Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lingyun Si - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Overload wine booths, looking up, you might see, Simen Lingyun Si high, the air cornices, green glazed tile walls, towering spectacular. Simen middle of a huge hanging Jin Bian, the first half Su "Lingyun Buddhist Temple," 4. Together on both sides of the text is "to Jiang, Buddhism to the West." This concise Union, even if people have a sense of solemn Buddhist, and shows the Gun Squat by geographical location, but also cleverly "Big Buddha" should be embedded in them, this shows the extraordinary momentum of the ancient temples of the Millennium. Tang Kaiyuan in the early years (AD 713 years) cut Buddha, Temple and the expansion of the word. According to the "side wins access Meanwhile," record: "Hui-chang, each peak Temple", Hui-chang can be seen before the wind Ningfo Sheng . However, Hui-chang to four or five years, due to the Tang Emperor Li Yan Yang Road suppression of Buddhism, Buddhist monks and nuns to power the world stupid "on the ground and ordered Miefo, Gun Hill Lingyun Si temple only to" fine "and save. Censen" Terengganu state Lingyun Si "I had such a poem describing Lingyun Si:" The Temple of birds, Feng Zhu Lou contained "But we Days to see the temple, is no longer the original appearance of the Tang Dynasty. Lingyun Si Tang Jian, Yuan Shun Di destroyed in the war, the Ming Dynasty carried out two more to repair, by the late Ming and destroyed. Lingyun Si Qing Emperor Kangxi is the existing six-year (Year 1667) re-built. After repeated Xiurong, in particular the ongoing maintenance after the liberation, now preserved Maung. Lingyun Si by King Hall, the main sanctuary, Canon House, composed of three building courtyard, Dan green glazed tile walls, shade trees. King is a towering old trees Dianqian Nan trees on both sides of the Dianwai breakdown of the four temple rebuilt in the Ming and Qing dynasties tablets of the word. Middle of the hall for the statue of seated Maitreya, white belly be more delighted, known as the "Ocean's Tatu" Four kings set out on both sides of the statue, Cuanmei angry, magnificent. King to bring up the rear Wei Tuo Temple, dedicated to wood carving, gold mounted Weituo the law of God. Through the Hall of Heavenly Kings for the Main Hall building in the Ming Dynasty, monks are held in the main places of religious activity. Middle of the hall sit like Buddha 3 (this body, the body should be, who has been reported), building Beautiful, solemn expression. Ocean's 18 points on both sides of the God-shaped different life. Main Hall on the back of the new plastic Jingping Guanyin, the breakdown on both sides of the Monju, Fugen, in possession of Taishi Zhi and the four Buddha as it is before the Ming Dynasty work. Temple Hall is the last re-floor, Canon, for the original collection of Buddhist scriptures inside a place New in 1930. From its structure and appearance can be seen in modern architectural style, in the words of Temple and another was a unique taste. New downstairs, "Shi Hai Tong", a plastic construction of the Big Buddha who Haitong Master, Jean and Qiu Zhang, Wei Gao as the body as a means of sustenance for future generations respect their feelings. At present, Ling Temple has been opened into the "Leshan Giant Buddha Exhibition Hall", a large number of in-kind museum display, literature, pictures and models show the Leshan Giant Buddha and the ancient history of 90 years to build the protection of maintenance history, reflecting the Leshan Giant Buddha is worthy of a world art treasure.

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