Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hei Zhugou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In China's "Land of Abundance", Sichuan, a newly developed scenic area in May 1996 in Sichuan Province have been designated as the fourth provincial-level scenic spots, which is known as "China and Bermuda" Hei Zhugou the primeval forest. There had been a number of people, animals, the mysterious disappearance split groove, so to enter a mysterious feeling Also had a large number of hard to understand the mystery, so that stare of the population to stay on.

  Hei Zhugou located in the Yi Autonomous County of Ebian the city of Leshan in the territory, an area of about 180 square kilometers, the original ecology, species of rare, unique and magical landscape, Feb. 22, 2000 by the State Forestry Administration for approval of the state-level forest park 2400 meters above sea level in the trench above the upper slopes of the zone, there is the distribution of "Eye of Heaven", "Lake boat" and "cuckoo pool," represented by more than 10 mountain Hai Zi, the largest surface area of about 200 acres, Huguangshanse Xiangyingchengqu, constitute The beautiful scenery. The odd waterfall, large and small trench Tam too numerous to mention, in the high mountains and deep forests in the Pentium bluster, its shape, such as surging Xue-Tao, and rolling, his voice as Wanmabenteng, call Annihilation, Hei Zhugou the formation of Forest Park is extremely dynamic water features spectacular landscapes.

  As a result of the many mountain trench and a high degree of well-known in the Emei Mountain , To see the sea of clouds, Buddha, sunset, and other bizarre scene. Seasonal climate differences in the mountainous landscape, winter in the park for more than 2200 meters above sea level, snow coverage, thousands of Song of Ice and Rime ice hanging, ice, etc., constitute a winter landscape can.

Hei Zhugou has come to its territory You were little, as the media's disclosure, it is time to time, its new, and the risk characteristics of attracting a large number of photographers, scientists Expedition in-depth exploration of which Show-down. Some people say she is a "magic ditch terror", it is said that she was "China's Bermuda", or that she is an ordinary & P A small ravine, In any case, Heizhu Gou is a virgin land dispute.

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