Thursday, January 22, 2009

Western Zhou Dynasty bronze workshop site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Western Zhou Dynasty bronze workshop sites, in Luoyang East Railway Station today due north, the south-west of the North Yaocun second on the floor. River to the east, and in accordance with Mangshan Mountain, an area of about 10 million square meters. Tonglucanbi unearthed a large number of melt, fragments of Tao Fan, Fan-tool, as well as Hong Shaotu block, charcoal, and other artifacts. It has been a melting pot of Canbi analysis, we can see when Copper is used in melt in the furnace-like heat. Stove at large, medium and small three. Stove is a large grass mixed with sand and mud for the material to be mud set method for building furnace circle, and then piled stove inside diameter of about 1 meter; small stove is a large ceramic urn as such containers coated with a thick layer The lining can be used inside diameter About 30 cm, the copper melting of fuel is charcoal, used in smelting blast capsule to blast minutes later. General temperature at 1200 degrees Celsius. Large stove as high as 1.5 meters or so, is the vertical blast furnace, it basically has a prototype of the modern blast furnace. This shows that in the Western Zhou Dynasty, when China's smelting technology phase Advanced. Unearthed from a large number of Taofan analysis, we can see the system at the time Van process is that the first mother-Fan, that is, the model; Fan's mother and then in accordance with good planning sub-programs produced outside the norm, that is cast. General-use device simply Shuanghe Fan, complex-type multi-Hop Fan. Fan each of the sub-surface corresponds to do a good job in the triangular wedge Mao tenon, the rectangular picture of the mouth in order to hold together when combined Fan, a very sophisticated process. Tao Fan unearthed from the foundry at the time to see the many types of objects, ding, feasts, halogen respect, such as the Grand. There are decorated with horsemen, weapons and so on. Unearthed from the Bo Gu, Bu turtles have been killed, as well as to analyze the bones of slaves, was opened in casting furnace Is likely to carry out divination ritual slaughter of animals and the ceremony. The large bronze workshop was built in the early years of the Western Zhou Dynasty, King Mu destroyed in the mid-Western Zhou Dynasty, dating back about 3000 years of history.

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