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Xiangxiang Confucian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiangxiang Confucian Temple, Confucian Temple, also known as, Xiangxiang is the oldest one of the magnificent building, built in the Northern Song Dynasty Xiang Fu large and medium-sized 2002 (1009), the site of the original temple in the east of Xian Lin Gang Lianshui (on the east coast this Ping) Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing four North Korea, has to repair, reconstruction, expansion of up to seven times as much. Qing Emperor Yongzheng 11 (1733), Chaxiu the world to have taken it for granted Confucian Temple, Dr Yi Ren, Xiao Yan, and so see the temple as a result of UN-Guo, the collapse of the Provisional shore, then silver-5200, Shen Wong Yee shift was built in a ridge. This is seen today is located in Xiangxiang a campus in the Confucius Temple. The old temple was repaired last three years, Tongzhi Qing (1864), the Department of Hunan and Taiwan Xu Long Road Headed by the organization. Two hundred years later, in 1994, waged a vigorous battle in a Xiangxiang, many fund-raising, fund-raising over 100 million rehabilitation of another, so that this ancient temple architecture masterpiece, resplendent show heavy, solemn silence of the brilliant splendor.

Confucius Temple of the main building of the Great Hall of the Department of typical ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties Building structures, Zhong Yan brackets, green glazed tile walls, like the Tiananmen rostrum. Great hall, houses the memorial tablets of the past "Great first division St Wenxuan Wang Confucius" tablets, the tablets now gone, replaced by an air look very much like the statue of Confucius. Chong is behind the Great Hall of the Temple, its many treasures, such as precious ancient books of Confucian classics It is also known as "zun by the Court." Exercises had been transformed into an elegant luxury of a small conference room. Dianqian the two sides of the four rooms have been full advantage of the school, and built a showroom and History Education results show room. Zouxiataijie by the Dacheng Hall, across the courtyard is the Great Gate. Hong Di hanging in front of a black cross in Phnom Penh , A letter to the "Great Gate" of the three characters. Walk out the door by the Dacheng, Wen-hsiung is the granite of St. Paul - Star lattice door. Lattice door by 6 Star vertical square pillars 15 and Wang Fang from Shilianghe structure, symmetry with each other. Each to the top of the vertical columns are squatting a small stone lions, the Huhu there are angry. Diaogong can not say that its fine, but Careless, the form can not be said Wei, but does not shrink, to follow a middle course. Lattice in front of the stars of the past, and Bridge No. 1. Bridge is a champion on both sides of the enclosure with stone railings of the stone arch bridge across the lotus Ikegami. Lotus pond in front of around by red brick walls, patrol, with an air of semi-circular square. Wall around the door are Closed on weekdays, the only major festival to be held in the open when. Outside left embedded on the left side of the wall engraved with the "civil and military officials, this dropped" the stone. Legend has it that only the top high school are eligible to board the No. 1 Bridge, through the lattice Star Gate, Dacheng Dian Qian square foot under with marble sculpture from the "sea You Long" pattern Head of the lead, went straight to the Great Hall. Today, there is no bridge champion, was also filled lotus pond and built a 400-meter track with the standard stadium. This ancient legend has become well-known historical anecdote.

For thousands of years, Confucius has been regarded as a disseminator of Chinese culture, and civilization is the Confucian Temple Zheng. Feudal imperial dynasties of all pay homage to Confucius, sealed from generation to generation. Xiangxiang Confucian Temple in the main hall of the Great Hall was built, "teacher praise of Confucius" and "Four Chan-hsien," two Yubei also suspended a number of Royal Secret Inspector Biane, including 22 years of Emperor Kangxi (1683) awarded "Jesus Christ Shibiao" important; the first year of Yongzheng (1723) "Our ancestors did not" important; the first year of Qianlong (1736) awarded the "Heaven and Earth and the Senate" sign hung above a door; Jiaqing 2004 (1799) awarded the "St. epitomize the" important; light year (1736) awarded the "Saint of the Association when" important; Xianfeng the first year (1851) awarded the "De Qi curtain contained" important; Tongzhi 2002 (1863) awarded the "days of the Holy Spirit "Plaque. Zhennai" days not to Confucius, such as vancomycin night, "ah. ?? Now, the Confucius Temple Xiangxiang its unique architecture, of delicate carvings and a long history of Hunan Province has been listed as key protection units.

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