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Hidden Hill Hunan cultural eco-tourism zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hidden Hill is located in Xiangtan County, Jing Ping Huang, 40 km away from Xiangtan. Also known as the Longshan, Longwangshan, Xiangtan calendar for one of the four famous mountains, 437 meters above sea level.
As a result of the Northern Song Dynasty great writer, scientist Zhou Dali lived lecture named after, as a result of the Southern Song Dynasty and Ming Ru Juan, Hu and his son here to give lectures and apprentices, the creation of Hunan Faction, was known as the "culture of Hunan source." Tak Ming Emperor Zhu as thick southern tour now, have Yushu personally, "Hill hidden world."
  Hidden mountain and the town of Xiangtan County, Peng Wu Shek Memorial Hall is only 5 km away, at the next floor, flowers, Shaoshan, Wushi and Gold Mountain tourist line in the middle of the lot, location Vietnam is not only hidden Biquan Academy Hill, the three-yin Temple, and his son Juan Hu Ge Zangmu country and were left Church House, the former residence of Zhou Xiaozhou, such as human resources, history and beautiful natural scenery, there's an attractive, "Sze Mei Lake" , Mysterious and hard to the hole Dragon King, as well as natural hot springs for the past Zhouguanfuli, visit seekers can explore the St. "Four pool", "Eight Eight bridge," and so on, visitors can Xunyou visit to Cuba, but also leisure, Picking Shanghe, mountain climbing expedition.
  Hidden Hills, has been hard to verify the origin of the culture of Hunan. Since the early years of the Republic to the Song and Yuan Dynasties since, Hill has become a hidden state officials, literati, to move off man of cultures meet. Northern Song Dynasty Neo-Confucianism Zhou later years lived hidden lectures Hill, who wrote this famous "Ai Lianyue."
  Hill quite a lot of sites Cryptosporidium, a Temple (Ciyun Si), a tomb (the Northern Song Dynasty Neo-Confucianism, a writer Juan Tomb of the country), the two Temple (a temple for Lian Xi, Zhou Lian Xi, and later built this temple to commemorate that ; For another three-yin Temple, Juan country in memory of Wu Man will be three public Hu and his son), the two trees (a former Temple Lianxi Chuisi cypress, ten high-Zhang Xu, the rough Yizhang stem V. gingko away from the San Zhang Department has a high eight Zhang Xu, Yi Zhang rough near dry. Legend has it that these two trees for planting by Zhou himself), four pools (of lotus pool, pool to wash pen, and Yan Chi, deviate It is said to Zhou Lin Zhi, wash pen, ink and place), eight bridges (that is, hidden water bridge, the flow leaves the bridge, bridge-arrow, Ke, bridge, bridge Kuribayashi, Longqiao lion, fairy bridge, five Long Bridge), Well-known far and near. Shan-Yu Teng-hidden, Hunan culture collected at the source.
First, natural conditions
  Hidden Mountain, Hengshan Mountain is located in the north , Was Hibiscus country folk folk literature contains a great wealth of treasure. Recently, many scholars argued that she was a culture of Hunan is the real source, as well as Chinese culture can be a shining pearl.
Hill, also known as hidden Longwangshan, also known as the natives for their Western Hills. When the Southern Song Dynasty here is the cultural destination, Hunan is the school's founder Juan residence before his death one of the country, is scheduled to Wu Man and his son - Outstanding Science Wufeng home by the sacrifice of the jade. Hidden Hill in Xiangtan County in southwest hundred outside the territory of Ping Huang Jing, Li County town for one of the four famous mountains. Hidden rise amid cascading Hill, a steep rock, there are Qiushui Lung, and Longdong You track of their music, profound and unpredictable, just slightly west of the delay smooth trend, with the trail-Xiangxiang.
Second, customs
Lift tea, is to make a new house in a traditional program. The bride and groom with red paint carrying a cup of tea tray of tea cups, ladies and gentlemen, drink, with the exception of respected elders, where people want to drink tea Chan before tea. Chan Song of the tea is Geely, have prepared in advance, but also for the temporary improvisation, is to test your eloquence.
Next spring, the beginning of spring each year to one of the evening, tens of thousands of households Qiming firecrackers. Some "into the grid," Xiang An elderly would also like to swing, fruit, tea from steep to meet and worship to the spring With a view to the new year, often family-you spring, spring Fu Chang, Chun four seasons.

Ai play the Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Festival in Artemsia argyi plug on the doors and windows, hang iris, Pueraria lobata, is the spread of China's folk customs and one of the long-standing. "May 5 afternoon, riding Heavenly Master Yi Hu, Iris hand sword slay evil in the House." Ai is a The Asteraceae-year-old perennial herb, to a time of the Dragon Boat Festival, Al Miller lush growth; summer and fall, while out of the cylindrical-shaped flower head, being released into the atmosphere off a strong aroma of Qinren heart. In fact, Ai district in the medical aspects of it are still many features! For example: blood temperature, by Cold, to stop bleeding as a result ... ... Ai contain volatile , To distribute a rich aroma, and the Dragon Boat Festival when the rainy season, humid air, the bacteria quickly, easily indoor mycophenolate Health, vulnerable to disease, so people use this unique Ai rich floral evil to gas, air Disinfected at the same time, in outdoor activities such as the insect flies smell that smell, Come Away with Me, so that the good fortune Ai play the Dragon Boat Festival is not superstitious, but very scientific justification Oh!
Third, the historical figures
Juan and his son in the country at the beginning of Shaoxing in the Southern Song Dynasty (1131) came to the Xiangtan hidden mountain, to create Biquan Academy, often hidden, the area come and go, engaged in school activities. Shaoxing of the Southern Song Dynasty , And his son Juan States Duobizhanluan Biquan came to live in seclusion, the creation of "Wending Lovers", widely disciples, and the dissemination of research governance, foster a large number of talents, create a new school of Hunan, from famous to Xiangtan Jiangnan.
  Juan country from the sub-Hu, Chung original characters and scholars known as "Mr. Creek home," Zhu Xi is the industry division Zhu Xi from the industry by nearly 10 years in Science also had deep knowledge. Hu and his son and big trees in the Southern Song Festival, Allen & Hamilton study fine, handsome personality, in the back of the Southern Song Dynasty and the history of China enjoy very high praise of the election, the North-Zhang Hu-word Keifu scholars known as the "Nanxuan Mr. ", and Zhu Xi, B Qi Zuqian And said "three-hyun of South East." Shaoxing, in Zhang Nanxuan is Sanshiyinian (1161) in the al Biquan Academy Hu for the division, after going out from here, the history of the well-known figures. Hu Chong and Zhang Nanxuan other disciples Jiu-Jenq Biao, tert-Hui Wu, Hu Ohara, Hu Guang Zhong, Shih-meng Zhao (Zhao Kuangyin the son of Chang Song Taizu Yan Yi Wang Shi Sun's seven), to form a large, strong and stable academic groups, and this is the so-called "school of Hunan."
  Hidden Hill is the ancient Chinese culture a pearl, her Chinese culture in the history of the development of a rather important position, she is the core of the real source of the culture of Hunan. She Yu-generation after generation of sons and daughters of Hunan, the promotion of China's modern historical development has made an indelible contribution to the history.
It is said that the Six Dynasties, when a Buddhist monk, in order to avoid the annoyance of the world, from far away places come here to live self-cultivation. Later, two monks foot line passing through here, looking for more food to eat, attached Zhaobian The village has no shadow. Is disappointing, but see as the leaves are drifting down the stream. Two monks to eat, but the next day, the old monk has burned Cao Lu, a trace of the ... ... From then on, then got on the Hidden Hill arrived.
  Northern Song Dynasty, Jinbing invasion, chaos. Southern Song Dynasty to the early years, South Jinbing areas, Pan Qiang, bandits, bandits and rebels guilty of the farmers and so much utter confusion, I can say is "causing unrest Zhou Tian Han Chul."
  Jinbing brought about by the invasion of the scourge is coming from north to south, beginning in Hebei, Anhui, Hunan, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other places. With the Dynasty, "Luan Meanwhile," Nandu, a large number of refugees into southern. Yan Jian-three years (1192), Sung University with disabilities, Juan Ji Shizhong States to bring their families for the arrival of Yili Duobizhanluan Xiangtan in Hunan, who guided Juan is the country's disciples who Changsha dawn. When Juan came to the country hidden in the vicinity of the Biquan Hill, was attracted by blue spring water Xibuzisheng, so he decided to live here
  When I was a Wang-social only be seen as a child of the same day the blue spring water to drink it, my heart ripple effect is Qinrenxinpi a history of cool. It springs gurgle and gush, trickle into the water and into the Xiangjiang River, sinks into the Dongting, into fuel Wan Li Changjiang of the trend.
  Juan States Kanghou words, Wuyi Mountain in Fujian is under the Sung people. Song Sung to the statehood, now renamed the city of Wuyi Mountain. Hou Ho Quang originally intended to set up Hunan, only to the war by force, fled in panic here. But this accidental incident has brought about far-reaching historical impact. Hou Ho Quang longer than the "Spring and Autumn Period," Studies in the early years of school Zhu Wen and Jin Long of the Conference. Premier Wen Chang is the early Song, "Mr." Mount Tai, one of the disciples of the complex Sun, Sun complex in order to rule "Spring and Autumn," a well-known places in the world when. Chu and Chang Jin-wen and the Conference of Science are well-known home speak of the Friends of Cheng Yi. Juan Chang Wen Zhu from the country where the idea of a nuclear , To be understanding. Therefore, "Hu Chuan Spring and Autumn" is not simply the history books, and should be a class on the history books. Although his "view of the current situation", do not talk - in co-designed by, but "respect Junfu, chaos review thieves, evil spirits that are popular with summer razed change" intended to clear, well Son of the "pen cut," Spring and Autumn, "" original intent, the Song Emperor praised the "Spring and Autumn Hu Chuan", "well surely a saint." Juan country's "Annals of Biography" mainly on the completion of Xiangtan in the hidden together book Biquan Hill and Mountain's "Spring and Autumn House." "Spring and Autumn House," in Hengshan County, Hunan Province, the country is Juan lived in Hunan during the life of another and , Where the writing.
  Shaoxing 2008 (1138) on April 13, Juan broken down from constant overwork in the country to complete the "Spring and Autumn Biography" soon passed away. Unfortunately, he did not take away, but the writing was handed down. "Spring and Autumn Hu Chuan" later became the Yuan and Ming dynasties of imperial examination standard template. And become World Bank Institute governance, "Spring and Autumn school" can not bypass the classic, history, future generations have had a significant and far-reaching consequences. Even the late Ming and early Qing Wang Chuan-shan's brother and his son's "Annals of Science", by both the "Hu-Spring and Autumn".
  Juan Hunan in the country to build two books together, one hidden Xiangtan Hill, "Bi Church book, "First Mountain" Spring and Autumn House, "and later referred to as" Mountain Book Wending together. "This is because behind him, Gao Song, given his posthumous title called" Wending ", which means recognition of his deep-hole Meng, learned knowledge and a firm can conduct does not want things to the temptation. Just as the door-high marble younger brother of Jurists Xie Liangzuo His evaluation: "Hou Ho Quang such as the winter snow Yan, a hundred herbs died Potentilla, and the pine and cypress very own show also-ran." Country life Juan heart of the nation, lost land, often suffering min Juan pain as the country suffered. Juan section of the country very Zhi-wei, who too often called Road. Hou-door disciples never to promote good praising the light Xu, two-way only admire, since Juan understanding of the country, said "I think the world is aimed at, not just as valuable as the floating clouds, two more than Mr. Cheng, a man was also unexpectedly complex." Juan countries have a sharp sense of their impact on future generations, the third son of Yin, Lai, and Hong Hu from the Constitution "and the big tree in the southeast section" has become Song society, a beautiful landscape.

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