Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wufengshan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wufengshan Forest Park, also known as Zhuhai Park, located in Dazhu Yuet Wah Heung Wufengshan. 18 km from the county, Sichuan is a new tourist destination. Because of their vast areas of bamboo, bamboo variety named after. Park Chushan jurisdiction over 6,000 acres, bamboo, the owner, ci bamboo, bamboo white folder, bamboo, black bamboo, and other products in more than 10 . The use of bamboo production in a variety of craft up to the level of more than 100 varieties by the masses love. There are Phoebe, red sandalwood, cedar tree, laurel, camphora, and other rare trees, in its Article of Health; hedgehog there, the Golden Rooster, bamboo chicken, goats, pheasant, rabbit, and other rare birds and animals, habitats during reproduction. As well as the natural formation of large Lin, several cave. There are the famous Ming Dynasty Ju Song, the very color of the Seven Sisters myth trees such as acacia tree, it Tianzaodeshe. A time when the cross no boundaries of a colorful decorative bamboo zone, a "Kingdom of the Township" as a foil to a more beautiful charming.

  Park Zhuhai China more than 30 kilometers, for The best spots to play more than 20. Especially in the small stone forest, sky-hole, the palace of Guangxi, viewing platform, such as bamboo forest than in the better.

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