Saturday, February 28, 2009

Macao Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Macao Museum is located in artillery on the stage, such a fitting location because the Portuguese as early as the end-result there is the heart of the city. Fukan within Hong Kong's major Fortress Hill Jesuits were selected, where they built forts, churches and seminaries, known as "Ruins of St. Paul's." The whole construction of the fortress A nine-year period of time, to start in 1617, for completion in 1626, 1835, during a typhoon, a fire destroyed as a result of the seminary as well as the large majority of the Fort buildings and churches, only the anterior wall of the church (commonly known as St. Paul) to be spared . Over time, the walls of the site turned into a meteorological station in the At the mercy of the public and regular visitors to the park, the site often used to hold outdoor celebrations of the Macao Music Festival opera program has performed there. Macao Museum of preparatory work in the formal coming into operation in April 1995, the museum will be opened up as a fortress. The museum project In the September 2096 start in April 18, 2098 opening of the building. Museum construction project consists of two parts: the fortress is located in the museum exhibition and the building is located in the hills north of the museum's administration building, with a total area of 2800 square meters, the actual exhibition area of about 2100 square meters, was irregular quadrilateral All of the ancient city walls were repaired, artillery also new look, the original entrance once again open to the public, which is also near the entrance to a cafe and set up a store. Fort arrogant visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Islands and Macao. The tourists used to take a long walk across the yard and the stone steps to reach the door to Fort Due to the construction of the museum, carried out excavation work, so today's visitors from another electric staircase entrance into the fort. In the museum courtyard in front of a sidewalk cafes for visitors to enjoy, a store selling books and souvenirs, there are on display in the museum of local artists Tan Jin To make plaster replicas of works of art. Another along the ladder can be electric to the main entrance, where a stand-style colonial period, milk yellow dome of the arch, which across the Great Wall between the original fort. The museum is divided into three tiers, with the first two floors below ground at Fort, the third tier side in the Fort . Although the Administration Building Museum is located outside the fort, but runs through a wall, with escalators and tunnels connected to the museum hall. Administration Building, with administrative and technical staff offices, museum collections storage, repair rooms, workshops, computer, the Security Center and the Lecture Hall, etc. Administration Building A total area of 2300 square meters, including for the public and tourists of the gift shop and sidewalk cafes. Museum of the thematic content of the exhibition, part of three hours or less, respectively, in the three-storey museum display area. Macao regions of the original Civilization ( A): The origin of the region, and the New Stone Age to the middle of the seventeenth century, this important Macao International (Asia and Europe) traders in Hong Kong, Macau during this period is the golden period. Macao and the traditional folk art (second): through the display of local culture derived from different Wood, which was brought about by Macao's social and cultural wealth of the unique aspects, such as: Macao's traditional festivals, daily life, traditional crafts and trades, such as typical. Macao contemporary characteristics (third level): Museum is the last one. Introduces the various aspects of contemporary Macao; by the beginning of this century is The elderly may also recall the retrospective period, to the current social situation. Macao will be forward-looking and this is the last layer of the exhibition title.

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