Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hong Chunping - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hong Chunping, Gu Cheng qianfoensis Um, the Department of Geographical Names, who is also the temple. Gap white clouds along the winding straight, which is 5 kilometers up Hong Chunping. Chu Ming Shan construction of a Zen master, the Qing Emperor Qianlong 55 (1790) E-yun reconstruction of a Zen master, as a result of old trees in front of a Hong Chun, it is easy to 000 today. Qianlong thanks to a pair of couplets, the largest suspended : "Shou-chun Ba Qiannian down old trees to hear Buddhist /Ping Deng Baizhang number of the people Gassho Wu Chan machine." Temple has seven lithography to the late Qing qianfoensis a lotus lantern, 2 meters high and 1 m diameter, 7 stria long, hundreds of Buddha body. Hong Chunping mountains, verdant green trees, fresh air in the mountains is the best summer resort. Lin Lan inter-floating, summer rain in the early morning fog Fei Fei, Su said, "Hongchunxiaoyu." "The mountains of the line, no rain, air Tsui clothes were wet," is the description of the scene. The wonderful scenery here is like watching the early morning rain shower non-"Rain" interesting "Cui clothes were wet," the taste. As the landscape of the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei in the "Que 2 "in the chant: Yuan Road, no rain, air Tsui clothes were wet. To appreciate this, "Xiao Yu" essence, to the temple overnight accommodation is appropriate. Run-Ze Hong Chunping climate, it is often the fine mist. Especially in the early morning, according to ask Dawn Lin Cong above the atomization exposure to, rang rang Ling Ling, Li Li-ying, such as the countless pearls, and flooded the grass-lin , Heard only through the leaves rustling forest, mizzle feel like Peiran. In an instant, filled with dense, well-known figure only words, not sight, right close by home had become the End of the World. Such as raw silk of the morning mist, wet sob sob with the mountain in the unique fragrance in the face of years, so you feel very graceful cool.

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