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Xuan Zang's Hometown - Chinese tourism scenic spots

40 km southeast of Luoyang 207 State Road on the north side, Gou Yanshi city's north-eastern town of Phoenix foot of the mountain, there is a Phoenix Valley, Valley of the East Village Chen is a famous monk in the Tang Dynasty, translator, traveler Xuanzang native place. Xuan Zang's 31-year-old was alone, going through a lot of hard work has finally reached the birthplace of Buddhism in India, and To study hard and become Mingseng, is renowned in India. Xuan Zang died, was buried there, said Gou's Office, 3.5 km southeast of the town of White Deer. Here, 9-year-old Xuan Zang from time to time with his family to listen to as Lingyan Si, was closed for the Su Jia disciples. In memory of Xuan Zang, Ling Yansi called "Tang Temple", in the northwest wall of the Temple For the tomb of Tang. Wu passing Monastery, it was thanks to Jin Xiu Temple, just a few manor.

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Hill Yique - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shan Yi Que also known as the Longmen Mountains, or Zhongshan, in the south of Luoyang, 263 meters above sea level. Xionger west, east Songshan, the Department of Yique natural gateway to the south of Luoyang Xianyao pass. China's three great art treasure-house of one of the Longmen Grottoes Fodiao 100,000, on the cloth out in the Yique on both sides of the cliffs above the range, Chinese and foreign well-known tourist destination.

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Western Zhou Dynasty bronze workshop site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Western Zhou Dynasty bronze workshop sites, in Luoyang East Railway Station today due north, the south-west of the North Yaocun second on the floor. River to the east, and in accordance with Mangshan Mountain, an area of about 10 million square meters. Tonglucanbi unearthed a large number of melt, fragments of Tao Fan, Fan-tool, as well as Hong Shaotu block, charcoal, and other artifacts. It has been a melting pot of Canbi analysis, we can see when Copper is used in melt in the furnace-like heat. Stove at large, medium and small three. Stove is a large grass mixed with sand and mud for the material to be mud set method for building furnace circle, and then piled stove inside diameter of about 1 meter; small stove is a large ceramic urn as such containers coated with a thick layer The lining can be used inside diameter About 30 cm, the copper melting of fuel is charcoal, used in smelting blast capsule to blast minutes later. General temperature at 1200 degrees Celsius. Large stove as high as 1.5 meters or so, is the vertical blast furnace, it basically has a prototype of the modern blast furnace. This shows that in the Western Zhou Dynasty, when China's smelting technology phase Advanced. Unearthed from a large number of Taofan analysis, we can see the system at the time Van process is that the first mother-Fan, that is, the model; Fan's mother and then in accordance with good planning sub-programs produced outside the norm, that is cast. General-use device simply Shuanghe Fan, complex-type multi-Hop Fan. Fan each of the sub-surface corresponds to do a good job in the triangular wedge Mao tenon, the rectangular picture of the mouth in order to hold together when combined Fan, a very sophisticated process. Tao Fan unearthed from the foundry at the time to see the many types of objects, ding, feasts, halogen respect, such as the Grand. There are decorated with horsemen, weapons and so on. Unearthed from the Bo Gu, Bu turtles have been killed, as well as to analyze the bones of slaves, was opened in casting furnace Is likely to carry out divination ritual slaughter of animals and the ceremony. The large bronze workshop was built in the early years of the Western Zhou Dynasty, King Mu destroyed in the mid-Western Zhou Dynasty, dating back about 3000 years of history.

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Western Jin Bi Yong monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Western Jin Bi Yong monument, in 1931 unearthed in Luoyang in the eastern suburbs, 15 km, Yanshi County in the rural village north of the original site of the Western Jin Dynasty Imperial College, the preservation of this rural village in East Grand.
  The monument 3.32 meters high, 1.1 meters wide, with a full line Zaocheng stones. Beaulieu V monument there in the first round, the top part of a tablet positive Lishu "Xing Jin Long Emperor three temporary production The crown prince again Sheng Li Delong-hee of the monument "and other words 23. Lishu inscription line 30, line 55 characters, recorded in the Jin Emperor Wu Zhong ma crown prince and Sima Yan Bi Yong visit to inspect the deeds, Beiyin engraved Administration officials too often, Sanji, the teaching staff, Dr. assistant, principal, as Secretary, as well as students who County, surnamed And so on, up to 400 people. The monument Shinzo an Xianning four years (in 278 AD) in October, Beizuo at Imperial College in 1974 to explore the site excavated, with Beishen into one.
  Luoyang Imperial College, was founded in the Eastern Han Dynasty, so the students up to 30,000 people from time to time, until the Western Jin Dynasty, still amounted to more than one person. The monument to the study State education in the Jin Dynasty more than 1600 years ago, students study on the distribution of information is extremely valuable. Jin the milestone Lishu flexible law, may use the pen to write restructuring of the flat, which is the ancient art of calligraphy, is of great value.

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Wangchenggongyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wangchenggongyuan located in the Central Plains Road on the north side of the city of Luoyang, Luoyang City is the largest comprehensive park, as a result of the construction of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty King City on the site named after. Park area by the ancient culture, peony flowers, animals Hall, a few components, such as playgrounds, a profound traditional artistic conception and rich blend of modern style.

Ancient culture zone , "Ji Sheng-chu," Forest of Stone Tablets, "God million Taiwan" and Diange "Jicheng Hall," "Zhou Ting Wai," and "Ming-door" composed of antique buildings, surrounded by corridors, compact, reflecting the weeks Wang "Ru Jia Ji Sheng" connotation;

Shao music Taiwan flavor Architecture, will include bells, stone up and orchestral music, and other ancient , Reflects the breadth and depth of the cultural week; Jiuding wall and river stone tulo book reflects the ancestors of the Chinese nation's outstanding wisdom and talent.

Peony area by the large number of peony garden, peony planting a million trees, more than 300 varieties. Flowering season, Chaziyanhong, colorful, ancient city is the best flowers . A pair of peony, white peony a fairy sculpture, arch, Enuoduozi.

Museum of animals in the park in the north, where the habitat of giant pandas, tigers, South China, such as red-crowned cranes more than 50 kinds of rare birds and animals available for viewing. Playground has a variety of modern recreational facilities for visitors to enjoy sightseeing, Yue physically and mentally.

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Tianjin Xiao Yue - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianjin Xiao Yue Luoyang one of the Eight. Tianjin beginning of the bridge was built in the great cause of Sui three years, was a pontoon bridge, Luoyang is a north-south transportation hub. Tang changed when the stone bridge, also known as the Luoyang Qiao. North and South Gate Imperial corresponding side door, and South Gate Avenue Ding Ding-phase, the original four booths on the bridge, railings, tables and columns, there are two ends of the restaurant, market, pedestrian Ma bustling, steady stream. Dawn, walk on the bridge, give the first round of the meniscus can be seen hanging sky, sparkling river bow, and occasionally heard loud bell of the melodious. Elegant mood of quiet so that the "Tianjin Xiao Yue" has become a well-known landscape. Unfortunately, since the Song, continuous war, most of the destroyed buildings, bridges and Tianjin also Spared. In years to build a nearby Beiting, standing in the Central River, the West and this building of the Bridges, attracting numerous tourists to pay.

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Cave Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Grottoes began carving Emperor Xuan (Ke million) next year between the King (500-503 AD), Eastern Wei later, Western Wei, Northern Qi Dynasty, Tang, Song, Jin, Ming and Qing until Yongzhengnianjian have been rebuilt. Buddha carved the building, mainly in the Northern Wei, Northern Qi Dynasty and continued to cut more in the Tang Dynasty. Cave Temple has five caves, a thousand A niche, small shrines 255, the Big Buddha Cliff 3, 7743 a total size of the grottoes, the title of Stone Tablets in mind more than two hundred items. Grottoes for the first square, each 6 meters wide. There is the middle of a square cylinder, surrounded by a carved shrines. Kannei each with a carved Buddha, the disciples, the Buddha. Block has the following on both sides of the Buddha Pair of stone lions, hairy crouch, realistic image. Buddha's back engraved with the flame pattern, there are symmetrical on both sides of the fly, and Lotus, chemical and biological weapons. Dan Pipa, Wang Ji Le piper of Flying, in a lively and vivid, so as to constitute a Buddhist-dominated symmetry, the coordination group of stone. Fang-chu, the base of each side are carving a Book, Book of the following There are different posture of the god king. Column side by side each side has chemical and biological weapons, Lotus and scale down pattern, polyphonic ringtones, composed of vertical streamer mantle, carved works fine. Beautiful and solemn. There are three beautiful on both sides of the door of relief - Figure ceremony. 3 on the left side of the emperor ceremony is a map on the right side of 3 Queen's ceremony is the map. Dili, after the funeral along with civil and military And a group of Bin-Chen Fei, both Empress maid arm, the former monk has guided. Figure Composition ceremony coordination, skilled blade, realistic style, fully demonstrated the art of representing the craftsmen skills. The second cave is a Kuxue not yet completed. Dongbi three shrines, was the early Northern Wei's works. Kannei a carved Buddha, the disciple Buddha II, Book II, under the Block II engraved lion. Center column to the south side of the three shrines cut from top to bottom, the bottom of a large dragon for the Moon three years of the Tang Dynasty (AD 663 years) created. Kannei a carved Buddha, the disciples, the Buddha, or the separation of the lotus on top of Lotus. Mei Long engraved with the seven statues, engraved on both sides of the fly . Outside the niche carved on both sides of the niche carved doors are higher than those of the two Buddha. Cave in the third, fourth from the shapes of the layout of the cave to cave in the first art style and the same, only slightly smaller than that in the first cave; also Dili, the relief after the ceremony, carved of fine work, such as a hand. Cave towering wall in the fifth, 3 m high cave, the side walls 2 meters, the plane is a small square of the cave. Caves at the top of the door and there are many on both sides of the Northern Wei to the Tang Dynasty from the small shrines. In the cave on the left side of the door is a carved pagoda, 9, and construction pavilion for the next three forms, each has a statue of Buddha, the world rarely seen, the study of architectural history of the Northern Dynasties of great value. There are caves Center Column; Kuding square for the caisson; caisson is a large lotus, surrounded by six Gao Xiang's volley flying, there are four patterns of the Buddha, chemical and biological weapons there and honeysuckle. Caisson as a whole is based on the theme of the Lotus, symmetrical composition, appearance generous. Thousands of shrines Shek Pik lower, with a larger shrines, as the Tang Qian Feng Between (AD 666-667 years) created. Niche 1.5 meters high, 2.12 meters wide, arched niche was. Houdian straight, regular, a Zuofo. Temple wall engraved with neatly arranged in small shrines, there are 999 small Buddha, and in the middle of the Big Buddha, happens to be 1000, Gu Yue, "thousands of shrines." Outside the shrine on both sides of the Cliff Figures many, changeable blade, vivid image. Cave Temple is alien to the Buddhist art with the Central Plains Han combination of art, reaching a high degree of technical proficiency level, showing the transition from the Northern Dynasties to the Tang Dynasty style. Caves throughout the slim, sleek, lifelike statues, Buddhist art in China splendid garden, Known as the beautiful bouquet of flowers.

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Shangqing Gong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shangqing Gong in Luoyang City, 4 km northwest Mangshan Hill-cui top of the Yunfeng, was built in the Tang Dynasty, early Laojunmiao said. Qian Feng year (666 AD), Lao Zhuifeng too, for the Emperor Xuan Yuan, the temple, also known as Emperor Xuan Yuan. After Xuanzong die as a result of bullet, called Yuan Yuan Emperor Temple, and then renamed Shangqing Gong. At that time the grand scale, the Hall of Wei , The stone lions outside horse, with "Hua Sheng" by Wu Daozi mural, a very brilliant spectacle. Shangqing Gong in the literary history left a lot of calligraphy, such as Du Fu's "embroidered with mountains and rivers help families, carved beams near the sun," the famous poem. The temple was destroyed when the Jin and Yuan, 14 years Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty (1535) reconstruction because Gao Feng, Dianding small change for large-scale tile tile glaze (commonly known as glazed tile), iron roof tile home, so that's Basilica for the iron glazed tile Temple, the temple this time the surviving pieces of iron wattage. Jiajing earthquake 34 years, David temples destroyed, then after Emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng, such as rehabilitation of North Korea. After the repair of the temple, 500 meters north-south, east 300 meters, House, Mountain Gate, 1, 2, 3 and the side hall in a palace hall rooms and so on. Unfortunately for the Japanese invaders during the War of Resistance to blow up the plane. There are existing Mountain Gate, the cave (Cuiyun holes) and a number of offers, there are holes Cuiyun Yu Huangge 3.

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Tang Chun Chai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nine in North Korea 45 km west of the ancient capital of Luoyang, a beautiful scenery Shanmingshuixiu place - the iron gate in the town. West Ridge outlined here Xiaoshan, East Hangu control have been thousands of years of history, Chang Tai-yan as "Luo Guan channel." Blue Dragon here, the two Phoenix Hill confrontation, the environment, and a gurgling Jianshui East, the West has long been known as the gate of Luoyang, said. China's only museum epitaph - the national key cultural unit, "Tang thousands of Lent," will be located in the iron gate of the town of Xibei Yu. It is well-known patriotic democrats, Revolution veteran Zhang Fang (F Bo Ying), Mr. home. In the early 1920s, Mr. Zhang Fang lived iron gate, the business landscape and wide mu, Wei Spectacular. You have Yu-Shan Kang Yu-wei, Zhang Fang was invited to the garden, on the book of paintings, Fushi sentiment, the title of "hibernation House."

  Tang thousands of new County Museum of Lent is the uprising of the late Kuomintang generals by Mr. Zhang Fang garden business, "Lu sting" part of our existing Epitaph for a concentration of one of the stone to the West since the collection Wei since ancient stone epitaphs more than 1,400 known. Tang particularly in the areas of the richest, up to 1191. Zhang Binglin have used the ancient title was the amount of seal characters "Tang thousands of Lent," and in the rear Zhuiyoubayu: "Xin Zhang Boying, a 1000 Epitaph Tong Yan San, to name a result of fasting, is a book of Zhang Binglin." Vegetarian origin of the name, Due to this.

  Zhang Fang, Bo Ying words, the elderly, the Friends of the stone. Baoding, quickly graduated from the late Qing Dynasty army school. United League had taken part in the early years, the Revolution is the New Army in Shaanxi during the uprising, one of the main impetus. Dr. Sun Yat-sen launched the campaign law, any Shaanxi Province, Zhang Jing, deputy armed forces commander-in-chief. In the 1930s, successive People's revolutionary army commander-in-chief Route 20, Deputy Chairman of the provincial government and civil affairs, director of construction, such as the post. War of Liberation, he told the peaceful liberation of Sichuan to do some useful work by the end of 1949 uprising in Chengdu. After the liberation, Zhang Fang was the second session of the CPPCC National Committee members. May 1966 died of illness in Beijing Zhang Fang had very fond of calligraphy and painting stone, and Yu Yu, Zhang Binglin, Kang Yu-wei, Wang Qing exchanges more closely. In their impact, especially in the encouragement of Yu Yu-jen, in 1931, she began collecting a broad stone epitaphs, and stele and, stone, transported to his native place one after another iron gate in the town. 1933 In the before and after the "sting House," corner of the West, the provision of land for Lent, Law Chi-Chi from most of the stone mosaic in the 15-hole cave and courtyard of the three and a corridor in the intramural wall. Its not part of the mosaic, with the exception of transportation during the War of Resistance Against Japan in Shaanxi Museum of Shaanxi Province to donate a few hundred pieces, after turmoil, a lot of loss. According to 1935 from West Indian agency to issue the cold, "Tang Chun Chai Cangdan directory" contained a total of 1578. Lent is still within the various Cangdan 1419, a Western Jin Zhi, Wei North 2, Suizhi 2, 1191 Tang, the Five Dynasties Zhi 22, 88 Song and Yuan Zhi-an, Ming 30 Pieces, Kiyoshi 2, the 7, and still be covered Epitaph 19, as well as other types of calligraphy, paintings, statues, Jing Zhuang, 54 stele, and so on.
  These are rock-Zhi Fang Zhang from all over the country, mainly collected from the vicinity of Luoyang. Nine North Korea claims to be the ancient capital of Luoyang, is the human cultures meet. North Mangshan Mountain, stretching things Km, powerful remote, thick soil with low water, suitable for burial, the history VIPs, well-off businessmen, are superstitious Mangshan Shan Feng Shui for the treasure, and even as far away as southern Saibei people died, also told people later, not far from Trinidad, North Mangshan funeral. Therefore, non-circulating "Jervois was born, buried in North Mangshan" said that "North Mangshan In the first few free soil, full of old tomb in Luoyang people "(see Wang," North Mangshan ").

  It is also rich in these graves, induced by the prevailing winds Raider, Raider is more important than those who looted a sacrificial object, the heavy stone-chi are very few, lost more civil. The late Qing Xiu Longhai Railway Line Mangshan take the foot of the hill, the stone was unearthed Chi Tian She placed civil. Zhang Fang see, Souqiu widely, the provision of land for fasting, properly preserved because of their prior agreement with Yu Yu, a Tang Wei and Zhang attributed to, keep thousands of Tang Tang Chai become the country's most treasured Focus.

  Tang Chun Tang possession of the fasting since last Takenori, Zhenguan, Tang Li, China Up to late Tang Dynasty, including the Gai Yuan Wu, An Lushan, the number of illegal structures, not without preparation. Chi master in his capacity as one of the ministers have great country phase Tai Yu, the emperor of the land-Feng Jiang Gui Qi, one of the top Fanzhendali, functional to defend the territory of the provincial governor Prefecture, officials of the micro-Bei Zhi Wei Cao Mexican Senate; there are people swimming Department of Landscape Architecture Celebrities, Wu Mei Zen Siguan the main hole, and was locked inside the palace, miserable life, I do not know the names of death, country of origin, the color Gonge women. Epitaph records of these kinds of characters and their social activities, it can make a stone of the Tang Dynasty look at these words at the time for us to study the social, political, economic, military, cultural, diplomatic and so on Situation has been extremely difficult to provide valuable information on the history of cards to play, the correct history, make up an important role in the history.

  "House hibernate" and reads, "Hong listen to the reading room painting" The couplets are Kang Yu-wei Shan Yu Yu-off places when they wrote the iron gate, and the cabinet room stone house banners for the Gaotu Luo Zhenyu, a former Henan Museum Director of the The title of a hundred benefits; Tang Chun-ching for the joint lobby vegetarian Hanlin degree Wellingborough Song writing, door-shik comparative IEC for the Alliance by Zhang Renjie book. They all look the inscriptions are filled, ZhuoYi style, with local records containing art studio making the other more beautiful and attractive.

  Tang thousands of Lent is a national key cultural unit, in recent years, after Finishing off repairs, attracted many domestic and foreign experts and scholars, politicians, celebrities, as well as calligraphy lovers are attracted to travel, it has become not only overseas visitors were looking for the roots of "Secrets of the Millennium", who is also a historian Don study of a "quiet - Labyrinth. " Thousands of newly moved to the Northern Wei Tang Chai caves have attracted domestic and foreign capital .

  Luoyang is located in the Central Plains, ancient scholars for the cultures meet. Shan Wei Yi Mangshan this powerful, low soil water suitable for thicker funeral, the ancient imperial phase will be, well-off businessmen, are superstitious North Mangshan Feng Shui for the treasure, buried more than Mangshan Yamashita, the non-"born in Jervois, buried in North Mangshan "said. As a result, "a small hill north Mangshan Turkey, said to be one of the old tomb in Luoyang, "" North Mangshan Woniu no place ", and has become a vast concentration of the burial area. With the end of the Qing dynasty since the Raider and other natural causes, buried in the tomb unearthed many stone-chi , Mr. Zhang Fang in the 1930s large-scale collection, a collection of nearly northbound Mangshan Shi Zhi unearthed more than 80% for me State to preserve a large number of valuable national treasures.

  Keman an epitaph is written Qingshi square, a thin piece of stone describes the descent of the deceased Grand, life experience, male spouses, when they finally buried, and then buried in the tomb of the deceased inside. One long and glorious life, one cold and Jiang Ping Life, have been condensed into a transparent film, displayed here. Have been pointing the land, once the history issue so that the bright spot, has been shaking the pen-sheng Chu scholars have decapitated the samurai, eating vegetables instead of meat or the Buddhist monks or priests of the four-party travel far and wide, are a form of Walked into the tunnel of time , Tang thousands of Lent is the final destination.

  Tang Chun Tong Yan Chai possession of the Epitaph from the Early Takenori Zhenguan years, the Later Tang Dynasty to the resumption of days, only in God, all 300 of the year, not without preparation; chi master in his capacity as the country self-Tai Yu Prefecture to the provincial governor, the Department celebrities with disabilities , Gong E talented woman, miscellaneous people, all-encompassing Tong Yan San Epitaph records of these kinds of social activities for the study of the Tang Dynasty Wenzhiwugong provided a rare kind of information, evidence is history, the history correct, make up the history of the important support, not only can be seen as a Tang Dynasty stone, but also that Tong Yan was on Archives; Langhammer is also a study of Tong Yan San articles, information on the art of calligraphy Treasury, it is also known as "the evolution of the history of calligraphy of the Tang Dynasty," "Grand Tang prose."

  In addition, thousands of Lent Tang also has a collection of ancient calligraphy and painting all Dong Qichang, Zheng Banqiao, Mi Fu, Liu Tong, Jin Ren Wang Duo, as well as Kang Yu-wei, Chang Tai-yan, Yu Yu-jen, and other written stone.

  Tang thousands into the studio, you Was a strong culture of the infection, and a heavy long history here of the time was buried by loess, deposited as a silent masterpiece, but also demonstrate in front of us. This exquisite look at the visible amber, trance Datang tour fighting the fighting continued to battle each other and dance Shengge string of extravagant vanity chaos. Ancestors The wisdom of giving the turbid and deep sigh tearful eyes, so that you look into the depths of history, was unexpected by the soul-stirring sentiment! When you can not help touching it to the cold and silent Shi-chi, your heart may suddenly be surprised, because you really touched by the beating of Tong Yan San pulse.

  This It is a dream garden.

  When you from the path of history out, walk in the quiet Shu-Ying Huang, Jade on the gravel, you might like to have a Zen feel, this gives a strong implication of the cultural landscape of endless charm. If you are approached with the century-old stone house relative of bamboo, you will see it Cang Positive and eight Chinese characters of "non-passers-by who spent the owner is." Softly chanting one, the Cold and miserable, and passers-by flowers, wind and wind Jianqi faint fragrance, and in the hearts of Yilue, look back over that wall Jianqi and light fragrance, in the minds of Yilue by. That, with hindsight Man Chi-wall rock and video insects flowers and trees, you suddenly realize Buddhism in general and charitable serene.

  With the development of the times, thousands of Tang's studio to its rich history and precious calligraphy art, in the long river of human history, their great role to play.

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Folk Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoyang is a folk museum to promote Taiwanese culture, folk customs show the main theme of the museum, the museum in the ancient buildings Lu Ze Hall on the basis of the formation into. Ze Lu Hall, as a result of Si Temple, also known as Guan Yu, for the nine-year-Qing Emperor Qianlong (1744) built, the Department of Shanxi Lu'an Prefecture (Changzhi today), Ze Zhou (This Jincheng) by two businessmen to raise funds to build, mainly for fellow businessmen to transmit information and material distribution, is a product of the culture of Shanxi.

  Ancient buildings of the entire structured, well-structured, covers an area of 15,750 square meters, is the preservation of integrity of the Central Plains region, the size of the grand old buildings, in French to create the design and construction of the first half of the Qing Dynasty in Henan local building technology of Dacheng, is the central plains region where the Qing Dynasty outstanding example of ancient architecture, its art deco architecture is elegant, wood carving, stone carving and works very fine, the Central Plains region can be carved in the treasure house of art A bouquet of dazzling wonderful! The existing dance floor, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, Housing, Langfang, in the main hall, Houdian, side hall in a palace, and so on, are a group of well-structured style of ancient buildings. Built in 1981 for the western Henan Museum, in 1987 changed to Luoyang Museum, opening to the outside world the following year. At present, the old buildings as the focus of the project are to declare national key cultural unit. A Strong local characteristics of the Luo folk culture is not only the fine traditional culture an integral part of, and the main tourism resources, Luoyang Museum is the display of folk customs of the main themes of the museum, in addition to the Museum of embroidery Office, Customs Office, Shou Hall customs, arts and crafts room, board, such as the Office of the basic display, there are skin Performances, performing customs, folk costumes performing activities such as demonstrations, and the display of these activities, not only with strong local characteristics, the Central Plains, all filled with a strong flavor of the times. Especially here in the annual success of the folk culture of Luoyang temple to promote Taiwanese culture, folk customs show that the masses rich text Life plays an important role, favored by Chinese and foreign tourists.

  Luoyang Museum of the Chinese Museum of the topic. Luoyang, located at the southern end of New Street. Lu was Ze Hall, as a result of Si Temple, also known as Guan Yu, for the nine-year-Qing Emperor Qianlong (1744) built. The existing dance floor, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, the room wearing, Langfang In the main hall, Houdian, side hall in a palace, and so on, are a group of well-structured style of ancient buildings. Built in 1981 for the western Henan Museum, in 1987 changed to Luoyang Museum, opening to the outside world the following year.

  The library has a collection of 1897. Commodities level 4, in which the Ming Dynasty Buddha III, metal folder paste , 3.5 meters high, sleek, sophisticated technology; Wooden Pagoda in the Qing Dynasty, gold Phoebe, 6 meters high, eight three-Zhong Yan. 304 statues, a high artistic value. Embroidery Office of the main display of the End of Qing Dynasty shoulder-yun, Phi Xia, Luo Qun, Xiang Dai, purses, clothing, gifts, and other kinds of embroidery; Office of folk art Includes wood, Bamboo, feathers, mosaic, shadow, Miansu, paper cutting, such as the New Year, which plays traditional story wood up the number of 120, reached 213 the number of shadow; letter to the Office of custom-display recovery, the central exhibit large-scale Shrines, for the Buddhist treasures III, the former Phoebe gold for the side of the tower and another device for the Qing Dynasty ; Customs Office for the late Qing Dynasty Luoyang middle-class families to recover customs scene on display, sub-band suona, Bai Tang, the three parts of the bridal chamber, the colorful figure of 23; Ting Shou-ping are popular Office, He account, Shouli, custom furniture, such as life, life for the screen Qianlong Years to produce high 3.34 meters, 7 meters wide.

  Rubbing from a stone inscription collection exhibition More than 200 pieces of goods, the Chinese have "yet with Ganling Fu Jun monument," Han "stone monument tickets," Western Jin Dynasty, "Epitaph Xunyue" Western Jin Dynasty, "Pi Yong Monument", the Northern Qi Dynasty, "Portrait Monument", "Zhou Gongci monument" "Xu Hao monument," Xu Hao book, "Epitaph Zhang", "Prince Shengxian Monument", "Temple Shengjiao order to move the monument", "Shing Temple monument" Su Che book, "Epitaph Wanggong Chen," Zhao Meng "Ikawa College Monument", and "Ru-Tie", "Lang Hua Tie Museum." Among them, "Shing Temple monument would be" 9.2 meters high, 2.19 meters wide.

  Luoyang Museum is divided into four exhibition halls, namely the Office of folk art, the Customs Office, the Office of folk life. Civil Art room, different shapes, different colors of the shoulder-yun, Xiapei, purse, bag fan, Xiuyi, pictures, paper-cutting, shadow play, the fire agency, Tang, Miansu, such as wood carving art variety, sophisticated technology. From the shiny silver dress Feng Guan, head of the unique style cap, embroidered work to pay attention to the three-inch Xiu Xie, Hu Shi gaze intently Head of the shoes, from top to bottom, from the inside out from the main clothing to accessories, Yong from the splendor of your supplies to the civil court has thrown Cungu wind shelter to avoid the soil-Face, there is not anything, it is an eye - Open. These not only beautify the embroidery of people's lives, and expressed the good wishes of the people, such as pomegranate and more common and more sub-fu, Lin Yu show year after year, and other than by means of complex patterns can be found everywhere in these works of art. In addition, people dancing to bat in the embroidered clothes, Fodor hopes the wish of heaven; big burly image of the elephant and embroidered with flowers, reflecting the spring and the King that peace and stability and peaceful scene.

West of custom paper cutting is very popular in Luoyang Museum brings together many of the finest creations hand. Of these figures, animals, plants, flowers. Some simple, some complex and changeable, and some delicate delicate, and some rough Bold. Black, yellow, white, red paper-cut works, the exhibition The corner of the beautiful decorated generous.

Lingbao western Henan is the shadow of the famous town, the locals love my shadow, shadow love, to become a regular program of civil entertainment. Luoyang Museum of folk art forms that will be moved into the library, not only inside the glass display with a large number of Lvpi, sheep's clothing As the shadow props, arts and crafts are also set up the Office of the corner of the window of a light Luxurious. Visitors are here to watch the shadow works at the same time, you can see the museum staff in the field of shadow show. If you are interested, you can personally pick up their props in the window light on the performance of their programs. These sound physical Robinson's live show, an increase of tourists to a lot of fun.

Customs Office of the Qing Dynasty are on display for people to marry and the bridal chamber scene of the display. Eclisse of the bride, the groom's simple and honest and the best man smiling, urchin, to reproduce a huge grand Baitang scene. With antique bridal chamber, was satin mandarin duck, gill Hong dazzling pillow, and a variety of musical instruments hand side of the non-musicians, the kind of happy scenes and re-married now in front of the visitors.

Shou Hall is a popular recovery after the life of the Church. Shou-off, the screen life, longevity, peach, quaint decoration, with a solemn silence. Shou Mei old high longevity, Welcome media. Ceremony were courtesy, kowtow blessing. Many relatives and friends gathered a group is willing to Shoubinanshan the elderly, such as the East China Sea Fook Sau Tong overflow atmosphere.

Letter Office of vulgar display of folk beliefs of the 60 major gods in order to reel in the form of visitors to the gods of the appearance and function. A 10-meter high, three of the eight Phoebe gold pagoda ", 304 shrines dedicated to the Buddha 304.'s Major Buddhist Taoist immortal in the main hall with its own position, so that the people of the Central Plains folk beliefs have a comprehensive understanding of the system.

Luoyang Museum not only reproduce the kind used in western Henan's customs, but also To do a variety of folk activities, in order to enrich the contents of the museum to attract visitors of the Quartet.

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Mangshanwantiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mangshan Mountain, stretching east three or four years, as thousands of years as a long queue of recline in the north of the city of Luoyang, which rise amid ups and downs, beautiful scenery, north of Luoyang is a natural barrier. Mangshan Hill Top Yun-Feng Cui, verdant forests since ancient times, green clouds. It Mangshan Ling Hu Ju, South Wang Yi Que, a natural-sheng, famous dynasties have come to visit Legend has it that Lao Zi in the Alchemy, Taoist Mountain was built on clean government dedicated to Lao Zi. Tang and Song period, during the Chung Yeung Festival, Mangshan on the Hill who come to visit. In the evening, the vast sky, Huadengchushang, Piaomiao Yunyan. People standing on top Yuan Wang, the group could see the surrounding mountains and downs, beautiful, majestic city walls, palaces Li, Dunjue relaxed and happy. As a result, "Hill Mangshan night Vision" as the "Eight Luoyang". Gongqing imperial dynasties have Mangshan Shan Feng Shui as a treasure, in the death of Mangshan Hill and the choice of burial. Both the nation's Southern-Hou Zhu Chen, Southern Tang Li Hou Zhu, or ambitious Sima Zhao, Sima Yan, Shi-ma, or calendar If the Qin Dynasty Lvbu Wei Ming Chen, Dou Jiande the Sui Dynasty, 100 years after the share of land is but a Mangshan Mountain Loess take up in both hands.

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Um Lvzu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu, also known as Um Lvzu Temple in Luoyang City, NATO's Mangshan 2.5 kilometers in the mountains. Legend has it that Lu had been one of the Eight Immortals, "Crane open in Britain Mangshan Mountain," people here Xiumiao statue of Ji Jin Lvzu Um. The existing building to the left of the Qing Dynasty. Gaianzuoxi east, the mountains and Water. Om Hospital slim, sleek, towering old trees, beautiful scenery Tour is always summer resort. Xie Shan-existing Mountain Gate, Juan Peng, the main hall (as was originally planned for Lvzu), the Second Temple, and the side hall in a palace wing, such as construction, and a pair of stone lions, ancient stele pass more than 10.

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Lingtai site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingtai sites in the Old City in the southern suburbs of Luoyang in the Han, Wei, the first year of Middle Eastern Han Dynasty (56 AD) had built an astronomical observatory - Ling-tai, is the only remaining sites.
Lingtai site, covering an area of 44,000 square meters. The central square is a high-profile compactor, the sites of about 41 meters north-south east-west width of 31 m About 8 meters high. Rammed earth around Taiwan have their own two-story platform up and down. The lower platform has built winding corridors, the middle of a ramp on the north-two-story platform. The upper platform of the Quartet, each of the original five buildings, each 5.5 meters Miankuo. Left over from the west wall of the building painted in white powder, to the east of the Green powder coating; tile the floor of the building to the south There are traces of red color dye. According to this position Shifen way to worship with the four-Ling (East Dragon, White Tiger of the West, South Suzaku, North basaltic) relating to customs.
Ling-tai was the largest of the Hong Kong Observatory, Tai Shi is the order of the subsidiaries. Eastern Han Dynasty of the great scientist Zhang Heng, who served the second Tai Shi order to participate in person Who led the Sky Lingtai astronomical observation and research.
Lingtai for the use of up to 250 years for the development of astronomy in ancient China made great contribution to.

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Laojunshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Funiu Mountain is one of the three main peak, also known as King Hill Room, located in Luanchuan territory in the south, 2192 meters above sea level. Legend has it that the founder of Taoism Lao Shan Enteignis in this practice, therefore Laojunshan named. Laojunmiao when the Northern Wei Jian, iron-watt iron beam, the resplendent, Tang, Song, Ming and Qing Zhu on behalf of all respect for the Taoist Holy Land. Laojunshan momentum Fashion, "Feng Dian stop, look around looking, looking Qin West may Que, South Wang Chu, Beitiao Dragon, Shaolin East bird's-eye view." Laojunshan poet of ancient writers praised by many, Xie Zhen Ming Dynasty poet once lamented Laojunshan beauty "and the majestic Mount Tai, Hua Shan's steep, Lushan's hazy, Huang Qi 72, Junshan wonders of Color ? "Today's Laojunshan has become an ideal tourism, summer resort.

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Jianhe - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jianhe originated in Shanxian Yin-tang, a total length of 104 km, the basin area of 14,300 square kilometers in urban areas Qu Luo Jiatun inflow. Eastern Zhou Ling, had cited Jianhe water or irrigation of farmland, irrigation or Yuanyou, Francis Chan or water, or inflow of Kyoto, the ancient capital and people's living environment and beautify the very close relationship.

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Hua Guoshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huaguo Shan Shan, also known as the daughter or chukars mountain, located in Yi County, south-west, and Song County, adjacent to the Loening, 90 kilometers away from Luoyang in the urban areas, areas with a total area of 42 square kilometers, the main peak of 1831.8 meters above sea level. Since the Jin and Tang Dynasties from the Central Plains region is a tourist destination.

  Here a long history and famous, is Cheng En works, "Journey to the West" in the sense of place in ancient history book, this time with the Lushan Mountain in Jiangxi Province, Mount Wudang in Hubei and so on and referred to as "blessed 72." Qing Emperor Qianlong 15-year renovation of the temple tablets: "The Mount is also, that is called Journey to the West Qitian Sun Buddha Department sanctification." Daguan distinguished history, and attracted seekers can explore to stay Tiyong of literary grace dusty and for all kinds of interesting anecdotal.

  Hua Guoshan an ice age landscape, little peaks, Lin Tao ups and downs, re-stacked rock peaks, exotic rocks, is currently China's largest stone that is coming here. The main scenic spots are the north, south, stone walls, seven Yugou, Tali ditch, top-Yue Shan, and so on, in order to spot-day Stone monkey, Shuilian Dong, Tang Shek, the pile of rock pile, chilling Stone, Gordon ladder, the more well-known, such as Yu Huangding.

Huaguo Shan area are easily accessible, clean environment, health, infrastructure, improve, standardize the management of scenic spots in an orderly manner, a "beautiful environment, good order and quality services" to ensure that tourists get a better text Services. Huaguo Shan scenery Jiangsu Province, has won the "scenic spot of civilization" and "excellent tourist sites," the title, in February 2002 had been assessed to the national level AAAA tourist areas.

  Hua Guoshan to classic, "The Journey to the West" as described in the "Sun King's home," known to the world, famous both at home and abroad It's rich in scenic and beautiful natural scenery, tourists amazed. 136 of the main attractions, and "Journey to the West" are closely related to many attractions; the birthplace of the Monkey King - left Wa Shi, vivid stone monkey, Journey Stone, Sha Seng Stone, Cliff Tang's life, as well as the 72-hole , Dinghaishenzhen, Yan, Bai crutches, after drying units, such as the Palace reunion, especially Shuilian Dong is famous. Rise in the Tang, Song in the reconstruction, in Chici that flourished in the Qing Sheng Jiangsu incense and three palaces, as well as the very concept of cultural and historical value of Yulin and stone was built in the Northern Song Dynasty Ashoka Tower, there are bamboo screen Buddhist Temple, Yi Ting monk, tea Um, Kowloon And so on are all well-known scenic spots and historical sites. In recent years, focus on "Journey to the West" theme, for the development and construction of scenic areas, an increase of garden rocks, Hong paths ink, King Buddha, Monkey Park, Dubbo pagoda, Jade Pool, a monkey Court, Luyuan, the way of God, the best in the world giant word "God" are for the success of originality. Huaguo Shan rich vegetation, beautiful scenery, both characteristics throughout the year. Four of the country to watch one of the Penny "Yuzhu Jinxiang," tea "Yunwu Cha" and the kiwi, fruit ginseng, gingko, is a chestnut Huaguo Shan, and other specialty. Scenic Spot Administration in the past two years to increase afforestation and beautification efforts, Huaguo Shan will be "well spent four seasons Open, 8 of the fruit can not "fairyland on earth.

  Huaguo Shan, also known as daughter of mountains, is the legend of "Journey to the West" in the sanctification of the Monkey King, was referred to as ancient mountains. Ancient geography book and it Lushan in Jiangxi Province, Mount Wudang in Hubei Province, and Songshan in Henan Province known as the land 72, has a long history-famous. Fruit Qi Lin, magnificent in a critical situation; differences over stone, a lively spirit; Feibao shrinkage in water-Qin-ming; vast plume, the Meteorology Series. Shanguangshuise, beautiful scenery and is rich in scenic resources, is an ancient tourist attractions, history seekers can explore poem for her painting, far-left. Called "Sacred Mountains of China Xiong Jun match, Crown Central Plains Show, "is hard to come by the Central Plains area of natural forest park.

  Huaguo Shan Forest Park area of the larger, rich landscape, the main Jingsu its own unique features and can be carried out for several days travel, tourism projects based on different spots characteristic is divided into 5:

  1. Huashan area looking for Santa

  At public Central, covering an area of 810.6 hectares, the main temple Huashan landscape, overlooking Huashan, Tang Shek, the four pilgrims monk, double-kissing a monkey, Wukong procedure, Nan Tianmen, the afterglow setting sun, thousands of Yan Shu village, and so on, have a strange, Qiao, Surprising feature of the United States.

  2. Yue-top scenery area

  Park is located in the eastern area 2163.7 ha. The main scenic landscape of forests, wonderland Tali, Yue sun roof, snow Ji-san, Deng Ling brought into sharper focus into the ladder, sword stone waterfall, Mochizuki Lion's Head, Yixian Tian, hanging stone heart, tiger prey, the Road for the first practice, practice 2 , 3 training, green mussels facing the wall, head Hill, Stone Temple, Shi Lang, Peak wall, She Shenya, Yu Stephen, and so on. You and the US-style of its prominent features.

  3. Yu Fei Bao seven areas

  Park is located in the western region, covering an area of 938.1 hectares. King of the main existing Jasper Lake, Pearl Lake, Green Longtan, Tam beads, hidden Longtan, the two-Diepu, spray-waterfall, waterfall Girl, Dragon waterfall, waterfall embankment silver, jade wall waterfall, Long Tung, guests daughter, two-Feng Ge, the ancient path along the cliff, peak for the elderly, welcoming pine, stone Longtanhuxue, Mishima sea of clouds, valley seven of the clean water and so on. Falls fly with the hanging, if the sound of thunder, such as drunk-shaped, like scattered beads, Weiwei spectacular. So that visitors "Pearl million hoh wear line" feeling. Its style to highlight the "O" word. 4. Mountain National Park

  Yiyang county seat is located in a public West 7, 651.8 hectares of forestry land. The main landscape Fenghuangshan, Stephen Phoenix, Mountain view, Tallinn, Lingshan Si, Si Mianfo tower, calligraphy and so on Stone Tablets. Its style to highlight the "old".

  5. Rare plants and animals Protection areas

Park is located in the southwest stone walls, with an area of 890 hectares, the area diverse plant and animal species, forest ecosystem integrity. The main landscape wheat Hill, Stone Hill practice, the stone monkey, stone walls, pine Sirius, the virgin forest, and so on. Verdant forests, climbing Guteng around, and animals come and go, rare birds fly. Is moving forest Materials, hydrology, geology, medicine, environmental protection, such as multi-disciplinary teaching practice, the popular tourism sites. Its style to highlight a "wild".

Natural landscape

Huaguo Shan dangerous magnificent, beautiful quiet; Qi Lin, over rocks; Cheongdam Fei Bao, spit-spraying snow; Stephen stream music, the sound of water gurgling Verdant forests, brilliant Yamahana; coupled with rapidly changing sea of clouds, rainbow and unpredictable magic, Chaoyang brilliant sunset, paintings endless changes in the magnificent landscape.


  Huaguo Shan mainly granite bedrock to. Has gone through a long geological ages, with the changes in the crustal movement, bare Post rock by the uplift of the earth's crust, unloading, cutting faults, glaciers, water erosion, weathering temperature, gravity collapses the role of the combined effect, as well as the development of crack jointed to form a peak of 81, 108 stones . These thousands of stone-feng, who rocks Shi Jun, a small good luck wizard who, with odd The United States, Qiao, the strange characteristics, well that life can be described as the world wonders. Shao Yong Song Dynasty poem: "to see Sandor say, every thing in this odd, giant cliffs, such as cell tiger, stone risk if Zhang Qi, inter-Yun Qi Shu Juan, rock-repeated diversion, Dan-Qing Nan Jin, are surrounded by such a . "

  (1) master-feng South Mountain in Shandong fruit, there are four processes Shi Feng, four peaks exist side by side, neatly arranged, as if a group of Tang learn from the master sculpture. Zhongseng is peaks, is Zhongseng peaks, bearing extraordinary, life-like patterns, vivid charm, Zhennai masterpiece of nature. Tang legend is the only West was ordered to mobilize people to learn, after a lot of hard work to overcome Magic kinds of chaos, triumphant return, via Huaguo Shan when a group of statues, wonderful scenery, it is not praise.

  (2) wheat Hill

  Southwest Huaguo Shan, a process peaks, at about 1400 meters above sea level, large single Gu Feng, a huge stone blocks into mosaic, the grain plump shape of stones, as if from afar Sui, wheat named Hill, a symbol of good harvest, the United States to give the treat.

  (3) stone curtain Hill

  Wheat 500 meters north of Shandong, a rock Lian Gushan, high-Bai Yumi wide, due to natural wind and rain, the bare Bedrock, Cuncaobusheng from top to bottom, such as smooth solidification of the waterfall, flying overhead, Hill at the end of diarrhea, one mountain scene, Weiwei spectacular. High-clear autumn day, are hoisted overhead rock Lian, bright and clear, the novel, together with the embellishment of maple leaves, the rock Lian set off flirtatious more beautiful, more seductive charm.

  (4) Ocean's peak

  Huaguo Shan on both sides, Miaohou Huashan, 18 The first process, called "Ocean's 18 peaks." This 18 peaks from north to south, such as the arch arrangement, the chair seems Gebao, Huashan Wai temple in the middle, peaks Pen-li, range upon range of hills overlapping peaks, steep mountain terrain, splendid temples, beautiful and attractive.

  There are also Huaguo Shan, Pa-chieh Shan, top-Yue Shan, Fung Wong Shan, Feng person, double peak pigeon, the pigeon-feng, conch-feng, head-feng, Wu Feng, Feng lion, and so on.

  (5) Tang Shi

  Huashan North Temple 400 meters, in Cliffs stones danger on steep slopes, a boulder-isolated processes, such as hate Tang, Tang Shek named. He wearing a scarf, facing the West, who are charged learn from West Ren, harbor feelings of the people universalist. From another point of view, the head of an independent flying stones, life, kind of solemn-chee, the number of visitors in this photo as a souvenir.

  (6) procedure Wukong

  Central Huaguo Shan, 1400 meters above sea level, there is a sudden the great stone monkey-li, about 10 meters high, the surface Back in the East stand flat on the ridge. In the opposite of its 10-meter distance, a group of neatly arranged stone monkey has become square. As if the Monkey King campaign, to convene a meeting Zhonghou, who arranged military aircraft. Gongqiao days of cloth, unique scenery, visitors to this, all reminiscent of "Journey to the West", Monkey King fighting to overcome the Buddha, Healthy body, the courage to fight the evil of the story.

  (7) two-monkey kiss

  Huaguo Shan mountains south-east, there are two face-to-face, side by side in accordance with the tight stone monkey, From a distance, like a pair of lovers in love, again Jiubie, Feelings tenderness, whispering, leaned forward to each other, playing, kissing, scenery Wonderful, Endless taste.

  (8) Natural bonsai

  Huashan 0.5 km North Temple, a two-way mountains, rocks around the Chengkungling, strange shapes, vivid images, such as monkeys, such as the tiger, such as turtles, frogs, such as, it seems, like an arrow, like bamboo shoots, and some rocks, and some Wizard, plus some embellishment of natural forest flowers , The old rattan plate, as if an enlarged natural landscapes and rocks. Landscape can be described as affectionate, wood and stone Jie Yuan, Shi Shi Jing, King vary with the step-by-step, so beautiful.

  (9), golden eagle show Qunhou

  Huaguo Shan in the northwest ridge, like a huge golden eagle, golden eagle from about 40 meters, there are hundreds of such small - The stones, small stone monkey free to play there, slapstick, play, and the golden eagle is hidden in a side Gusong watching, waiting for an opportunity, in order to capture Xiao Hou. Nature of this well-designed, the wonders of the sculpture so that the tourists away.

  (10) pile of stone pile

  Huaguo Shan south-east sector 500 meters (Songxian States), in a narrow ridge, the ranks of a huge "flying stone," said pile of stone pile. The mountain-stone for the collapse, Gongqiao days as the "flying" stones. Stone, about 15 meters high, around 60 meters in length Xu, at the end of a flat stone, stone and even rocks at the end of the central contact only 5 square meters, More than 40 cm to form part of the gap left vacant stands. There are stone stone weighing thousands of tons, if it looks Leiluan danger, but the wind by Li Yu, stand tall, uncanny workmanship, eye-openers. Pile of stone from the pile looked East, as a mushroom; looked exactly like a half from Xiantao, Qiao Yabian down. Wonderful scenery, the stones can be described as The most that can be called wonders of the world.

  In addition, Ling Xiao wall, She Shenya, Yixian Tian, hanging stone heart, the Big Buddha stone, stone Yama, Jade Stone, the stone ghosts, rock banshee, chilling stone, stone whales, family happiness, heaven For turtles, frogs Dog days, Wo Hu prey, Phoenix stone, stone vessels, stone temple, stone walls, sword , Viewing stone, and so on, Shi Zhengrong strange, magnificent, Xiao-pictographic, lively spirit, features, each with its own taste.

Tam Quan Xi waterfall

  Huaguo Shan dense forest, rich in water. Artesian Bore Baths, rain and gathered along the river Jian, Shi Kan Department from the fall, Cheng Fei Bao was; Baoshui the impact of the rock, into a dam in the course of time; And overflow into a river. Peach opened spring and autumn when Shuangye red, peach, Tan Bian falling leaves, the river, along with the natural scenery matched phase, paintings Shanguangshuise wonderful picture.

  (1) of the Tali River Qu

  Mountain on the west side, one of the perennial water ditch Tali, Tali said in Wonderland Huaguo Shan in the ditch water, water for up to 10 kilometers, 18 9 Bay, the twists and turns. Rise amid permanent groove on both sides of the peaks, lush forests, green For drop, Qu River during Yinbi. Lin stream of deep, dense grass, flower-fan, King quiet. Water features, water BUZZ, the rich wild, green crystal, with the swing water, gravel depression Lu Magic, composed of a rich landscape of moving King. Chanzao off in the forest, the sound-ri birds, flying Fengdie, fragrance vast expanse of open ground, said visitors poem:

Yichun most mountain streams, Yu Qian Shu days a new peach;

With the water to gain leisure, deep in the forests Qin asked.

  (2) Seven of the clean water valley

  Seven Ditch wheat from the mountain, about 20 km water channel, Liangyagazhi in the deep, meandering flow at great speed, Yabian steep rock, sink-You-hao, the proliferation of Grass, Teng Wen-bi end, the sound of water gurgling waterfall Hanging fly, Longtan beads, fog-travel far and wide. Roaming The waterfall sound of thunder from time to time, behind silver-spreading, sometimes quiet stream flow, Bitan Yi, sometimes singing, sometimes Higurashi. People feel the "bird Shan Kwong Yue, Tan Ying empty hearts." "Margaret goes around Shiqianfeng, diffuse haze Valley Drive," the poetic.

  (3) Feibao curtain hanging

  Huaguo Shan has three major characteristics of the falls, one more than the quantity, distribution focus; Second, the Four Seasons regular stream, year-round Bi ; Third, the form of scene features. 20 focus on a number of falls in seven Yugou and Tali ditch, according to the state of flowing water can be divided into the following five major categories.

  ? elevation or water falls: waterfall hanging tall, stand like a wall rock, and drop more than 20 meters off the Yangguan hat, looking down scared, magnificent momentum. Canyon water by mouth Teng And, from high Feiquan Gap smoke, waterfalls, such as diarrhea heap Chu-yu, falling Tan Zhong, Weiwei spectacular. Water, wind, Lin Sheng, the ring if thunder, earth and the mountains shake, scattered water, water-filled air, like clouds, such as fog, smoke may seem Xia, colorful, colorful, visit its territory, not only to "fly Three thousand feet down stream, the suspect is River nine days off "feelings. And who travel in clouds, fog steaming, smoke curl upwards, the wonderful scenery. Waterfall of such a hidden waterfall long, two-Diebao, spray-waterfall, in the first practice Falls Road, and so on.

  ? down steep waterfall-style training: the clean water Quanxi -70 degrees to 40 degrees along the lower Shipo, 40-80 meters long. Joan Spillover, continuous rolling, as jade-training; flying volley, before the wind power, if the Kingston Lady Armstrong, dressed in white, standing mountain. And appears to be gentle rapids, but spillover serene, graceful, shade canopy, You Lin Jing Gu. Qing Liu Qin-ming, fun, such as 2 to practice, practice 3, Yun Shi Gou falls, and so on. Chang-long water-falls: the rapid slope valley along the stream flow at great speed, winding and bumpy, such as the long queue of water, like dance Yin Yi, Hua Hua water, attractive, water jump, Cheongdam have emerged one after another like a bead, the coast stone Cui Jie, Jade, BUZZ water, such as pipe string like a quality living environment, the picturesque scenery. Ssangyong, such as water and the sky Gap, 9 falls, and so on.

  ? sword-stone waterfall: deep into the river, stone valley, suddenly huge barrier, Duolu Runs like a sword, the shape to the front, into the blue sky; scattered fly, silver shiny, light-feng, Hanguang exciting. What is the "sword of stone-splitting water, waterfall stream flow children" The mood, such as the sword stone waterfall, waterfall, such as Lady.

  Silver Falls-? embankment: water rapids along the river bed, and suddenly the whole cross-section of the river bed rock barrier Dandi, the more rapid and embankment, such as the silver-shaped dike like a wall of jade, blue waves rolling, shining pearl, exquisite free and easy, singular view Show, it is wow. Wall jade, silver embankment Falls.

  (4) Pearl Lake, Jasper Lake

  Jasper Lake is located in the lower part of Yugou seven, is the first trench into the pit, said the first Tam Road, an area of about 2000 square meters, the two Gap store, steep cliff, Molv water like a jasper, Shanguangshuise, Xiangyingchengqu . Falls looking up, the mist indemnity , Lei Ming Tao Sheng, the color associated with the weather, a Green Bay water, wearing an arrow million hit, numerous Shanshe Pearl. Sounding pools, clear water like a mirror, in the view of Tan Bian water, the water Tan Zhong Ying, indeed, "Tan Ying space in their hearts" of poetry, and jasper in the top of the dam side of the stream, a Pearl Tam, known as "bean pot" . Tan-round population, area 2 square meters, and unpredictable. Tan Zhong blisters around strings, such as pearl-shaped, large and small, rolling around, jumping up and down, the long drift, floating out of Health birth and death, good magic, dazzling.

  In addition, there are green Longtan, Lady Lake, hidden Longtan, such as jasper pool. Tam Tam beautiful, Tam attractive. It was after the Longtan Fushi Yu Qing said:

Portal also vast and lonely white clouds, clouds outside Tam Chun-shan.

Tsing Lung night only unstable when rain to walk to the world.

  (5) Stephen Schiff

  Huaguo Shan Department of bedrock fissure water source. On a high mountain and close-lin, more Oasis, "in the mountains On a rainy night, the forest re-hundred-chuen, "said Yue are the top names Stephen Hill, Jade Stephen, Stephen Schiff's Huaguo Shan Mountain and the Phoenix-chuen. Stephen Schiff at the Huashan temple. Here Shan Jing Valley, Rise amid beautiful, next to Stephen strain of the Millennium Oak tree, while a huge tree, the stone engraved with "Huaguo Shan," the three characters. Schiff spring colorless, non - , Clear and transparent, long-trickling stream, inexhaustible throughout the year, the sweet taste of water, contains a wide range of trace elements in the human body needs can be refreshing fitness. Yu Hua Guoshan, Schiff does not drink spring water, it is unfortunate.

  (6) Stephen Jade

  Stephen Chow at the Jade Emperor Peak, 1,500 meters above sea level Department. Mimi Qingquan, Note Pool side, continued for a long time, the endless summer and winter. A taste, dip out Gan spleen; holding a cool head pregnant. Hill here, how high, how deep the water, according to Hill with water, water Lianzhao Hill, landscape-in-one, traditional costumes and matched.

  (7) Stephen Phoenix

  Stephen Ling Shansi located on the eastern side of Phoenix, Phoenix foothills, at the foot of Tallinn Water depth of about 9 meters, more than 30 meters wide mouth. If the surface Kam, delicious spring water and alcohol, with plenty of water, four regular stream, never dry up. Shun Shan and water, forming Fei Bao, as if the Chuilian white, then listen to the Tigers may Zhong.

  (8) Shuilian Dong

  Huaguo Shan Shui Liandong Huashan is located in the temple, deep hole Meters, 15 meters long, 2.5 meters high, less than 1 meter hole was a huge cover closed, the stone in a hole on the seam is, one can pass. Smooth inside walls, can accommodate 40 people. Holes on a stream, the hole and Fei Liu, Zhu Lian-shaped, colorful. Valley outside China, Fenpi trees, fragrant grass lush, Beautiful color, not the summer heat and winter cold without. Zhennai "blessed Huaguo Shan, Dong Tian Shui Liandong." "Journey to the West" Monkey poems China and the United States said: "avoid Service has wind, rain better take shelter. Shuangxue no fear, and never hear thunder. Haze often shine, steamed smoked every auspicious. Shochiku show year after year, Qi To spend on the new. "

Sky King (1) Mountain sunrise (Hakkei one of the Yiyang)

  Top Yue Gu Cheng Tai Shan, 1643 meters above sea level, the second peak is Huaguo Shan, located in the north-eastern area, surrounded by dense forest, to see the sunrise over the Linhai, do not have some fun. Deng Yue Shan peak of the morning, the dawn can be seen here, Asaka away , Wanshan heavy Luan, numerous Qi, Wei Xia Yun steam, smoke-filled, the time when they are hidden, rapid change. Blue sky, white clouds into Fei Xia, Xia become fresh again by Dan Hong, followed by clouds in the upper end of the exposed Ni-orange-red teeth, and slowly rising, exposing half of the plate red, red disc is getting bigger, Shashi "Proton" leap Wu Hai. The rising sun, like the lanterns glowing rays overflowing, but no Cimu. As the red sun rising, become more and more eye-catching bright, resplendent. Forest put on a pink clouds, the mountains of Sa Man Kam Fai ... ....

  (2) Huashan sea of clouds

  Huaguo Shan is one of the wonders of the sea of clouds. Summer and fall season, Afternoon or evening, when the valley after the rain in the early Qing flight will be water fishes, white Ruxu. For the cloud condensation water, white waves, into the valley, has become Bailian, Piaoyou together, into a boundless vast "sea of clouds." Looking ahead, the highlight of the summit, buildings, as if the sea islands, in the surging wave of silver in Flickering. As a mirage, like Penglai fairyland. "Mishima sea of clouds" and "cloud holding a peach" in the wonders of the world can be. Or a case of rising air currents, winds at first, the cloud has been divided, cloud-shaped mutation, rolling Jifei, such as Wanmabenteng, momentum momentum, particularly spectacular. If it's clear after the rain in the early evening, the vast clouds Huaguo Shan, backed Yang, such as blood, and orange-red to show a magnificent view of the sea of clouds. "By fog cloud over Taiwan's next to impossible, he could feel the long white clouds, she waved her by not going to laugh soft-lip kiss pregnant." Huaguo Shan cloud of visitors is the praise.

  (3) rays, the Rainbow

  The rising sun or the evening as the sunset, the sun Radio, the sky or the color of the clouds appear, or call Asaka sunset. Huaguo Shan in the dense forests in climate hearty, a lot of sunset, the time up to an hour. Showing a blue-violet green green orange red, five-Yen seven-color. Overflowing rays, spangle the sky, such as gold hanging screen, such as the land of Kam-like satin, Jueyan Jingying, 10 Brilliant.

  Huaguo Shan mountain after another, the vast Lin, a lot of rainfall, sometimes heavy rain poured down, an instant storm. East West and sometimes rainy-day sun, rainbow hanging space, bursts of thunderstorms, paintings beauty of the sky, so that visitors can praise.

  (4) Snow Ji-san (one of the Yiyang Eight) Mountain winter, the coldest in January, with an average temperature of -3.2 ?, accounting for about two-thirds of the ice and snow weather. Shuofeng strong winds, ice-covered thousands of miles; falling Yu Hua, Man Shan are white. Hanging scroll overlapping range upon range of hills, snow-wrapped, like Yin Yi Shan, such as wax like Fung, particularly enchanting. In the event of a skinhead Ling, is another scene, the mountain is covered with ice upside down Quanlin Qionghua Yushu, Calocedrus Chung, Phi silver-linked, shrub coppice, Ice 10,000. Whenever snow Ji's sunny, travel valley, the scenery never Lai, Crystal Palace, such as income, do not have some fun, Cai Xiang Song Dynasty poem Chan said:

Yiyang Road is the mountains, the snow clouds over Richard buried between Margaret.

Eye view of nowhere to find, To know whether in this world.

Forest Landscape

  1. Huashan Spring

  Huaguo Shan in the early spring of February, the weather is still cold, the temperature often below 3 ?, often Feifei rain, snow or Fen Yang, ice and snow-capped mountains are often pegged to the emergence of crystal in the world, like Joan Tower mountains, fascinating. Qingming After gradually warming weather, this side of the Ying-chun, one after another Zhankai forsythia, Liu Shao-green, plum fragrance, Qinren the heart. That - while cherry, Lei Chu Zhan Wisteria times, the wind in full bloom, the brilliant peach, pear Potentilla, Zhengfangdouyan vitality. It is more red, white, colored purple rhododendron, Congcongcucu, all over the mountains, Cha Zi Yan . Butterfly Dance turn, love for bees, so that the park colorful and attractive.

  2. Autumn Fruit Hill

  Autumn season, Huaguo Shan rise amid profit Autumn Gold. Orange-red persimmon, hawthorn Purpurin, brown kiwi, August yellow oak, chestnut branch pressure, science, head covered with trees. Huaguo Shan is the concept of spring flowers, Taste the fruit. Autumn view of Deng Huashan fill the fields are covered with the Nongyan costumes, make-storied into the magnificent scenery, and miscellaneous to Qi, rocks, pines, Calocedrus, complement each other. The beautiful forest environment contains life, vitality, is still in Wonderland, relaxed and happy.

Human landscape

  Originally named Hua Guoshan Mountain, a lot of human heritage, history seekers can explore this to Lansheng, Tiyong painting, passed down until today. 15 Qing Emperor Qianlong (1751 AD) Huashan repair the temple, engraved with the inscription: Mount also, that is called Journey to the West Qitian Sun Buddha Department sanctification. Most of the residents have Qitian King tablets, mountain landscape, are more "Journey to the West"-related story, full of myths very strong color.

  1. Fa Temple

  Huashan Legend has it that the temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, is located on the west side of Huaguo Shan, 1300 meters above sea level, to face seven Yugou, back in accordance with Ocean's 18 peaks, surrounded on three sides by mountains, many peaks, Quanxi stream flow, quiet environment, King Charming. Yu Huangdian the original temple, the mother Temple, West Hall, the Hall of Legend and so on, housing a total of more than 180 years, more than 100 bottles stele, an area of about 40,000 square meters, and learn a lot of the murals is to study ancient architecture. The history of religious and cultural treasure house. Unfortunately, these cultural sites, destroyed in the war, only a few of the existing temple Canbei more than 70 bottles. However, the surviving monuments, the charm still, a great deal of research, or the value of cultural heritage.

  2. Ling Yunge

  Lingyun Ge built in the Mountain peak, 1600 meters above sea level, towering Gu Feng, Qian Chi cliffs, craggy rocks, Xiong Jun scenery. Deng Ling only brought into sharper focus the channel, is a cloud This is in the ancient cliff wall, cut a straight line of the 218 level, non-climbing can not be brave. Narrow ladder only one person running, the former top-later-pin board, the former head enough to later generations, even a look back, but see-ridden white clouds, Huangruo vacant, and visitors along the steps Gordon Court, sunny wall, such as plastic vacant, like fog in the air travel far and wide , Picturesque in Wonderland. In the top of the ladder, Lingyun Ge Fei Jia, who Pavilion piercing, high into the sky. Ling Yunge, the ladder, what is the hole in the cabinet who are built, yet research. Looking into the cabinet Yuan Wang, Pinnacle range upon range of hills, boundless; cliffs looking down, into the abyss Ru Lin, dizzying, and in the event Asaka, sea of clouds, colorful Wanxia is Disorderly, dangerous landscape odd, particularly spectacular.

  3. Lingshan Si (provincial-level protection units)

  Ling Shansi Yiyang county seat is located in the West about 7 kilometers, according to legend for the week named after the location of sleep Ling, formerly known as al-chung Temple, Bao Ensi, Phoenix Temple. Was built in the Jin Dynasty Dading three years (Year 1163), After repeated and the expansion of existing groups throughout the Ming Dynasty to the main building, inside the main building, the central axis are the Mountain Gate, Qian Dian, Pilu Temple, the main sanctuary, the Tibetan side hall in a palace floor and about 6. Pilu Temple wide into the main sanctuary and the deep 3, Danyanxieshan-Fang Liang brackets, and other reservations are payments on behalf of the style. Main sanctuary, there are the Ming Dynasty 5 as for the existing Henan earliest works of clay. Temple-61 tablets, studying Buddhism in China, classical architecture and art treasure-house of Chinese calligraphy. Luo Ling Shansi front, hillside, mountain linger, gurgling East. Temple Northeast Tallinn, the Ming and Qing Dynasties monks brick tombstone 16, a Temple southeast of Phoenix-chuen, the original Xuan machines, kiosks Phoenix, Yi Ting Chui, the exercises had been gone. Sengfang West Temple, a Buddhist Temple there, such as Ming Si Mianfo tower integrated 2007 (1471 AD).

  In addition to the above features of the humanities, there are built yun Temple, the Dragon King holes, stone, the path along the cliff, stone, Kuixing Court, and so on. Feng, stone, and so on, the monument has a lot of fairy tale Folklore, features, each with its own taste.

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Wu Ling Han - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu Ling Han said the original Tomb, also known as the Han Tomb, the name of the tomb and Patrick Lau. Luoyang City in the northeast at about 40 years, this white crane Mengjin County commune in the territory, according to South Mangshan Mountain, north of the Yellow River. Ling tall mound, the week-long 1400 meters, 20 meters high. There are short wall around the cemetery back to the care, with more than 1,000 strains of Cooper-sik, tall and straight vigorous, lush quiet. Park to the west of Guangwu Temple. Guangwu the Second Avenue side of the old Dianqian Cooper 28, the word hero for founding the Eastern Han Dynasty Yunnan will be 28 in disguise. Tomb mound before the giant monument of an 1967 Qing Emperor Qianlong (1791), inscribed on the "ZTE Eastern Han Dynasty Mausoleum of Emperor Guangwu generation," dozens of characters.

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Water Valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Valley water originated in Xiaoshan Sheng Chi Tau, east of the valley. A total length of 90 km, Chi Sheng, Xin-an, Takayasu will be to Luoyang River, south-east flow injection River, and is Jianhe exchange for first-class. Valley of the ancient water from flowing through the northwest city of gold, Wang Jie and Dong note, it flows around the city of Luoyang (Chinese Yangcheng Wetlaufer) around and into the Waterinfo.
  Luoyang all To the longest River, so different after Rod gets Waterinfo Road. However, Luoyang and the Rise and Fall of cultural change, most closely related to, among Valley water.

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High-Long Zhong Yuemiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yanshi County in the high-long and a half kilometers east of the village, Dengfeng and Zhongyue Miao and the corresponding known as the "Zhong Yuemiao", the name of the village because of the so-called "high-long temple." Cimiao very well preserved, Juan Peng, glazed tile on the hall light as a new, as it does not harm the brick wall. There are three broad hall for Danyanxieshan-, four-fei Are brackets, interior beams and columns are also used brackets, and are painted, it is gorgeous. Dianding ridge Leiqi exquisite carving patterns, Yuelong Men fish, dragons Tengyun, good fortune (as) Plan and so on. 1.40 ridge closure of the original Han, Pang Juan, the son of all, Luo statue, the "Cultural Revolution" when they were destroyed. There are two main hall before 3 Qingwa room palace, with fine angle on both sides of the hall room. Palace hall after a few years, also built by the Qing Wa blue.

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Wind cave temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wind cave temple, located in the northeastern county Linru 9 km south of the Songshan small room. Rise amid Xiuba, Cang Pinnacle Park, the side of the clear spring flow, picturesque; high pagoda, towering Diange, stele forest, the elegant simplicity with a southern-style garden. Wind cave temple was built in Northern Wei, China is one of the oldest Buddhist temple, as a result of the East Mountain Temple, there are large Xue Dong Feng named after. Wind Point Pass, the two Shan Jiadao, verdant trees, gurgling water. Li Yi northbound Wa Lane 3, in order to find the temple, there are the "Tibetan temple in the mountains," "pass habitat Qu Department quiet," the poetic. Temple embrace of the mountains in the north have Zi Xiao-feng, a side of the purple Yunfeng, Hat Feng, Xiang Lufeng, pomegranate, and so on nine mountain peaks Linked to the winding, towards the temple, "North Korea Kowloon wind hole, and even see ancient temples of Taiwan" reputation. Temple Hall, Pavilion, F, Taiwan 140, and the potential to build on the mountain, high and low Cuoluoyouzhi, changing scene in beautiful focus.

Wind cave temple was built in Northern Wei, China is one of the oldest Buddhist temple, as a result of the East Mountain Temple has Xue Dong named after a small wind. Wind cave temple, located in the northeast Ruzhou 9 km south of the Songshan small room. Rise amid Xiuba, Cang Pinnacle Park, the side of the clear spring flow, picturesque; high pagoda, towering Diange, stele forest, the elegant simplicity with a southern-style garden.

  Wind cave temple with the White Horse Temple, Shaolin Temple, with the country Famous, known as the "temple of the four Central Plains." "Teramae, the Early Tang Dynasty poet Liu Xi Yi cemetery. Side of the temple, there are several rehabilitation Song Wu cave lived reading.

  Wind transmission of Buddhist cave temple, for the beginning of the roof after Rinzai. Tang Kaiyuan, there are seven rooftop Zu Zhen Zhi Guan Zen master in this study. The late Tang, in the Rinzai Zen Zu Nan-hui School, four extension of the ancestral temple de Wind, the first Legend Hill in the province are studying Buddhism Philip Kwong Yu. Historical data "to below Hospital South, The True Story of the Buddha are, with continued light lamps. Shine through recorded history, said although not out of the wind hole, but other origins, then heel over the shoulder, Yu Hai in the wind, but at other times alone Sheng . Yun-law is also solid in the wind Yunlong Tiger will also Yu. " Wind Point Pass, the two Shan Jiadao, Conglong trees, gurgling water. Yili northbound Wa Lane 3, in order to find the temple, there are the "Tibetan temple in the mountains", "Department winding streets," the poetic. Temple mountains in the north have Zi Xiao-feng, a side of the purple Yunfeng, Hat Feng, Xiang Lufeng, pomegranate, and other mouth-feng Mountains 9 Linked to the winding, towards the temple, "North Korea Kowloon wind hole, even the ancient temples of Taiwan to build" reputation. Temple Hall, Pavilion, F, Taiwan 140, and the potential to build on the mountain, high and low Cuoluoyouzhi, changing scene in beautiful focus.

  Then there Teramae Bridge St., is the legendary imperial Emperor Qianlong then worship, named "St. bridge then." Qingshi exquisite carvings on the railings. Bridge is Guanyinge for-Chongyanxieshan, cornices pick angle, visible work fine. The Court, known as the "House of water." Before the Court as a result of a large Ciquan, spewing water. Court after things longan, a gentleman, and ask that the company all in the Department of Stephen Bridge, around spring "ripple Pavilion" a week-long in the water like Guanyinge , Named.

  Temple of the Heavenly Kings Hall, in the permitted, the potential construction of the Main Hall on the mountain, high and low scattered in an orderly manner, and the White Horse Temple, Shaolin Temple is very different construction. Three Palace, Temple sixth patriarch, Wei Tuo Temple, Shen Tang, such as the layout of the board. There is the southwest corner tower, north-west corner of a floor, Canon, Zuta seven stands on land and at sea Dianqian At the center of the left side of the house, handsome tall and straight, giving the "floor, Wu Buyi, a ten-step Pavilion, a rise of King, another turn heaven and earth" atmosphere of uncertainty. In Henan province is permitted to preserve the integrity of the Jin Dynasty temple construction. Miankuo, into the deep 3, Xie Shanding, the patterns are regulated, well-structured, Diaolianghuadong, an appropriate proportion. Dian The stone carving, wood carvings, statues, Buddha and so on Xingshenjianbei, bold chic. Court suspended for 10 minutes three-Xieshan canopy, towering high-rise, with hanging and Songxuan 2007 (1125) Suozhu a big iron bell, the 9999 re-jin, simple shapes, sounds immense.

  Main Hall, rising, climbing 108 Level, through the Temple abbot, the Ocean Palace Pavilion, is the hope. Here 305 meters above sea level, overlooking the temporary pavilion, inside pavilions, halls panoramic view of Monument tower; view to the north, 9, Wa Lane Hill Office of the Jade Emperor Peak attached Zi Xiao Yun-Feng Zi, Xiang Lufeng, sand peak cap, pomegranate Shun Feng Jiufeng, and so on, stacked Wei Yi Yong Zhao temple, as if 9 Long, so I said, Kowloon; down looking down, mountain Ring arch, Zhuangruo Lotus, the temple just Home Center Mid

  The existing building as early as the Tang is the first year of opening in the construction of seven Zuta, 24.16 meters high, for the nine square Zhuanta Miyan. In the permitted built in the Jin Dynasty, 800 years ago, in order to build-Danyanxieshan . Pilu Temple is located in the permitted after the 11-year re-integrated Ming (1475), hall-week 2007 Yongle there Zhu Wang Su's offer of a white marble statue of Buddha Sakyamuni. Court suspended the three-tier bell was built in the Song Dynasty, Genei hanging there for seven years and announced that the Northern Song Dynasty (1125) in a cast iron bell, the 4998 kg weight, shape Ancient thick, clear inscriptions. There are temples around the Yuan, Ming and Qing on behalf of the 84 Temple, in Henan Province is the second large Tallinn. Wind cave temple has a long history, many seekers can explore here left a valuable footprint. After new China was founded, the Monastery is listed as one of the key protection units. Is now opening to the outside world, not And international friends are attracted to

Temple stele forest, from the Five Dynasties Qianyou three years after the Han (950 years) "wind Acupoint Shiqianfeng Baiyun Temple", under Zhi Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Tablet, or notebook, or Fushi, true, grass, Li , Seal characters, with the body, many of whom are art. In addition, there are Zhu Lian, Ciquan, playing platform, or Xian Qiao, Cui Feng Ting, silver screen, Wu Gong-dong, Wang Ting, such as the eight wonders of the state, there are small Dragon, Dragon stone washing tail wind, Dongshan fairy boots, Western Hills A Buddha, a half-yun Chao, 72, and other Department no small King.

There are temples around the Yuan, Ming and Qing generations Temple 84, The second big Henan Tallinn. Wind cave temple has a long history, many seekers can explore here left a valuable footprint. After new China was founded, the Monastery is listed as one of the key protection units.

  In the permitted built in the Jin Dynasty, 800 years ago, for Danyanxieshan architecture. Pilu Temple - In the permitted after the 11-year re-integrated Ming (1475), hall-week 2007 Yongle there Zhu Wang Su's offer of a white marble statue of Buddha Sakyamuni. Court suspended the three-tier bell was built in the Song Dynasty, Genei hanging there for seven years and announced that the Northern Song Dynasty (1125) in a cast iron bell, weight 4998 kg, the immense ancient style, Ming Clear. There are temples around the Yuan, Ming and Qing on behalf of the 84 Temple, in Henan Province is the second large Tallinn. Wind cave temple has a long history, many seekers can explore here left a valuable footprint. After new China was founded, the Monastery is listed as one of the key protection units. Is now opening to the outside world, many international friends Mu And to.

  Wind around the temple cave, such as pine and cypress-tao, such as impaired mountains, beautiful scenery, famous since ancient times for the temple.

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Erlitou site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoyang City in the east about 18 kilometers Yanshi County, Erlitou village. Iraq is located, between the Los dihydrate, as the capital of the Xia sites. Things about 2.5 km, 1.5 km north-south width. In 1959 to start large-scale excavation. Unearthed a large number of stone tools, pottery, jade and so on, in which small pieces of bronze Rudao, Grand, bell, and so on, I Seen so far the earliest bronze. Phase III cultural layer was found in two large palaces Rammed earth platform. Among the west side of an area of about 10,000 square meters, in north-central platform is a Miankuo 8, 3 deep into the palace sites, around the ring in order to veranda Gallery. At the site also found that large areas of south-eastern bronze, pottery workshop Site. Has now been listed as national key cultural unit.

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Du Fu's tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu's tomb in Luoyang City, about 23 km east of Yanshi County, North Du Village. Tombstone for 55 years Qing Emperor Qianlong (1790) by Li, engraved on the "theft by finding and Industry Tang Shao Ling Du Wenzhen Tomb of the public." In 1956 at the Tomb of the rehabilitation of the surrounding block on the blue, was octagonal. North Tomb of the original Du Du Fu's grandfather to speak , The exercises had been no deposit. Further north, Du Fu's ancestors, when Jin tomb of Du Yu Yang Hou, the surviving tombstones. Du Fu's hometown in the eastern city of Luoyang, about 65 km south Gongxian Bay Village, this elegant surviving a quiet little courtyard, a brick backing of the cave, now has a hometown memorial.

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Cheng Hao Cheng Yi's Tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoyang City in the south about 25 kilometers west of this Yichuan county. Cheng Hao (1032-1085), Cheng Yi (1033-1107) brothers are the famous Northern Song Dynasty philosopher and educator, is the founder of the Northern Song Dynasty Neo-Confucianism, the Bank said two-way. Second-way for the tomb of Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi and Cheng Xun his father's grave. Including the tomb of-way and Second part of the temple, before the Temple, after Metella. By the Temple Gate Tower, room and hall, and so on, the Ming and Qing Dynasties era and another side of the dozens of stone. Metella before tombstone for the case and Shi Yang, Shima, and so on, there are graves around the back retaining wall. Tomb, the temple area of towering old trees, the contrast of quiet and solemn atmosphere.

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Mei Tibetan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baiyun Si, whose real name is located in Yanshi County township Gu Hui Longwan village, as a result of Baiyun Mountain got its name back. Old prime incense, large-scale, four-story courtyard, first floor hall for the four kings, a plastic Dongbi Dian Qian Huang Chao seated, wearing a helmet Prix, the momentum out of the ordinary. According to the "Gong County," recorded in the Tang Dynasty Huang Chao Chang-cutting uprising of the West, in Unmanning, dig holes and Zhu Liang. To this day, still in the vicinity of the Taiwan military parade, drill ground, Quan Yin Ma, and so the old name. Second floor of the hall for the Maitreya Buddha. Main Hall for three, Sakyamuni for. Finally, a monk is home. Tibetan at Qinglong Temple in May Valley, which rise amid arch-soo, hover streams, verdant forests, beautiful quiet. 991, the rehabilitation of monks and laymen from all walks of life to raise funds to make the temple desolate back 2 3 wide glazed tile hard-Hill Hall.

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Baiyun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mengjin County in the good old urban and rural East Village and a half kilometers southeast of Mangshan Xu Ling Cui Yunshan North Banpo, is the use of a slope into the ditch on the ground there is construction of the cave and a Taoist temple. Beautiful scenery here, Beitiao the Yellow River, looking south Shouyangshan Shun Temple, the East has Yi, Shu Qi Ma Jian Zu deduction, the West has Limi alcohol Taiwan. Baiyun Temple founder of the original, Sheng Mudian, Laojun Dian, the Jade Emperor Temple, were dismantled after the liberation. In 1988, near the site of the men and women to raise funds in the reconstruction of the Yu Huangdian, three out of five dark, Danyanxieshan, glazed tile, Red Gate Hong Zhu, a pair of trees in the very Nai Kan. According to chisel things cliff cave more than 10 holes dedicated to popular belief gods. Yamashita There Kowloon Tang Temple and the Temple are destroyed. There are scattered within view of several stone-Qing Dynasty. Baiyun the first month, the temple has 15.

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Po Chu's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Po Chu-House Museum is located in the outskirts of the city of Luoyang and happy Lion Bridge Township Village, an area of 80 acres, according to the layout of the entire east of the Tang Dynasty are the "field" Square-shaped street in the construction of the library's former home has Po Chu, Po Chu Memorial Hall, Lotte Park, the centers of Po Chu and Tang Culture amusement park, the Tang-style malls, such as construction. Therefore, Po Chu-i For the northern half of the residential areas, mainly for the southern half of the garden and the lake, the entire layout to reproduce the original appearance. Po Chu Memorial Hall is a Tang-style architecture, the Library has a poet's statue and display of his life, literature and calligraphy, murals, and so on, pay is a poet of the main venues. Lotte Park is based on the Po Chu Masterpieces such as "pipa", such as poetry and the construction of the garden. Po Chu-academic centers for domestic and foreign experts, scholars and research activities. Tang culture amusement park in accordance with the customs of the Tang Dynasty established a polo field, such as the Chengji entertainment field. Tang-style malls for shopping offers visitors a variety of services.

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Zhou Wang Juma Keng Luoyang City Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhou Wang Juma Keng Luoyang City Museum located in the center of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Wang Luoyang City Square, site of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty King City district of the north-east, is a show in order to protect the original site of the Eastern Zhou period Juma Keng large as the main body, to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Wang Chin-fu overview of the city in recent years, Capital Cities Archaeological discoveries and some precious cultural relics of the Eastern Zhou period, "Wang City Capital Cities Wang "theme museum.

Throughout the museum covers an area of more than 1700 square meters, over a two-year area. To enter the door to the museum, first of all, the eye is the first exhibition, divided into four sections, one area of Luoyang Erlitou site (summer), Yanshi city, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty King City, Yangcheng Luo Han, Wei, Sui Tang Luo 5 large city such as the ancient capital of Luoyang and the present-day location of the mutual relationship between microfiches of the sand table, showing in detail the Luoyang area rivers and mountains and rivers of urban history; Second, King City, summed up the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, archaeologists to the measured background picture, based on archaeological findings in order to indicate the City Within each functional area of the site, also showed a few ceramic materials Third, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty Tomb of the archaeological exploration and discovery, the plate to the main archaeological discoveries, Wang highlighted the city's hill, there are models on display in Luoyang City, 27, "Asian"-shaped tomb of the emperor large West Xiaotun " A "plot-shaped stone tomb of carbon deposition and recovery of large display of artifacts buried with the dead Jiefang Road and other important sites, and the other in order to In the form of a brief film of the Golden Village and the week tombs big hills area. Also on display at the same time, "Wang" Tong Ding, "the Son of Heaven" in kind, such as Suk and pictures. Fourth, a number of precious cultural relics the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, bronze tripod out, the pot Fang, Yu, traveling, laminated mirror, painting Ding, beans, tea, Yulong, Yu Bi, the first space cloth, and so on. The first visiting the area, to the west across the aisle for some, it will enter the second area, the Eastern Zhou period Juma Keng large area. In 2003, archaeological workers in the Square in the region, to explore clean-up of 17 Juma Keng (Ma Hang), the protection of the site to display here is one of the 2. Among the north side of a 42.6 meters long, 7.4 meters wide, buried 26 vehicles, the existing total of 68 horses, domestic scale rarely seen. 2 vertical car was located, the end of the first North South, Looking Jimu, a spectacular array of chariots and horsemen ran in front, the sound of Jingle trucks, Xiao Ma, as if to return to the realistic-looking animals of the field throughout history. In this array , There is a car by six horse traction to clear visual evidence in the form of ancient Indian literature, "the emperor riding six," the account.

Zhou Wang Juma Keng Luoyang City Museum, with spectacular real Juma Keng and exquisite combination of cultural relics, vivid visual display of Luoyang during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty king's status and brilliant History and culture. She is bound to become the upgrading of urban civilization, the ancient capital of Luoyang, at home and abroad to promote the new century and new Luoyang cultural window.

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Luopu Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luopu Park was established in May 1997, was basically completed by the end of 2002. Luopu River Park is built in accordance with the cross-century ecological project in Luoyang, Luoyang City is the city's ecological zone, also in the city of Luoyang East and West axis. Luopu River Park across both sides of the north-south of Luoyang City in five areas, with a total area of nearly 12,000,000 Ping Meters. Set embankment, embankment order, Tong beach, river together, the financial landscape, landscape architecture, landscape, cultural landscape into a furnace for large-scale open park, with the exception of public open space to meet, watch, leisure, Chen Lian, etc. Functional requirements, it is also a popular science for education, environmental education and awareness of green To the base and at the same time, the drainage of flood control, climate regulation of the city, improve the urban ecological environment, improve the quality of life of residents and promote economic and social sustainable development plays an important role.

Park Luopu types of trees planted nearly 200 varieties of more than 30 million trees, shrubs, 20 More than 10,000, more than 300 peony varieties and more than 20 million trees, more than 230 million square meters of green space, so that the formation of Luopu Park on the north shore of the scenic areas, the south bank of King, the river surface area. Large areas of green space and wide integration of the natural surface, showing the clear water, blue sky, tree, grass-green flowers Yan natural ecological effects. On the north shore of scenic spots: Xiyuan two kilometers west to the eastern section of the mouth of a total of 14 km Chan, has completed a 45-meter wide green, 3-meter wide green belt, 15.5 m wide green slope above and 15 meters wide greenbelt; 14 Km long, 8.5 meters wide flood control road, 12 kilometers of anti-wave wall, more than 30 km Within the park road, 10 more than the way for admission; the construction of water supply, electricity, lighting, drainage, communication facilities. Xiyuan in Luoyang Qiao Qiao Zhi, modern gardening practices to adapt to the building of 30 young people, children, elderly people of different age groups, and other activities of the square, groups of 30 aircraft pavilion Gallery, 10 special type of garden plants A lot of garden pieces: six different form of public toilets and management of the room; the West entrance to the building of giant birds Luopu shape of the west gate of the park, such as fighting the bird fly, the moral of Luoyang's economic take-off; there are both within and outside the West entrance to the square and Garden, with a total area of over 40,000 square meters; Luopu in the park at the entrance to the building of Jianhe 225 meters long, 72 meters wide of the Rainbow Bridge - Block; the west side of the building in Luoyang Qiao Luopu the park east Duan Luoyang Qiao Qiao Zhi Xiyuan doors and more than 30,000 square meters inside and outside the square, square building with music fountain, granite light Column, enjoy the cool air on this summer night, enjoy the colorful side of the water fountain attitude, listening to music on the side of the Music. East gate of the majestic city of Luoyang has become a landmark building.

Luoyang Qiao Chan to the estuary area to the north shore of the eastern section of the historical and cultural district in the area he has tulo book, pour searching all summer, rain Shang Wang, History of UNITA, Kyushu Ding Ding, Luo Plaza, Imperial College of the Eastern Han, Zhang Heng three Miriam, Cai Lun Paper Jian strength of character, Luoyangzhigui, Si Yi Village Hall, Li and Du meet, engraving and printing to reflect the ancient capital of Luoyang North Korea 13 major historical events and important historical figures of 14 historical and cultural square, with gardens and small-scale pavement, sculpture, tablets showed Luoyang The rich cultural history, art and gardens to achieve a cultural calendar The United States combined. At the same time, the building of the Luo Yuan, Xiao Yue Yuen, Kyushu constellation Square, the Palace garden Yang, the autumn wind park. The whole area on the north shore of Green Belt to form a multi-level and all-round, a strong contrast, the seasonal changes in the rich rhythm with a beautiful landscape of the strip.

South Bank area: the construction of 12 km 40 m wide green, evergreen to deciduous trees and dense forest-based film-sik, to 200-300 meters plant community groups to form a large group, color, scattered high and low, rich natural Wild, changes in the Skyline Green abundant Effect. At the same time, according to Luopu construction of a park South Bank of the West from Peony Bridge, east to Luoyang Qiao Nanti from the North River, Luo Yi Road, south of the country acres of gardens, a historical and cultural basis of the Sui and Tang dynasties, the peony culture to the main content of thousands of peony plants scattered high and low, mountain stones Pinnacle, into Tingtailouxie Hui's Garden State, Luopu Park for the south bank of the scenic beauty of the landscape added. Scenic river water: After the dredging of the river, governance, one after another in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, the Shenyang palace built on the same park, Luo Yuan Shan four weeks and rubber dam, 600 meters - 800 meters Wide, covering an area of more than 900 million square meters of the four water The formation of the water park Luopu the blue sky and beautiful landscape, the city of Luoyang in regulating climate played an important role in flood control capacity of the River so that 20 years from once to a return period of 100 years.

Luopu park is built, so that the former garbage dump, the "river of sewage" into the road open, tree-lined, Shop grass, clear-sky blue, Wan Yu Xiang Jing, man and nature live in harmony with the landscape garden, a reproduction of "the world of heavy Luoyang Park" Shengjing achieved good social and environmental benefits, said the people of Luoyang The "public works", "project merit," every bolt tens of thousands of people to this entertainment, Hugh , Exercise, fishing. Luopu Park project to build the city's green heart, to set up a green channel, formed the city's ecological axis, led the city's major readjustment of the structure of the present Luoyang has formed a Luopu Park for the axis, the North-South cross-strait development of the new symmetrical pattern. We believe that Luopu ecological benefits arising from the Park Economic and social benefits, will promote the sustainable development of the city of Luoyang.

At the same time, the use of the park to its own advantages, take Green's works, large-scale festive celebration of color, flowers Zubai, and other businesses are welcome to contact to discuss business.

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