Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kang Gongmiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fifth Street is located in the middle of October, over two hundred years ago. The temple Kanggong Zhenjun enshrined in the main hall, that of the Han Shuai Li Lie, the state-owned Bao Gong, the closures become Kang Gong. Li Hong Guang is left in the South China Sea King St., Western Hills for the right-designate Kim Sung Wang, Piandian before the sixth patriarch for the San Fernando, after the Han dynasty physician Hua Tuo first division. The main temple dedicated non-performing happy, Former central place of "stone wine vessel" in the clearance between the sculpture from Xianfeng, as well as ships, Lei Yue Longmen, Lung Fung Ching Cheung Hok Yan and auspicious motifs, the stone dedicated to the good men and Xinnv letter to the deities of worship used Dianjiu And therefore referred to as "wine vessel stone."

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