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Xiangtan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiangtan is the red sun, is the historical and cultural city, the birthplace of culture, Hunan, China, "Xiang-lian town"; also of the National People's admiration of the Holy Land tourism, Hunan tourism brand "famous celebrity" at the center of a tourist destination. Tam has beautiful scenery and rich tourism resources. Tourism resources with large number of homogeneous, high-quality, distinctive human characteristics and strong sense of mystery and so on. There are many parts of the city's 110 major tourism resources, can be divided into 6 major categories, 40 types of basic, more than 400 landscape and related resources. 40 km away from the urban area Shaoshan is China's first batch of outstanding tourist city, the state 4A of the first-class tourist attractions, national patriotism education bases and state-level key scenic spots, famous scenic spots include: former residence of Mao Zedong, Mao Zedong lived and Di Shuidong, bronze statue of Mao Zedong Square, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, Shaofeng area, a monument of Mao Zedong Poems Mao Zedong Memorial, and so on.

  Xiangtan County of the main attractions are the first batch of national-level tourist area 3A Peng Memorial Hall, the former home of the World Cultural Celebrity Qi, the state-level agricultural demonstration Tourism Xiangtan, and other agricultural Boyuan. Xiangxiang City of the main attractions are Buddhist Temple Cloud resort, Taishan East National Park Water House Resort, the SS Galaxy, and other tourist areas. In the urban areas of Shan Xinzhao Hunan is the famous "Eight Xiaoxiang," one also related to the Temple, Confucian Temple, Ting Wang-heng, former residence of Qiu Jin, and other historical sites.

  Xiangtan has a long history, since ancient times, the lake is a major business center, as early as 17 in the world The country is well-known "city of rice" and "all drugs." Xiangtan mild climate, fertile land, rich products, is the country's major grain production base in pigs, as a result of rich Xiang-lian, known as "China's Xiang-lian town." Is the Xiangtan Electrical and Mechanical Services of New China, an important industrial base is to form a metallurgical, mechanical and electrical products, textiles, chemicals, building materials And the main pillars of the highly competitive industry.

  Xiangtan is located in central China's Hunan Province, where Renjiedeling, Tian Bao-hua, is a great generation of Mao Zedong, well-known strategist Peng, slightly Huang, Chen Geng, Tan Zheng's home and is also the home of the World Cultural Celebrity Qi. Two of the World Since, she has been historian referred to as "Mainland China is huge trading port", "Golden Xiangtan" in the world. Now, after a hard-working, courageous people, Xiangtan more than 40 years of struggle, had the millennium ancient city into China's Yangtze River opened with the development of economic strength in quite an open city. To speed up as The development of the city of Xiangtan established to promote the opening up drive "strong public Tomiichi" the implementation of development strategies, she is a good investment environment to display in front of friends at home and abroad, attracting a large number of people to invest in Xiangtan business.

  The beautiful mountains and rivers, the land of the living fat, so that has been Xiangtan China's grain production bases in Hunan Province and the Lean Sheng Zhu base. Had tons of food grain per mu, a well-off to become the first city in Hunan Province. As a result of rich Xiang-lian, known as "China's rural Xiang-lian", the Xiangtan, also known as "Lotus City."

  As the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" of the province's investment in key areas, Xiangtan city According to the characteristics of the city, has drawn up a "Waiyinneilian on further strengthening the work of a number of provisions" to further expand the opening to the outside world, optimizing the investment environment and promote economic development in the city.

  Xiangtan simple and hard-working people, is the trade-economic and technological cooperation and good partners; Xiangtan relaxed environment, investors cast Societe Generale treasure of feng shui. Xiangtan open sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life, the people here.

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