Saturday, February 28, 2009

Matsuyama - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as Guia Hill, Macau is located in the center of Macau is the highest mountain, more than 90 meters above sea level, the mountain is covered with trees, green want to drop. For it was pines and dense, into the current government, Macao has become one of the Leisure resort. Bi You halfway up a mountain road, several booths decorated during the storm, tree-lined Jia Dao Qing Xu, flip Songtao, Jade, very Wild. Around a week, we take a look at the city's landscape, scenery 4:00 vary with the seasons, one day there are changes in traditional costumes and Chaoyang, the rise in the horizon, looking very occasion of the infinite sea, the birds fall of the West, reflects the sunset, do storied dye, so that The setting sun is infinitely good germination human kindness. Peak Beacon, known as the Guia Lighthouse, high above, aim to reinforce the coast, launching a huge fire Guangzhu Heng Kong, to those who guide the direction of the night. Lighthouse was built in 1865, the tower 13 meters high, is the first lighthouse in the Far East, the original use of light-emitting kerosene lamps, lamp for light switch now. Lighthouse in 1874 by hurricane damage LED had stopped, after 30 years of heavy drums. The original brass kerosene lamp has long become an antique, to keep within the lighthouse. On the location of the lighthouse, panoramic Macao, the mainland and the islands around the panoramic view of mountains and rivers, Kuaizai better! It is also a symbol of Macao, Macao has been listed as one of the key cultural relics protection. The board Matsuyama, at least four paths: Guia straight on the ramp. This ramp, also known as the "long ramp", so long ramp and ramp, a lot of people were seen as a dangerous road, and come more often to drive this car or motorcycle on the road. Some of them are a lot of young people, here at Pine Tree, To start running before the warm-up. Long hoses from the park straight on. In Long hose straight into the park entrance, one will see a stone staircase, along the stone staircase straight up. Matsuyama to reach. The daily early morning many elderly morning walk through the mountains here. Park sidewalk cafes by the left Small on the road. Second Long Park throat of which are equipped with a unique alfresco dining, there is a small road on the left, on a direct route to Matsuyama. Peak vehicle access. In 2098 the opening of the Peak Matsuyama Ferris wheel, in Long hoses on the main door of the car park, direct access to Pine Tree Drive, health, the need to drive five minutes, and the cost is divided into Three Portuguese currency one-way, two-way and 5 yuan currency Portuguese. In addition to efforts to save a lot of mountains, along the way can enjoy the whole-lung throat park scenery. Matsuyama repair by the Macao government, is now up and down can be divided into two healthy track, and leisure Square, together with the original lighthouse Matsuyama, the Hong Kong Observatory and along the way can be Australia-wide look at the beauty, and so on, so that became Matsuyama are a young and old friends, go out to enjoy a holiday on time, and will travel to a good place.

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