Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wangchenggongyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wangchenggongyuan located in the Central Plains Road on the north side of the city of Luoyang, Luoyang City is the largest comprehensive park, as a result of the construction of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty King City on the site named after. Park area by the ancient culture, peony flowers, animals Hall, a few components, such as playgrounds, a profound traditional artistic conception and rich blend of modern style.

Ancient culture zone , "Ji Sheng-chu," Forest of Stone Tablets, "God million Taiwan" and Diange "Jicheng Hall," "Zhou Ting Wai," and "Ming-door" composed of antique buildings, surrounded by corridors, compact, reflecting the weeks Wang "Ru Jia Ji Sheng" connotation;

Shao music Taiwan flavor Architecture, will include bells, stone up and orchestral music, and other ancient , Reflects the breadth and depth of the cultural week; Jiuding wall and river stone tulo book reflects the ancestors of the Chinese nation's outstanding wisdom and talent.

Peony area by the large number of peony garden, peony planting a million trees, more than 300 varieties. Flowering season, Chaziyanhong, colorful, ancient city is the best flowers . A pair of peony, white peony a fairy sculpture, arch, Enuoduozi.

Museum of animals in the park in the north, where the habitat of giant pandas, tigers, South China, such as red-crowned cranes more than 50 kinds of rare birds and animals available for viewing. Playground has a variety of modern recreational facilities for visitors to enjoy sightseeing, Yue physically and mentally.

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