Saturday, January 10, 2009

Foshan really scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Daxian County is located in Foshan really more than 30 kilometers south of the Seven Mile Gap Fu Shan Mountains in the middle of rural territory, 910 meters above sea level, the whole Hill area of about 3,000 acres, is a renowned Buddhist resort. According to County records,?????, Jiang farmers of a spiritual enlightenment, a kind of medicine to practice, known as "people JIANG Shan , "Jiang Living Buddha", self-built, "De Hua Si." Sui after the government set Zhifu Sohn people seeking to get even, convinced that his soul, praise him, "Zhenfo is also" ordered the expansion of the temple, and pro-"really Foshan," engraved in Simen, there are 000. Foshan really steep mountains, from the foot of a mountain to the Mountain Gate, around the dense pine and cypress, ZHU Liang Qiao canopies, there are thousands of step-by-step Zhishen top-order, as if dropped in mid-air ladder, on both sides of the Gadao camphora, the more upward pines King Cooper deeper.

Foshan really about building the temple 15,000 square meters, covers an area of 400 mu. The whole mountain temples take power, several Hall of Cuolayouzhi distributed in the mountain, the Peak, Temple weeks old Bai embracing, Conglong trees, birds Chongming, there are people, "Wan Cijie silence, the only sound heard Zhongqing" feeling. By the temple, "Yu Huangdian," "Son of Heaven Temple", "Dian King Kong", "Main Hall" component. Main Hall in which the main hall, the hall of two 18 storey tower standing 30 meters in length, half hidden inside, half-length Top out, since the ground-breaking Dianwai looked as if Chun-Sun, vibrant. Zhudian on both sides of the visual story about 20 meters, a total of 4 layers, and layers of features, namely iron bell and drum home. Terauchi couplets, calligraphy, carved wall, history and Buddhist monk Graves classic very rich. Lunar New Year every year on June 19 foshan really is a traditional temple fair In addition to the really, Foshan temple area, there are verdant green pines, the vast sea of clouds and cloud Huashan, JIANG Shan people from "a Buddhist temple," where they stand towering two-Stone, uprisings of the White Lotus Society Chai Ling, rouge Lake strange weird Stalagmite. The entire set of scenic mountains, forests, water, the hole in one temple, extraordinary and dangerous You, Jun everything. Foshan true for the provincial scenic spots.

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