Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tianjin Xiao Yue - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianjin Xiao Yue Luoyang one of the Eight. Tianjin beginning of the bridge was built in the great cause of Sui three years, was a pontoon bridge, Luoyang is a north-south transportation hub. Tang changed when the stone bridge, also known as the Luoyang Qiao. North and South Gate Imperial corresponding side door, and South Gate Avenue Ding Ding-phase, the original four booths on the bridge, railings, tables and columns, there are two ends of the restaurant, market, pedestrian Ma bustling, steady stream. Dawn, walk on the bridge, give the first round of the meniscus can be seen hanging sky, sparkling river bow, and occasionally heard loud bell of the melodious. Elegant mood of quiet so that the "Tianjin Xiao Yue" has become a well-known landscape. Unfortunately, since the Song, continuous war, most of the destroyed buildings, bridges and Tianjin also Spared. In years to build a nearby Beiting, standing in the Central River, the West and this building of the Bridges, attracting numerous tourists to pay.

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