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Three River Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Three river Mianzhu ?? ?? Temple was built in the Northern Song Dynasty Xiang Fu-year period, when the elder Tamagawa Kaishanzushi extraordinary vision, the temple will be built on the lake side by mountains and a clean account Tsui, Miaohou backlight Mirs Shan mountains or a vein under the Dayton and , Long Qushui the ball around the sand-canopy, the tiger was to Qin. Zhou Qi Jue Temple Eight lovely, towering nanmu, Ginkgo biloba shade Japan, the temple will be shrouded in green are quiet. Over the centuries, many scholars Nga in the soil it is Tiyong sentiment.
?? ?? Sichuan Yang Shengan not like the Ming Dynasty poem, describing the three river scenery of the main features of the Temple is: "You" and "victory." Wei in front of the stone side of the Temple of Lingquan (three arrows water) and the lake, the wind in the pines, a few pens have been Le out to a spectacular landscape. Qianlong famous Sichuan Hanlin Yuan Li also stressed the Third Temple Stream poem.
?? ?? Third Temple Creek area of about 9000 square meters, a Temple Hall of Maitreya, Kwun Yam Temple, the permitted, the founder and Hall of Sengshe rooms, such as construction, in the Kuan Yin Temple Liangbi since the Yuan Dynasty Batu ruhanga surviving hand-written "dragon and tiger The word, the word track about five meters high, as a wave, like curly dragon and snake respectively, and Qiu Jin Canggu. According to County records, the Monastery of the Yuan Dynasty was tired Bingxian, to three years to Tai Rong G (1370) were destroyed. In the years after the maintenance, in addition to the Big Buddha Temple Dianwai, has been building for the rest of the Qing Dynasty architecture, is permitted only big building in the Ming Dynasty . According to Hall of shall beam title in mind for the 10-year-Wu Ming-hong (1377) to build. Have elapsed since the Hall of the 610-year history. Xingwen by the Management Committee of Experts of the old buildings on-site survey that the Hall has a high historical value and architectural value. To this end, Mianzhu County People's Government in June 1985 will be published for the Sankei Temple Bamboo County heritage unit. In 1991 and published by the Deyang City People's Government for city-level protection units. By the constant maintenance, gradually improve the construction of temples, Buddha sculptures will resume. After the repair of both sides of the Great Hall still save 2 Hand-Flocked Kaishanzushi legend for the laurel. Kim is a, for a Gui, exotic tree, Su gesture. Tamagawa hand for the legendary founder Tan Kwai a break, a tear of the two and a half, Dianqian were inserted on both sides of the earth survived. Gold opened red, silver and white open-gui. Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty Lu Yi Ling Yong-ji, who together Cijing title: "The two sweet-scented osmanthus trees three streams; 4:00 misty rain clouds in the Mid-Levels." Experienced two of the six World Bank tree Climb, Tucui fragrance.
?? ?? around the Temple of the three river a lot of attractions, into their corresponding interest.
?? ?? Shizi Yan and leading hibernation. Temple Mountain Gate River, and three relative, there are a hundred paces away down the hillside, the slope is not more than ten feet high, but its likely form a natural barrier, the temple construction would fade. Visitors to the front, yet Temple to know where to be turned groove, to see the temple, as if from the day on giving Sin Temple, visitors can Dunxiao fatigue, mental steep. There are a few pieces of stone groove, the lion is like Wei junctions, as a result of Shizi Yan. Shi Ziyan hundred paces along the line before, a rock protruding about 3 meters apart, similar to the shape of its leader, Zhang big mouth, as if From the slope in deep sleep awoke Yangtianzhangxiao tourists around world are seeing this as the dumping of the Seven Wonders of nature, have a souvenir photo.
?? ?? three arrows and the Bridge of Hope source tablets. Up along the road in front of the temple, about 500 meters, a famous scenic spots, fine-sounding name: the "three arrows of water." Yihong clear spring here, particularly thorough bottom-ying, four Number of shares have poured out of spring water from underground, Dong Dong sound, sound like. Quan Li shore have a mottled Bricks, that is well-known "Bridge of Hope of the original tablets." Ding Wei Ming Koji Cibei for the year (1488) legislation by December, far more than 500 years old, stone inscriptions, said: "The town of West Sishili Mian Xu, the three Mountain Temple has an Zhizuo Shenquan Yan, 4:00 inexhaustible ... ... right Xiangfuzhaojian Song Guang Temple, Xiashu Legend has it that Hou Yu-chang Monteggia this disease ... ... Chung-chuen, and three shot in the name of efficiency before ... .... "From the fragmentary inscription is not difficult to see in the Five Dynasties five Meng Chang Shu march to Mianzhu, because Tian Han, hungry non-commissioned officers, Meng Chang is directed bursts of three arrows, shoot the gurgling ?. Although the legend can not be trusted, but there spring testing by experts, is indeed a high-quality low sodium strontium-containing mineral water, can be used for many water-based beverages. Every time visitors to this point, all the drink in the Oasis.
?? ?? Ushiyama difficulties and hardship of cattle Lake. Three arrows from water that is not up to the beautiful scenery of the lake trapped cattle. When you Hudi base, Head that looked like a mirror of the vast lake that, as well as the lake's potential as Woniu island, the clouds in the sky under the shadow of the map will have a "Shan Dai Mei-Feng Cui, such as WHO, water may Qiu Qing eye" to the poetic.
?? ?? Qingshitan white sheep grazing. Ushiyama Island and the difficulties linked to a summit, many rocks from the foot of a mountain peak to whether or not A silver-gray rock is like flock to the mountains, vitality, Meteorology Series. There are those in the crowd between two huge rocks, a Qingshitan shape, and the other shaped like a white elephant, known as the Qingshitan and white rock. According to legend, the Zen master of the Song Dynasty Kaishanzushi Tamagawa Qingshitan by white people travel far and wide to this, as a result of lingering beauty here, was in -Religious settlers, Qingshitan will be a white elephant on the mountain to look after sheep, so it was a lion, animal husbandry, as the flock of natural picture.
?? ?? stone bell and Shek Kwu. Lions in the distance as near-rock up and down a huge rock, said Shi Zhong rock, rock can be formed under the hole Let a hundred people. Is a strange look into the hole Dongding However, a diameter of about 2 meters of the pit, its shape resembles a giant wall of the bell. Percussion with stone, Dong Dong sound. Since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, there is a lot of literati as a stone bell for the title of a poem sent Kwok-hing. Shi Zhong Yan and distant relative of a giant such as the drum-shaped rock, rock, said Shek Kwu, to make out the voice of Gu Xiang, Yu legend also Chuanzu In this visual will be placed on both sides of the hillside sites.
?? ?? In addition, there are still weeks Chaoyang Dong Temple, Hongyun hole Shuilian Dong, rock monkeys, turtles rock, rock Fu-hu and other sites, visitors to each of the three Kai Temple scenic sight-seeing, all this beautiful heritage of the United States, Zhong Ling's Yuk Sau Source, pleasant linger, Jiaokou praise. It was Sankei said the scenery as well as capturing the imagination of the West Lake Temple in general.

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