Monday, January 19, 2009

Mao Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ancestral Hall at Shaoshan Mao Chong Fung cited the foothills, this temple Beiyi Castle, in the lush forest of factory-backed, the construction area of more than 650 square meters, brick, far from looking very grand. Dark red arches, the middle of the book "Mao Hall" words, on both sides of the "Shao-Ling" and "Yuk," the word There are words on both sides of the couplet, "Note by the World Bank, dispatch want to sound at home." This three-Temple, is entering the stage, is a binary Chudo, and the table before this thing is Hong Liang Jiao Zhong, giant drums, for the three-ton after the Office of the Church, located the middle of the Altar, the Cave of the Patriarchs buy tablets. In 1925, Mao Zedong's shrine in the run-off farmers evening. Now, this temple It also opened the exhibition of Mao Zedong's family, were introduced in two galleries Shaoshan Mao Zedong and family records, a family history of heroes.

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