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Qiu Jin Xiangtan House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qiu Jin-known martyrs of the Revolution's former home, located by the justice of the lane, "meaning the source of a pawn shop," Qiu Jin spent eight here in the Spring and Autumn and children a man and a woman.

  000 Qiu Jin Gui Jin, Xuan Qing words, small-Regardless, Dan, Wu, alias King-hung, self-Jian Hu Woman, daughter pen name Xia Han, swing. Zhejiang origin Shao County, was born in Xiamen, Fujian.

  Her adolescence by a single mother's family to grant. In 1894 his father sold any Xiangxiang County Governor's Office of the Department, who is also the father came to Xiangxiang, in 1896 and married a local squire Ting fishing. By Lane's justice, "meaning the source of a pawn shop," Wang is set up. Qiu Jin in Xiangtan Home , While feeding their children, while learning Lianwu sword, and also wrote many of his feudal reflect dissatisfaction with the arranged marriages, when worries Fenshi poems. Such as "Alice": "Shoubaolvqi, seven-fat string-ching sound, but fear is what the public wants, do not reward case of a bosom friend." "Xie Yun Road," "speech, Xu Yong-Min, customs clearance before sweeping atmosphere. Xie poor Yun, Bao married does not join the army. "" Ta-Qing mind ":" Grass fluffy song by Shanshan, with Xiangxie too small east. Bay water a very ruthless, send love to send La Hong worry. "

"Qi bad people" poem: "When war break Youyan, Wen Road in foreign war is not closed, knee room air Huai concerned about hate and women who will be easy to pocket iron pot." Wang Yanjun, through his father's affinity with the fan, has donated a 000-bearers of the Department of Beijing officials. Husband and wife in 1900 carrying just over 3-year-old German sources in Beijing, the Eight-Power Allied Forces followed the fall of Beijing, corrupt and incompetent Qing, knees sum, the signing of the Shimonoseki "Xin Treaty" in order to achieve the perfunctory. To avoid war The couple had to return to Xiangxiang Heye Tang. Qiu Jin in 1903 with her husband Wang Ting Jun Beijing for the second time, she witnessed the imperialist powers in the Chinese territory of the ugly act of the suffering of the people, the more aroused strong indignation, she wished immediately Hengdao Prancing Horse, battlefield Xiaoming, Body in order to serve the country, wrote: "The body does not , Man out; than heart, strong man. "

  In 1904, Qiu Jin finally broke the shackles of a feudal family, took east to Japan, rescuing the nation to seek the truth. In Japan, became acquainted with Liu Road, a large number of first-class people with lofty ideals of revolution, in September 1905 to join the United Democrats, pushed for the United League Zhejiang Association. In 1906 to return to the motherland, and in January the following year in Shanghai, founder of "China Women" published a series of revolutionary poems and articles for the Chinese women's liberation movement waged a vigorous battle to become China's women's liberation movement. The spring of 1907, Qiu Jin Tan returned to spend soon Chase Shaoxing return to the school presided over the Senate, This is the position, contact Zhejiang, Anhui and other places of the revolutionary forces and decided in the two provinces of the intifada at the same time, complement each other, Gongqu Nanjing. For the armed struggle has vowed to introduce legislation: "I will definitely this will Xingshi against Duwu see blue sky, looking for hand-held Minzei naked sword, the sacrifice people in the whole yin!" As a result of Anhui after the assassination of the revolutionary party member Xu Xilin Fu Ming-yan captured die a martyr, a matter exposure machine, surrounded Hall, the Qing, Qiu Jin heroic struggle as a result of the end were outnumbered arrested in July 15, 1907 in Shaoxing heroic die a martyr. Die a martyr after the coffin had to stop Chao Chu Kang Shan, who later in 1912 Guizang its West Lake. Dr. Sun Yat-sen in time for her to hold a memorial ceremony for the elegiac couplet mast "Edo vector Dan Chen, the first flu-Chan United League; Xuan sprinkling Treasure of the Sierra booth, I ashamed to move the soul Touch of Zen." Personally and to grant title: "The heroic women" Biane.


  "Pawn shop source justice" was after the liberation in Xiangtan City, as a switch factory plant and employee housing, after decades of changes in wind and rain, as is House-protection unit for the original "source of meaning pawn shop" offers.

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