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Road Central, St. Francis Church in small - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Built in 1928, before the monument to the church is commemorating the 1910 battle to defeat piracy.

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Large-scale relief and Lookout - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the letter O bridge halfway up the straight look, there is a large-scale relief, as described by the residents of Macao-based lifestyle. The relief is room for about three, four hours to six giant wall, 12 by the combination plate with loaded from. Relief is at the top of a watchtower, visitors can board the observation deck along the first order, can not only enjoy the Characteristics of a relief, but also in Macau and the most out of the West River scene.

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Central Library - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Office in 1895, formerly known as Macao Public Library, is named for the Macao Central Library, the Museum is the creation of a hundred year anniversary. Its predecessor can be traced back to earlier in 1873 was built in the Macao library, which is a community of the nature of institutions, to establish a private collection in the library at home and abroad Books. July 27, 1893, Portugal in Macau through a culture of planning, decided to set up National Institute of Macao Xiao Li and the National School Library, the library will be renamed the Macao Public Library. Lee Macao night about school founded in 1894 and, while Macau is a library a year later, a September 25, 2095 to set up. February 1, 1986, No. 10/86/M Act to the National Library of Macao Cultural Institute of Macau (now the Instituto Cultural de Macau) under. And renamed the Central Library is at the Macao Cultural Department during the reorganization, at the same time as the Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology have since Right. Today is the Central Library of Macao, including eight public libraries in order to read the public network connected organizations are: the Central Library, City Hall Library, Ho Tung Library, mobile library, Mong Ha Library, Green Library, libraries and Taipa Road Central Library Tap to the Central Library building as the center of the establishment of the Macao Public Library Network, the only requirement for the public to read and ready to use in making a reasonable arrangement to a larger and more robust information system standardization.

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Urban Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

This is located in north-west corner of Australia, is investing in the construction of City Hall in recent years, Macao's largest park, the Macao Peninsula is the largest park. Park, site of the former landfill, an area of about 70,000 square meters, the long three-meter Baijiu Shi, San Shi hundred meters wide, longer strip to the northwest. Park Landscape is divided into two parts, north-east is the Chinese design, there are man-made lake, Quqiao, pavilion, small building; is the south-west Western-style design, there are sports facilities and greenhouse. The north-east of the pavilion built on artificial hill overlooks Gongbei China; Lvwa small building walls, elegant quiet, winding Quqiao, Fun charming letter. Central Park has built into a formwork from the children's play facilities, three blocks from the tower into bars, an interesting shape. Central Park still be around as long as 500 meters of corridors, it is all in the Macao park of the longest corridors, the garden most of the landscape to connect with. Central Park in the south-west and also Package Open-air theater, stadium and back to power and greenhouse facilities. Theater can accommodate hundreds of spectators watched the show together.

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Matsuyama - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as Guia Hill, Macau is located in the center of Macau is the highest mountain, more than 90 meters above sea level, the mountain is covered with trees, green want to drop. For it was pines and dense, into the current government, Macao has become one of the Leisure resort. Bi You halfway up a mountain road, several booths decorated during the storm, tree-lined Jia Dao Qing Xu, flip Songtao, Jade, very Wild. Around a week, we take a look at the city's landscape, scenery 4:00 vary with the seasons, one day there are changes in traditional costumes and Chaoyang, the rise in the horizon, looking very occasion of the infinite sea, the birds fall of the West, reflects the sunset, do storied dye, so that The setting sun is infinitely good germination human kindness. Peak Beacon, known as the Guia Lighthouse, high above, aim to reinforce the coast, launching a huge fire Guangzhu Heng Kong, to those who guide the direction of the night. Lighthouse was built in 1865, the tower 13 meters high, is the first lighthouse in the Far East, the original use of light-emitting kerosene lamps, lamp for light switch now. Lighthouse in 1874 by hurricane damage LED had stopped, after 30 years of heavy drums. The original brass kerosene lamp has long become an antique, to keep within the lighthouse. On the location of the lighthouse, panoramic Macao, the mainland and the islands around the panoramic view of mountains and rivers, Kuaizai better! It is also a symbol of Macao, Macao has been listed as one of the key cultural relics protection. The board Matsuyama, at least four paths: Guia straight on the ramp. This ramp, also known as the "long ramp", so long ramp and ramp, a lot of people were seen as a dangerous road, and come more often to drive this car or motorcycle on the road. Some of them are a lot of young people, here at Pine Tree, To start running before the warm-up. Long hoses from the park straight on. In Long hose straight into the park entrance, one will see a stone staircase, along the stone staircase straight up. Matsuyama to reach. The daily early morning many elderly morning walk through the mountains here. Park sidewalk cafes by the left Small on the road. Second Long Park throat of which are equipped with a unique alfresco dining, there is a small road on the left, on a direct route to Matsuyama. Peak vehicle access. In 2098 the opening of the Peak Matsuyama Ferris wheel, in Long hoses on the main door of the car park, direct access to Pine Tree Drive, health, the need to drive five minutes, and the cost is divided into Three Portuguese currency one-way, two-way and 5 yuan currency Portuguese. In addition to efforts to save a lot of mountains, along the way can enjoy the whole-lung throat park scenery. Matsuyama repair by the Macao government, is now up and down can be divided into two healthy track, and leisure Square, together with the original lighthouse Matsuyama, the Hong Kong Observatory and along the way can be Australia-wide look at the beauty, and so on, so that became Matsuyama are a young and old friends, go out to enjoy a holiday on time, and will travel to a good place.

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St. Michael's Church in small Elgin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the quiet environment of the Western Cemetery, the small church building was built in 1875, rebuilt in 1898, this is Australia's best preserved ancient buildings, its in-house and painted green and white, the church's windows were installed Fine set of stained glass.

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Door integration - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Bay at Lake outside the inner harbor entrance, in the face of San Diego hotel, and not far from the Maritime Museum, the door is the integration of a 40-meter monument, a symbol of friendly relations between China and Portugal, the monument was completed in 1993.

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South Bay lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Macau is a large-scale construction projects in recent years, is now basically completed, still left some of the landscaping works. South Bay artificial lake in two parts: The first South Bay Lake, with music fountain; the other is the West Bay Lake, near the door and integration with TOWER Macao, is frequented by local lovers.

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Kang Gongmiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fifth Street is located in the middle of October, over two hundred years ago. The temple Kanggong Zhenjun enshrined in the main hall, that of the Han Shuai Li Lie, the state-owned Bao Gong, the closures become Kang Gong. Li Hong Guang is left in the South China Sea King St., Western Hills for the right-designate Kim Sung Wang, Piandian before the sixth patriarch for the San Fernando, after the Han dynasty physician Hua Tuo first division. The main temple dedicated non-performing happy, Former central place of "stone wine vessel" in the clearance between the sculpture from Xianfeng, as well as ships, Lei Yue Longmen, Lung Fung Ching Cheung Hok Yan and auspicious motifs, the stone dedicated to the good men and Xinnv letter to the deities of worship used Dianjiu And therefore referred to as "wine vessel stone."

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Vasco Da Jiama ancient garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma will win the day at the Guia street, Guia Drift, between the Royal Hotel before a towering bronze statue, green grass of the garden, fine-sounding name Vasco Da Jiama ancient gardens. Garden was founded in 1898 by Portuguese engineer Liu crow Nu Nishi design, to commemorate the Portuguese navigator Vasco Da Jia Gu Built. Park plant in southern rich characteristics of trees, arranged in neat, flower embellishment, red wooden chair at them, open space for comfort. There are also gardens with children's play area for children to play to play.

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Audio-visual concept - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Macao is located in the new points of the new reclamation area in the Macao Cultural Center across the ramp, in March 1999 opening. Height of 20 meters. Copper made from. Macau is also a center of Buddhism, is outside the newly constructed Waterfront Park, a very pleasant, clean air.

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Shun Feng Tong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At Shun Feng Tong. San Lorenzo Church, also known as the wind letter (Feng Shun-tang), is Macau's famous cathedral, a wide area, in front of the church there are about two rows of stone steps leading directly in front of large, full style, planting a garden Palm trees, the church hung with antique chandeliers, grand and solemn, very characteristics. Wind letter as early as the establishment of the Church 599, several times during the renovation, which in 1618 a larger. In 1979 carried out by the window decoration, so that the benefits of this ancient Church of Light. Church design, magnificent. Bingzhi around the Clock Tower, is a clock, the time for use; is a bronze bell, Mass in the church when the shaking roar by. The roof of the church, the Chinese-style tile surface details, interior decoration of the East is full of color, classical Yi Qu. Spacious halls to the great, great beams and beautiful chandelier, it is quite broad-ho style. Within the altar dedicated to St. Lorenzo statues, dressed in brilliant Yipao Holding a Bible, a hand wand, with a solemn silence, in the eyes of the sailing of the Portuguese people, asylum is safe, given the wind god of the letter. Mon-Fri opening hours are 10:00 am to 4:00 even under, is Saturday at 10:00 to even the next 1:00, Sundays and public holidays every stop in the open.

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Catholic Museum of Art - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ruins of St. Paul's Catholic Church located in the Museum of Art after the Ruins of St. Paul. In 1995 into a museum built for tourists, to enjoy the history of the portrait, has disappeared and micro-Mother of God Church, also visited the tomb of a Church, have been buried in the tomb in some of Vietnam and Japan Martyr. In addition, visitors can also visit Catholic Museum of Art, the Museum's collection of the various churches and monasteries Australian representative paintings, sculptures and ceremonial ornaments. Jesuits in 1565 began to settle in Macau, then in order to promote the spirit of Christ for the purpose, in favor of the East-West cultural interchange and coexistence, the promotion of teaching As well as the cause of missionary work are closely related. Since 1602, the College has a new church, as several churches were destroyed before the fire. It is a church with three halls of the grand cathedral, its appearance was as archaeologists in the area to carry out a series of rehabilitation and construction of the Museum of the picture Like the set. In the building, the church by the Chinese and Japanese craftsmen take part in the building for the church to erect a cultural characteristics of a model for the club celebrate Jesus. For centuries, the church within a wealth of content so that the visitors left a deep impression on him. In 1762, the Jesuits were one by one, and From City Hall to deal with. Later in the camps set up here, which lasted for several decades. In 1835, in the barracks kitchen suddenly caught fire spread to the rest of the ancillary buildings, destroyed churches, and almost destroyed the whole building sites. From 1990 to 1995, in the former locations of the church repair works and the construction of Cheng Museum. Macao people are familiar with the most marked ------" Ruins of St. Paul's, "After 1990 to 1995 after the completion of the museum, a new face to greet visitors. , Tourists, to enjoy the pictures had disappeared and micro-Mother of God Church, also visited the tomb of a Church in Japan and Vietnam in a number of martyrs to rest in peace. In addition, visitors can also visit a Catholic Museum of Art, the Museum's collection of the Australian church and the monastery's representative paintings, sculptures and ceremonial ornaments.

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Macao Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Macao Museum is located in artillery on the stage, such a fitting location because the Portuguese as early as the end-result there is the heart of the city. Fukan within Hong Kong's major Fortress Hill Jesuits were selected, where they built forts, churches and seminaries, known as "Ruins of St. Paul's." The whole construction of the fortress A nine-year period of time, to start in 1617, for completion in 1626, 1835, during a typhoon, a fire destroyed as a result of the seminary as well as the large majority of the Fort buildings and churches, only the anterior wall of the church (commonly known as St. Paul) to be spared . Over time, the walls of the site turned into a meteorological station in the At the mercy of the public and regular visitors to the park, the site often used to hold outdoor celebrations of the Macao Music Festival opera program has performed there. Macao Museum of preparatory work in the formal coming into operation in April 1995, the museum will be opened up as a fortress. The museum project In the September 2096 start in April 18, 2098 opening of the building. Museum construction project consists of two parts: the fortress is located in the museum exhibition and the building is located in the hills north of the museum's administration building, with a total area of 2800 square meters, the actual exhibition area of about 2100 square meters, was irregular quadrilateral All of the ancient city walls were repaired, artillery also new look, the original entrance once again open to the public, which is also near the entrance to a cafe and set up a store. Fort arrogant visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Islands and Macao. The tourists used to take a long walk across the yard and the stone steps to reach the door to Fort Due to the construction of the museum, carried out excavation work, so today's visitors from another electric staircase entrance into the fort. In the museum courtyard in front of a sidewalk cafes for visitors to enjoy, a store selling books and souvenirs, there are on display in the museum of local artists Tan Jin To make plaster replicas of works of art. Another along the ladder can be electric to the main entrance, where a stand-style colonial period, milk yellow dome of the arch, which across the Great Wall between the original fort. The museum is divided into three tiers, with the first two floors below ground at Fort, the third tier side in the Fort . Although the Administration Building Museum is located outside the fort, but runs through a wall, with escalators and tunnels connected to the museum hall. Administration Building, with administrative and technical staff offices, museum collections storage, repair rooms, workshops, computer, the Security Center and the Lecture Hall, etc. Administration Building A total area of 2300 square meters, including for the public and tourists of the gift shop and sidewalk cafes. Museum of the thematic content of the exhibition, part of three hours or less, respectively, in the three-storey museum display area. Macao regions of the original Civilization ( A): The origin of the region, and the New Stone Age to the middle of the seventeenth century, this important Macao International (Asia and Europe) traders in Hong Kong, Macau during this period is the golden period. Macao and the traditional folk art (second): through the display of local culture derived from different Wood, which was brought about by Macao's social and cultural wealth of the unique aspects, such as: Macao's traditional festivals, daily life, traditional crafts and trades, such as typical. Macao contemporary characteristics (third level): Museum is the last one. Introduces the various aspects of contemporary Macao; by the beginning of this century is The elderly may also recall the retrospective period, to the current social situation. Macao will be forward-looking and this is the last layer of the exhibition title.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Hac Sa Beach - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hac Sa Beach is a natural beach, Macau is a well-known natural sea bathing. Gulf were half-moon, the gentle slope, wide beach. A nearby pine, and lush green; built next to the car park of a broad, bus stations and various small shops.
  Black Sand is swarthy features, the creamy sand, beaches Named after. It is said that the black sand as a result of the marine environment, a specific form of black secondary Glauconite caused by mine. [Glauconite] affected by ocean currents, moving to shore, and then carried by the wind and waves to the beach, so that the original white and bright and clean white sandy beaches, into a fascinating and mysterious on the beach.

Every holiday weekend Summer season, Hac Sa Beach visitors, such as carp robust. Black Sand Beach is near the entrance to the park.

Cultivation of a large bank of Casuarina trees, evergreen forest belt into the shore, and the Hac Sa Beach Xiangyingchengqu, the most desirable picnic, rowing, swimming. The bank has 4,000 years ago unearthed pottery products, is the first Evidence of life in Macao. In recent years, Black Sand shore of the new five-star hotels and golf courses, such as new tourism facilities, so that the "Black Sand Talang" icing on the cake.

Next to the Hac Sa integrated activity center, reached an area of 18,500 square meters, one by one with a variety of recreational facilities such as tennis courts, volleyball Small and medium-sized golf course, multi-purpose sports grounds, swimming pools and children's standards of the Olympic swimming pool and so on. In the evening, more centers Piyou barbecue sites, the supply of chicken, pork chops, steak, such as meat, so that customers enjoy the fun of barbecue.

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Bishop Tong Shan small - Chinese tourism scenic spots

West Guia Hill Bishop's Peak, also known as the small Church of Our Lady of small sea cliff together, was founded in 1622; in 1892, after the removal of the nearby castle, Church of Our Lady to be gradually expanded in 1835 to become today the reconstruction of the grand scale. Notre Dame halls, buy a marble sculpture of Madonna from the Virgin hands together even Facing the sea, very kind-hearted appearance. Under the one Notre Dame Luther caves, rocky cave, opened in the arch, with legislation like the Virgin, before the grotto of open space on a piece of engraved bronze tombstone of the Portuguese, Macau is the beginning of the 20th century Catholic bishop Maigu. February 18, 1918, the death of Bishop John even then, funeral This.

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St. James Church in small - Chinese tourism scenic spots

St. James Church in the small building in 1740 in Fort Ma, in Macao at the end of this small town. Now, the chapel is a Portuguese pavilion part of the museum buildings, hotels built on the foundation of the fort, in this exquisite small church placed a statue of a saint and the Virgin Mary and flowers, porcelain portrait of Queen Isabelle .

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Lobby - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the lobby of the former, also known as the Cathedral hall or temple, has a long history. Founded in 1567, this was a small wooden building, after many years of wind and rain erosion and become dilapidated. In 1849, set the Catholic contributions to the public, re-conversion, today's appearance to take shape. In 1937, again to lobby Concrete for the construction, constitute today a magnificent grand appearance. The church is the most significant feature of the in-house assembly has rich colors of glass art as well as below-style buildings around the twin towers. All of the Australia's largest celebration of the church, will be held here. The hall is dedicated to the well-known St. Peter's. Spain religious building rich color , The purity of the magnificent appearance, internal decoration Qiao Jing Li, there have been many Catholic relics and monuments. The religious paintings such as "St. John baptized plans," "Catholics in Nagasaki, Japan was crucified map" multi-frame, and so on, are preserved in the lobby.

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Guanyinyan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

University of Macau in the foot of the hill, along the direction of the signs and television can reach the next. Guanyinyan dedicated to Kuan Yin Wang Hai, said that the temple installation of audio-visual concept of location, Guanyin appeared to previous years, was funded by a Fujian who built the temple, dedicated to Guanyin great people. Although the temple area is not, but it is very quiet Dianwai from the open ground, Macau overlooking the South Bay, West Bay Bridge and along the charming scenery.

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Kung Bao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuk Hing Street, also known as sleeping Buddhist, has completed more than 200 years, the temple statues Bao Gong tablets have to bless the people Chumo monster drive, chaired by justice, In addition, the temple is a series of other statues, including the concept of Audio-visual, Zhong Kui and sleep like the Buddha, and so on.

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Lian Feng Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lian Feng Temple is located in the road admirals, Macau is one of the famous Buddhist Temple, North Korea Ming, now nearly 400 years of history. At present, the main temple dedicated to Guanyin, days later, in addition, there will Emperor Temple, Renshou Dian, medical Ling Temple, the Hall of Shen Nong, and the curse of Deng Hua Dian Dian Niangniang pox mother. By the middle of the nineteenth century, Lin Ching court officials to Tour read, in the case of Taiwan, Lian Feng Temple met with Portuguese officials. At present, in an open area in front of the temple has a body stone Lin, Lin to Australia to commemorate the incident.

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Kerry Church of Our Lady of Jammu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kerry is located in Jammu and before the century-old church is a Catholic, she faces the sea, beautiful scenery, the church built under the garden, planted pines Calocedrus, with shiting, stone benches for rest, it is an ideal summer resort Summer Venues.

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San Lorenzo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At Shun Feng Tong Street, San Lorenzo Church, also known as the wind letter (Feng Shun-tang), Macau is famous cathedral, a wide area. Wind letter Church was founded in 1560, several times during the renovation, which in 1618 a larger. In 1979 into the window decoration, but also to make this ancient church times Inglorious. In front of the church there are about two rows of stone steps leading directly in front of large, full style, around the Clock Tower Bingzhi, is a clock for time, is a bronze bell for the church to do when the mass shake-ming use Zhen. The roof of the church, the Chinese-style tile surface Rongji, in Guangxi have a church antique chandeliers, grand and solemn, full of decorative Color side, classical Yiqu. The opening hours of the 10:00-16: 00 (Monday - Friday) ,10:00-13: 00 (Saturday), Sundays and public holidays closed.

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St. Augustinian Church - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gang Ding located in the former two, Adams St. and set by the Italian Catholic Church and the Church will be Sri Lanka, to Australia in 1586 when the construction of the missionary, three years after the return of all the Portuguese people. Australia is one of the oldest churches, Macao is also the first English missionary to the church. In 1825 the church was rebuilt, the magnificent majestic appearance, in-house Huang wide spacious, with marble altar has built a statue of the crucified Jesus back.

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Puji Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Puji Temple is located in Macao and the United States Fuqiang Road, Macau is one of the famous tourist attractions, and transportation to and from most of the area. Puji, also known as Kuan Yin Tong Temple is a Buddhist Temple in Macao three large-scale, long history and covers an area of broad A magnificent building. Chao Ming Dynasty, Macao is the largest and oldest Yu, one of about 360 years ago, Maung temple towering, three-in-depth, and even a few chess.
The famous Yin-tang, with the exception of its long history, is signed by China and the United States' hope 'Ha treaty. Buddhist Temple in China's ancient Buddhist Fei-building, a famous Chinese ancient temples of the characteristics of the first Buddhist Temple Main Hall is the second Hall of longevity is permitted, the back seat main hall is the Guanyin Temple. After the hospital was also broad deep garden is a large-scale, Hong Kong and Macao rare Buddhist temple complex.
Main Hall is on a Buddhist Temple, a solemn Wang Wei, Sambo 3 worship Buddha, are Zhangba Jinshen, the grand stalwart, one of which Sakyamuni Buddha, and Lotus Lantern and the Maitreya Buddha.
Dianpang hanging a bronze bell, ancient mottled colors, have three and a half-century history. Dianding the first ridge tile, glazed tile and the Ming Dynasty set with Seiko mosaic of Shek Wan dolls, lifelike, Miao Wei Xiaowei.
Hall of the permitted time is long, long life dedicated to , The serene Buddha, a symbol of the spirit of the Buddha of Universal Life. Zhudian into the Kuan Yin Temple, dedicated to Kuan Yin Tai Mid people, camphor wood sculpture. Ocean's 18 points on both sides of the Zhudian, Diaogong fine, created an air of style, which is located to the left of an Ocean's eyes float process, a high nose-long, curly hair on the temples, like most foreigners, is allegedly intended to Solomon Liweinisi people can be, he was in the Chinese Buddhist studies.
Kuan Yin Temple is a Buddhist Temple's main hall, during the birthday of Kuan Yin, a large hall incense, worshipers flocked to the scene lively.
Guanyin Dianpang a small garden around the pond in the garden there are a dozen plants, one of the growth of plants A unique state, has experienced dozens of years, bending the branches grow into a 'life' word, as long as the legend worshipers touch the word 'life' can be a long life. Into a Buddhist Temple in the ante-chamber hung a portrait, called 'laughing Buddha', in terms of the direction of the appreciation of the portrait, with the Buddha, as with all grinned and laughed.
Buddhist Temple in the collection of The more famous paintings, calligraphy, cultural relics, including Chinese and foreign be known far and wide Lingnan school of painting master is the only Guan Shanyue is a revolutionary belief, there are three major Lingnan Poets called the Yin CHEN Gong, well-known scholars such as Zhang Tai-yan, who works at the Hall of flying, For visitors to enjoy. In the hospitals Sengsheketang screen wall, gold carvings, calligraphy and sculpture, See elegant. Two screens, each engraved with four degrees set of hanging scrolls, to close Mi Fu, Dong Qichang, Liu, and other famous ancient manuscripts, carved works fine.
Into the back garden, Shizhuo Hanaoka a long four and Dan Deng, is the unequal treaties signed between China and the United States ? ? 'look' Ha treaty. In 1844, the Qing government and powerful country on decline Coveted by foreign powers, the United States, represented by Caleb, with the Qing imperial Senior Minister in the hope that Macao signing of the Treaty 'Ha, forced open Chinese ports of trade, the United States and the expansion of consular jurisdiction. In 1944, a Buddhist Temple in the rear Shi Zhuo Li Ting of a monument, the account of the matter.
In the latter Heights even in the rationale for the tree is a few hundred The tall banyan trees, Fimbristylis Meiran, Zhuangmaoguzhuo, more than Shuo Zhang. 4 stems of trees connected to form Posi giraffe. Unfortunately, withered in recent years, but remain attractive. 'Tree' rationale for even the name is intended to 'get ready in days devoted couple, even willing to branch' arguments. About this tree, spreading a sad and moving The story, the temple was built in the early days of Kuan Yin Tong, near a pair of lovers, as opposed to marriage and family Xunqing both committed suicide, buried together after the death of the Director of the rationale for even the tree tree to show steadfast love and death meant nothing.

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Fort Point buildings - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ha look at the beautiful environment of the Fort Point buildings on the mountain, and its construction began in 1849, is aimed at protection of the Qing Dynasty army, the fort built in 1864 to re-start, completed in 1866, with an area of 6300 square feet. Battery stationed in Macao later renamed the non-Portuguese nationality to barracks, the Valley "nigger . "Macao since the abolition of the garrison after it abandoned vacant barracks at the beginning of the 1980s into Macau Government Tourist Office under the jurisdiction of the tourism school. Tourism schools set up in order to improve the Macao tourism industry and the professional quality. At present, the There are several school buildings and a well-equipped hotel, the reception of VIPs Places.

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Wong Tai Sin Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sik Sik Yuen was originally called, incense is one of the most popular temples. Temple was founded in 1921, after decades of careful management, the resplendent palace as a whole, the majestic building. Temples dedicated to the Wong Tai Sin, is said to accede to the demands, and those who signed more than Dianqian in worship, near the solvability of the structure of an organization to sign, his divine God, in particular, Year's Day or during the festival, a letter of good men and women who open the floodgates special incense Wang. Park next to the temple with a small, well-designed, sophisticated refined, very scenic landscape. Flanking the Nine Dragon Wall, the Imperial Palace in Beijing and is modeled on the system. Traffic: Wong Tai Sin MTR station B2 exports, about 3 minutes to walk to.

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Street Steps - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Duddell Street Steps linking Queen's Road Central and Ice House Street, the largest stone road, stone steps under the gas lamps built in the years 1875-1889, Hong Kong is only 4 old-fashioned street lights in an oldest. Many Hong Kong television drama were shot here, so regular visitors to the sense of deja vu. Transportation: to sit To the Central Station, from the Landmark to the exit of the Ice House Street, Queen's Road Central can be seen, and then along Queen's Road Central, go east (and the vehicle in the opposite direction), Duddell Street is the first right-hand side lanes .

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Man Mo Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hollywood Road, Hong Kong is the most historical temples, created history can be traced back to the early history of Hong Kong. Wu Di and the temple dedicated to Guan Di, possession of the temple is 27 light years of a bronze bell is evidence of the temple, according to this 150-year history. It is said that years of the Qing Dynasty, began cutting off the head and yellow, such as burning ceremony to present However, to be recognized by the Hong Kong Government. Cimiao despite repeated construction, the old general still has a large incense. Transport: Central Des Voeux Road Central, The Landmark by the former 26 bus line, the second in the Hollywood Road Station, within walking distance

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Hong Kong Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cotton Tree Drive, located near Admiralty MTR Station. This park has simulated tropical rain forest environment Aviary, keeping the more than 150 kinds of birds. Park has 200 m long wooden bridge, and high-crown, wide meandering park, visitors can enjoy a stroll. Rich water features and characteristics of a terraced garden, for impromptu performances Square Garden and the sculpture, pottery Center drawing board and give visitors a fresh experience. Traffic: Admiralty MTR Station F exported to Pacific Place, along with signs go shopping, take the escalator on the second floor. Admission: Free opening hours :7:00-23: 00

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Museum of Tea Ware - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At the Cotton Tree Drive, built in 1846, was Victoria Barracks Flagstaff House. At that time, the commander of British Forces, Major-General D'Aguilar first of all to live. In 1981, becoming the specialized sections of the exhibition and collection of the Museum of Tea Ware. But also by the construction of the official residence, at the end of 1983 and are open to the public. Museum There are nine exhibition rooms, the furnishings were the Ming and Qing and early Republican period Yixing tea set made treasures and tea sets, introduced the production process. Chinese antique tea set in the exhibition here. Visitors to watch in ceramic tea set apart by the way can also buy some of the finest tea. Traffic: Admiralty MTR Station Road, Pacific Place export F Along with the signs go shopping, take the escalator on the two-up. Tickets: Free to remind: the museum is closed every Tuesday

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Victoria Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Victoria Park is located in Gloucester Road, opposite the entrance to the Park Lane Hotel, Hong Kong's largest park, was built in 1955, mainly to sports venues, swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer and other sports venues. Park at the entrance there is a bronze statue of Queen Victoria.

Every morning we can see very Hong Kong people in this morning exercises every Sunday at noon, the park held some characteristics of the current debate ? ? Urban Forum. This assembly is similar to London's Hyde Park, the public can debate with the speakers, the course will be broadcast live on television.

  Victoria Park during the annual Lantern Festival Hong Kong's largest market Lantern, this is the best place to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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Aberdeen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Aberdeen Bay is a fishing village more than a century ago, Hong Kong is also the first place, there are still hundreds of boatman to live here, retains the characteristics of traditional fishing village. Here, you can ride a sampan tour Harbor, each charge of about HK 50-70, if the number can be more bargaining power. In a boat off the , You can get as many of the beautiful scenery, the fishing port has a strong color, parked in the Gulf within a wide range of fishing vessels, the Sea Food supply of food, the old Chinese junk. Many visitors also made a special trip to the taste of seafood. Transport: take the subway to Central Station A exports Exchange Square, and then to the general bus 7 Road, or take bus 70, also from the Lamma Island in Hong Kong by boat to the Bay.

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Hong Kong Ocean Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Deep Water Bay on Hong Kong Island between the Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long in the mountains, an area of 150 acres. Highland Park is divided into two parts with the low-lying, low-lying parts known as the "Park Wong Chuk Hang," Ocean Park is the entrance to the main entrance; part of the high ground known as "Nam Long Shan Park", located in the south of Nam Long Shan, the high and low Providing hanging in the air For use by tourists. As early as 1955 that the proposed construction of the park, the authorities initially agreed to allocate 30 acres, the Jockey Club and the Hong Kong dollar investments 78,000,000, after the allocation of land to 150 acres, the Hong Kong dollar investment to 150,000,000. Initially only intended to build a "Marine Aquarium", only to be re-construction For a marine park and in January 10, 1977 completion of the formal opening.

Ocean Park Nam Long Shan Heights has three major venues, namely the marine animal performances Museum, Museum Haitao, the Atoll Reef. Marine Animal Museum show has a huge pool, Ikegami has a capacity of more than 3,500 spectators stands Here's performing animals, there are specially trained sea lions, dolphins and whales to kill, and so on, their performances have often been Huanshengleidong audience, and clapped their hands in applause. Hai-Tao House with rock-like artificial hills and coastal water, electric switch on a wave machine, rolling wave, fluctuating up to one meter high, where there is a At the end of the glass room to watch through the glass to watch the underwater marine animals roaming in the various Timmia. Atoll Reef in two parts, namely, light lake lakes and deep, there are more than 300 kinds of fish a total of 30,000 fish living in the lake, sharks, devil fish, grouper, and so on more than help them. Lake 3 weeks have thick layer of the glass wall, visitors In the bottom of the glass wall outside to watch the activities of the fish taste.

Ocean Park is an important indicator of the aerial ropeway (cable car), the total length of 1.4 km, it will foot of the mountain and lowland Nam Long Shan Heights linked to the high altitude of 200 meters walk, 6 minutes way along the road, visitors can view high in Deep Water Bay And shallow Bay Park and low-lying landscape. Here there are 250 cable car, each 6-seat, 5,000 passengers per hour. In recent years, in order to attract more visitors, the park constantly add new facilities, including a variety of video games, such as the Ferris wheel and roller coaster, and so on, but also to open up - a large-scale water park. Tour highlights: Ocean Park to play, can not ride a cable car, Mid-levels overlooking the ocean's beauty. Other attractions not to be missed: the Atoll Reef, Ocean Theater, Museum Haitao, Shark Aquarium, crazy roller coaster Elevator climbers, the Pacific Coast, Ocean Park Tower, the ultra-theater movement, the paradise of birds, Butterfly house, the dinosaur trail, children of the Kingdom, the journey speed, the oldest in the world-adventure fans and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat.

And the cable car lift: Ocean Park is divided into two parts: high and low. Both connect to a cable car, a total of 252 cable car, a one-way per hour to pick up 4,000 people. The entire cable car 1.5 km-long journey, to sit through the whole journey takes about 8 minutes. In the cable car, visitors can view from the air Deep Water Bay and Aberdeen, most out pleasant scenery. In addition to travel by cable car, another way to the high ground from a tree at the entrance to Bay, take the second-longest in the world covered the escalators into the high ground. The long-2 5 meters of climbing elevators, and can carry 4,000 people per hour in 30-degree slope up and down, I believe that in addition to Wei Gao's disease, take the escalator is also an interesting and stimulating programs.

Ocean World: most of the marine life in the exhibition are high, the Atoll Reef Marine Park is one of the most Visitors welcome. HK cost 65,000,000 yuan renovation work, the new Aquarium of the Pacific to the Indian Ocean coral reef environment for the new theme. Atoll Reef is not only more than 4000 belong to 400 species of fish, is the world's largest of its kind in one. Atoll Reef at the same time be able to accommodate Up to 600 tourists visited the approach, visitors can be divided into four of the Atoll Reef, through the glass from different angles to appreciate the beauty of a variety of fish posture.

Pacific Coast: Ocean Park's new Pacific coast of California, modeled on the natural environment, keeping the coast of California sea lions and seals, and write another "Sea World's unique process of" tourists unprecedented interactive fun.

Marine Theater: Theater ocean marine mammals is a good place to test their abilities. In the theater with a seating capacity of 3,500 per day for the visitors a few exquisite, interesting and lovely performances of dolphins and sea lions. Shark: In the Heights, the construction of the Hong Kong dollar spent 40,000,000 Shark feeding nearly 70 sharks, a total of about 35 species, including Xiequ form, known as "Fei Zi" brown shark care. There is a long 11.5 meters of fiber transparent viewing tunnel, which the tourists stay, as if in deep sea, and travel around the The Sharks also like reach.

Amusement: crazy roller coaster is located on high ground, to stimulate an extremely fun, but also the world's longest and fastest roller coaster. In addition, other mobile games such as the Flying Swing, the Ferris Wheel and the Eagle Fan Tian, and so on are also very good, like it can not stimulate the tourists miss. Scenic view - Ocean Park Tower: In addition to the dynamic of the game, like viewing the visitors will be able to 30,000,000 yuan into Hong Kong dollars to the construction of the Ocean Park Tower, 72 meters away from the land around the bird's eye view of the tower. Ocean Park Tower in 1992, built on high ground, the whole tower with air-conditioning, is the highest in the Southeast conception Tower. Park Tower at the top level, visitors from 360 degrees, there is no barrier to look Aberdeen, the Peak, the island of Lantau, Lamma and Cheung Chau's charming scenery.

Paradise of birds: birds home is located in Tai Shue Wan, is the world's largest home one of the birds. Home birds, there are only more than 2,000 A 200 species of birds fly arbitrary, visitors can also here without any interval with Lin's move. Habitat also has birds parrot garden, birds Theater, Flamingo pool and artificial lakes.

Green garden: Super Cinema City covers an area of 900 square meters of the theater with a total of 100 seats, with seat-oil 5 meters high on the screen swings up and down the screen, along with vivid images and high fidelity sound effects, which the tourists stay, there will be unlimited to stimulate the "super-dynamic feel."

Butterfly house: in the low-lying green garden. Butterfly House is a cocoon-shaped glass greenhouse, and the temperature inside the optimum environment Butterfly life. Butterfly house has more than 25 species of butterflies, more than thousands.

In the dinosaur trail, making a dinosaur model 17. Visitors can follow the footprints of dinosaurs, stepping slowly to the original era of the dinosaurs back to the law of the jungle in the world: a look at dinosaurs hatch from the Health, has grown to adulthood Health Circumstances. In the green garden, ancient-adventure fans will take you back to the ancient ruins of the rain forest. In the course met all the wild animals and plants are all in-kind original, vivid, and high-altitude diving performances, you can set refreshing.

Kids: wide area of 3.5 acres of the "child of the Kingdom of In the summer of 1993 opening for the whole family (especially children) not only provides a novel and interesting thing. Children in the Kingdom, there are tourist trains, "Happy Little Theater," "happy sea lions stand" performances, remote control cars and remote-controlled boat, there are technical of the game "the game happy city", and "school of dolphins" Style.

"Amazing Journey" downhill machine: "The Amazing Journey" downhill plane to provide passengers with first vertical rise slowly, in 20-25 seconds of up to 60 meters high tower, and then stay in the air a few seconds, followed by Speed dropped to 40 miles on the ground, the whole downhill about 30-40 seconds, very dangerous.

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Repulse Bay - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Repulse Bay in Hong Kong is still the highest residential area, located in southern Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong is the most representative of the beautiful bay, but also Hong Kong's most popular and most convenient transport the most representative of the beach, visitors will be to the Well-known scenic spot. Repulse Bay Beach long, wide beach bed, sand and clear-young, wave-wave static. Sand China's Zhenhai Lou classic colors in the park have Niangniang days, the Merciful Guanyin statue, there are long scenic spots Bridge. The waterfront dining is to enjoy red Xi Chen, Tao Sheng good place to shore.
Repulse Bay's beautiful scenery, making it Hong Kong's well-known high-level one of the residential areas, including Hong Kong Li Ka-shing companies, Pao Yue Kong's luxury private residence.

  Repulse Bay Beach long, wide beach bed, sand and clear-young, wave-wave static. Beach area with changing rooms and shower facilities, and more in the summer lifeguards on duty. Beach is also next to the fast-food restaurants, supermarkets and restaurants, the famous Repulse Bay Hotel site has become a In shopping malls - Shadow Bay Park, there are high-level shops and restaurants. On the beach has a classical Chinese color of the Zhenhai Lou Park, with a dozen plastic-meter-high days and Merciful God Guanyin statue, next to the scenic spots there are bridges and longevity. There are in the vicinity of Deep Water Bay, Middle Bay and South Bay, the resort are welcome to join.

If you tired to play on the beach, next to the fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, restaurants and dining, shopping, once a well-known Repulse Bay Hotel has now become a shadow of the Bay Park Shopping Center. In the vicinity of Deep Water Bay, Middle Bay and South Bay, the resort are welcome to join.

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Beijing to stay private eco-farms - Chinese tourism scenic spots

To remain private eco-farm located in the southern suburbs of east Beijing's Daxing County, the land area of 2120 mu, 1,650 mu of arable land, the village is located in the Yongding River Alluvial Plain region, for the Quaternary cover areas of the south Feng River, North River to Hong Kong in accordance with feng , The low-lying, rich in underground water sources, the annual groundwater level about 1.5 meters 5 meters of drought years, but the resumption of faster, more convenient ground water. Soil organic matter content of about 1.7 percent, soil (from north to south) for the tide of sand to two parts soil, two parts of salt in the soil, Paul fertilizers ability, the climate is warm temperate sub-humid monsoon climate, the winter monsoon control of the mainland belong to the Northwest in summer Belong Southern coastal impact of the monsoon is characterized by hot and wet summer, cold and dry winter, less wind and more rain in the spring and autumn days Qishuang high, the four seasons. But the long summer and winter, spring and autumn short, light enough, the average annual sunshine duration for 2771.32N, the average temperature of 11 to remain non-ecological farms in rural areas in the suburbs of Beijing is the first into tons Village co-billion ranks of the rural village of one. Now the remaining non-ecological farms have been formed by methane as the center of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fisheries ecosystems. In order to promote a gas-centric, "Sweet green tourism" to accelerate development. Daxing district in the Inland Revenue Department through the local administration according to law, to take on-line declaration, the tax law to carry out propaganda Activities, the organization Banshui staff will be networking and other services in the form of taxes, give full play to the attention of the tax-conditioning work for economic development leverage for the Daxing district, "Sweet green tourism" development of a strong push into the agent. Daxing District to cultivate the Inland Revenue Department, with support Daxing advantage of the characteristics, "Sweet green tourism" and "Green Travel "the brand of intangible assets increased to effectively lead the Daxing tourism and related industries to speed up the development of style to create the" Golden Tax. "

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Beijing palace tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Geothermal World Exposition Garden Palace is located in Fengtai District, Wang palace in the town village, an area of 800 mu. The main attractions include: geothermal science exhibition center, spa special aquaculture, fishing hot springs spa center and pick cultivation base. Next Court Palace plans to use the beautiful natural environment, building geothermal ore treatment center. Palace and the village of Beijing Academy of Geological Engineering Investigation cooperation, in October 2000 successfully developed high-quality geothermal hot water. Hot Springs 2980 m depth, born 2700 tons of water, the water temperature of 72 ?, the human body is rich in a variety of useful minerals and trace elements. Professionals are hired for the Exposition Garden Well-designed using computer control and management of geothermal hot spring water, "a development, use of the echelon." First of all, high-temperature water for heating in winter, purified water used in hotels, entertainment city, hot spring water in the world and the villagers family fitness and sports, swimming and bathing, low-temperature water and then processed for special aquaculture and Fishing, the last of the cold water for agricultural irrigation of the park. By the State Department and the Department of Geology and Mineral Resources of geothermal specialists in the field to identify the "palace geothermal utilization has reached the world advanced level," palace also known as "China fever in the first village."

  Geothermal science exhibition center construction area of 300 m2, a layer of the workshop is to deal with hot water and green agricultural supermarket, two-story full advantage of modern sound, light, electricity and domestic technology around the world in low-temperature geothermal application of the display, oriented to primary and secondary school students and the general public popularity of geothermal knowledge ; At the same time, two-story visitors also set up a set break, video, medical Integrated communications functions of the visitor center.

Aquaculture Centers in Hot Springs special floor area 5000m2, a total of four indoor and two outdoor hot spring culture workshop was mainly carried out, special, superior, aquatic products and new tropical ornamental fish breeding and seed breeding adults.

Wen Fishing Center area 12000m2, a five ordinary fishing pond, two high-end fishing pond at the same time with domestic touch of rare fish and the fish pond of a fork, and for children with a goldfish pond fishing; VIP Lounge and The establishment lounges general, on the second floor, as well as catering services are greatly facilitate Angling customers and tourists.

Hot pick cultivation base covers an area of 350 acres, mainly for special planting flowers and vegetables and a variety of seasonal fruit picking, the garden is full of rich flavor; and 20,000 square meters of greenhouse to build smart, rich base for the overall function.

Plan The geothermal mineral-based treatment center, will be widely used at home and abroad geothermal hot spring a new form of fitness, new ways to carry out fitness spa, spa treatment and mineral hot springs, and so on medication variety of sports and recreational projects.


Taking an overall view of Exposition Garden, both participatory and entertainment attractions, and music-program-controlled fountain, large-scale On behalf of the sculptures, colorful lighting in one spot to watch; coupled with the beautiful background music, like a fairyland again.

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Long Fusi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long Fusi located in the North East Fourth Street West, was built in the Ming Dynasty Jingtai three years (1425) and Qing Emperor Yongzheng nine-year renovation. Long Fusi in the capital in the Ming Dynasty is the only fan (Lama), meditation (monk) in the same temple, become a full Lama Miao Qing Dynasty.
Long Fusi court was one of the House of incense, becoming the capital Of the big temple. As a result located in the East, and the relative Hu Guosi, commonly known as "Temple of the East." Qing Dynasty, the old calendar month on every one, two, nine, ten to open the temple, the solar calendar in 1930 to switch to one, two, nine, ten open the temple. Every temple, the critical flow of people, living near the Palace of the aristocracy, Dongjiaominxiang embassy district of foreigners, poor city And peri-urban farmers are driven to the temple. Here you can buy a wide variety of native products, you can eat a variety of local Beijing-style snacks, you can see the Beijing opera non-governmental. "Bamboo Beijing," said the temple was the peak "day be able to eliminate millions of money."

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China Rosewood Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rosewood is a growth of 100 inch of the hardwood, because of their material absolutely keep the world since ancient times been regarded as very few different materials. The so-called "Tan-inch inch of gold" and construction. For the average collector, a red sandalwood have to expect a few products, however well-known industrialist Miss Chen Lihua the other hand, has more than 1,000 such objects. As These priceless treasures on display in Beijing quietly on the eastern outskirts of a large-scale antique buildings, which is considered by experts as the book-section of a Chinese temple art Rosewood Rosewood Museum.
On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the PRC National Day, China's first largest collection set, the display to display art and red sandalwood Classical Chinese Furniture in reward a special class of private museums in Beijing, completed in the eastern suburbs. The CPPCC National Committee members, Miss Chen Lihua businessman who spent the past two billion to build China Rosewood Museum, not only to make up for the people of regret, China has filled a gap in the museum world - a few years ago, a State Administration of Cultural Heritage The experts have lamented Zhu Wen: In the western countries in a number of large museums have a special display of Chinese classical furniture exhibition in China, it is disappointing to find that only in the Shanghai Museum has a display of the Ming and Qing furniture special room.
The construction area of nearly 10,000 meters of the art of the Kingdom of red sandalwood, red sandalwood more than 100 pieces of Ming and Qing Dynasties And create new products of 1000 Rosewood fine static squat In the meantime, the general quality of silk, metallic sheen general, as well as the inherent beauty of silence here was a perfect performance

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????? - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?????Pinggu District of Beijing is located in the village on the eastern side of black beans, 90 kilometers east of Beijing City, which Jing-dong area for the first time, named?????.

 ?????development at the Department of the Great Wall Mesoproterozoic Gaoyuzhuang dolomite formation ago about Shiwuyinian, which claims to be "the best in the world Hole. "

 ?????is climbing, rock climbing, road cycling and other sports tourism ideal place.?????development in the Mesoproterozoic, Gaoyuzhuang dolomite formation, about 15 million years ago, is currently the world's oldest found in one of the cave, which claims to be "the best in the world Hole ". 4A-class tourist attractions, is the most Pinggu tourists and tourism revenue of the highest tourist attractions.
  Inside a total length of 2,500 meters, including 100-meter waterway, is divided into eight scenic areas: Penglai fairyland, the southern spring, and so on Shuilian Dong; including dozens of landscape; lamp flame, the west wind shutter Ao-xue Kunpeng, and so on. Landscape inside the cave, crystal clear, colorful, the most spectacular is the world's first found on wall sculpture with characteristics of "Double Dragon painting." Opening up new leisure-dong, constant temperature inside the cave, Four Seasons, Dongnuanxialiang for visitors tea tasting, self-cultivation. In addition to tourist spots and also to elementary and middle school students A variety of geological science knowledge, so that those who travel to the Karst landscape of the formation of a better understanding of the structure.

  Inside a total length of 2,500 meters, the smoggy Penglai fairyland, the beautiful scenery of the southern spring, the most talented of the Assembly of Immortals Xianqi meeting, colorful Huaguo Shan.

  More amazed by the people Fire Magic Lamp west shutter, Kunpeng proud of blood inside the crystal landscape, colorful, the most spectacular in the world for the first time found that the characteristics of relief with a "dragon painted hieroglyphics" can be the only world. Four Seasons temperature inside the cave, Dongnuanxialiang is drinking, poor products, off-center support and a good place.

  Jing-dong big Tung has been a smooth access to ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification dual international.
 ?????easily accessible, outside facilities, guest houses, airports, race track, fishing pond, high-altitude cableway, mountain slide (Hill red car), Cardin , And other entertainment projects. Moreover, tourists can also take the concept of electric cars Foshan, Dongting Lake and a variety of beautiful mountain village, is also remarkable to watch all the way in Taoyuan, Xingyuan, a variety of vineyards and fruit picking, first-hand experience with the return to nature with flowers and birds for the quiet Life.

 ?????convenient accommodation, the price will be . There are a number of scenic environment of the elegant hotel, each able to accommodate 200 people dining at the same time. Folk tourist village households, the hardware facilities, service levels had reached Pinggu folk receive requirements of tourism. The type of food rich visitors can eat their own farmers planted rice, corn and fresh vegetables, raised their own Chickens, picking themselves from the wild in the mountains, but also eat the plump, "Kaoquan Yang" and "fish".

  Assembly of Immortals inside the cave at gathering good Road, the eight scenic spots, such as Shuilian Dong. Including dozens of landscape: the sacred flame Eun-joo, Stephen Sze, Ao-xue Kunpeng, and so on. Karst landscape inside the cave, crystal clear, wonderful. ?????into, like the fall of the height of summer, autumn and winter and feel the warmth of fishes. Enjoy the meantime, the mysterious quiet, no wonder King continuous, with colorful lights, sparkling, wonderful. Visitors will see it stands, into the sky every road leading to Dong Ding Yu-zhu, very angry ancestors Buddha's heaven means of gas , Named "refers to the tower of God" and other landscapes.

 ?????complete tourist facilities, race track, bungee ball, a swimming pool, fishing palace, cable cars, karting, such as the Colosseum and the aquarium. You can Cheng Xing and Wang Hailou on and watch Jinhai Hu blue waves, mountains Xiuse reward. This winter, tours of????? Ice and colorful activities of the park, a huge ice-skating rinks, the ice park, mountain tour, and other tanks for the winter you visit a new picture. Pinggu County in the suburbs of Beijing's first equity participation by the farmers managed tourist attractions.?????winter tours of the ice and the ice-rich and colorful activities of the park, a huge ice-skating rinks, the ice park, mountain Tanzania The parade, and other winter tour for you to add a new scene.

  In addition, the tour could trip End large cave to cave at large scenic spots, "Dragon Valley", "Lake water hole" a visit here Artesian Bore Baths Fei Bao, Qi rocks, trees Cong-mao, the climate is cool and visually palatable .

Visitors can be more than Do the District day, three days, five tour.

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Central Radio and TV Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Central Radio and TV Tower, located in western Beijing San Huan Zhong Road, east of the beautiful and famous Yuyuan Tan Islands, south of the new West Railway Station, North bird's-eye view of the Summer Palace resort. Covers an area of 15.4 hectares, 405 m high tower. The world's fifth tower, the tower is one of the world association of members of the tower, is the Chinese Institute of Radio and Television Tower Members will be members of the tower is set to launch radio and television broadcasting and tourism, catering and entertainment for the whole complex. Wide bridge, square, white marble retreat to Taiwan's Huan Lang, a palace lantern-shaped tower, the Hall of Prayer for Harvest Tazuo of people streaming Lian favorite.

  Central Radio and TV Tower???????the original Design Institute 405 m high tower, at the bottom of the area of 12,143 square meters, construction area of nearly 60,000 square meters, by the trestle, back to Taiwan, Tazuo, tower, tower, the antenna mast 6 parts, the base of the tower for the two-story white marble Fence around the back of Taiwan, the very bottom of a two-story Tazuo for a variety of recreational facilities on Tazuo Step by step by the small tower, which protect the distribution of broadcast TV signals broadcast room, it is interesting due to the omission in the course of construction, pouring concrete when the shift occurred in the template, leading to the central tower about 150 meters on the north side of Tower has a small drum kits; in the back of the tower 242 meters Department has a bowl of the tower , The highest tower in Beijing's rotating restaurant and viewing platform on top is responsible for the transmission potential of the radio signal antenna.

  Central Radio and TV Tower in 1990, the main building was completed on September 30, 1992 formally completed the beginning of broadcast radio and television signals the beginning of 1994, 10 Public open sight-seeing, in October 1997 completion of the project passed inspection.

  After the mid-1990s, with the cable and satellite TV's increasingly popular in Beijing, the central television tower on the life of the people arising from the increasing role of the decline as a tourist attraction in his capacity as then Strengthened. In May 1998, in Beijing, the construction of the wave of the Atoll Reef, the television tower space at the bottom of the third to open the Beijing Aquarium - Pacific Underwater World and further highlights the tower's identity scenic spots.

  Since 1994, Chung Yeung Festival every year the week of Sunday, Beijing Education bureau in the Central Radio and TV Tower will hold the central television tower climbing competition, in accordance with the age and sex, race participants will be divided into different groups, players from the tower before landing stage, after climbing around the tower and the final 225 meters Department arrived at the end, Need to climb throughout 1484 level, Beijing is relatively influential Mass sporting events.

Tower on the 242-meter-high Hall of convective clouds, you can hold the celebration of luxury; 238 meters at the height of the open-air observation platform, look around the capital, Xiuse panoramic view of mountains and rivers; 225 meters high magnificent interior, the Office of view "Tea convective clouds," You can name tea Bird's-eye view of the new changes in the capital; 221 meters at the capital's highest revolving restaurant, take line 70 minutes, while tasting delicious cuisine, while three-dimensional panoramic view of Beijing, enjoyable. The Office of Tourism have hundreds of fine layer of CCTV and the Central TV Tower souvenirs for visitors to buy. Tazuo at 11.8 m Huanlang countries in the world there are two-story tower and the exhibition China Radio, Film and Television Exhibition, a showcase of China's Radio, Film and Television development of the history and current situation; there is a hall of East China's largest indoor colored granite stone, "Yun landscape tree." Tazuo a report of more than 200 seats are harder to receive all types of meetings There are towers inside the lounge, coffee shop for guests to rent.

Tazuo under the "Pacific Underwater World Expo" is a collection of marine science and entertainment. A spectator at the AsiaWorld-Expo a comprehensive, House for a visit, you can understand that marine life, to watch the Penguin performance, experience the undersea diving Sleep. Tazuo on the north side of the "city Sainaweier Cardin Club", for racing fans to provide the indoor arena racing, is a collection of sports, training, competition. Entertainment, dining in one of the modern new high-end entertainment. "Windmill naughty cat paradise for children" is a children's indoor entertainment world The project set up by China Central Television "windmill" program as the main line, no power to carry out a variety of physical training, with training facilities, is a children's park. The central tower of the night lighting solemn elegant, magnificent, warm a crisp, as Beijing has added more colorful the scene.

Central ?? Beijing has a broadcast tower is a symbol Minzuxingshi of modern architecture, its functions include the observation capacity of Beijing scenery, entertainment, dining, travel goods, such as the purchase. Open-air platform in the tower, and a two-story, back to Taiwan, bridge, dance hall has the characteristics of Radio, Film and Television and high-tech, high-culture entertainment, with Broadcast display halls, concert halls, Lu Xiangting, open-air cafe music, music fountain, the movie screen, high-end video games, recreation centers and many categories of high-tech entertainment.

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Firearms camp site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Firearms business at the former site of the Haidian District Landian Chang due north. Repair business in the five side streets, the flag will be separated by the camp opened. Each business Kyung chapter under the five-break with both hands, a negative file, were responsible for the government, economy, family files, Qian Liang, camp. Street, Old Ying part of the remaining housing, is to study the history of the Qing Dynasty Manchu Eight important materials.

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Haidian Mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haidian mosque is located in the town of Nancy fence Haidian Road West. Was built in late Ming and early Qing. Mosque covers an area of about 30 acres, the layout of the three Jinyuan La. North Temple Biyou garden, there is justice in the West Temple. Hall of worship for 3 before the two volumes of Bao Xia, a Dianqian Whitehead platform, Dian-zhong kiln built at the rear of a hall, the wall " Hala Bu "scriptures, the documents Dian Ding Jian Central 1.40 a Fangting for Islam in the form of construction. Preaching to build the North-South Hospital Hall 3.

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Sorghum Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sorghum bridge is located in Haidian District Xizhimen outside the north and a half or so. In the history of the western suburbs of Beijing is a bridge name. This is the Yuan in Kubla Khan 29 (1292) and justice in the door (this Xizhimen), built stone bridge. Ming and Qing Dynasties, where many ancient temples, the bottom has a clear head. At that time, the capital of China Wang Secretary of State, men, women and children, to every summer, the two sides sitting in the shade under the bridge Jiusi, tea house, visitors surplus door for a scenic spots on the outskirts of the capital.

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Beijing Tourism agricultural land of Fairview Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Tourism agricultural land of Fairview Park, located in the Haidian District holly leaf Liaogong rural village, an area of 1800 mu, a "high-tech, high starting point, cost-effective" for the purpose of the use of modern means of science and technology in agricultural and pastoral production, the formation of modern farming, Modern farming, modern agriculture and tourism as a pillar of the three sets of large-scale industries , Into a modern commercial agricultural production base, "the State Ministry of Science and Technology Industrial agricultural demonstration base", "China Agricultural Society of agricultural industrialization demonstration base" and "Beijing intellectual characteristics of agriculture demonstration bases."


  Beijing Tourism agricultural land of Fairview Park People demonstrated in the 21st century style of modern agriculture. At present, the opening of the main tissue culture room, hydroponic vegetables and plant species has farms.

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Baita Om Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Um tower at the Baita draw Research Institute in China. In the 1940s are here because of Om Tower and 000. Legend has it that Emperor Ming built in the "Battle of Jingnan" escaped from Nanjing, Thinning for the monk, came to Beijing later years, after the death of the Western Hills buried, and to build the mantle tower, tower falsely claimed that mantle Wen Jian tower. 25-meter high tower, in order to cover-bowl, for the single-storey tower Block indemnity, for the seat carved from the 6-Yang Lin, the shrines are surrounded by tower (the door vision), 13 days from the base built into a stone ring. To build the brick tower, part of Tasha placement of two tons of heavy copper canopy and Aquarius.

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Li Dazhao martyrs cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Li Dazhao martyrs cemetery is located in the south-east of the West Beijing Fragrant Hill Cemetery Wan-an, area of 2200 square meters for the antique-style courtyard building. October 29, 1983 completed and opened to the public. Comrade Li Dazhao was one of the founders of the Communist Party of China early on the New Culture Movement in China The establishment of the party, the first KMT-CPC cooperation, have made outstanding contributions. In 1927 was killed by warlords flip. In 1933 the Chinese to be buried underground in the Wan An cemetery inside. Li Dazhao martyrs cemetery for a square courtyard, a quiet and solemn. Li Dazhao white marble statue of the martyrs 2 meters high, in Li-li Zhao martyrs and the grave of his wife, Lan Zhao should be grateful. After the tomb to 4 meters wide and 2 meters high monument. Deng Xiaoping monument engraved with the inscription positive, "the communist movement, a great Marxist, Li Dazhao Eternal glory to the martyrs." Monument to the back of the CPC Central Committee Li Dazhao martyrs is written inscription. Li Dazhao cemetery in the main hall for the strong Revolutionary deeds showroom. After the cemetery is the revolutionary deeds of Li showroom to display the relics of martyrs during his lifetime, Yi Mo and photos. The shift in the soul found in Beijing in April 1933 revolution, the group held a public funeral for Li Dazhao's tombstone is also on display here, a positive moment "of the Chinese revolutionary leader Comrade Li Dazhao Tomb." Original In the south-west of the cemetery. Liu Bannong which was written by a headstone erected in the cemetery is still on. Li Dazhao martyrs cemetery in 1984, Beijing announced unit heritage. 1986 was approved by the State Council as a key protection units of the martyrs monument. In 1992, Beijing was one of the Home Beijing named the youth education base. In 1995 was named the Ministry of Civil Affairs of patriotic education bases.

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Jiufeng Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiufeng Forest Park is located 30 km west of Beijing's embrace of the mountains. Even here in Southern Taihang Mountains, north of the Yanshan Mountains, as if a jewel of Xiangman Hydrangea, a tease of the two long green dragon. Jiufeng Park under the Beijing Forestry University, is on July 27, 1992 by the Ministry of Forestry -Approved, in this area of 866.67 hectares of the magic world, the ancient winding Road, the magnificent scenery of the beautiful, rich in natural beauty, attracts visitors of all, everywhere had the privilege to be able to come to visit and the people Left unforgettable impression. Jiufeng since ancient times Beijing is a famous scenic resort. For many years, the majestic peaks and rugged rocks, rare trees, exotic flowers, attracted countless poems of praise, Jiufeng everywhere have left the imprint of Chinese traditional culture. Xianfeng was founded in September of nine-year ring Tong, still maintained a pattern of the original permitted. In the Qiaoba Peak on the growth of the two huge old trees, for a pine-crested Alondra, a towering pine for the shaft, the two towering old trees that shade each other, looking as if two majestic mountain eagle, Jiufeng be named. Walled Jiufeng the early years, was once the troops Liaobing Walled one of the 72 shows the status of the importance of the mountain Jun. Jiufeng of odd, as many as the most important trees. A few steps away from the capital, there were so lush forests, amazing. More than 800 hectares of parks, green plants can be called the treasure-house, the forest cover rate is as high as 100%, green plants is a natural storage place. There are evergreen conifers in winter and spring there are a hundred In full bloom and summer shade to avoid a day, more beautiful autumn. Bohai Songtao, red maple green-chun, ginkgo, water, clothes, juniper, cedar everything; cherry, walnut, persimmon can be picked at random. Long medicinal from the mountains, Pinellia food to a small root and garlic, yellow cauliflower; watching from the use of thin-skinned wood, wood to 6 can be used in the dye madder A total of more than 1065 kinds. Jiufeng from the top of the westbound Liang Shan, is the dense forest. Chinese pine, pine, apricot, maple, oak trees, oriental arborvitae, thousands of tree, various relaxation is the garden where the funny. Through dozens of years to reach the view of the fire units on the tower more than Si Zhang. Looking a little perspective, the Green Sea Teng, the United States and its infinite. At the turn of the Four Seasons, Jiufeng like a beautiful girl want to replace their clothes. In winter, snow-covered pines Calocedrus, Mei proud smile, greeting the New Year; spring of ten flowers, peaches and plums Yan, magnolia flowers, white as snow apricot, azalea, Rhododendron convective clouds over Yan; summer , Yum vertical trees, ginkgo biloba, the ancient Song Pang and cover such as, acacia, Acacia Green constant love; in the fall, Liquidambar, Chinese Tallow little bit of crimson, torch trees, maple-storied dye to make, such as ginkgo biloba flag Gone with the Wind, Ye Luo, such as butterflies. The dense forest and multi-level forest, a wealth of changes in topography, many are precious little animals Health Paradise. Pheasant, rabbit, Gouzi, squirrels and birds in a variety of competing Hang joy ride with more than 370 kinds of insects outside. A wealth of animal and plant resources Jiufeng is a treasure, is the pride of Jiufeng. Jiufeng Park in the old age-old trees as much as amazing. Millennium trees more than 300 old trees, The protection of a home more than 20 kinds of trees, the total number of trees to protect more than 1,000 strains of trees. Magnolia trees as early as the capital of the vicissitudes of life and going through unbeaten, six of the Ginkgo biloba tree is Hebao Jiufeng a long history of such attempts. Old Puzhao Si Ginkgo live with the famous living fossil, longitudinal bark, the texture around the cord, vigorous simplicity, like Heavenly Creations. Jiufeng mountains, magnificent in a critical situation, linked to the Fengfeng, Zuo Zuo embracing, deep gully dangerous, dripping fault. From a distance, the hills and downs, like the giant Dragon Dance. The last climb, mountain Valley cover, the sky Labyrinth. Not only here to enjoy the "list of small hills," Wei dangerous, but also experience, "Hill heavy-water complex, a new vista" Qi Ye change. Jiufeng spring, the best placed. 8 Qingquan, a long continuous stream, Miantian texture, rich in trace elements. Jiufeng Mountain, is the resilience and indomitable symbol of progress. People converged from all directions to the embrace of Jiufeng, visit magnificent scenery, to experience the natural scenery, the view is not Jiufeng Climbers where the fun. Jiufeng on top, the panoramic view of old Beijing: roads criss-cross paths like, such as farmland board, in the eyes of picturesque scenery beautiful. Jiufeng view, more natural experience of the great and sacred: the dawn here, Chaoyang sky, a red sun rising ... Jiufeng rocks, can be said to be a must. Or head or lying, or Or angry or ready spirit, or cutting Fupi, Jiufeng at the foot of a huge stand in vain, as if cut off, want to dump For fall, only the toe sucker Health lizards before Deng Yang, named the stone lizards . Guanyin Dong Chaoyang in the left side, there is a huge Shu Zhang, precarious, stone next to a tree 100 years of a tree is on the verge of death This stone is named after the "gas stone tree", such as the shape of the Moon-wrapped stone, the sun shining Yingying Jinding Xiufeng, people have been embarked on the wings of reverie. Jiufeng large number of monuments, Haidian District Administration of Cultural Heritage as a key cultural unit, the list goes on and on human landscape, so that the park's natural landscape and the Humanities History closely together, have a more important value. The main attractions are: Jiufeng, Jiufeng Hill, to watch Red Zone, greenhouse, the specimen room, Temple Xiufeng, ring the temple pond, the monk tower, the Om Sin, Yang Garden, home Pui Garden, site of seismic, Guanyin Dong Chaoyang, gas Pine and Stone , Mu Chunting, Red Zone, wild , And other areas. Jiufeng seismic China's first self-built seismic station, was the world first-class seismic one of China opened up a new era in earthquake research. Temple eliminate the debt in the past, "Jing She Jiufeng in mind," Stone still; old Puzhao Si, paintings carved beams and columns, show booths Qulang still new. Probe into Xun Gu, people can Many have heard such as "turret Rokuro" moving legend. Jiufeng Qi Ye, Gao Jun, lofty, rugged, green, is to give people in all directions, overwhelming the fresh wind up analysis of the situation and dedicated years to come ... ... ... ... stay: Temple Xiufeng Reception Center (624 5812) Address: Haidian District, North-an Township Jiufeng National Forest Park traffic routes: from the Summer Palace by 346 northbound I-an Township North, that is, to the westbound 800 meters. By train from the Shijingshan, the apple orchard on the outskirts of Beijing Subway Service by direct train travel. Tel: 62455816,62455821,62459209 fare: 8 for adults, students 4 yuan

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Lake Daoxiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, located in the Northeast, the upper reaches of the East River, south of the fertile Pearl River Delta, north of the culture of the ancient city of Jiangxi Province, Ganzhou, away from urban Hong Kong and Huizhou more than 100 kilometers from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong in the 200 km, ( North) Beijing-Kowloon (Long) and Canton Railway (state) May (state) Shan (first) railway in the river And into the territory through. The Beijing-Kowloon and Guangdong into the first city. South China is a modern city while a group Oasis. Heyuan to the territory of the main mountain hills, south of the Tropic of Cancer in the territory through the city to heat in South Asia monsoon climate. The city's total area of 15,800 square kilometers, is the size of Guangdong over One of the city. Heyuan belong to the Hakka language areas, there are unique Hakka folk customs and rich resources of Hakka culture. Heyuan is rich in natural resources, Guangdong is a major mineral areas, forest areas, water district, known as "Guangdong treasure" reputation. Heyuan has a long history. Qin Queen 30 years (214 BC), Qin-ping Baiyue, home county in the South China Sea, in this setting with Longchuan County, the county magistrate is the first unified Lingnan later, the Han emperor was called King Zhao Tuo South Vietnam. Jan 7, 1988 by the State Council approved the setting up of the city of Heyuan, the source dominates City, Dongyuan County, King County, Longchuan County, Heping County, a total of Lianping a five-county area. Longchuan County, Guangdong, which was one of the four ancient County, Zijin County by Dr. Sun Yat-sen as the founder of Fujian and Guangdong into the base open.

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Pacific Underwater World Expo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Attractions keyword: AAA-class scenic Pacific Underwater World, located in Beijing Central Radio and TV Tower, China and Singapore is a joint venture to build, more than 8000 square meters floor area. Penguin in the complex can understand the world to protect endangered animals - Rainbow's Central Penguin; in tunnel Enjoy the sea, divers to view hundreds of species of marine life to watch; in the classroom computer, visitors can operate a computer by hand, grasp the knowledge of marine life; there, and other marine life shark to show the thrills of the predator shark scenes were performing dance; there Seal performance, dynamic theater, diving equipment, knowledge and performance on In October 1998 under the Pacific Ocean World has been awarded Institute of China National Offshore "marine science education base in Beijing." October the same year, the Beijing Youth Science and Technology Museum and Pacific Underwater World, Beijing set up a joint first, "the Beijing Youth lovers of the marine science and technology club." Aquarium The total water storage is about 4000 square meters, there are hundreds of species of marine life, to the ferocious sharks, as small as the colorful coral reef fish. Salinization of fresh water aquarium using high-tech systems and undersea life support systems, the aquarium has more than 10 professional experts in aquaculture, aquarium and marine engineers biomass expert in charge of water Museum of technology and management. Aquarium of the lab technicians on a daily basis to carry out water quality analysis, scientific testing, inspection of fish diseases, so that more than 300, more than 20,000 marine fish tail here, as in the marine life in the same comfortable manner . Tunnel under the Pacific Ocean is the world's main , 80 meters long, 90 degrees to 270 degrees a closed ring in a transparent acrylic tunnel design, electrical transmission belt carrying tourists along the underwater channel through, as if the seabed in person, you do not have to walk, you can easily walk through the seabed. Cong colorful coral reefs, rare marine fish in the round-around, marine animals and plants Charming panoramic view of the landscape. Underwater World aquarium, you roam the ocean floor a dream come true. Pacific Underwater World Service is the purpose of recreation in the form of universal knowledge of marine science, to enhance people of the sea, marine conditions, the development of a proper view of the ocean so that more people understand the sea , Who love the sea, the Protection of the Marine. Address: Three-ring Road West, Beijing, China Central Radio and TV Tower on the 11th next Zip: 100036 Tel-10-6846117268461173 Fax :86-10-684611 8

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Yu public office - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu public office in the West knitting wool alley 51. Yu Gongjipuyu Beizaimianxun's great-grandson. House public beta is a cotton-hoon Tongzhi in 2008 (1869) Andingmen from Broad Street to move out within the new government. Is more of the existing beta-class complete the mansion. Yu public office hours and the Middle East, two in West, North-South Road in the vertical axis There are office doors, composed of five Jinyuan La. In 1959 the hotel opened in Sichuan Province.

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Zhu Yizun House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhu Yizun's former home in Bayshore Towers Xuanwu District alley on the 16th. Zhu Yizun, bamboo, Cha, a famous scholar of the Qing Dynasty, took part in the preparation of the "Ming Dynasty", Emperor Kangxi in the years to edit the "old news the next test". Shunde Library for the House will be a little south of the house, the original front of the house also has a Shuting exposure has been dismantled Sinomenine planted in front of the house, named "Guteng House." Beijing to focus on the protection of cultural relics.

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Zhongshan Hall site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhongshan Hall in the former site of the Xuanwu District beads on the 5th Street North Korea. Legend has it that Quan Chen Yan Song to the Ming Dynasty garden villas. At the park before, during and after the compound 3, the door is a wooden Yingbi; is to bypass the large living room, living room surrounded by corridors around another Kuixing Lou, stage, a rockery, trees Pavilion, pool, a small stone bridge, Assorted hospital window And so on. Zhongshan Hall is the early stage of the Guangdong Center Xiangshan, by the founder of Tang Shaoyi, later renamed Zhongshan Hall. Young Men's activities here in Guangdong, and later set up a "Chungshan Institute of Youth." Beijing to focus on the protection of cultural relics.

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China Islamic Association - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China Islamic Association was founded in 1953 in Beijing. Site of Xuanwu District in the Southern Cross-Island West, l03. Run by the China Islamic Association of College and train imams, mullahs and other religious personnel. Beijing also by the Muslim book stores Service. Editing publications, "Chinese Muslims" Chinese, Uighur). The Organization of the annual Muslim pilgrimage to holy Mecca. Islam was introduced to China in the mid-7th century, the formerly Muslim, Hui teach, teach Islam, and so on, this changed in the early 50's who. Muslims in the country has more than 1,600 people. Muslims in Beijing, nearly 200,000 .

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Willy Arts Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Art is located in Xuanwu Park Cassia Cypress Street, was the old artists to get together. Green formed in 1953. Jiexin into the park. In 1983 and Jiangnan garden features like built-classical garden now. Park Chu-hung in the main entrance of the South hand-written map "Xuanwu Park Arts" He reads. Park has three parks in the Park , The largest of which is static Graceland. There are quiet Tse, Chan Ting-ming, Lotus spray pool, Lotus Bridge Ten, and there are rocks, cloud wall, Qing-chi, Tse Ting Hin Kiu embellishment During this period, Chi Pang Turkish mountains, pine and cypress cross Tsui, Xiuse Yi-ching, Ying Chi Guangshan , The southern faction in life and in the mountains of the Ya Xuan Lan, the park will be Xiuse panoramic view. Arts Park There are mountains to the Department of scenery featuring Dicui Shochiku, the Green Wave streaming audio, Tsui Ying-stack floating Lion Park area.

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New hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liang Chi-chao, also known as the new residence hall is located powder Street glass room 115. Liang Chi-chao, a famous scholar lived here. Liang Chi-chao is Guangdong, Guang Xu Juren, will participate in the 1895 trial, with Kang Yu-wei to launch "a letter to the bus," is one of the leading proponent of the Reform Movement of 1898. Reform Movement of 1898 loss Liang Chi-chao exile after Japan, has since become chief justice of the Northern Government. In his later years, such as Tsinghua University to teach. Liang Chi-chao will be in their house named "ice tea room", since "ice tea masters of the room," is still drinking ice room.

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5 Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

5 Temple in Xuanwu District Han population of the West Lake Tieshu Xie Jie and Xie Jie Cherry at the junction between the Department. There are Hall of the Jade Emperor Temple, there are Bingbushangshu Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, Wang wrote in mind as stem-built, that there was Zhengyang. Dragon's Xuanwu traffic, it is built on the side of the Jade Emperor Temple palace, the rate of the gods to the town. Hall of the Jade Emperor, this has been Deposit. The other is for the eunuch Wei Zhongxian all built to an blessing.

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Wan Nishinomiya - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nishinomiya, located in the Xuanwu District Wan Bai Zhifang A on the 29th Street East, covers an area of 4.7 hectares, is Beijing's first Old Park. Wan was Nishinomiya in the Ming Dynasty temple ruins are still left over from construction of temples and tablets, in order to maintain the original ancient style, and reflects the characteristics of Old Park, Park special Open to the left of the main construction area, such as "Green Chuk Yuen" - Old Activity Center; "Qinfang Park" - Beijing customs Yun, bird watching place; "woodland health care" - places such as old age gateball . On this basis, the park also highlight the theme of recreation in the east and south of the construction of the two - Various antique-style arches, the inscription on the back of "Changle Yongkang", "Warm Life." And the construction of the "park's Minds," "open-air dance floor", "Great Lawn woodland" and "practice areas" such as scenic spots and attractions to employ calligraphy for the title of famous inscription, written in conjunction, all filled with a kind of cultural atmosphere.

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Shi Yu Shan House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shi Yu Shan Luo Mashi's former home in on the 11th Street alley iron gate, that is, Xuancheng Hall. Xuanwu District Court for the cultural relics protection. Run Zhang Shi (1619-1683), yet the word white, Yu Shan, who Xuancheng, Anhui. Junji Jinshi, for example, when Emperor Kangxi learned Hongru, Shi Jiang granted, to Shidu. Qing is Well-known poet, along with the Song Wan. For the former residence of the courtyard, a descendant Kebei set on the wall.

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Rong Bao Zhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rong Bao Zhai, formerly known as the "studio Shochiku," was built in 11 years of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1672 AD), after 20 years of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1894 AD) changed its name to Rong Bao Zhai, has been 300 years old History. Shochiku studio is a founder of Zhejiang, Zhang, he was first Officials in Beijing to use its pension of Silver opened a small "South paper shop." After Liulichang for the most well-known paper shop to the south, the official contractors for its volume, named after the official break. Because of operational difficulties, the Qing Emperor Guangxu 20 (Year 1894), the name will be changed to "Rong Bao Zhai," check "the text to friends, Rong As a treasure "of Italy, and invited well-known at the time of the great calligrapher Lu Xiang (clearance Tongzhi champion, was the Imperial College sprinkling Festival) wrote the name of the" Rong Bao Zhai, "reads the characters. After their skills and Rong Bao Zhai," board watermark " Famous. Watermark board is unique to China an ancient hand-printing technology, This method of printing out exactly like the original Chinese painting, can be achieved, "spurious" the point where it is today can not be any printing methods are comparable. Rong Bao Zhai watermarking method, the use of timber produced "Seventy-two Shijian-designate," "Seasonal round-envelope", Lu Xun, Mr. Zheng Zhenduo see below have all called Liulichang In the meantime "zanthopygia" (that is similar between those of a prominent editor's note). Rong Bao Zhai is an important new line of China's well-known calligrapher by Guo book.

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Qian City alley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

City money in the alley adjacent Dashilan jewelry on the west side of town, Beijing is the narrowest alleys. Street, 55 meters long, 0.7 meters wide, with the North and the South Street building the total to nine. To do a side yard, there are half-house, next to the shop room there is a government-run Bank of the Qing Dynasty, money transactions, "money market" remains, is an early prototype of the financial markets. "Money market" and the formation of the "stove", Guan Jia furnace line that is approved by the Yinding casting workshop. Sands jewelery furnace line in the Qing Dynasty is the largest concentration of lots of money to form a city, after the furnace in line depression, money the city without the city, it turned into a silver shop, room, forming a narrow alley. South Street, four And a courtyard paved, San Heyuan covers an area of 80 square meters each, from the inscription on the door book signs of change, is a furnace line at the time, later renamed the store workshops. North Street, four are stand-alone houses, there are two-story, three-story building, originally Bank. San Heyuan structure using traditional Chinese wood - , Blocks the entrance tower, carry-beam roof, Yang Wading together, the roof is still fanlight, is a smelting furnace line Yinding the workshop, the building is in the north, two West style, bolt, Chuangtao, cornices lines parapets, such as foot and iron ornamental work Decoration, reflects the combination of Chinese and Western. The latter part of the three-story building with Chinese-style architecture, the first half of a two-Poding arbor, so Chinese and Western-style transition, the door has Danbian, the inscription "Chase Manhattan Bank." There are two-door embrace Danbian, the inscription "Wanfeng Bank." Lane is the western end of the money in the city of two rows of houses, the rise in the middle courtyard, adding five-Hill wrote the hanging roof, or on both sides of the skylight. Qian City alley The earliest existing Chinese and the most complete financial transactions; At the same time, a small piece of land to create a compact and a variety of construction of the space environment, both from a walk with one leg snapped at silly micro-fine mysterious armed Ne Tiao Yu ?? silkworm sea turtle habitat ? Wu Yun-pu-pyo Koumushada just fat?

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