Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shun Feng Tong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

At Shun Feng Tong. San Lorenzo Church, also known as the wind letter (Feng Shun-tang), is Macau's famous cathedral, a wide area, in front of the church there are about two rows of stone steps leading directly in front of large, full style, planting a garden Palm trees, the church hung with antique chandeliers, grand and solemn, very characteristics. Wind letter as early as the establishment of the Church 599, several times during the renovation, which in 1618 a larger. In 1979 carried out by the window decoration, so that the benefits of this ancient Church of Light. Church design, magnificent. Bingzhi around the Clock Tower, is a clock, the time for use; is a bronze bell, Mass in the church when the shaking roar by. The roof of the church, the Chinese-style tile surface details, interior decoration of the East is full of color, classical Yi Qu. Spacious halls to the great, great beams and beautiful chandelier, it is quite broad-ho style. Within the altar dedicated to St. Lorenzo statues, dressed in brilliant Yipao Holding a Bible, a hand wand, with a solemn silence, in the eyes of the sailing of the Portuguese people, asylum is safe, given the wind god of the letter. Mon-Fri opening hours are 10:00 am to 4:00 even under, is Saturday at 10:00 to even the next 1:00, Sundays and public holidays every stop in the open.

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