name is the only modern times, in the 1960s to , Here in the South China Tiger has often rest in the sun, it got its name. Now Tiger Ping rest in the restored tomb of Mao Zedong's grandfather, a new, shipped from Zhejiang's Wenling Shihu two graves lying in an Shek Kong, the graves on the north side of the tiger has a booth. Visitors to this, and accompanied by Dan Hu, overlooking the mountains, all the soul shake, ear seems to be Xiao Ying further. Board view, panoramic view of Shaoshan.

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Qiu Jin Xiangtan House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qiu Jin-known martyrs of the Revolution's former home, located by the justice of the lane, "meaning the source of a pawn shop," Qiu Jin spent eight here in the Spring and Autumn and children a man and a woman.

  000 Qiu Jin Gui Jin, Xuan Qing words, small-Regardless, Dan, Wu, alias King-hung, self-Jian Hu Woman, daughter pen name Xia Han, swing. Zhejiang origin Shao County, was born in Xiamen, Fujian.

  Her adolescence by a single mother's family to grant. In 1894 his father sold any Xiangxiang County Governor's Office of the Department, who is also the father came to Xiangxiang, in 1896 and married a local squire Ting fishing. By Lane's justice, "meaning the source of a pawn shop," Wang is set up. Qiu Jin in Xiangtan Home , While feeding their children, while learning Lianwu sword, and also wrote many of his feudal reflect dissatisfaction with the arranged marriages, when worries Fenshi poems. Such as "Alice": "Shoubaolvqi, seven-fat string-ching sound, but fear is what the public wants, do not reward case of a bosom friend." "Xie Yun Road," "speech, Xu Yong-Min, customs clearance before sweeping atmosphere. Xie poor Yun, Bao married does not join the army. "" Ta-Qing mind ":" Grass fluffy song by Shanshan, with Xiangxie too small east. Bay water a very ruthless, send love to send La Hong worry. "

"Qi bad people" poem: "When war break Youyan, Wen Road in foreign war is not closed, knee room air Huai concerned about hate and women who will be easy to pocket iron pot." Wang Yanjun, through his father's affinity with the fan, has donated a 000-bearers of the Department of Beijing officials. Husband and wife in 1900 carrying just over 3-year-old German sources in Beijing, the Eight-Power Allied Forces followed the fall of Beijing, corrupt and incompetent Qing, knees sum, the signing of the Shimonoseki "Xin Treaty" in order to achieve the perfunctory. To avoid war The couple had to return to Xiangxiang Heye Tang. Qiu Jin in 1903 with her husband Wang Ting Jun Beijing for the second time, she witnessed the imperialist powers in the Chinese territory of the ugly act of the suffering of the people, the more aroused strong indignation, she wished immediately Hengdao Prancing Horse, battlefield Xiaoming, Body in order to serve the country, wrote: "The body does not , Man out; than heart, strong man. "

  In 1904, Qiu Jin finally broke the shackles of a feudal family, took east to Japan, rescuing the nation to seek the truth. In Japan, became acquainted with Liu Road, a large number of first-class people with lofty ideals of revolution, in September 1905 to join the United Democrats, pushed for the United League Zhejiang Association. In 1906 to return to the motherland, and in January the following year in Shanghai, founder of "China Women" published a series of revolutionary poems and articles for the Chinese women's liberation movement waged a vigorous battle to become China's women's liberation movement. The spring of 1907, Qiu Jin Tan returned to spend soon Chase Shaoxing return to the school presided over the Senate, This is the position, contact Zhejiang, Anhui and other places of the revolutionary forces and decided in the two provinces of the intifada at the same time, complement each other, Gongqu Nanjing. For the armed struggle has vowed to introduce legislation: "I will definitely this will Xingshi against Duwu see blue sky, looking for hand-held Minzei naked sword, the sacrifice people in the whole yin!" As a result of Anhui after the assassination of the revolutionary party member Xu Xilin Fu Ming-yan captured die a martyr, a matter exposure machine, surrounded Hall, the Qing, Qiu Jin heroic struggle as a result of the end were outnumbered arrested in July 15, 1907 in Shaoxing heroic die a martyr. Die a martyr after the coffin had to stop Chao Chu Kang Shan, who later in 1912 Guizang its West Lake. Dr. Sun Yat-sen in time for her to hold a memorial ceremony for the elegiac couplet mast "Edo vector Dan Chen, the first flu-Chan United League; Xuan sprinkling Treasure of the Sierra booth, I ashamed to move the soul Touch of Zen." Personally and to grant title: "The heroic women" Biane.


  "Pawn shop source justice" was after the liberation in Xiangtan City, as a switch factory plant and employee housing, after decades of changes in wind and rain, as is House-protection unit for the original "source of meaning pawn shop" offers.

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Former Residence of Qi Baishi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qi (1863 -1957), Xiangtan, Hunan, Chinese painting masters. Chi-chun was originally called, the word Wei-ching, was renamed after Juan, near the words of Health, Whitehead, and other Shan Yin Hall, by the master, sending the elderly, such as ping. China's modern art and cultural history of distinguished painter, calligrapher and seal home. Beijing was Guoliyizhuan Award, an honorary professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Art, honorary president of Beijing, the Chinese Artists Association.

In 1953, the Ministry of Culture awarded him the "People's Artist," the glorious title; won the 1955 World Peace Council annual Gold Award for international peace. 1963 is listed as the world's Of famous people. House is currently focused on the protection of cultural relics in Beijing. Qi?????tomb is located in the rural village southwest Weigong. Li Kuchan inscription by the book.

Qi Baishi's former home is located in Xiangtan County, apricots Puxiang dock. Late Qing Dynasty architecture, covers an area of 200 square meters for a two-cross the walls of the three huts, after the Be converted. Xiangtan County, for the protection unit.

Former Residence was built in Xianfeng, an area of 200 square meters, brick, was a two horizontal walls 3 each cottage is now a for-4 common cross-tile-roofed house. Qi formerly known as Chi-chun, the word Wei-ching, was renamed after Juan, near the word out, White , Alias Hill by Yin main hall, sending the elderly, such as ping. His poor family learned at a young age, carpentry, mason to the artists, celebrities, has gone through 80 difficult years of artistic career. He is good at flowers, birds, fish and shrimp and stone of Painting, calligraphy, painting and calligraphy in the global community famous. World Peace Council in 1963 will be Whitehead as one of the world's cultural celebrities.
In January 1996, Whitehead's former home was identified as "key cultural units in Hunan Province."

Looking from the outside, this is a very common farm structures in the South, for the adobe walls, thatch roof covered, the former residence of 9 room, is the central room Qi The main places of work and rest, a carpenter from Qi limner to do, where he became the studio.
  Qi Baishi "Whitehead a little like" referred to, then their lack of means, he will then need to juvenile cattle, wood, fish and shrimp fishing, leisure time reading it to paint, thick books are often hung on the horns on. Slightly larger, the father Xue Workers, as a result of exquisite workmanship, we were affectionately known as "Chi carpenter," Qi in the youth to stay home a lot of carpentry work.

  Tong star near the village of Yin Yin Hall was built in 1909, with Xilou hall, pillars, cornices, as well as all Xiang An exquisite wood carving, Hall outside the gallery on the four pillars of the fan-shaped wooden Jinping particularly exciting, the theme is the way urchin, high-Feng Qi Wu, Songhe Yannian, Taibai poem, despite wind and rain centuries, still life.

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Huang's former home a little - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huang slightly in 1927 to study the Huangpu Military Academy and joined the Communist Party of China, the Hunan-Hubei-Jiangxi border area is one of the founders of the revolutionary base areas. He served Hongwu Jun, deputy commander and army commander??????the third grade, and so on. Has taken part in the Northern Expedition, Guangzhou riots, Pingjiang uprising, as well as the first, second and third anti-"encirclement and suppression" Heroic, repeatedly perform outstanding service. Gan Xinan in the struggle, track record, Comrade Mao Zedong once said that "water side of the red corner of Jiangxi, Huang rely on a little-division" spoke highly of the magnificent poem. In September 1931, Huang was ordered to slightly Hong Sanjun led to the transfer of Ruijin, east to reach the six-Pass crossing, were attacked enemy planes, Fortunately, at the expense of a bullet. Comrade Mao Zedong personally presided over the memorial service of the General Assembly Huang slightly, and pro-elegiac couplet written.
Huang's former home in a little sweet-scented osmanthus Xiangxiang City at the village of Chaoyang Takagi Chong, 44 km away from Xiangxiang City. In 1983, for Hunan provincial people's government announced protection unit. Tiger's former home is located in the mountains, or 1200 square meters, the Department of a million-shaped cottage, Qingwa walls, a slightly Huang grandfather built. Qing Emperor Guangxu 23 (1896), the share of housing slightly Huang 5, including 113 square meters. As a result of the original residence has been destroyed, in 1986, for Hunan Provincial People's Government funding for the rehabilitation of former residence, according to the status quo into the The display, and two additional auxiliary showroom presentation Huang's life a little performance, displaying 81 photographs, paintings 4, in-kind 31. Yang wrote the name of the "former residence of Comrade Huang slightly" horizontal inscribed board. Rongzhen, Wang Zhen, Deng Yingchao, Yang Dezhi, Ai-Ping Zhang, Xiu-Urayasu, Guo, as the former residence of Li Jukui inscription, the former residence Yang, a lot of visitors.

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Xiangtan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiangtan is the red sun, is the historical and cultural city, the birthplace of culture, Hunan, China, "Xiang-lian town"; also of the National People's admiration of the Holy Land tourism, Hunan tourism brand "famous celebrity" at the center of a tourist destination. Tam has beautiful scenery and rich tourism resources. Tourism resources with large number of homogeneous, high-quality, distinctive human characteristics and strong sense of mystery and so on. There are many parts of the city's 110 major tourism resources, can be divided into 6 major categories, 40 types of basic, more than 400 landscape and related resources. 40 km away from the urban area Shaoshan is China's first batch of outstanding tourist city, the state 4A of the first-class tourist attractions, national patriotism education bases and state-level key scenic spots, famous scenic spots include: former residence of Mao Zedong, Mao Zedong lived and Di Shuidong, bronze statue of Mao Zedong Square, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, Shaofeng area, a monument of Mao Zedong Poems Mao Zedong Memorial, and so on.

  Xiangtan County of the main attractions are the first batch of national-level tourist area 3A Peng Memorial Hall, the former home of the World Cultural Celebrity Qi, the state-level agricultural demonstration Tourism Xiangtan, and other agricultural Boyuan. Xiangxiang City of the main attractions are Buddhist Temple Cloud resort, Taishan East National Park Water House Resort, the SS Galaxy, and other tourist areas. In the urban areas of Shan Xinzhao Hunan is the famous "Eight Xiaoxiang," one also related to the Temple, Confucian Temple, Ting Wang-heng, former residence of Qiu Jin, and other historical sites.

  Xiangtan has a long history, since ancient times, the lake is a major business center, as early as 17 in the world The country is well-known "city of rice" and "all drugs." Xiangtan mild climate, fertile land, rich products, is the country's major grain production base in pigs, as a result of rich Xiang-lian, known as "China's Xiang-lian town." Is the Xiangtan Electrical and Mechanical Services of New China, an important industrial base is to form a metallurgical, mechanical and electrical products, textiles, chemicals, building materials And the main pillars of the highly competitive industry.

  Xiangtan is located in central China's Hunan Province, where Renjiedeling, Tian Bao-hua, is a great generation of Mao Zedong, well-known strategist Peng, slightly Huang, Chen Geng, Tan Zheng's home and is also the home of the World Cultural Celebrity Qi. Two of the World Since, she has been historian referred to as "Mainland China is huge trading port", "Golden Xiangtan" in the world. Now, after a hard-working, courageous people, Xiangtan more than 40 years of struggle, had the millennium ancient city into China's Yangtze River opened with the development of economic strength in quite an open city. To speed up as The development of the city of Xiangtan established to promote the opening up drive "strong public Tomiichi" the implementation of development strategies, she is a good investment environment to display in front of friends at home and abroad, attracting a large number of people to invest in Xiangtan business.

  The beautiful mountains and rivers, the land of the living fat, so that has been Xiangtan China's grain production bases in Hunan Province and the Lean Sheng Zhu base. Had tons of food grain per mu, a well-off to become the first city in Hunan Province. As a result of rich Xiang-lian, known as "China's rural Xiang-lian", the Xiangtan, also known as "Lotus City."

  As the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" of the province's investment in key areas, Xiangtan city According to the characteristics of the city, has drawn up a "Waiyinneilian on further strengthening the work of a number of provisions" to further expand the opening to the outside world, optimizing the investment environment and promote economic development in the city.

  Xiangtan simple and hard-working people, is the trade-economic and technological cooperation and good partners; Xiangtan relaxed environment, investors cast Societe Generale treasure of feng shui. Xiangtan open sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life, the people here.

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