Saturday, February 28, 2009

Central Library - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Office in 1895, formerly known as Macao Public Library, is named for the Macao Central Library, the Museum is the creation of a hundred year anniversary. Its predecessor can be traced back to earlier in 1873 was built in the Macao library, which is a community of the nature of institutions, to establish a private collection in the library at home and abroad Books. July 27, 1893, Portugal in Macau through a culture of planning, decided to set up National Institute of Macao Xiao Li and the National School Library, the library will be renamed the Macao Public Library. Lee Macao night about school founded in 1894 and, while Macau is a library a year later, a September 25, 2095 to set up. February 1, 1986, No. 10/86/M Act to the National Library of Macao Cultural Institute of Macau (now the Instituto Cultural de Macau) under. And renamed the Central Library is at the Macao Cultural Department during the reorganization, at the same time as the Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology have since Right. Today is the Central Library of Macao, including eight public libraries in order to read the public network connected organizations are: the Central Library, City Hall Library, Ho Tung Library, mobile library, Mong Ha Library, Green Library, libraries and Taipa Road Central Library Tap to the Central Library building as the center of the establishment of the Macao Public Library Network, the only requirement for the public to read and ready to use in making a reasonable arrangement to a larger and more robust information system standardization.

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