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Xiangtan Confucian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Confucian Temple is located in the city of Xiangtan Xiangtan City Center Street. Southern Song Dynasty, founded in the early years of Shaoxing, East Gate site of the small side. 14 million positive (in 1354) Binghuo destroyed. Wu Ming-hong 2002 (1369) in the reconstruction of the site for the special places of worship of Confucius.

  For the construction of the temple courtyard enclosed by lattice Star Gate Pan Chi, decorated archway, Shing Mun, Tai Shing Temple, the four-yin Temple, the Temple Chong, the visual composition of the kiosks. Dacheng Hall of the main hall. Zhong Yan Xie Shanding for, nine ridges, kiss chi, 16 by the corridors around the ancient columns supporting a round, yellow glazed tile, inside and outside the Square, the caisson, with brackets and so colorful painting facilities. 16 Wu Ming-hong (1383 , 11 Tak (1516), and other years, renovation or expansion of college. The late Ming and destroyed in the flames of war once again. Junji nine-year-ching (1652) rehabilitation. Jiaqing, light, Xianfeng, Guangxu, and Xuantong in 3 years (1914), the Republic of China 36 years (1947) and in 1983, the number of repair, Tai Ling stars outside the door has been dismantled.

  Temple has to Xiangtan County Teachers simple, Hunan College of the building, the Prefectural Party Committee Party School of Xiangtan, Xiangtan Teachers College, Xiangtan Teachers College is located. Dacheng keep this door, Dacheng Hall, Temple Chong, visual booths, is now a unit of Xiangtan City heritage. There are places in front of the temple palace Ping, Yi Ming Xue Ping, Ping has the southern tip of the Daming wall. Huangwa red walls of the temple, the great momentum. Kuixing said the main entrance door, around the front yard planting cypress trees, green all the year round, the distribution of delicate fragrance. Kuixing a door Tsukigata Pan Chi, Chi Zhou Shi Lan to care. Pan Chi near three Shihfang, due south Shihfang degrade reads " It is in the text "words, the two things through Jiequ Square. Shihfang through the door is Great. Cornices Lvwa door is about the visual booths. Dacheng door to the Great Hall, a hall leading to Shi Pu connected platform. Taiwan One meter high, full-line Diecheng stones. Level two minutes or so, there are stone dragon, up to Haibo Tao Yun, life Stone ran on. Da-Zhong Yan Xie Shan Temple for the structure, surrounded by 16 round pillars, both inside and outside Fang, purlin, caisson, brackets, fans are colorful Wu Shih Hui, Huang Wa cornices, magnificent. Bring up the rear there are sub-temple, Shing Mun and, after lining should be in front of Kuixing, shows the magnificent Great Hall of the principal.

1 26 years, the rise of worker-peasant movement, and Xiangtan County in the first session of the General Assembly on behalf of the students held at the Confucian Temple. 1927 Xiangtan county party committee secretary of the CPC and chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Yang Zhao Zhi Ping comrades killed in the school. Therefore, the land has a certain significance to commemorate the revolution.
Confucian Temple is for the Hunan University of Science and Technology (Xiangtan Teachers College) South institutions .

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