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Park, San Xiao (stupa Xiaoquan) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

San Xiao Park, located in the Northeast this filial springs, the dragon guarding the pagoda relic, newly built in 1988. The door is basically modeled on the shapes of the former Temple Xiao, banners "Sanxiao Park" scribe of the three characters are on both sides of the 2 Jiangjialiang Yong-Xiao Xiaoquan matter and the endemic couplets, the door has a small color clay on top, surrounded by red walls Lvliu, landscape Quiet Into the door, is the head-Jiang Gong Temple, the hall is "a San Xiao" statue in the middle of An An, is on both sides of Jiang and his wife Ponzi and poetry. Right Gallery in San Xiao story is based on the theme of eight clay color. Later in the frontal, the legislation will be a "Ershisixiao" large-scale stone relief. Left-hand side is "Lei Yue Yongquan," Pool Tibet is a pool pavilion Longjing (new in 1991), kiosks and a large antique clock. Side of the pavilion is "Gong Yi-hung," tea for visitors to break open enough, the elderly are also a good place for culture and entertainment. Chui Chi Zhou Liu Yiyi, a rockery, bonsai, very elegant (in 1990 when tea repair a small stone tablet unearthed, on Juan " Yi Gong, "the words, this tea was 000, set in stone this Jingting.). Jianggong bring up the rear is Canon floor, the floor was built in the Ming Dynasty, the temple is Yanzuo. Lvjing Xiu Shan generations, the most recent Repair of the Republic of China is Yi Hai (1935), by the former vice president of the Buddhist Association of China released to the sea, the Tibetan Buddhist master, the former Buddha in Sichuan Province Chairman of the release round-chang, Chang Bao Guangsi retreat house music release, Wenshu Temple abbot interpretation of the law, such as optical maintenance come forward in this House, as there are at the top of the ridge beam to the sea and others remember the title. By the House for two Yizuoyiyou, as there was between the floor together, the halls are Biane 8. The original floor by the left and right side there are pagoda-corridors. Shinianhaojie, House destroyed a large, wooden walls degrade some of the original calligraphy and painting wood carvings, there are several half of the people to go out, this remaining 21, all of the contents of brown Buddhist language, there are great calligraphers of the measureless Hsieh Shu-carved, very valuable. After being up the house maintenance. Xiaoquan stupa is located in San Xiao Xiao-springs in the park, was built in the Han Dynasty, only the beginning of the great cause of Sui Taki, the 2002 positive Shun Di yuan (Year 1342), Anxi House who is willing to repair Zhaowen De-fat towers, repair to an end the seven-story, the first of its six-storey Continuation Zhao Wenli, in which we see positive for 13 years. Tak Ming 13 years (Year 1481) and India Sengbao to buy glass ding, it is also known as the "dragon bone glazed pagoda care," the tower In a two-tier pedestal above for the Quartet Zhuanta Miyan Shi, Shi Sanceng shape, 37 meters high, 1.40 canopy tower hung in Tong-ling, a tower ladder to board the circling one to ten, the Qing Emperor Qianlong and Jiaqing, the Republic of China Years have made a large-scale maintenance, before the tower built in the Qing Dynasty have a Canon floor. Xiaoquan stupa is the only existing Sichuan Province A Zhuanta the Yuan Dynasty, which is to study the evolution of Sichuan Zhuanta important in-kind support. In 1991, the Sichuan Provincial People's Government approved for public protection unit. Sanxiao Park is an area of more than 5000 square meters, is in a complex building-hing, in the future will reflect the history and culture Xiaoquan at the core, It into a mini of the People's Park.

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