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Tiger rest Ping - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Di Shuidong from the second floor of the West, there is a very quiet Qingshi Hill Road, which cattle to the mountain-shaped Ping rest of the tiger, unusually steep Hill Road, Road Cuisekeju side of the bamboo forest, and climb along the iron chain, about more than 800 meters after the Tiger arrived on the rest of the square.
It is said that the late Qing, Mao Zedong great-grandfather with a four-terminal "fung shui master," Jin Wood, I came to the hills, resting occasionally found here as a "treasure feng shui", Mao decided to four-terminal to be left to his two sons: De-chen, Chen Yi. Two sons, to discuss the decision, the first death, burial will in this "treasure." In 1904, as the death of Chen Yi's younger brother, the son of Mao Shun Chen Yi-sheng To verify whether or not the place for the "treasure" will only drive the coffin in the cemetery next to the park until 1912, was formally buried buried. Legend buried, the cemetery is full of tiger around the rest of the Pingshang Dan Hu Yan, only put the coffin Department loose soil, digging continues, only just for one coffin and buried a coffin, surrounded by faint bursts coming Sound, the legend gradually spread, on behalf of 20 or 30 years to spread superstition, feng shui of the Chiang Kai-shek's ears. At that time, owner of Mao Zedong's grandson Wing-chen is along the Hunan-Jiangxi Naoge Ming, one after another legend of Mao Zedong is now immortal soul, and the emperor real dragon has come to earth.
June 29, 1932, the KMT sent dig a grave Shaoshan to the red, while the dark mountains to Waduan home of Mao Zedong's "Dragon" in order to eliminate Mao Zedong's "Dragon" and dig a grave when the teams break into the tiger Ping, Hu Ting Shan mountains outside the audible sound waves, Feibing the team to dig a grave terror, is that Mao Zedong deceased grandfather's tomb appeared, the franchise will be days in secret to protect. Fear , At several graves dug, the bones will be stolen, and not dug tomb of Mao Zedong's grandfather.
When Chiang and Mao in the face of repeated defeat, Chiang decided to start again, but the people of Shaoshan has learned the lessons of last time, the ancestral tomb of Mao Zedong night will be filled with soil, will be buried in Tombstone, next to the tomb also took several False . Therefore, when the Kuomintang once again to dig a grave, as a result can not find a position not succeed. After the liberation of the Wamu organizations are severely punished by the People's Government.
December 28, 1986, the Board of Shaoshan Mao Zedong's tomb for finishing grandfather, dig out the buried tombstone, tombstone Wen: the first year of the Republic of China Ren-Zi Xia Ji, degrade, a significant test-chen-wing leader Mao Gong's Tomb, outside the inner Xin Shan Shan E, F Yichang, Sun Zedong, Ming, Li Jing Lin. Chak-ming, that is, in the inscription Zemin, which Ze Ze Lin Tan, is the younger brother of two of Mao Zedong's original name.
Tiger Ping rest of the name is the only modern times, in the 1960s to , Here in the South China Tiger has often rest in the sun, it got its name. Now Tiger Ping rest in the restored tomb of Mao Zedong's grandfather, a new, shipped from Zhejiang's Wenling Shihu two graves lying in an Shek Kong, the graves on the north side of the tiger has a booth. Visitors to this, and accompanied by Dan Hu, overlooking the mountains, all the soul shake, ear seems to be Xiao Ying further. Board view, panoramic view of Shaoshan.

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