Thursday, January 22, 2009

Du Fu's tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu's tomb in Luoyang City, about 23 km east of Yanshi County, North Du Village. Tombstone for 55 years Qing Emperor Qianlong (1790) by Li, engraved on the "theft by finding and Industry Tang Shao Ling Du Wenzhen Tomb of the public." In 1956 at the Tomb of the rehabilitation of the surrounding block on the blue, was octagonal. North Tomb of the original Du Du Fu's grandfather to speak , The exercises had been no deposit. Further north, Du Fu's ancestors, when Jin tomb of Du Yu Yang Hou, the surviving tombstones. Du Fu's hometown in the eastern city of Luoyang, about 65 km south Gongxian Bay Village, this elegant surviving a quiet little courtyard, a brick backing of the cave, now has a hometown memorial.

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