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Jia Tang Shu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jia Tang Shu Huang co-located in Fenghuang County township, located at the junction of Yu Xiangqian. According to research, future generations of the Northern Song Yang Yang Jiaqiang Rokuro the third son of Yang re-think (also known as YANG Huai-yu, Wen-Hui Yang) have taken it for granted Pingnan, see Xianyao terrain, they camped here, so Jia Tang Shu gradually become military areas - the troops Business. With the service to the living overseas, At that time, to become the economic and cultural center. Great Wall expert Professor Luo Zhewen May 2000 visit here, he's from the existing wall-based research, concluded that at least 800 since the Castle-year history. Wanli of the Ming dynasty, the Miao people's uprising in the South, when the military government to suppress the uprising, special silver set aside more than two calendar 4, to build a solid Jia Tang Shu Ying Pun and around the ancient.
  Jia Tang Shu at the foot of the mountain to build barracks, built a series of top-Tuen Mun, to form a castle. Jia Tang Shu ancient castle has two characteristics:
  First, the ancient and wonderful. Around the ancient castle built by the magnificent ancient city walls surrounded by slightly rounded. Ancient city wall 1,500 meters long, 7 meters high, 2 meters wide, divided from top to bottom two floors, for people to walk or horse racing, every 3 m to have a look-mouth. On the walls of the large pieces of bluestone from sticky rice lime mortar into the most heavy stones up to 750 kilograms. Wall-winding turns, the very changes. The city has a total of 3 door, dominating the north, east and south three Among them, and echoed Wang Tuen slope of the East gate of the largest, into a two-door, and there are attic care for the city to guard defender, rock solid and tidy, easily defensible, is an attack can not break the old barracks. Today, thousands of years by the storms, although the ancient castle Canbai black, but still showed a desolate beauty. Ancient castle building and reasonable planning, Cuolayouzhi roadway, mostly shaped, leading to the city, the middle and lower side. All of roadway in town with paved Qing Shiban, walking above the "buzz" echo. Reasonable layout of the house, yard deep, very "Labyrinth" charm. Construction of the housing also shows China's ancient Royal Air With the charm of folk culture, especially in western Hunan unique multi-ethnic atmosphere in the humanities. Doors and windows carving exquisite, lifelike figures. The existing town 13 stone door, the entire article by Shi built own Menbian the inscription, the inscription of these diverse characters, rigorous technique of writing, far-reaching connotations, such as "Chang Li-magnanimous" People feel the charm of the ancient castle. 0.5 kilometers north of the ancient castle of tea Nao two drill ground, south of the town has a magnificent evil tower. Around the ancient castle there are many cultural relics, to be Textual Research Development.
  Second, the ancient and beautiful. Jia Tang Shu ancient castle, east and south of the West on three sides are surrounded by mountain streams, rivers Lee bottomed out, there are a lot of siege pond to form a natural line of defense. According to the old memories here at that time there have been 48 Tong, soft-shelled turtle pond with fish fertilizer yen, algae problems, but unfortunately the pond is now running low. 100 meters to the south of the mountain Ginkgo biloba ginkgo Bay, in the autumn, autumn leaves gold pan, if the rain when Yela if fans, many fruits, For the eye.
  East to the ancient castle there is a 1,000 m high mountain, slope, Wang, the famous "South Great Wall" of the ancient Ying Pun in the Peak. By the magnificent city wall, were spindle-type, 150 meters long from north to south, east 50 meters wide, 4 meters tall wall, 2.5 meters thick, a total of 3 doors north gate only slightly as a result of potential slope - Can be entered, and the remaining two are steep, such as hanging, can be described as "Kazuo when Kwan, Wan Kai-Fu Mo" land. Qi Ying is more, there are two 20-meter-long rock, winding folds, like two giant dragon lying on the Peak-hung, head to the east; Shilong from the 3 m and a stone shaped like Fei, life, For the Youth Pre-employment towards the northeast Fei.
  Wang slope to stand on top look around, see the mountains and downs, the vast gray, beautiful panoramic view of the scene, the magnificent great momentum, the mental state is filled, not reminiscent of the Great Wall in the south barracks, walls, bunkers , Beacon towers and ancient Tuen close as lips and teeth, and none can be. Shu and The old pond, wonderful, beautiful ancient castle, south of the Great Wall of China is an important component.

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