Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dongpo Floor - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingyun Dongbo Hill House is one of the famous monument, located in the habitat of the Giant Buddha in the head after the peak-luan, as the two wooden buildings sit northeast to southwest. It was built in Song, formerly known as the "wine contains Church." According to Song Wang as "Meanwhile Jisheng to" remember: "Wine is contained in the Great Hall of Buddhist temples on the mountain, taking Dongpo liquor containing Lingyun meaning." Also, according to "give up Shuang Xuan Notes Set: Tianqi years, local officials are contained in the wine together for Quan Chen Jian Wei Zhongxian Shengci, will become the Temple, condemned Wei, Dong-po to worship only "Dongpo floor." Can be seen, "Dongpo floor," said began in the Ming Dynasty. Jiaqing years of the Qing Dynasty had been repaired, in 1982 and by the maintenance of a larger, as is now the size.

  Chuan Su in this study, to know the East China Sea Dragon King, Prince Edward III to allow him to seek and to lend him a vegetable garden, agreed to return when Wu Geng, and this dish is that today's garden city of Leshan, therefore, Leshan City, before it is not Wu Geng the fight. Giant Buddha at the foot of one side of the existing Cave, with the same river, is the legendary Dragon King Prince Edward to seek access to the channel when Su.

  Building a positive, "Dongpo floor," the words, the hand-written by Huang Tingjian is set. Building on both sides of the wall, Su Qing engraved Daoguangnianjian by painting four Meiju, Dai Li Su, as well as a portrait of the clog. The bottom floor of the middle east slope of a new plastic seat Xiang Yizun, gas Yuxuan , And generous. Legend has it that pond in front of the building for the school when Su wash pen, ink wash it, said Chi.


  And the east slope of the floor is at a stop Changting Department, that is, the voiceless kiosks, according to local records set, "voiceless Pavilion" Su was hand-written words, after the crash. Now the Pavilion for the voiceless in 1982 to repair Pavilion overlooking the voiceless, Jiang distant days, Shanqingshuixiu, it can be seen looking down at the South Foding large octagonal two-story floating Yu-ting. Shaobo when the Southern Song Dynasty have been here in person, here was fascinated by Kai King, wrote the famous "voiceless Pavilion", in every possible way appreciation for the great emotion: "The world view of the landscape in Sichuan, said Jia Zhou Shu-sheng of the state Lingyun Si Yue-sheng, South Temple, the most voiceless Pavilion Katsuya. "It is no wonder visitors to this often enjoyable time.

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