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Fairy Cave Xixi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xixi Fairy Cave at Xichang, 15 kilometers south of the West Rural Township, is an up to 10 km, the Great magma Hao size of the cave. Fairy Cave-hole bending down, width and white. Narrow, only one person through; wide, the Office of the party is consistent, can accommodate hundreds of thousands of people. Inside are thousands of karst landscape, or Or static, bird or animal, life, art ghost ax. Some, such as the palace courtyard, and some rivers, such as mountains and rivers, and some plants such as trees, and some birds, such as animal people; Hongyan For some, such as drops of color, while others are transparent green, colorful, beautiful colorful, attractive eyes, Wan Si Fairyland. Close to the north wall of a underground river flow , The ear from time to time, gurgling sound of flowing water, like the beat of music, Qinrenxinpi, relaxed and happy. Fairy Cave inside the cave, a 10-meter deep shaft next to Li Guang Xu Qing have 23 in the spring of a stone, the seal on the "odd Shenyou risk" words, it is called "Fairy Cave".

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Xichang Satellite Launch Center - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xichang Satellite Launch Center (XSLC), part of the Chinese People's Liberation Army General Armament Department, is currently China's opening to the outside world's largest, most technologically advanced equipment, the alien agents fired up to the task, with more than launching a new type of satellite capacity to launch spacecraft . Xichang Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province is located north of the city 6 Km in the valley. Satellite launching test, command and control, tracking, communications, meteorology, six service support system corresponding field, are scattered among different regions of the canyon. 76 m high tower and fired more than 300 meters high to avoid preta, the towering stands at the bottom of the canyon. Here is a three sides , To the southeast of the opening semi-closed small basin, an area of about 2 square kilometers. Xichang Satellite Launch Center was founded in 1970, delivered in 1982, since January 1984 China launched its first communications satellite, has launched 28 satellites at home and abroad, in order to gain the honor of the motherland. Jiang Zemin Party and state leaders to come here to inspect. Center opening in October 1985, received from over 50 countries and regions to exchange technology, the study group. Center headquarters site (the technical area and fired the two workers), communications terminals, command and control centers and three tracking stations, as well as Some of it related to the protection of life (hospitals, hotels, etc.) units. The coordinates of the location of the launch site for the 102 degrees east longitude, latitude 28.2 degrees. The main responsible for broadcasting, communications and meteorological geosynchronous orbit (GTO) satellite launched by the Organization of command, the test launch, the initiative paragraph measurement, security, control, data The rationale, information, weather protection, recovery of the wreckage, the pilot study, and other technical tasks. Xichang Satellite Launch Base is located 60 km north of Xichang. Xichang from the start about 1 hour to arrive. Tickets available at the city, but also into the "ditch" when booking.

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Jiao level crossing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiao level crossing will be located in the grounds of the South County, 74 km from the county seat. Qiao was crossing the Red Army when Jinsha River here have held the famous "Battle of cross-Jiao," out of the victory of the enemy's getting pounded. Today, the number of battle sites interdependence. If the front post, Comrade Mao Zedong's Long March in the Qilu description of the poem, "Sands water Cliff warm cloud ", Mao Zedong and the revolutionaries of the older generation lived in the cave, Marshal Liu Bocheng operational command of General Stone is still fresh in our memory, and so on. Now, on the Jinsha River in Sichuan and Yunnan have a new starting-cable-stayed bridge for tourists from Hong Kong and Sichuan Yunnan Tourism provides convenient transportation.

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Tourism in Liangshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Yi Nationality in China's largest inhabited areas. Sichuan is located in southwest Sichuan-Yunnan area at the junction area of more than 6 square kilometers with a total population of 3,900,000 people. There are Han, Yi, Tibetan, Mongolian, Naxi, and so on more than 10 nationalities resident. Statewide jurisdiction of 17 counties and cities, Muli Tibetan Autonomous County for. Where the state Chengdu-Kunming Railway is located in the city of Xichang in the middle, since ancient times to Yunnan and Southeast Asia, "South Silk Road" of the city.

  No cold here in winter, not summer heat, like spring all year round. The average temperature can be l7 ? with the Kunming Spring City (an average temperature of 14 ?) comparable to that enjoyed "Full do not mention it to spend, 4:00 Dongnuanxialiang Spring" of reputation. Here the low latitude, elevation, low clouds, pollution of small, low-hanging floating in the atmosphere, air transparent, so the moon was especially bright crystal "on the city," Blair said. Whenever night fell, cloud, cloudless blue sky, Haoyuedangkong, bringing the moonlight, at Mei Ren. Especially in the early spring of each year in late winter morning sunrise Higashiyama, the largest of the galactic disk, such as Full Moon also hung on the west side of the mountain, AR slowly, add radiance to each other the bright sun, beautiful mountains and rivers, the beautiful King. Liangshan is a famous ancient and mysterious. The majority of the Yi people live, before the democratic reform here Council is still in the stage of slavery.
Its ancient folk customs and rich and varied. With strong national characteristics and regional characteristics. "Cross-step of the Millennium," the social history of the development of many experts and scholars and research concerns. Yi unique folk customs, folk and Lugu Lake Mosuo people "walking marriage" custom, China Outside the open "window" - Xichang Satellite Launch Center, the only form of social development Museum - Museum of Liangshan Yi slave society, when the Red Army Marshal Liu Yi and the head of a small fruit-based Dan Ye Yi in the sea of revolutionary alliance sites, beautiful magic The Luoji Mountain Nature Reserve, and top winds, smoke A large number of Chinese and foreign experts and visitors.
Liangshan region to develop early in the history of various ethnic groups have made important contributions.
Liangshan early human activity is an important region. Research found that accounting shows that as early as 4,000 years ago in the Neolithic Age, human activities have been here. Liangshan Prefecture in this territory, has found dozens of Neolithic cultural heritage only. About the equivalent of the Central Plains during the Shang dynasty, at least in Anning River Valley region has entered the Bronze Age. Today, all over the territory around the Liangshan cultural relics, many types and styles, and the singular, not only on the show since then to the many activities here Family ( "Qiong" and "large" and "barbarian" ethnic-based system) the complexity of cultural diversity, but more important is that they have in the early development of the Liangshan made an important contribution to the history. Xichang site metalworking Han Huang Union, the Anning River and the Grave of the Great State of the territory of various types of ancient tombs unearthed in the production of sophisticated Bronze, iron and iron-together equipment, that kind of metal mining smelting and metalworking history of ancient technology has been developed and general use. Shi history books have been recorded in the Liangshan large areas of metal and non-metallic mineral mining use, some of the technologies such as the Ming Dynasty Huili nickel smelting of copper-nickel alloy or China at that time Kim technical excellence mark. As early as 2,000 years ago, was salt production Yanyuan. Shi record Mosuo ancestors who used Sandy shallow salt production technology, which is the world's oldest salt technology, and the acquisition of the Well Salt is the world's four major salt in the best technology. Salt Yanyuan and ethnic minorities in China is the most The development of the salt well. In addition, the system of Liangshan Porcelain, paper, printing, textile industry has also developed earlier. Ma Jian Chang, Song and Yuan Dynasties from the water buffalo has been known for. Suitable for the particular climate and natural environment of a wide variety of crops, mustard wheat, rice reputation far. Although the contribution of all ethnic groups are different, but they Exchanges in the history of interaction and promote each other.

Liangshan Prefecture in Sichuan Province is located in the southwest, south of the Jinsha, arrived in the North River, the Sichuan Basin to the east, west and cross mountains. East longitude at 100 � 15 '~ 103 � 53' north latitude and 26 � 03 '~ 29 � 27' of . Sichuan and Chengdu-Kunming railway goes north-south National Highway throughout, "Southern Silk Road" an important channel. The landscape inside the complex and diverse terrain in the northwest, southeast low. Mountains, deep valley, plains, basins, hilly cross-cutting, up to an altitude of 5958 meters of wood in the county Qialangduoji peak, the lowest in Leibo County cave Sha Kong bottom 305 meters, the height difference relative to 5653 meters.

Is a sub-tropical monsoon climate. In most parts of four seasons is not clear, but the warm dry season obviously, Dongnuanxialiang, the long dry season sunshine, the average annual temperature of 14 ? ~ 17 ?, sunshine duration from 2000 to 2400 hours, the total amount of sunlight radiation 120 to 150 kcal /square centimeters. Years. Annual rainfall 1000 to 1100 mm; 230 frost-free period to 306 days. Unique light and heat resources and climatic conditions suitable for crop growth, experts have been hailed as a "natural greenhouses." National well-known agronomist, said Chan Lu Liangshu, Liangshan "No Hainan, Hainan increasingly rising." Especially in Xichang, 1,500 meters above sea level, no cold winter, not summer heat, known as "Full do not mention it to spend, 4:00 Dongnuanxialiang Spring" of reputation. Xichang Yeyue particularly sparkling, white and perfect, but "on the city," said Blair, the world-famous Chinese city. Liangshan many rivers, the Yangtze River are, more than 100 square kilometers of the 145 rivers, of which more than 1000 square kilometers of 11. There Qionghai, Ma Lake, Lake 23, and other inland freshwater lakes. There are a variety of inland water, geothermal water resources more to Win Exposed surface in the form of 51, the water temperature at 30 ? ~ 60 ?, the hot springs of the total flow of 110 liters per second.

Liangshan has a long history and splendid culture, and colorful ethnic customs, tourism resources and unique charm.
There are state-level key scenic spots in Qionghai - Luoji Mountain Scenic Spot and Lugu Lake District; National Nature Reserve - Meigu top winds; there are provincial-level scenic spots Ningyi Mian regret, Leibo Ma Long Lake and the rationale elbow Mountain - Lake immortal; Mianning Yele Nature Reserve at the provincial level.
There Gucheng "scenic spots in South Sichuan" financial "Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism" three-in-one teaching of Lu Shan and the beautiful Qiong ; Human conquest of the natural wonders - a hundred hectares of forest aerial; there are tall and straight masculine, gentle Mei Tai Shan's parents Yanyuan; at the same time there are high-tech Xichang Satellite Launch Center; display of the history and culture of the Yi people in Liangshan Yi slave museum; religion Ling Shansi Mianning the Holy Land, wood, Temple; National Forest of Stone Tablets in one of the four Forest of Stone Tablets in Xichang earthquake; the Spring and Autumn and the Great Grave, Bo Shiwa black rock, stone-Jing, Tang and Song towers, temples in the Ming and Qing Yi and the Torch Festival, Lugu Lake Mosuo people, and other cultural customs.

Liangshan Prefecture of geographic conditions, there are three characteristics:

  1. Geographical location, Liangshan Chengdu away from the tourist zone crossings, with a number of provincial cities and, as well as the state of Zhaotong in Yunnan Province, Dongchuan, Kunming, Chuxiong, Lijiang, Diqing and other regions adjacent to the phase, is the province with different administrative areas to connect up to the junction of the region . Tourism resources and its surrounding areas have their own characteristics, but also with the use of the combination with each other, Source sharing, mutual benefit and reciprocity. In particular, the formation conditions of regional tourism board, tourism at home and abroad to raise the visibility of the market and competitiveness.

  2. Traffic in the area, the Liangshan Prefecture southwest border guard has always been the center and traffic hub, can now rely on the road have been completed, aviation, railway transportation network And the joint development of the western city of China's tourism market, and gradually occupied for more market share, development of tourism.

  3. In the economic area, the Liangshan Prefecture-rich, unique climate, with after-edge. At present, infrastructure construction, although less developed, but as China's western development strategy in focus Made one of the areas in the resource advantages into economic advantages, the capital and regional economic situation is bound to be a fundamental change, may lay the foundation for the development of tourism.

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Rochester town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The ancient town of Rochester, Jianwei Xian is located in the north-east, 60 km from the city of Leshan. Ancient Town Hall Street, Main Street cooler known as the "boat-shaped street," Chong Zhen Ming Dynasty, founded in the first year (1628). Today, the survivors of Lao Cai Ming and Qing Dynasties retains some of the old era of human culture in Sichuan style.

19 3 years in Guangzhou international trade at the exchange, Sichuan Province, Southwest China Architectural Design Institute has been on display in the air overhead into the city, "Street boat-shaped" graphic, the graphic results of the tender in Australia were selected to attend the two sides in April that year Initialed the agreement. In the near future, from Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and other eight countries and regions to invest Composed of Australia, "China City Limited", in Melbourne, Australia 24 km City Department of City locks, the city began to invest in "Street boat-shaped" mother "China Town" and the city covers an area of 9 ha , The floor area of about 30,000 square meters. In March this year, UNESCO Officials of the city were studied. The southern suburbs of Chengdu Shi Yang terminal market, a number of classes per day sent to the city bus.

  In the reinforced concrete-block has been the difference between where the vast majority of Chinese, is not a city at once attracted people to be able to. As the main streets There is no mainstream architecture is a lot of features to speak of the mosaic-box construction of the Quartet, at least on the surface, this many people were described as "old culture in Sichuan Province to carry the tripod for" one-size-fits around the town and the town has no How much different. However, the roadside along the way, such as those large barrels of red iron pipe caught my attention Initially, I thought it was some of the pipe or tubing, then a city to inquire about, to know that this is salt water transmission pipelines - the two main economic pillars of the city for the coal-black, white salt, salt from the salt water through Jishi Li iron pipes have been shipped outside the five-Town, where salt water from treatment plants into solid sales outside Well Salt .

Mosaic-like mediocrity as both the building and garish kitsch of the bunker blocked the city's Street, records everywhere in the streets covered with Qingshi Ban has already become a concrete way. Under the new Street and Interchange Street, filled with a variety of sub-grocery store, restaurant and ice cream vendors flies, and some people at the head table, large wood sorrel Zhu Tourou to eating, and some were lying on a high stool at a leisurely pace fan shaking the cloth tied on the Pushan. Cool Street is the Office of the old city at the center of the times, it was the local people called "boat-shaped street," a length of 209 m, 9.5 m widest point, looked completely like a ship or a huge wooden spindle. The Fudong Zhao Bianti aged beauty of the Street is said to be China's only a boat-shaped streets, "Street boat-shaped" on both sides of the wooden structure is a long row of the old Tile House, street anomaly generous side of the roof, called the formation of a "cold-Office "The rare promenade, which is supported by more than 100 root in the six-length article on the pillars Logs. For centuries, people in this city are not afraid of the sun and rain, "Cool sub-Office" to drink, eat meat, drink tea, listen to the ditty, Tao Erduo, leaf tobacco smoke,?????, enjoy the world of the Red Qingfu . "Cool sub-Office" that there are now some disappeared without a trace of the old shops, such as three, Feng Shop, and Frederick Henry, to the four-tang, Qingyuan, and so long, replaced by a variety of clothing stores, small shops, department stores, general merchandise stores, hardware store, barber shop, funeral goods stores, hotels, tea house, martial arts, Zhuang shoes, photo studio, bar, clinics, which house the largest number, about a dozen.

Shostakovich once said: "A lot of things we have in front of the old and fade away, but I think that many things seem to have the final passage of time would make it fresh, strong and eternal." This makes me sad because today, living in Sichuan this land of the majority of people have been unaware of the Interface represents the former Sichuan culture is the oldest boat-shaped street, and not everywhere, a new large-scale construction of the weather in Chengdu.

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Jia Zhou Small Three Gorges - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jia Zhou Small Three Gorges in the city of Leshan in Sichuan NATO's 23 km Minjiang Hill. Gap North to Plowshares, back in Mindanao for the Gap, for the South-Qiang Xia, 8 km in length. Ancient region is to chengdu Jia Zhou (Leshan today) and the Sichuan out of the water and land transport channels, meandering river gorge area, blue river, the beautiful scenery of the two sides. Gap in the water below Liangbi Rock gully, the production of Jiang's mission, for-Jiazhoumingyao. Ping Xia Qiang from the following section of Leshan to Jiang Liu, also known as Ping Jiang Qiang, a lot of monuments along the river, long enjoyed a good reputation, Li Bai, "Song of Mount Emei," poetry "into the video-Qiang Jiang's current" sentence, that is this. Gangnam-Qiang I have a small town on the east coast, 000 River Itabashi, Tang said Qingxi Station, the Department of history Yizai Liao send big boss, Du Fu, "Chang Huai-yi Qingxi places outside the ten member brother," poetry. Itabashi the lower reaches of the river about 5 kilometers in the West Bank foothills of the Jin Jiang Lai Chi Wan, Lai Chi-rich, delicious world-famous. Li Yuan love tune "title from litchi map," a poem "life full knowledge of the Lingnan Shu, the taste is not as Jiazhou color."

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Dongpo Floor - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingyun Dongbo Hill House is one of the famous monument, located in the habitat of the Giant Buddha in the head after the peak-luan, as the two wooden buildings sit northeast to southwest. It was built in Song, formerly known as the "wine contains Church." According to Song Wang as "Meanwhile Jisheng to" remember: "Wine is contained in the Great Hall of Buddhist temples on the mountain, taking Dongpo liquor containing Lingyun meaning." Also, according to "give up Shuang Xuan Notes Set: Tianqi years, local officials are contained in the wine together for Quan Chen Jian Wei Zhongxian Shengci, will become the Temple, condemned Wei, Dong-po to worship only "Dongpo floor." Can be seen, "Dongpo floor," said began in the Ming Dynasty. Jiaqing years of the Qing Dynasty had been repaired, in 1982 and by the maintenance of a larger, as is now the size.

  Chuan Su in this study, to know the East China Sea Dragon King, Prince Edward III to allow him to seek and to lend him a vegetable garden, agreed to return when Wu Geng, and this dish is that today's garden city of Leshan, therefore, Leshan City, before it is not Wu Geng the fight. Giant Buddha at the foot of one side of the existing Cave, with the same river, is the legendary Dragon King Prince Edward to seek access to the channel when Su.

  Building a positive, "Dongpo floor," the words, the hand-written by Huang Tingjian is set. Building on both sides of the wall, Su Qing engraved Daoguangnianjian by painting four Meiju, Dai Li Su, as well as a portrait of the clog. The bottom floor of the middle east slope of a new plastic seat Xiang Yizun, gas Yuxuan , And generous. Legend has it that pond in front of the building for the school when Su wash pen, ink wash it, said Chi.


  And the east slope of the floor is at a stop Changting Department, that is, the voiceless kiosks, according to local records set, "voiceless Pavilion" Su was hand-written words, after the crash. Now the Pavilion for the voiceless in 1982 to repair Pavilion overlooking the voiceless, Jiang distant days, Shanqingshuixiu, it can be seen looking down at the South Foding large octagonal two-story floating Yu-ting. Shaobo when the Southern Song Dynasty have been here in person, here was fascinated by Kai King, wrote the famous "voiceless Pavilion", in every possible way appreciation for the great emotion: "The world view of the landscape in Sichuan, said Jia Zhou Shu-sheng of the state Lingyun Si Yue-sheng, South Temple, the most voiceless Pavilion Katsuya. "It is no wonder visitors to this often enjoyable time.

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Sleeping Giant Buddha - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Leshan Giant Buddha in the periphery, there is a body of up to 4,000 meters from the mountain several components of the "sleeping giant Buddha." This sleeping Buddha statue complete limbs, a clear outline, as if into a deep sleep, was back in the air force, look dignified posture. Well-known Leshan Giant Buddha is even-handed giant Buddha sitting in the heart site. Giant Buddha Head, body, feet, respectively, by the Shan Wu You, Gun Hill and Hill kusong composition of the lapel of Sanshanjie Union. Buddha head from the entire Shan Wu You constitute, in the mountains of stone, Bamboo, shade, trails, pavilions, temples, were present for the giant Buddha's hair, eyelashes, nose, lips and lower jaw; Foshen by Gun Hill Constitute, in the mountains Jiufeng connected, as if Buddha's broad chest, waist and rounded fitness legs; feet is enough to tilt the Buddha kusong Hill. Buddha's body as a whole is very realistic, natural, as if Tianzaodishe, there is no trace of artificial Daofu. Wofo watch is in the best position on the Riverside Road in the city of Leshan, "Fuk the door."

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Lingyun Si - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Overload wine booths, looking up, you might see, Simen Lingyun Si high, the air cornices, green glazed tile walls, towering spectacular. Simen middle of a huge hanging Jin Bian, the first half Su "Lingyun Buddhist Temple," 4. Together on both sides of the text is "to Jiang, Buddhism to the West." This concise Union, even if people have a sense of solemn Buddhist, and shows the Gun Squat by geographical location, but also cleverly "Big Buddha" should be embedded in them, this shows the extraordinary momentum of the ancient temples of the Millennium. Tang Kaiyuan in the early years (AD 713 years) cut Buddha, Temple and the expansion of the word. According to the "side wins access Meanwhile," record: "Hui-chang, each peak Temple", Hui-chang can be seen before the wind Ningfo Sheng . However, Hui-chang to four or five years, due to the Tang Emperor Li Yan Yang Road suppression of Buddhism, Buddhist monks and nuns to power the world stupid "on the ground and ordered Miefo, Gun Hill Lingyun Si temple only to" fine "and save. Censen" Terengganu state Lingyun Si "I had such a poem describing Lingyun Si:" The Temple of birds, Feng Zhu Lou contained "But we Days to see the temple, is no longer the original appearance of the Tang Dynasty. Lingyun Si Tang Jian, Yuan Shun Di destroyed in the war, the Ming Dynasty carried out two more to repair, by the late Ming and destroyed. Lingyun Si Qing Emperor Kangxi is the existing six-year (Year 1667) re-built. After repeated Xiurong, in particular the ongoing maintenance after the liberation, now preserved Maung. Lingyun Si by King Hall, the main sanctuary, Canon House, composed of three building courtyard, Dan green glazed tile walls, shade trees. King is a towering old trees Dianqian Nan trees on both sides of the Dianwai breakdown of the four temple rebuilt in the Ming and Qing dynasties tablets of the word. Middle of the hall for the statue of seated Maitreya, white belly be more delighted, known as the "Ocean's Tatu" Four kings set out on both sides of the statue, Cuanmei angry, magnificent. King to bring up the rear Wei Tuo Temple, dedicated to wood carving, gold mounted Weituo the law of God. Through the Hall of Heavenly Kings for the Main Hall building in the Ming Dynasty, monks are held in the main places of religious activity. Middle of the hall sit like Buddha 3 (this body, the body should be, who has been reported), building Beautiful, solemn expression. Ocean's 18 points on both sides of the God-shaped different life. Main Hall on the back of the new plastic Jingping Guanyin, the breakdown on both sides of the Monju, Fugen, in possession of Taishi Zhi and the four Buddha as it is before the Ming Dynasty work. Temple Hall is the last re-floor, Canon, for the original collection of Buddhist scriptures inside a place New in 1930. From its structure and appearance can be seen in modern architectural style, in the words of Temple and another was a unique taste. New downstairs, "Shi Hai Tong", a plastic construction of the Big Buddha who Haitong Master, Jean and Qiu Zhang, Wei Gao as the body as a means of sustenance for future generations respect their feelings. At present, Ling Temple has been opened into the "Leshan Giant Buddha Exhibition Hall", a large number of in-kind museum display, literature, pictures and models show the Leshan Giant Buddha and the ancient history of 90 years to build the protection of maintenance history, reflecting the Leshan Giant Buddha is worthy of a world art treasure.

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Walled more than 3 - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Walled more than 3 located in Zigong City, Da-an District mouth cattle more than 3 Zhaizhen Hill, squat at the junction of three counties, 436 meters above sea level, covers an area of 1.25 square kilometers. Xianfeng was built in the nine-year-ching (1859), Guzhai 100 years, from its test, and build Sanxing of co-reactive, meaning more than 3 Zhuang Yu, multi-fu, more life, more men are. Public Works Vast, magnificent architecture, with a long history. Well-known far and near. "Zhaibao southern Sichuan ranks first in" good reputation.

  In 1851, the outbreak of the uprising of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of the news shortly after the artesian well on the big salt traders are at stake, you start to build Walled chips. Xianfeng three years (1853), by Chang Li Zhenheng Launched, the rough set YAN Chang-ying, Wang Ke, and other family of four, collecting money to raise staff, steep terrain in the cattle population in the mountains Zhaibao construction. During seven years. Silver spent more than 70,000 of the two, time-consuming and more than 1,100,000 before Walled into a building. With the topic because it is built and hosted by Li, Wang, Yan three business tycoons of the Salt family, they only Prosperous family, children and grandchildren will continue to proliferate so called "three Walled"; some people say are Walled An Yu Fu, Lu, Shou mean more than 3. Walled because of the five is Li Zhenheng people with the topic of maintenance, and repair was still inside the Walled yesterday a "five Ancestral Hall", dedicated to five tablets. "Three Walled" 1300 Joe perimeter stone wall, about San Zhang, eight thick Feet, 4 minutes Dongnanxibei Zhaimen, repair the door and there Jianlou Fort, a total of Duokou 2555, there were 400 acres of farmland, construction of housing tens of thousands of years, from open reservoirs, extensive grass stored grain.


  Zhai also have Hakkei: "According to Eagle's Nest night," and "Shuang Tang Chinese Restaurant," Wang smoke high mountains " "Di Cui Xiao-yan," "Ma Shu Se", "Yun Feng-dong", "Stephen Furui", "Xiao Buddhist temple bell." Zhaibao the entire system, as if the wall is a closed, an independent kingdom, easily defensible, see full-Chuan Han. 10-year Xianfeng (1860) and LEE Wing, Chao Lan Ding Yijun scored Zigong region, the wealthy Jia carry on the run home to more than 3 Walled there's more than a thousand.

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Long and Kowloon arena Gap - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon 36 to leave the political arena, a wide lake, the perimeter curve close to 100, 15 long, 1.2 widest point, with surface area of 5.2 square kilometers with a total capacity of 25,000,000 cubic meters. Island Lake in the size of 9, 16 highway bridges, 116 bridges, through the waters of Anyue. The island Tree-lined, lake fishing boat in waves, "Shui Sau, Shan-ching, fish fat, fruity," especially enchanting pastoral scenery. Kowloon Gap town 3 km, 5 km long gorge, the water 50 meters wide and 20-30 meters deep, the water area of 2.5 square kilometers. Water can boat, along winding paths, rotten Yamahana , Ha waves, the cool breeze blowing gently, like a beautiful Guilin, so there is "little Guilin". 3 km boat trip, in the face of a majestic mountain Junba and proudly stand. Hill was the local people as "bandits Hill," Legend has it that there is a late Ming and early Qing armed men camped in the mountains, like robbery, a number of entrenched ?. Peak Hill also has a Shihmen, engraved above the "natural Walled" a few characters, I see people think of the words of the Song Jiang, "Church loyalty." Here and look at the Shanguangshuise Guzhai into heaven, it is a bit of Liangshan Shuibo situation, so some people will call it as a "hero Gap." Here Gap has Kowloon City Entertainment, has given people the feeling is: do not want to leave here, to want to go.

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Hei Zhugou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In China's "Land of Abundance", Sichuan, a newly developed scenic area in May 1996 in Sichuan Province have been designated as the fourth provincial-level scenic spots, which is known as "China and Bermuda" Hei Zhugou the primeval forest. There had been a number of people, animals, the mysterious disappearance split groove, so to enter a mysterious feeling Also had a large number of hard to understand the mystery, so that stare of the population to stay on.

  Hei Zhugou located in the Yi Autonomous County of Ebian the city of Leshan in the territory, an area of about 180 square kilometers, the original ecology, species of rare, unique and magical landscape, Feb. 22, 2000 by the State Forestry Administration for approval of the state-level forest park 2400 meters above sea level in the trench above the upper slopes of the zone, there is the distribution of "Eye of Heaven", "Lake boat" and "cuckoo pool," represented by more than 10 mountain Hai Zi, the largest surface area of about 200 acres, Huguangshanse Xiangyingchengqu, constitute The beautiful scenery. The odd waterfall, large and small trench Tam too numerous to mention, in the high mountains and deep forests in the Pentium bluster, its shape, such as surging Xue-Tao, and rolling, his voice as Wanmabenteng, call Annihilation, Hei Zhugou the formation of Forest Park is extremely dynamic water features spectacular landscapes.

  As a result of the many mountain trench and a high degree of well-known in the Emei Mountain , To see the sea of clouds, Buddha, sunset, and other bizarre scene. Seasonal climate differences in the mountainous landscape, winter in the park for more than 2200 meters above sea level, snow coverage, thousands of Song of Ice and Rime ice hanging, ice, etc., constitute a winter landscape can.

Hei Zhugou has come to its territory You were little, as the media's disclosure, it is time to time, its new, and the risk characteristics of attracting a large number of photographers, scientists Expedition in-depth exploration of which Show-down. Some people say she is a "magic ditch terror", it is said that she was "China's Bermuda", or that she is an ordinary & P A small ravine, In any case, Heizhu Gou is a virgin land dispute.

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Wutongqiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

E-Bridge is located in Leshan City area 24 km south, is quite a unique ancient town water. Chung River and Mountain River bridge into the five-clearance around, Blue Dragon mouth, Disporopsis Beach consists of three parts. Wutongqiao Yishanbangshui, Zhao Ying, Castle Peak, surrounded by green water, exquisite beauty and unique folk customs. Lee praised the source of the Qing Dynasty poet, "pyrotechnic 10,000 people , Should not the West Lake scenery ", the" small West Lake ". Wutongqiao into mountain, water, trees, as one town, Bridge is also more and more water, a variety of styles of the town bridge to link land-3, Dangzhou River, through bridge, the town can enjoy the scenery. Wutongqiao another landscape here is the angle of the yellow wood tree, a few hundred Grand vigorous, Climb, Tong Tong, such as cover, Yanzhao He tree, the tree along the street, formed a five-bridge unique scenery. Here is the seven national "Swimming town," one of the Mountain River is a natural swimming training ground for many years has trained many outstanding swimmer. Wutongqiao young heroes or martyrs DING You-jun Township. Buddha on the mountain to build a "martyr memorial DING You-jun," Museum of the board for Hu Yaobang, the museum also has exhibits such as Zhu De and national party leaders wrote. Trees around here, fresh and beautiful, but also a bird's eye view of the entire city. Wutongqiao annual Dragon Boat Festival in May, should be held in the traditional dragon boat races, the size of Hong , And the scene was spectacular.

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Temple million years - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Eight years Temple Mount Emei is one of the temple, founded in Shanxi, Fugen, said Temple, was renamed when the White Temple, Tang, Song Fugen for the White Temple. Song of peace and rejuvenating the country five years (AD 980), Mao Feng Zhao Korea true Zen master, King ordered him back to Shan Chung-hing, the six major monasteries, and sent Secretary of State Zhang Chan, 3200 to carry gold, cast in Chengdu Yin statue, transported to Temple worship years. Wanli next 27 years (1599 AD) fire burned the temple, not only damage the statue. 28 Wanli (1600 AD) imperial court grant payments to repair, Taiwan monk Stephen Leung non-brick construction of the Temple, 29 years Wanli (1601 AD) completed in July, coincides with the mother of Emperor Ming 70 Christmas, birthday to the Queen Mother, that is, thanks to White Emperor Temple Fugen "Temple Shengshou years." The fire was three times in the late Ming and Qing Emperor Kangxi years of rehabilitation, and then destroyed building. In 35 years (1946 AD) years robbing the fire temple again, with the exception of non-Liang Dianwai brick, all burned. Now the temple years 1954 People's Government of funding to repair. A main sanctuary, the towering Palace, the House is willing, Zhaitang. The Mountain Gate, the Hall of Maitreya and the inside of the Pilu Temple, Wisdom Hall, is the 1986 amendment. Also in 1991 the reconstruction of the dead to the left of the clock tower, drum tower on the right side of the wall and promenade, to become the largest of the Temple Mount Emei . In the greater national reputation, "famous Chinese Dictionary", "Scenic Chinese Dictionary" and some Buddhist books have recorded. This is the first Hall of Maitreya Hall for the Maitreya, the Maitreya Buddha statue was carvings Jin Shen. Houdian for legislation like Guanyin, the wood for Jin Shen. Bazi is to bring up the rear on the left Pilu Temple, Fawu circulation Department; the right side of Wisdom Tong, for the upstairs room. To a higher level that is well-known Hall of bricks. Kit Kat Hall of the structure, India is hot like that in the form of temple architecture, for the hemispherical dome roof, and the Quartet have a central tower 5, there are around four sub-deer, that good fortune. For the square below, the so-called "Tianyuandifang" Hall of 18.22 meters high, Zhang Kuange 16.02 meters, with full brick. Dianqian after the door-on, the hall at the top of the caisson decorated with flying, there are around ring seven-seat niche for small Tiefo 1080. The construction 400 years ago, experienced the level of 5-7.9 earthquake 18, and the safe and sound, as State of the ancient architecture in the history of a miracle. Pacific country for four years the Northern Song Dynasty (979), real-mao monk abbot monk Feng Zhao Korea, the King Jia Yu Zhao Guangyi, Zhang Hai-chan to send a doctor to carry gold, with the real-mao monk back to Chengdu, the purchase of 300,000 jin copper, cast Fugen Riding a white, 7.35 meters high and weighs 2 tons. Sub-cast bronze statue, by riveting. Fugen, Angiopteris, riding a white elephant and the lotus, the four parts of an integral whole, do not see welding marks, the process is extremely delicate skills, is one of the key cultural relics. As for the white lotus feet Zuta, vol Shu Mei nose, eyes bright, like the one journey. The image of the ancient Hun And dynamic. Fugen like sitting back on Angiopteris, Golden Buddha head five, Luo Ying Xiong Pei, wearing a scarf, holding well, full body, looked serene, the proportion of symmetry, sleek, eye-openers. Zhezuo Lou on the right side is "willing to line floor," Upstairs there are three Bao: "relic", "Pui After "," Royal India "." Tooth "is the next Jiajingnianjian Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) donated by friends, 44 centimeters long and weighing 6.5 kg, it was identified as Liushiwannian ago about the Stegodon Fossils ; "Pattra Sutra" for the next Jiajingnianjian Siam (now Thailand) presented by the king, written in Sanskrit, "Lotus Sutra," " India "is the Wanli emperor Zhu Yijun, when Hall Yen Chi Jian brick thanks to the last moment," Wang is willing Fugen treasure, "engraved at the top of the" Da-ming Wanli, "engraved on the left," Royal Palace title brick, "engraved on the right side," presented by the king, written in Sanskrit " Lotus Sutra. " "Royal India" is the Wanli emperor Zhu Yijun, when Hall Yen brick building thanks to the last moment, "Wang is willing Fugen treasure" Engraved at the top of the "Da-ming Wanli," engraved on the left, "Royal Palace title brick," engraved on the right side, "Chici Asan." Treasure Palace for towering bronze statue of Buddha, for the next casting Jiajingnianjian. Houdian Weituo for the painting, like clay. 3 Main Hall with the statue, "3" Buddha, each 3.85 m high statue, the gold index Copper, Jing years, other chip-monk cast. Ocean's 18 or so for the hatchback. Temple million years there is still a glorious history, and that is to open the first year of the Tang Dynasty, the poet Li Bai travel to Mount Emei, living in the Hall of Pilu Temple million years, try to listen to play monks Chun Kwong. Later in the Whitewater Gallery Pavilion pool set up to commemorate it, at home Mupai, engraved " Tang Li Ting Qin Department. "You Xi Li like Emei mountains on Mount Emei, it had to write for ages" on Emei Mountain Song ":" Emei round of the fifteenth day of a month in autumn, Qiang Jiang Ying-ping into the water. Night made to the stream of the Three Gorges, You may think of the next Yuzhou. "He also wrote down the mountain after a" listen to Shu Chun-playing monk ":" Shu monk hold Lvqi Emei Xixia peak. As soon as I waved, such as hearing song Among a Myriad. Running water to wash off the heart, the cream into the ring for more than 10 minutes. Bishan feel the morning, the number of dark Autumn Clouds. "Temple million years, the scene is very beautiful, especially in the fall, the leaves red, white water in the pool reflected on the wind from moving leaves, the pond off flashing red wave, very charming." Autumn Water, "" Ten Emei Mountain ". White-bearing pool also is a favorite elf - playing frog. On a clear day, visitors stand in Chi Pang, lightly applauded to show that it will immediately bomb Qin effect, clear and sweet like a zither playing, Tim frequent visitors to taste. There is a King You, that is, from the right side of the temple and into the ditch along the stalagmite, about 2 kilometers to the peak of the stalagmite, the stalagmite is white water ditch, stream-induced turbulence, breaking through rock cliffs, under the Qing Yinge in convergence. Stalagmite as the peak of Mount Emei Qi, directed at the sky, like Chun-Sun unearthed, such as Yu-zhu tower, called Qi Jue.

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Hong Chunping - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hong Chunping, Gu Cheng qianfoensis Um, the Department of Geographical Names, who is also the temple. Gap white clouds along the winding straight, which is 5 kilometers up Hong Chunping. Chu Ming Shan construction of a Zen master, the Qing Emperor Qianlong 55 (1790) E-yun reconstruction of a Zen master, as a result of old trees in front of a Hong Chun, it is easy to 000 today. Qianlong thanks to a pair of couplets, the largest suspended : "Shou-chun Ba Qiannian down old trees to hear Buddhist /Ping Deng Baizhang number of the people Gassho Wu Chan machine." Temple has seven lithography to the late Qing qianfoensis a lotus lantern, 2 meters high and 1 m diameter, 7 stria long, hundreds of Buddha body. Hong Chunping mountains, verdant green trees, fresh air in the mountains is the best summer resort. Lin Lan inter-floating, summer rain in the early morning fog Fei Fei, Su said, "Hongchunxiaoyu." "The mountains of the line, no rain, air Tsui clothes were wet," is the description of the scene. The wonderful scenery here is like watching the early morning rain shower non-"Rain" interesting "Cui clothes were wet," the taste. As the landscape of the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei in the "Que 2 "in the chant: Yuan Road, no rain, air Tsui clothes were wet. To appreciate this, "Xiao Yu" essence, to the temple overnight accommodation is appropriate. Run-Ze Hong Chunping climate, it is often the fine mist. Especially in the early morning, according to ask Dawn Lin Cong above the atomization exposure to, rang rang Ling Ling, Li Li-ying, such as the countless pearls, and flooded the grass-lin , Heard only through the leaves rustling forest, mizzle feel like Peiran. In an instant, filled with dense, well-known figure only words, not sight, right close by home had become the End of the World. Such as raw silk of the morning mist, wet sob sob with the mountain in the unique fragrance in the face of years, so you feel very graceful cool.

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Ma Ya Mu-ho - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma Ya Mu-ho at Lingyun, Wu You Shan between the two rivers overflow on the east coast, Ma-ho is the name refers to the Yamu cliff caves cut from the tomb. Hao Ma Ya Mu Han Yamu Leshan is the seat of the museum. The museum to Ma Jie Ya Mu as the mainstay, supplemented by both North and South exhibit hall Leshan tomb unearthed relics display Leshan Yamu the profile of the Han Dynasty. Leshan Yamu of the Eastern Han Dynasty that, according to available information, research, to discover and understand it the first time in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Guangxu years, the Tao people from the British, the French Segalen, such as on-site inspection after. Before and after 1937, living in Leshan pipefish scholars of high-Ma-ho and other places were Yamu Study. Geng added, business professor oak for further investigation, that Leshan Yamu Yamu for the Eastern Han Dynasty. Leshan in the Eastern Han Dynasty Yamu Minjiang, Qingyi Jiang, the Dadu River and along the shallow valley of the cliff, the total number to 10,000. The number and scale of large, rich stone home first in Sichuan. Ma Ya Mu-ho Le Graves cliff more concentrated and more representative of the burial. Released by the State Council in 1988 for the state's key protection units of Chinese and foreign tourists have been open. Yamu into the museum to see the face of the Eastern Han Dynasty was cut in a major multi-chamber tomb, numbered Yihao Mu Ma-ho. As early as a result of Stolen, damaged severely disabled, the tomb of an unknown. Large-scale tomb complex structures. Former room 2.8 meters high and 11 meters wide, the tomb of a total length of 29 meters. In and outside the walls of the tomb, there are 35 beautiful portraits of stone. Mumen engraved on the figure lying sheep, fish, birds and Wadang brackets, such as sculpture construction. Engraved on both sides of Mumen "Kai Feng "Ying Ye" and "good-bye" and other portraits. And on both sides of the room before the posterior wall engraved with "?????" and "rose" and "feast", "Ma Man," "Buddha" and "the first beast," and "fishing" and "single door", "Wan Emperor's carriage "portrait, in these portraits engraved at the top of the 48 different patterns of Wadang and decorative map . After the tomb, there are three rooms, in the South Road in front of the wall engraved with the high and pipefish are for post-oak Mr. Cimu study of the topic in mind. After the three rooms of the same structure, each of the coffin chamber, ears room, finished wall, stone stoves, etc., in accordance with the owner of the living conditions of life before the opening of the building. The coffin was on display kiosks and independence and Muguan portrait of the sarcophagus. Sarcophagus Side were engraved with "Queen Mother of the West" and "double reading" map. Tomb of the front of the showroom two hours, "Han Leshan Yamu profile" and "Yamu performance of the life of the Han Dynasty" in two parts. Han exhibited Leshan Yamu unearthed copper, iron, pottery, stone tools and some of the best stone portraits, and other questions in mind, the Han Dynasty reflects the social economic life Culture, arts, architecture style and ideology. Leshan Yamu for us to study the history of the Han Dynasty, culture, the arts provide valuable information on high value. In particular, Ma Ya Mu-ho is the perfect home landscape, the renowned scenic spots Lingyun, Wu You Shan between the two, adding more of its deep history and culture So that the whole Leshan Giant Buddha become a world-famous tourist destination, attracting tens of thousands of guests of the Four Seas.

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For Guang Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sichuan Leshan Buddha's suburban Lake landscape. Cui up the mountain, waterfowl flocks of tourists do pleasantly surprised. See groups of wild ducks to the lake covered with quiet, egrets, gray heron in the inter-play Zhiya, remain top of the tree Heron, the Attitude of the beautiful people are fascinated. According to the 74-year-old text on behalf of the elderly Xun Shan Hong, Here in the winter of more than 1,000 ducks, 700 more than a number of egrets and herons, and the smaller body, such as bamboo chicken, and more on the Kingfisher. Peach season in full bloom, the Buddha of the Egret Lake into the world, and last year both here in 3000 Egret breeding habitat, the lake is simply a Egret Island Kingdom. Lake where the Buddha, the original local people call them "rotten red field" in the past all the Palestinian mud fields, the number grows no crops, has been a headache for local farmers. In 1993, Lam Tourism Development Corporation saw this place, began to repair the col between the channel for irrigation water, became the Buddha Circuit Lake. Later, they Shrimp fish the lake, Lake also the heart of the island and mountain land Junction Wa Duan, making it an island. There are food, housing, Buddha Lake gradually attracted the arrival of the birds.

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Buddhist paradise - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Buddhist paradise, Wanda (USA) International Limited with the Leshan Giant Buddha scenic area management in the construction of the co-operation in 1994, as Leshan Giant Buddha Maitreya check imaging, the Buddhist paradise in a unique design, in the light of Buddha Maitreya about the records, in order to Sculpture, painting, and other art forms, introduced the Maitreya Buddha-story, and sinks Chinese and foreign sculpture of Maitreya like. This tour can be done all over the world view of the statues of Maitreya, a taste of Maitreya's "Paradise" (Doulv palace) of the mood.

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Wu You-ji - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu You Temple is located in the city of Leshan in Sichuan Province on the east coast, with the Gun Hill (Leshan Giant Buddha) side by side, formerly known as Ching-ji, founded in Tang and Northern Song Dynasty when this name change. Wu You Temple was built in the mountains. Wu You also known as the Hill from the reactor, also known as Tsing Yi Shan, located in the eastern city of Leshan foam water (that is, the Dadu River), as water (that is, Qingyi Jiang), Copper River (the Minjiang) convergence Department Mailyard Taiwan temple there, as Han Chuan Guo Sheren qianwei County Notes "nga", Mailyard Linjiang cliffs on the right side of the Taiwan chisel "mainstay" words, words 5 m in diameter, for the people Pengru Ming Jiajing Leshan is the book . Rohan also the temple hall and many other temples up the house, Lvwa red walls, shade In the meantime, the beauty scene.

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Guo's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sandy is a great contemporary writer Guo's birthplace, "Hill Yuk-sui, Mo Chung Ling High Water", this is the literary history of Sandy Bay on the words of praise. Trans-Bay City smoothness of the North-South Street in the middle, take a west to east into four Chuandou wood cottage, which is renowned in the former residence of China's Guo.

Mo's former home near the water before and after the Sui according to Hill, was established in the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing years after the gradual expansion of the business to Guo Guo Chaopei father over the family business, the current size of a room the size of a total of 36. Today, it still maintained the ancient style and features. Guo's early poems, "to get up early," and "tea Creek," and "that is, Cunju "That is, for this. Guo House Museum is located in old walls, occupies an area of 3.35 hectares, for the first floor of a courtyard at the end of the San antique-style building. Museum display hall, Guolao book, the cultural life and information and photos, counter-counter, a frame, paintings, pieces were displayed in a public area It is respect.

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Leshan tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guchengjiazhou Leshan, Sichuan Basin is located in the south-west, east and Neijiang Zigong, Yibin and south Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, west and Ya'an, Meishan bounded by the region. Kenji Leshan history can be traced back more than two thousand years. Nam said the Western Han Dynasty, Jia Zhou, also known as the Northern Zhou Dynasty to the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Song called after the Jiading, as a result of the South have to Leshan, renamed the beginning of the Qing Dynasty Hill. Leshan ancient incense-rich color of the Begonia English, and "Hong Begonia country."

  Since ancient times, Leshan is a Ren Jie Ling and cultural town, Meishan "Su" and contemporary literary giant Guo, Leshan region are, at the same time, Leshan is a tourist attraction of a large number of state-level wind Spots. Its well-known scenic spots there are "small West Lake", the five-bridge, "Temple of birds, Feng Zhu Lou contained" Lingyun Si, Wu You-ji; construction of the boat-shaped ancient town of strange city, as well as Jiajiang Qianfo Yan, Niu Green God Temple, Meishan three Su Temple, and Longtan Renshou, and so on, Qianshan Wan Jing, collected, 10,000 kinds of style, attitude million In recent years, newly discovered Millennium sleeping giant sleeping Buddha, is an eye-opening surprise sigh. No wonder the Northern Song Dynasty scholar Shaobo praised the "landscape of the world Shu-sheng said that the Sichuan Jiazhou Sheng said," Su lamented the "do not want to 10,000 letters Hou" I hope, "set for when the wine tour Gun."

Climate And, beautiful scenery, economic prosperity, rich products, Shanqingshuixiu is well-known scenic tourist destination. "Sau-hung, the world is" Mount Emei and the world famous stone statues Maitreya - Leshan Giant Buddha, and every year attracts thousands of tourists at home and abroad.

Complex landform, climate and diverse Leshan, Different from the natural ecological environment in the distribution of different biomes, extremely rich in biological resources, is of great economic value and ecological value.

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White Dragon Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

White Dragon Lake Qingchuan Xian is located in the territory of Central and Guangyuan City, 60 kilometers away from the area in Guangyuan City, covering an area of 100 square kilometers. White Dragon Lake is about to form a large artificial lake, Baozhusi Dam power station built to store water, the water will form an area of 62 square kilometers of lakes and storage capacity to 26,700,000,000 cubic meters, with an average 545 meters deep.

  White Dragon Lake mountain Pinnacle week, the second tone Lakes to the peninsula as the central features into the area 5, Heart Lake area of 14 square kilometers, the open water, Bicheng lake surrounded by mountains, which rise amid Pinnacle, matched landscape Fun-shing, spectacular scenery beautiful In addition, there are cave and canyon landscape, Wong Mo Qi unexpected cross-strait Gap, Red Cliff Ferris, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, a magnificent view, the Gap more than 2000 meters long. There are scenic spots such as the size of Longdong dry cave more than 30, thousands of stalactites inside the cave, a rich landscape. White Lake is the hub of the ancient, ancient Sichuan is the Qin and Han Dynasties , A well-known Taurus, and Yin Ping Road Jinggu Road intersection here, vital importance for the military, left many ancient customs, and cultural relics as well as the old Red Army, and other sites. Now the provincial-level scenic spots.

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Yunnan area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuntaishan, located in Guangyuan City Yuan Baqu large rural territory of North Korea, 15 km away from JIANMENGUAN Kwan, 20 km away from the ancient city of Zhao Hua, is a legend, DENG Ai Wei will be reprisal after the killing of the head from, it is also known as the "head Hill. " People often live in fine weather in the rain, clouds and Lueshen Choi Ha-off, in the mountain peak, it is also known as the "Yunnan . "Mountain view, the concept of morning sunrise, sunset clouds look, feel there is an immortal emergence, to keep aloof from the world of pleasure. To this end, Yuntaishan Emei is known as the Small said." Qing Zhi-unification "set: poll Hill Zhao Hua County, 45 in the West, the prominent mountain, like a head. Changxing Later Tang Dynasty in the early cutting Shu, Wang Zhi Wei Ling from the white head Shan , A JIANMENGUAN South, that is, this also.

  Yuntaishan boulder-chu-chu, even the clouds roll, 1254 meters above sea level, Zhu Feng is around the first, steep cliffs, mountains, craggy rocks, steep winding paths, verdant trees, strange Zhu Xing, Cao problems, the habitat of animals and birds . "Yi Xiantian" unusually dangerous Also known as the "only-hole" in the Lao legend Alchemy. "Hall of Guanyin," the idea of new construction, will spring from the rocks within view of audio-visual leads in the hands of Yu Ping, and intermittent flow regularly, all year long continuous stream, all this climbing, have a few to drink, wash hands wash , The Legend of water to eliminate disease disaster, and Effects of beauty. Peak production is expected to far on the floor, Sichuan main temple. Chuan main temple from the original water is the active Li Bing and his son, people worship 4:00, intended to pray for good weather. Building long-term perspective, is 19 light so that the Department of Mao Ji founded the soil. Hill has a "child-play" (rock), the word for newly married couples seeking children, here in the back Children play hole, backhand throw stones, such as those thrown into the holes of Health will be able to get Dragon Seed, and Fangsheng Chi, 99 ladder, and so on.

Fifth of the first lunar month and June 24 for the day will be. During the temple fair, the Quartet Hong amount of tens of thousands of visitors. Then a member of the CPPCC National Committee, Shao Yu here to stay, "the revitalization of the mountain," the inscription. Phase Tang Minghuang been to the Hill. Civil rumors, here are the gods come true, so it Dachaoshan to worship Buddha, the wishes of believers flocked to his own people too numerous to mention. "North Korea" in the name of the session "pilgrims" come from.

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JIANMENGUAN clearance (roads of Shu) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jianmenshudao scenic spot is located 30 kilometers north of the city Jiange Xian. In a continuous Qinling, Bashan, Minshan, "Shudao" as a link of the scenic spots. 1982 was designated as the first batch of national key scenic spots.

  Qinling continuous fluctuations fargesii, Qiaoba dangerous, constitute Chuan-Shan Qualcomm is a major barrier, since ancient times, that is, "difficult roads of Shu,?????" with the world. Shudao from Hanzhong, Shaanxi, Sichuan Ningqiang to Guangyuan, jiange, zitong ancient path along the cliff, Miangen more than 150 km. Terrain along the Xian Yao, Li Jun scenery. Shudao two thousand years is the only passage in and out of the Chuan-Shan, from South zitong Shop cattle in the north to Guangyuan 7 customs clearance, are renowned for their high mountain in a deep valley and rich historical relics and scenic spots to attract tourists, where hundreds of Shu Road, which rise amid permanent peaks, steep Mo Yun, magnificent in a critical situation, the scene in spectacular.


  Jianmenshudao north-south to the north of Chengdu, Deyang, Mianyang, Guangyuan City, between the three, with a "Pursuit of the three countries Shu Han culture trip." Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms in the history of China's most brilliant period, Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang and Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, and other legendary stars such as blinking, far-reaching implications. Natural attractions along the roads of Shu or so into, or by whom, ax wonderful work of God, thousands. There are three Chinese Pang Tong temple ruins, Leshan-rich, JIANMENGUAN customs, the ancient path along the cliff, the ancient city of Zhao Hua, Cuiyun Gallery, Zhang Feimiao Langzhong, Nanchong floor, rolls, as well as in the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai's native place Jiangyou --- Qinglian Township, Guangyuan Huang Zesi, Qian Foya Cliff stone, wall art Deyang, Guanghan Sanxingdui, sinus Jiangyou Mission Hill, 7 zitong Hill temple Wu Ping Bao Ensi, and other rich natural landscape and human landscape. Can be a taste of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms epic hero and legendary footsteps to enjoy the magic of nature Jianmenshudao-hung show of beautiful scenery and abundant interest in folk customs. "Jianmenshudao all over, wins half of the time the three countries", said.

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Huang Zesi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huang Zesi, China is the only female Emperor Wu of the temple worship. Guangyuan is located west banks of the Jialing River. Is a key state protection unit. Hou Shu Huang Zesi was founded in Canton 22 years of governance (AD 959), the original Huangze Si, Linjiang is a "day of the door", "grooming days after the House," "Fun House" (Xi Lou), Also "Maitreya Hall," "Temple Guanyin iron" building. Wu folklore for the death of God, the temple was built to give her name, "Wong Chak" hope "memory" that will benefit Xiang Zi, which worship the temple has been dedicated to her true capacity, and 23 of the first lunar month every year Have held a grand temple, go to the people of Guangyuan Teramae Tan Ze own designated area boat races, Wu Hou Yu Bay birthday commemoration. Huang Zesi within days, while there are reservations Temple, the center column Cave, the Big Buddha House, a small South China Sea, Lvzu Court, the five Buddha Pavilion, Wangjiang floor, a new Queen's Hill, the Song Dynasty tomb wall reliefs. Dian Huang Zesi days while it is at the center hall, hanging on Dianmen Wenting Hand-written reads "Temple days," Guo is on both sides of the autographed book title couplets, the Alliance is a "political Kai Kai Yuan Zhihong Chen-kuan," Xia Lian as a "flow-ray was jiange benefit the state." Hu is the middle of the hall are days like stone, an air of serene, wearing an embedded a small statue of Bao crown, dressed in coat color Ying Luo, chest bare arm, a Buddhist Notre Dame Play. Wu stone as the history of gold loaded twice, as the old, by the time the Republic of China have been falling. In early 1993, the Government governor of Sichuan Province Xiao Yang in person concerned, to raise funds in October and then re-loaded payments. Wu is like a stone with a brand-new Jinshen visitors to the show. Another piece of stone is on Smooth incised lines of positive as Gongzhuang Wu, beautiful and Hui-Min, an ancient poem praising its: "Marie-hung peerless beauty, dressed Mien Wan Chong tassel; honor of their profession Chen Chao, Zaifu before the Court in more. VI Hing-foot orphans catastrophe, as the future high-Yang-Feng Gong; residual water left to stay fiber Shan Ying, Yan still hung Fashion drunk. " With well-preserved in 1955 unearthed Hou Shu-Canton 22 years of a political monument, which is born Wu Guangyuan one of the strong evidence. Display hall has an inscription of the Soong Ching Ling "in the history of China's only female emperor in feudal times outstanding female politicians" and addressed to Guo Guangyuan County People's Government of the letters, The poetry of the Tang Dynasty poet Li Shang-yin, "Jiang Li, Tan made." Cave of the central pillar, is located in the Hall of days above the cave about 13 cubic meters in the middle of a complete pillars, in fact, is a beautiful design by the tower, Shek Pik on three sides are inscribed with Buddha, Sakyamuni is the middle, is about Wenshu , Fugen, around 3 Buddha A flying dragon, according to the person concerned to verify the moment when the Northern Zhou Dynasty. House to the Big Buddha, located in the center above the grotto. Cave 7 meters high and 5 meters wide and 3.8 meters deep. This is a niche China during the Tang dynasty stone carvings Cliff works the middle of the Big Buddha Sakyamuni, about 6 meters high, solemn, grand vision, the right and left Book and the all-carving realistic, lifelike. Behind the Big Buddha engraved with the "Dragon", in Choi Wan changing, albeit not very clearly, very lively.

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Jin Yan Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jin Yan Hu a Guanghan City, a modern European style gardens covering an area of more than 800 acres, surrounded on three sides by water, dense forest, birds Cluster, a rich aquatic plants, and that 200 acres of natural width in the Great Lakes there is such a beautiful legend.
A long time ago, the Peach State Xian Gu see Han (Han Gu Chen Guanghan state) Renjiedeling, scenery Ya, Fan Chen in private, made a day regulation, the penalty for the West Buddha pian prisoners in the North in front of a tearful Sham (cash Yan Hu in the Great Lakes). Later, people in the water next to Da Feng Yuqiao frame, plastic pian, in Xian Gu Wei-da. A foreign antique dealers with Bao Wen-yan, it Daobao Heart Health, But who would have thought just a touch then, it crashed into the da pian Into four gold Guangcan Can Jinyan into the sky. This 4 Jinyan from time to time in the spin over the Formation of water, Han state for the benefit of its light, which was regarded as auspicious, a symbol of prosperity. Park entrance is on the plastic off the Youth Pre-employment has four bronze statue of Jinyan.
Jin Yan Hu to spacious, bright and clean the Great Lakes, the verdant green Lawn, lush green onions out of the big forests, water has become a unique botanical garden, giving a strong sense of return to nature. At the same time, is set for pleasure, recreation, accommodation in one multi-functional, comprehensive park. At present, large and medium-sized recreational facilities over the past 20 months, Chengdu is the recreational facilities of the larger parks One. There Jinyan Palace, voice-activated sculpture Chinese zodiac, the Peach Blossom Hill, Colin columns, Greece promenade lying Hushan more than 30 attractions, scenic spots.
Park every year to organize various activities and large-scale flower show. Sixteenth day of every year, private contractors Guanghan been sung for a long time, "Bao Bao's Day" activities. March-April Held a grand scale in the spring of the flower show, Dutch tulips, primrose Germany, the Luoyang peony flowers, and so on.
In late October, organized large-scale exhibition of chrysanthemum. At the same time foreign contractors, large-scale, various activities.

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Deyang wall art - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Deyang Art Wall is located in Deyang city of Taishan Road main road, it is a total length of over 1000 meters, 7 meters high, by the cattle gate, Song of Life, art gallery, the light of the wisdom of the Chinese soul, Zodiac, and other large column landscape group Cheng. And art into one wall is the wall opposite the lawns, gardens and scenic beauty of the scenery on Lake Jing. Deyang wall art is the use of a highway retaining wall built long. It's just wall with the adjacent park Shek Ngau Deyang. Park top of the wall and elevation up to 7-9 meters, just naturally become the background of the park. Deyang city of craftsmen who cleverly terrain environment for dealing with the arts, ideas, ideas System and build a blueprint for the Park and Shek Ngau supporting a large stone wall art, opened in China's urban construction of retaining walls and the organic integration of the first plastic arts.
Deyang is about 700 meters wall art, wall Build 40-hole arch, arch out of 35, dark arch 5, 35 and arch out by 3 A few paragraphs of the order, which has Yu of the Chinese ancient culture, as odd as the mysterious culture, the arch in front of the 16-hole look at the two sites between the different dragon, the wall on behalf of 56 Chinese ethnic groups and the exquisite statue of each arch Cave of the dragon and phoenix, turtles, horses, animals, people, and other relief, murals, attracting numerous tourists all the year round. Special people Haunts of the two groups is both large-scale relief, 38 m long wall at the north end of large-scale relief, "Song of Life" from "Four Seasons" and "Ma Yue Fei waterfall," "Man and Nature" consists of three parts, showing human beings and nature Had a harmonious relationship, as well as the thirst for life and save the Acura. Wall 53 meters long tail of a wall carving hollowing " Light-hui ", as well as portraits of the Han Dynasty style, the show focused on the Ba-Shu culture, brilliant.
Deyang stone wall art not only by domestic visitors praise, have been friends abroad highly. Domestic tourists to visit, read no under surprised, amazed stone wall art: "Art Palace , Through a no, "and" in Ya Kin-hung, representing "," National Treasure "and" pioneering the East. "Foreign friends said it is the art of the wonders of the world, is a huge empire.

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Purple rock scenic areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Mianzhu from the Chengguan car, 15 minutes up to rock purple spots.
?? ?? Mianzhu also known as purple rock mountain, located in the Chengdu Plain and Minshan Mountain Interchange, north-west of the mountain for days, Pinnacle peaks. The source of much cotton Tuojiang River winding up the mountains, Yixieqianli, the Chengdu Plain at the north end of the formation of a fan-shaped side impact date Zhu Shi Pingba area. In this mountainous and plain Interchange, the distribution of many historical sites and beautiful natural scenery, beautiful scenery of purple rock Park (also known as the bow Temple), the generation of monks to retreat on the sea division of the Department Gu Yun Wu Temple, and Song Dynasty relics in the large park in Berlin, as well as the use nearby white water ring Xikou pear orchard area. ?? ?? a long history, profound cultural heritage and beautiful natural scenery add radiance to each other, forming a purple rock into famous scenic spot, were water, celebrities, who as one of the unique Park Yun Zhi, thousands of years by numerous seekers can explore the heartfelt praise. Tang Dynasty poet Wang Bo Zan "disk-based cross-risk, out peaks with Xiao, Feiquan Flow, rattan trees Hyun. "Tang Dynasty poet, Wu Shan Mianzhu into the poem:" The things Mianzhu corner, with a potential Shiqianfeng, Dongba pressure, stretching incidence Shu ... ... "Taoist classics," Yun Ji Qi Jian "Mianzhu Hill as the world famous Seven Twelve one of the blessed land.
?? ?? In recent years, local Party committees and governments invest huge sums of money to pay the above-mentioned spots A radical improvement in the conditions, the formation of the cement highway connecting the various attractions, day by car can reach all the tourist attractions, and enjoy the natural scenery and culture of Buddhism, Taoism culture, the charm of scenic spots.
?? ?? Purple rock park is a hillside of the natural scenic spots, parks with a total area of 11.3 square kilometers It is located in the mouth play Han Wang Zhen, Yan Bo foot of the mountain is far from Mian's vast river, Li Temple in the bow of the ship above the cliff overlooking the water flow folder Han Wang Zhen, as a giant ship, which is on the bow of the original mountain Of a temple known that the Temple in the bow. This ancient name Hill Hill Ziwei, after five years of construction, the Wan Shan Road Park , Ruyan is the lush vegetation, which rise amid the Qi Qiao, Ting Lang, Tai Xie, the Palace and watch, which shade of the temple, on top of the tower folded Jimu thousands of miles, such as the People's Bank of ants do not have a refreshing feeling. And step up along the mountain scene, its winding streets. Tall cedar forests Nongyin no summer hot spot of green Chang Lin to stay in the warm spring, it is nirvana for the tourists.
?? ?? Wu Yun-ji, formerly known as Cloud Temple in the Ming Dynasty Jiajingnianjian Yun Wushan built by the Buddhist temple, the temple because of fog. Hill Hill Ziwei in the above 1,500 meters above sea level, high-shan Lin, year-round cloud cover and fog around the name. Cloud Temple, built in the cloud top, to stay away from Fan Xiao of the world do not have a cool and quiet. Generation of monks during the Republic of China to the sea division in 1943 went to the Western Hills Mianzhu Cloud Temple, the Temple this as a translation from the back of the Tibetan Tripitaka's special for the community. So far, in the Hall of Temple's side has yet to sea divisions of a stupa. Cloud Temple's natural environment, particularly because of quiet Vacant, and the abbot monk who has become a Buddhist temple in Prachuab popularity high, and every summer to the Commission, the mountains ceremony, the steady stream of tourists sightseeing. Wu Yun-ji to meet the increasing needs of tourists in recent years and expansion of the restaurant, Ke She formed to allow 300 people to dine at the same time the capacity.
?? ?? Berlin park Berlin Park is located in Mianzhu City to Han Wang Zhen between about 10 kilometers, there are newly built concrete ring road with the Berlin heart, and convenient transportation. Berlin completed since the ancient Song Dynasty, 800 years of history has been, in Berlin, Kim's anti-Southern Song Dynasty, Zhang Xian Xiang generation of parents date Yong ZHANG Xian-country public and Ms. Qin Guo's account of the grave, Ming, stone buildings mark the landscape, and so on. As early as in the Qing Dynasty, ancient Mianzhu Berlin that is entitled to "push Mianzhu Sichuan Science, the world number of the ancestral hall in Berlin" reputation. Berlin, Berlin, together with the water park covers an area of more than 500 acres of surface area. Yishanbangshui, Cuolayouzhi, green Song Bolin, Nongyin Blot out the Sun, and the wonderful Lin, Meilin, Jiang Lin, Lin cherry blossoms add radiance to each other so that visitors can spend four seasons Shangjing concept. In particular, the summer is known summer resort. Park is now complete different style of the Pavilion, Taiwan, F, Qu Chi Kok and corridors, rather traditional ethnic characteristics. Park set in the Convention Center are building, floor, accommodation, restaurant, tea house, Le Center. Berlin and the Berlin park adjacent to the lake surface area of more than 400 acres, Water World, the city gun battle, helicopters and other recreational facilities are being put into use.
?? ?? in particular is worth mentioning that the Berlin park has a rich cultural atmosphere, with the Northern Expedition Zhang Yue Fei poetry manuscripts to send the monument, 7 meters wide, 3 meters, the magnificent, which is full of strong patriotic passion. Beilang Kehui on the back of a patriotic Southern Song Dynasty and the Song Zhang's famous Confucian scholar and educator Zhang Mu-manuscripts and calligraphy works, the younger generation is the study of history, learning the art of calligraphy rare valuable information.
?? ?? Berlin public transport, parks, Mud on the road to rock-purple clouds and the Temple Park, adjacent to them Xialian cents strict view of Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot and Kichijoji. That drove more than 10 kilometers northward to the provincial Cloud Lake Forest Park to enjoy the charming scenery of virgin forest.

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Three River Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Three river Mianzhu ?? ?? Temple was built in the Northern Song Dynasty Xiang Fu-year period, when the elder Tamagawa Kaishanzushi extraordinary vision, the temple will be built on the lake side by mountains and a clean account Tsui, Miaohou backlight Mirs Shan mountains or a vein under the Dayton and , Long Qushui the ball around the sand-canopy, the tiger was to Qin. Zhou Qi Jue Temple Eight lovely, towering nanmu, Ginkgo biloba shade Japan, the temple will be shrouded in green are quiet. Over the centuries, many scholars Nga in the soil it is Tiyong sentiment.
?? ?? Sichuan Yang Shengan not like the Ming Dynasty poem, describing the three river scenery of the main features of the Temple is: "You" and "victory." Wei in front of the stone side of the Temple of Lingquan (three arrows water) and the lake, the wind in the pines, a few pens have been Le out to a spectacular landscape. Qianlong famous Sichuan Hanlin Yuan Li also stressed the Third Temple Stream poem.
?? ?? Third Temple Creek area of about 9000 square meters, a Temple Hall of Maitreya, Kwun Yam Temple, the permitted, the founder and Hall of Sengshe rooms, such as construction, in the Kuan Yin Temple Liangbi since the Yuan Dynasty Batu ruhanga surviving hand-written "dragon and tiger The word, the word track about five meters high, as a wave, like curly dragon and snake respectively, and Qiu Jin Canggu. According to County records, the Monastery of the Yuan Dynasty was tired Bingxian, to three years to Tai Rong G (1370) were destroyed. In the years after the maintenance, in addition to the Big Buddha Temple Dianwai, has been building for the rest of the Qing Dynasty architecture, is permitted only big building in the Ming Dynasty . According to Hall of shall beam title in mind for the 10-year-Wu Ming-hong (1377) to build. Have elapsed since the Hall of the 610-year history. Xingwen by the Management Committee of Experts of the old buildings on-site survey that the Hall has a high historical value and architectural value. To this end, Mianzhu County People's Government in June 1985 will be published for the Sankei Temple Bamboo County heritage unit. In 1991 and published by the Deyang City People's Government for city-level protection units. By the constant maintenance, gradually improve the construction of temples, Buddha sculptures will resume. After the repair of both sides of the Great Hall still save 2 Hand-Flocked Kaishanzushi legend for the laurel. Kim is a, for a Gui, exotic tree, Su gesture. Tamagawa hand for the legendary founder Tan Kwai a break, a tear of the two and a half, Dianqian were inserted on both sides of the earth survived. Gold opened red, silver and white open-gui. Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty Lu Yi Ling Yong-ji, who together Cijing title: "The two sweet-scented osmanthus trees three streams; 4:00 misty rain clouds in the Mid-Levels." Experienced two of the six World Bank tree Climb, Tucui fragrance.
?? ?? around the Temple of the three river a lot of attractions, into their corresponding interest.
?? ?? Shizi Yan and leading hibernation. Temple Mountain Gate River, and three relative, there are a hundred paces away down the hillside, the slope is not more than ten feet high, but its likely form a natural barrier, the temple construction would fade. Visitors to the front, yet Temple to know where to be turned groove, to see the temple, as if from the day on giving Sin Temple, visitors can Dunxiao fatigue, mental steep. There are a few pieces of stone groove, the lion is like Wei junctions, as a result of Shizi Yan. Shi Ziyan hundred paces along the line before, a rock protruding about 3 meters apart, similar to the shape of its leader, Zhang big mouth, as if From the slope in deep sleep awoke Yangtianzhangxiao tourists around world are seeing this as the dumping of the Seven Wonders of nature, have a souvenir photo.
?? ?? three arrows and the Bridge of Hope source tablets. Up along the road in front of the temple, about 500 meters, a famous scenic spots, fine-sounding name: the "three arrows of water." Yihong clear spring here, particularly thorough bottom-ying, four Number of shares have poured out of spring water from underground, Dong Dong sound, sound like. Quan Li shore have a mottled Bricks, that is well-known "Bridge of Hope of the original tablets." Ding Wei Ming Koji Cibei for the year (1488) legislation by December, far more than 500 years old, stone inscriptions, said: "The town of West Sishili Mian Xu, the three Mountain Temple has an Zhizuo Shenquan Yan, 4:00 inexhaustible ... ... right Xiangfuzhaojian Song Guang Temple, Xiashu Legend has it that Hou Yu-chang Monteggia this disease ... ... Chung-chuen, and three shot in the name of efficiency before ... .... "From the fragmentary inscription is not difficult to see in the Five Dynasties five Meng Chang Shu march to Mianzhu, because Tian Han, hungry non-commissioned officers, Meng Chang is directed bursts of three arrows, shoot the gurgling ?. Although the legend can not be trusted, but there spring testing by experts, is indeed a high-quality low sodium strontium-containing mineral water, can be used for many water-based beverages. Every time visitors to this point, all the drink in the Oasis.
?? ?? Ushiyama difficulties and hardship of cattle Lake. Three arrows from water that is not up to the beautiful scenery of the lake trapped cattle. When you Hudi base, Head that looked like a mirror of the vast lake that, as well as the lake's potential as Woniu island, the clouds in the sky under the shadow of the map will have a "Shan Dai Mei-Feng Cui, such as WHO, water may Qiu Qing eye" to the poetic.
?? ?? Qingshitan white sheep grazing. Ushiyama Island and the difficulties linked to a summit, many rocks from the foot of a mountain peak to whether or not A silver-gray rock is like flock to the mountains, vitality, Meteorology Series. There are those in the crowd between two huge rocks, a Qingshitan shape, and the other shaped like a white elephant, known as the Qingshitan and white rock. According to legend, the Zen master of the Song Dynasty Kaishanzushi Tamagawa Qingshitan by white people travel far and wide to this, as a result of lingering beauty here, was in -Religious settlers, Qingshitan will be a white elephant on the mountain to look after sheep, so it was a lion, animal husbandry, as the flock of natural picture.
?? ?? stone bell and Shek Kwu. Lions in the distance as near-rock up and down a huge rock, said Shi Zhong rock, rock can be formed under the hole Let a hundred people. Is a strange look into the hole Dongding However, a diameter of about 2 meters of the pit, its shape resembles a giant wall of the bell. Percussion with stone, Dong Dong sound. Since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, there is a lot of literati as a stone bell for the title of a poem sent Kwok-hing. Shi Zhong Yan and distant relative of a giant such as the drum-shaped rock, rock, said Shek Kwu, to make out the voice of Gu Xiang, Yu legend also Chuanzu In this visual will be placed on both sides of the hillside sites.
?? ?? In addition, there are still weeks Chaoyang Dong Temple, Hongyun hole Shuilian Dong, rock monkeys, turtles rock, rock Fu-hu and other sites, visitors to each of the three Kai Temple scenic sight-seeing, all this beautiful heritage of the United States, Zhong Ling's Yuk Sau Source, pleasant linger, Jiaokou praise. It was Sankei said the scenery as well as capturing the imagination of the West Lake Temple in general.

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Cloud Lake Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Mianzhu City Cloud Lake Forest Park for the provincial Forest Park, located in the Sichuan Basin in the northwest mountains, is Longmen Shan Mountains 9 branch, 108 km away from Chengdu, 21 km away from the urban Mianzhu. Park, with a total area of 10,320 acres. Park in the center of a high mountain lakes in the mosaic of Lin Tao result mu named.
?? Mizoguchi Mountain Gate Park is located 785 meters above sea level, mountain and circled up on the center area 1,500 meters above sea level, the highest peak in the territory for Lingyun Feng, 2264 meters above sea level. Scenic annual average temperature 9.7 ?, the highest temperature in late July, 25.6 ?, the lowest temperature in late January, -9.6 ?. Full capacity, cloudy and foggy, has a unique microclimate Sensen alpine environment, is the summer heat, high in the fall, winter and spring Shangxue good place. The tourists arrived in the city lived Park, the most obvious physical response, where a high oxygen content of the air, and everywhere lush lush forest, Jade, visitors are immediately from the Feeling too comfortable and happy. Throughout the park are various types of vegetation cover, plant species as many as 63 of its branches nearly 2,000 species of immense Metasequoia Zhetianbiri Lin, walk through the forest, the bark has bid farewell to a small taste. Ginkgo forest, blooming rhododendrons, primrose are blooming then letting nature take its course, there is no man-made Up. In the blue waves of the Sea Cloud Lake, clusters of the three Shuzi whirling beautiful, exotic flowers and beautiful dove tree. Si Wuyue to flower in full bloom pigeons, doves spend one after another, the eyes and taste beak, white green eyes, as if only Zhanchiyufei pigeons.
Dove tree, also known as Davidia, at the national level to protect plants, Scenic view of the world's rare species. China's endemic species. Davidia tall tree tall and straight, wide leaves hypertrophy, whirling Shuzi beautiful, exotic flowers are particularly beautiful, 4 per year to bloom in May. Davidia flower petals did not, by countless male flower into the first-inflorescence together, give birth to a gender to the top of flowers, inflorescence under two large Bracts, the season in full bloom, white bracts like pigeon wings, the purple flower as the first dove, yellow-green just like a pigeon's beak stigma. Davidia one after another is obvious that he was to spend just a taste of the pigeon beak. Davidia growth in 1000 million years ago, the new generation in the early Tertiary, and thus a "living fossil". Today, to cloud Forest Park visitors can still feel the cloud around the lake on the land vacant Kuanggu the charm, can still be 4 to May Ilex witnessed the spectacle of pigeons. Although there is no longevity of the dead grass, but when you dine in the restaurant Cloud Lake, then South Korea can still enjoy the end in the mountains of the few religious consumed taste local products: Fern, spring shoots, bamboo shoots and Yun Nan Lake of the specialty-chul ears. The taste of delicious, high nutritional value and Shanzhenhaiwei also compared favorably.

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North pagoda - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? on Jiang in the White Pagoda Temple in the civil Jiang circulated a beautiful story. Legend has it the Song Dynasty have one religious brother and sister are successfully implemented, the majority of supernatural powers. Day, brother and sister to travel far and wide in the River, flooding in the river when the disaster fell. In order to save the people, brothers and sisters decided to build the pagoda in the town water, ensuring peace. They agreed: brother Jian Comply with Temple, built-mei, the northern tower, to prevent mortals to see, before the cock tower and the temple built.
Brother and sister were the magic facilities, the construction of hands-on through the night.
Brother careless work, busy days and fear the temple built on the northern mountains to see a sister tower construction. See his sister is being built on top of the plants decorate, Road-mei's ability more than their own, Dunqi jealous of heart, Timing will learn rooster. Mei hear the cock, scared up a distortion, and tossed flowers in the hands of Jiang Kai, which later became the plants in Jiang's specialty chrysanthemum stone, and the North Tower was also the sister with the long-term body tilt.
Her sister want to build the north tower, often white Loaded, sitting cross one's legs tower in practice, get into Zhengguo. People in order to avoid misfortunes difficult, often go to the North Tashan Koujian Xian Gu, requests for help. Induction as a result of very efficacious and later said she was white as the Kuan Yin, also known for her Baita Xian Gu. After the first lunar month every 11 (White Pagoda Xian Gu birthday) and June 11 (White Pagoda was Xian Gu ), Tashan up and down the North sea of people, an area where hundreds of people came from all directions, to pay respect to the majestic tower cents, to pray bless peace and begged hard to avoid misfortunes.
Late Song Yuan, people in the north to build the temple at the foot of Tashan, with white plastic audio-visual concept, name and the White Pagoda Temple. Temple was destroyed in the war. In 1993, in River County for the implementation of religious policy, approval of the rehabilitation and the White Pagoda Temple. Just more than two years, a new antique buildings where they stand, their scale and speed of Jiaokou all of great admiration. Only slightly more than three years, has a five-Hall, the life of three buildings, seven Pavilion (including 10 minutes Gulou , With a total construction area of 5850 square meters, large-scale antique buildings completed quickly. At present, the overall momentum of the magnificent temples, resplendent; Diaolianghuadong Terauchi, the inscription on the proliferation of open courtyard, numerous flowers and trees, even the ladder back to the gallery, so visitors are often far away.

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Park, San Xiao (stupa Xiaoquan) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

San Xiao Park, located in the Northeast this filial springs, the dragon guarding the pagoda relic, newly built in 1988. The door is basically modeled on the shapes of the former Temple Xiao, banners "Sanxiao Park" scribe of the three characters are on both sides of the 2 Jiangjialiang Yong-Xiao Xiaoquan matter and the endemic couplets, the door has a small color clay on top, surrounded by red walls Lvliu, landscape Quiet Into the door, is the head-Jiang Gong Temple, the hall is "a San Xiao" statue in the middle of An An, is on both sides of Jiang and his wife Ponzi and poetry. Right Gallery in San Xiao story is based on the theme of eight clay color. Later in the frontal, the legislation will be a "Ershisixiao" large-scale stone relief. Left-hand side is "Lei Yue Yongquan," Pool Tibet is a pool pavilion Longjing (new in 1991), kiosks and a large antique clock. Side of the pavilion is "Gong Yi-hung," tea for visitors to break open enough, the elderly are also a good place for culture and entertainment. Chui Chi Zhou Liu Yiyi, a rockery, bonsai, very elegant (in 1990 when tea repair a small stone tablet unearthed, on Juan " Yi Gong, "the words, this tea was 000, set in stone this Jingting.). Jianggong bring up the rear is Canon floor, the floor was built in the Ming Dynasty, the temple is Yanzuo. Lvjing Xiu Shan generations, the most recent Repair of the Republic of China is Yi Hai (1935), by the former vice president of the Buddhist Association of China released to the sea, the Tibetan Buddhist master, the former Buddha in Sichuan Province Chairman of the release round-chang, Chang Bao Guangsi retreat house music release, Wenshu Temple abbot interpretation of the law, such as optical maintenance come forward in this House, as there are at the top of the ridge beam to the sea and others remember the title. By the House for two Yizuoyiyou, as there was between the floor together, the halls are Biane 8. The original floor by the left and right side there are pagoda-corridors. Shinianhaojie, House destroyed a large, wooden walls degrade some of the original calligraphy and painting wood carvings, there are several half of the people to go out, this remaining 21, all of the contents of brown Buddhist language, there are great calligraphers of the measureless Hsieh Shu-carved, very valuable. After being up the house maintenance. Xiaoquan stupa is located in San Xiao Xiao-springs in the park, was built in the Han Dynasty, only the beginning of the great cause of Sui Taki, the 2002 positive Shun Di yuan (Year 1342), Anxi House who is willing to repair Zhaowen De-fat towers, repair to an end the seven-story, the first of its six-storey Continuation Zhao Wenli, in which we see positive for 13 years. Tak Ming 13 years (Year 1481) and India Sengbao to buy glass ding, it is also known as the "dragon bone glazed pagoda care," the tower In a two-tier pedestal above for the Quartet Zhuanta Miyan Shi, Shi Sanceng shape, 37 meters high, 1.40 canopy tower hung in Tong-ling, a tower ladder to board the circling one to ten, the Qing Emperor Qianlong and Jiaqing, the Republic of China Years have made a large-scale maintenance, before the tower built in the Qing Dynasty have a Canon floor. Xiaoquan stupa is the only existing Sichuan Province A Zhuanta the Yuan Dynasty, which is to study the evolution of Sichuan Zhuanta important in-kind support. In 1991, the Sichuan Provincial People's Government approved for public protection unit. Sanxiao Park is an area of more than 5000 square meters, is in a complex building-hing, in the future will reflect the history and culture Xiaoquan at the core, It into a mini of the People's Park.

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Deyang Confucius Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Deyang Confucius Temple is located in Deyang City Street South. China's western region to maintain the integrity of the Confucius Temple in the size of the most ambitious of a Confucian temple. Area of 29,700 square meters (about 50 acres) Outside the temple there is the Confucius Temple Square, the temple crown way past Germany doors equipped with the world, Ren-million wall, lattice door stars, with Overseas Chinese Chi-ping, Ji door, music kiosks Dacheng Hall, Kai Temple in the Qing Dynasty, and other ancient buildings more than 30. Deyang Confucius Temple was built in the Southern Song Xi-opened two years (Year 1206), the Ming dynasty, the Qing Dynasty had been converted, a number of additional. The existing temple is 30 years of Qing dynasty pattern. The whole temple blocks south, the temple Huangwa red walls, imposing temples, the layout of martial law , Just like the imperial palace. Various types of stone, wood Seiko They all have very high artistic and historical value. In addition to the grand temple of the ancient architecture for Ferris, a Great Hall of Confucius, equipped with four, 12-chul statue on display Jikong ceremony and musical instruments on display, there are things housing Kongmen his 72-hyun on display, the display on the life of Confucius Open year round to visitors and conduct guided tours, photography, tourism, the sale of souvenirs and other services. Ji Kong also antique music and dance performances. Welcome to the Confucian Temple in Deyang sightseeing!

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Wufengshan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wufengshan Forest Park, also known as Zhuhai Park, located in Dazhu Yuet Wah Heung Wufengshan. 18 km from the county, Sichuan is a new tourist destination. Because of their vast areas of bamboo, bamboo variety named after. Park Chushan jurisdiction over 6,000 acres, bamboo, the owner, ci bamboo, bamboo white folder, bamboo, black bamboo, and other products in more than 10 . The use of bamboo production in a variety of craft up to the level of more than 100 varieties by the masses love. There are Phoebe, red sandalwood, cedar tree, laurel, camphora, and other rare trees, in its Article of Health; hedgehog there, the Golden Rooster, bamboo chicken, goats, pheasant, rabbit, and other rare birds and animals, habitats during reproduction. As well as the natural formation of large Lin, several cave. There are the famous Ming Dynasty Ju Song, the very color of the Seven Sisters myth trees such as acacia tree, it Tianzaodeshe. A time when the cross no boundaries of a colorful decorative bamboo zone, a "Kingdom of the Township" as a foil to a more beautiful charming.

  Park Zhuhai China more than 30 kilometers, for The best spots to play more than 20. Especially in the small stone forest, sky-hole, the palace of Guangxi, viewing platform, such as bamboo forest than in the better.

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Luojiaba site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luojiaba site is located in Sichuan Province, Xuanhan Puguang rural village of evolution, from the Neolithic era, Shang and Zhou dynasties, the Spring and Autumn until the Han Dynasty, about 4500 years ago. It is the site of the birthplace of the Palestinian people, its value as Sanxingdui cultural sites. Large-scale sites with a total area of 500,000 square meters. Now 50 to explore the two found 11 pit carbon layer, more than 50 pieces of unearthed cultural relics, most of the pottery with traces of ancient life of Palestinians and the other from 6 graves found in a human body for up to 2 meters of the skeleton, believed to be Palestinian Who died in the tribal warriors. The unearthed relics include bronze sword, pot, spear, hook, and so on, But also unearthed a statue, kettle, beans, pottery spinning wheels, and other devices, as well as a variety of jade. Luojiaba site's culture with typical local characteristics, the study of ancient culture and its relationship with the Palestinian Central Plains culture of Chu culture, the Qin culture, Shu culture exchange is extremely important value.

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