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Shen Congwen House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Phoenix know that the people of the world, understand the Phoenix, from the beginning of Shen-wen. December 28, 1902, from Mr Shen was born in the ancient city of Phoenix Street in the business of a typical ancient courtyard in the South. Quadrangle Shen is from Mr Shen Fu's grandfather (a former admiral in Guizhou of the Qing Dynasty) in the five-year Tongzhi (1866) purchase After the demolition of old houses built, is a closed Huozhuan block construction of the cottage. Before and after two minutes into the courtyard, paved Hongshi box in the courtyard, is on both sides of the room, the size of a total of 11. Department of Housing Chuan Dou-wood construction, fighting a homozygote use of a wall block letters. Ngau Tau wall decoration of the head, Louhua the doors and windows of other small , Old.

  Shen Congwen's life is rough life, is the dedication of a lifetime. His 1917 to 1922 in western Hunan drift Yuanshui River Basin; into the Beijing 1923, from 1923 to 1928 in Beijing to make a living writing; from 1928 to 1930, in the College lecturer in Chinese term, and "Ta Kung Pao", "benefit the world" such as art editor of the supplement; from 1931 to 1933 in Qingdao University lecturer; from 1934 to 1939 in Beijing, editor-in-chief of the National Chinese textbooks in primary and secondary schools; from 1939 to 1947 Kunmingxinan at Union University Professor Ren; 947 in 1949 to Peking University Professor Ren; from 1950 to 1978 in the Beijing Museum of Chinese cultural relics office; research fellow from 1978 to 1988 at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher at the Institute. Mr Shen from the literature of "Border Town" and "Western Hunan" and "Autobiography And so on, both at home and abroad have a significant impact. His works have been translated into Japan, the United States, Britain, the former Soviet Union and so on more than 40 countries, the text of the press, and the United States, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom more than 10 countries elected to the University of textbooks, was nominated twice for the Nobel Literature Prize candidate selection. Mr. Shen Congwen not only Well-known writer, or a well-known historians, archaeologists, the publication of his "Chinese silk patterns", "mirror the Tang and Song," "Dragon and Phoenix Art" and "ware of the Warring States", "Ancient Chinese clothing" and so on academic , In particular the great works "of ancient Chinese costumes" a great impact in our country to fill In the history of a blank.

  The whole building with a text from the Shen Nong's former home in 1991 by the provincial people's government as a key cultural unit, the former residence of Chen Lao are now on display Yi Mo, Yi Gao, relics and portraits, Phoenix has become the most attractive one of the human landscape.
  Came to the city Qing Qing Shiban follow the road in the business Xunzhao Street, the road ten meters, to the former residence of Shen Congwen front, first of all, the eye is Qiujinchenning of his characters: "Shen from the former residence of the text." From the former residence of the door into the text, there is the tour guide was all smiles warmly greeted Miss approached, the more people warm. This is already a 100-year history of the late Qing Dynasty architecture, is divided into before and after the two into a small courtyard in the middle, with about the old wing, giving a delicate sense of beauty. It stands cornices of the roof frame and the wall is a gray prison fused the Jiejieshishi, appears to be coordinated so that the old old board Erosion and loss of the doors and windows, indicating the old houses and old. Reported, Shen was from the text of the resignation grandfather return home in the camp in the middle of the street to buy a piece of land, the construction of a courtyard-style buildings. Shen Congwen from grandfather to Shen Congwen generation has gone through three generations before and after, the wind and rain vicissitudes of life for decades, have He moment. Passage of time, with the glorious past glory, has become Guoyanyanyun. Is now deserted. Simu old friends, sad Leixia can not help it. But the good news is that it originally belonged to the master of the ancient buildings, Shenyang has built a life of the exhibition room. Shen Congwen every day sightseeing tour of the former residence of people flocked to Weaving who, in effect giving a great encouragement and joy.

House showroom, get a clear picture of the precious record of Shen Congwen walked into the earth after the difficult course of direction that smooth deep text, faithfully recorded the growth of their authors. Sandalwood table, * For chairs, an old wooden structure of the bed rack, then Chenlao are used in kind. To see these kind, appears to be in front of Chen Lao friendly voice and smiling face, as if in listening to the teachings of Chen Lao: "As far as I thought, I can understand; what I think, people can understand." If the text of its people, the great The text Great masters, not only with people dedicated to the efforts of more than 900 million words of valuable cultural heritage, and he's pure simple and honest, self-clear, life hard work, tireless pursuit of the noble and moral character will always be people learning model.
Is out of the house, the warm Saman Chunyang the courtyard patio of the Ping . House shopping room, there is always a lot of young people crowded in front for the purchase of books, scrambling to buy Shen Congwen works fine. From their tender young face, filled with a thirst for knowledge and the desire to allow people to see the new generation of hope. Shen from the text of a book shines a brilliant and charismatic knowledge of quality work Attracted a number of hot young heart, groups of them come from afar, came and went, to obtain from the former residence of the culture seed, sow in everyone's heart, bear fruit, to create the framework of the Chinese nation and the glorious twenty-first century Beautiful spring culture.
Shen Congwen the firm's former home is in prison, after Cang Wind and rain of a century old, is a profound implication Juequ not always the Hall of cultural knowledge; it is the effort by Shen Congwen condensation of the cultural monument will never collapse; it is a touch of the ancient city of Phoenix will never fade scenery.

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